The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 09, 1920, Page Page Six, Image 6

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    'I II 13 T I M H
II U It N B i II A H N H Y
C O If N T Y , () 11 H (ION
fr am fliwu n- 1 1 j ii. tmm
Happiest flomm
In the State Now
No moro radical immnura wttrf cvor .
on tho ballot In Orison limn the iro- t
Iiosud bill to limit IntoroHl ratoH In ' '
OroRon to fi por cont. Itn ronult
vrould bu ruin for tho Mato Trom Im- mu
palrmont of crodlt anil dunrth of
monoy to loan both from local cap
ital and outnldu capital.
"In olToct this propoHcd bill pro-,
tilbltn churBliiK n rato of Inturont In but i.w
hxcohh of C por cont" uld a local .
nan who In woll pouted on financial horn recently for
nattorn In Oregon.
"Four por cant
would bo tho legal rato. JiihI why
nnyono with tho mental capacity to
rHRBon can Hiipport a law bo aIibo
lutoly pornlcloiiH In Itn character Ib
lioyond our uudnrHtandliiK." ho con
tinued. "Howovor, tho voterfl In Ore
Ron nru calUul upon, from tlnin to
tlino, to Bit down on nuch mlHKiilded
nnutn an tho ontdoorB of Mil propoH
xl hilt and thoao voterfl ca
pnmliiil upon to do no In
"In tho ovnut UiIh bill hIioiiM be
como n Jnw It would liavo tho effect
or deatroyJiJK tho ImrrowluK powor of
every Individual, corporation and In
duHtry In thl Blate." hu added. "It In
reaHonahlH to nuppoau J hat oviry
loan now outHtundliiK would bu call
nil when II becoinim due for It U
utterly fooIlHh to believe (bat any
ono will loan money In Oregon at
n per rent when 0. 7. or 8 nor cent Ih
iNlly 'nhtnlmihlu In every other I
Btato In the Union, with tho roxult J
of n gonornl paralyHlK of every lino .
oT activity In thin state."
Ijt every Individual think It over. !
ir you are denied tho prlvlllRe of'
borrowlm: monoy for your needs, If
nvory ono of your frlendM and nelRh
1orn woro In tho nmno boat, lr tin
lnduntrlcfl In Oregon are eompoHod
to oioHo down for I Hek of 'iiikIh lo
rurry on tholr IiunIiidih, Oregon
would bu eompellod to not her eloclt
back 700 yearn.
mo," Hiild Mtm, Uiuffrtiu Smith, a
prominent and popular Loh Anuolou
woman who reitldoH at D80 WtiHt
AlMitl HI. Mr. Hmlth Ih an olllcer of
tho lOaatern star and other oruaulz-
1 atloiiH,
I "fl'.ll. yll ...k.m.. I . I ... . .
- ,. jimm i millMI'JII irom a
"onipllintlon or IroiibleH t liar rinnlly
led to a general break down. 1 had
awful paliiB around my heart, which
I wh told, were caiiHed by plourhiy,
My kldneyii were In hiicIi bail condt-i
U I bad coiiHtant paliiH In my back !
and my neck and hIimhIiI
Which Im Mm "(loflllitn liliichlfmrv" InUnt Htlff nt (Inn hi mwi . 1 1 !
i ii iii tin i
uo mo work or getting the bimt of Hwolled ho I could lmr.tiv i
I - a FT lift
Hcieneo and practlco Into the farnui ho norvoun that oven the ringing of
llllll Turin Imilllll. lf AimiK nm ll'l'l... I I llu llMnr I. ..II ........1
Bi ... luiin miiir uie "hidhuh i in; i " nun iiinui uiu mill u Hoemod
iratH or their brother. ,,1,,rm IHiroauH and tholr roderatloiiH, ImpouHlblo to get a good nlght'H tileen
irlim hero to Arlington. H,utH nml tloiml, coniitltuto at once I tried everything I could bear or to
wohuiiH wiih u woll known ,no ",0Ht I'rogreimlvo, tho moiit ration- Kot roller even to having nil my teeth
i rt HOotlnu wheru ho had!"1' 1,10 ,,,0Hl representative, and the treated, hut kept getting womo and
w ior yearn. Hi wan1 ",0Ht powerful organisation over do- bucatnu ho weak and utuneliiimi t t.,.t
vIhoiI by rnrmer. Ifn naturally pro- Finally they took me to tho hoHpItal
growl v becauBo loundeU upon a led- weighed only ono hundred poundfl.
oral act looking to tho Improvement "! I Htnycd there bIx weekn, hut did
of aBrlculturo and of country Ufa by t Heem to Improve In the leant, ho
nieanu of definite umchlnory for In- ' wiib brought homo and had JubI
Biirlng that tho reult of both nclonco l"t e'ven up hope whon a friend
and of experience sliitll find tholr way I'orHUnded me to try Tnnlnc.
onto the Hirnirt of.tho nation and Into "1 began to feel better after tho
the homofl of tho country with Dm f lrt row dentin mwi hv ih. ti,.... t
leant delay and to tho greatest extoht lkon lour hottlim or Tanlao 1 had
li l ii l a..
gaincn eigbtecii noundH In welirht
and fell an well and iitrong an I over
on a hot Hummer day ho fount jiud,
like doing tho Hiuno Ihlng hlniHoir.
Hut nioduHly rorbldH.
Our era of extravagant buying Ik
anoui over, and ltd ofToet In beginn
ing to bo foil.
There li n slow but certain tond
oney toward a docllfio In jtrlcoa, with
tho proHpect that anotbor year may
wltnoHs n materia! reduction In tho
0Mt of living,
I bollove I'm the hnpplenl woman Mm ,.iin.i... ut. ......
I.. , ii .... ""(i"h imu it nil (J III iiroil
In Oalirornla tbday and It Ih all be- In all IIuoh Ih nol to bo expnclod. It
caUHO of what Tanlao ban done for rather lo he avoided, MH It might
wvoi-y limn u man i.doh a woman i Moforo Un.r can be ,uiy f
woarliig u momiulto nulling blotiMo cllna tliore mum flrxt be iu,
. . . , i 'till,
mom in tno eotit of labor, nn w-
Mrt. Smith Say it Would Bo
Ungrateful Nat to Tell
Others of Tanlac
lir'ng our whole comnieri'lni rniiri,.
tumhilng about our'oarii In tho great
4 panic In hlntory. And no wane
ponion wahtH a panic.
;i n.
......... ....
maienaiH, unu it Ih difficult lo m
ceivo tno laboring man voluntarily
Hurrendortng a portion of IiIk wan -That
will bo tho groutont ohAnru
or all to Biirmount, and only in tho'
oxerciHo or time and Infinite pntlonCo
can KaiiHraciory ronultB bo produced,
-o- .
ATTMNTION: Harnoy County ,!ry.
land potfttooH for Halo during o. u
onor at ?3,00 por 100 uoiiinln
Why buy hog-food from outslda
tho iitato If you can got Htnul . fit
to eat right In your homo a, ,uiy
net your mipply for wlntfi ()W
.iliii., .. . ri. .......... . . '
umiui hi. ijiiiwiih Hioro or j"i jiu
know about Jl. by mall,
10-012 t AIJOUHT CUKNf.V. 1! irns
Ladies' Monogram Stationery Here
ii wii and her brother,
I." iiilittt)H, arrived hero
giii lo look after the
id and mailt) loin of
u o mi, 1. 1
. iii'ilal ut Kono an 7C
r latlvoii think hu wiih a
i Uiuu that. Ho lnfi
ueno ; to -Join a
partner. with whom ho waVaiuioolat
cd in a Mtrlng of raeo horBCB and they
Intondod goUg oiiHt to race over tho
grand e.rin.l. U'h.ii. ii..rn m
iflii Hit
HtephoiiH Hold hlH llttlo inrni up tho ! IohIIIu"
rlVer to I'M. Mimrn Im) nllll
two roBldeuc i.roportiea uh m an cou,lty Hr commu nity. blowoth did In my lire, ror every ono or my
Inlerertt In the lluniH hotel building
IiohIiIoh other pernonnl and ra prop-
ertloM within the county. II In puimlug
i not Kb own horn, by boiiio form or trouble,! had lert inn.
community or county actlvltl,, "The resullB rmm Tanlac must bo
ii vMiuiil nil ill u nil OIOWII7I lllirillrilintil. fir I t .
Iff) "n'mtfiwiiin ii,' i ,1 1, i i, i, M ,,ii,iaBwaasaMWBaiaseg
20,000 Acres
water rights for sale on
Blitzen River in tracts of $0
Acres or more. Reasonable
prices one-fifth cash balance
easy terms, six per .cent in
terest. Eastern Oregon Live Stock
Company oregon
n jirujuin- uruun wuinn me county, imu puimlug ! .. ' " "" ii minium, ior 11 iuih neon tour
n bo do- Ih regretted by hln old time trlendn! 01,0 ,,an,uy Uy. nro you on the uioiiIIin hIiicd I took my litHt iIomo and
thin In- and aciiualutaucoH. J line? f))(, ,,H WHjj now, UI j m(j tJ1( (U1)j
I o I . , . . I think I would bo iingrntefnl not to
I .. .. . I Al'i.iI iiu'iiu iiuHii,) l.u 11....1 i iiiinnimiiii iiih III
iiwrn uwiiuu oy uari iiaaiami ...ti n...r.. .
.if i.v....... f. ., a Tvuiiiiuniii meui-
......11. W,U,u,, IHl'tllUK OH KM . I ,, ..,.. ... ,,
1.. IU, II. 1. ..Ill II .1 IN.
Ilnrn In u-liul lr. IlOWur HllcillMf nOO llWlll wnm fiil ... . .
of the imiioii'n Kr....tiHt HKfl.-ullural '"or i'W'l' !'! fwd tlwil. 300 , , 0 . - i,,,- ' ,,,
hmdir.. .,. of in, Knna llur-u. (ui olh.r rtwl llui pwvlouB . ' b Cra"1 Mr,c"lt,l-
Wise and
Tho old tltno sport and good rellow
who Ih ho wtl remombureilu by old
time cltlroim or IJiinm, Tho. W
RlephoiiH, died at a hospital In Umui
on October flrHt. A tulegram wan
received hero early laHt week that
ho wan ttrtoiiHlv ll and aMkud ror
relatlveB. IIIh BlHter. .MrH Millie Pat
terBon, wan located In Calirornla but
iihe did not roach him until aflor Ii'h
death. Hm arranged to hnvo the
, body Hhlpped to Arlington whore
thojr paronlB nro burled, ror Inter
"Mdii may vott ror f It Ih ollli e '
And to thin that minm day wo may
coiuh to that I
It don't pay to go through lite
with a bhowI on your face. You get
too many In return.
A render IiinIhIh that It Ih pohmIIiIo
Tl... ....!.. ...l.l
oven In theno Bordld day to get la ,, , ,-. . "
H,,m.,i,m. .)... ..... ... ...K.. 1 Ih ho fact (hat they are not
r " ,w ""u' uplookeru.
" .ur i ii ii itiiiiieuiiiig wouiii nmouut
to nothing after wo got It.
Thin knitted or crocheted lint la
rant Decerning tho vogue for ml
inay-H "iiotwocn-HoaHon" wear
when ntritwH aro loft uhUIo and
heavy fall ha In Boom u trlllo out of
Tho crown la qulto Blmllar to
that of tho Tarn, falling loooly
over ono nldo and llnlnhed with a
iimo taaHol. Tho br I in Is knitted
over a wlro frame. Dark colorn
predominate in Uioho clover homo
tnudo liat.i.
" .ram
wmiTiTnrTihr - l't a3bi kiArjemrun
When nutomoblloe took tho pac ot tho faithful old n&B, llttlo
was It tboucht that ln- few yoarn America would bo rcodltis tho nuto
moblleiuy Tho Dopuftmbnt of Agriculture ut WuHninctou Iuih pro.
duced un lllumlbatlng und power gua rr6m straw, coniBtnlkH. buy and
other vogotablo matter. Fifty poundu of straw will produce enough una
' to run a light auto 1 5 mllim The picture above nhowa an expert
What wo need In thin country Ih
M.kl.t.ll I.I..M. ...II. f ..
If I. .. ii. i ..I """"'' mm will IIIIIIICO Ufl IO
.. ........ ,n null ll llllll) WIIIJII III! 111(11 ,..i, i ... .
. ..... ... , . iiii.n'i i mi nuni in wnni we navo.
.....ji umikh nir .wiiikii i m WIIOII 111'
i . . .
LiumrH or tiiem) wlBky plloln riylng u H ftiHlilonnblo In Turin to wear
from Canada with tholr alrnlanuH droMiM ii.i tmm i mill litni ti...
- - - ttirtriiv tw 1 1 1
inn oi iioojio. nnu rmillzeH Unit all I kim.i. itm. illm. n. n.iu i .,. i.,.iu
i .... . .i r '
im mm no m io iook aim your and
lllHII. Ain't It? Olir llfflrn itnvll U I ll.,. I 1... I.
not of lli'rv I Iii mi v.. Din .1..,....,.,. ,j
Larue uumburH or (Inrmuua of the I, mil iim r.n.,ii.iiP.,.. ,..ii,i... .........
odiuati-d clniui are eomln to the And tlui republleaiiH nay the domo-
Ifnltcd HlaKw to earn a living. The oratlc nuidlitatoH are worHe, and that
proletariat Ih In tho naildlu In tier- between tho two ho might be forced
many, and with their money gone , tw ombarrnHHlng extremity of vol-
uud tholr tltlim without value there ,K for hmHulr , or,,r t0 lutko Hln,
....enr in oo uoiniug lert for them 0f HuPportlug n good man.
inn iu ninn uie liailll llllll hiiioio lliem
Hut H'h a good hand to k Ibh.
m?Y Y A 1Y 1?
Consider the egotism we adjective our heading with.
is something you seldom find because usually a patch
isn't nearly as good as a confident mending or a new
we know that it is the best service we can give you.
We get to the bottom of the trouble and repair it
Radiator repairing a speciality
vMim I S ill p
h. i .. u .. (rw ii
Im ninlitdiJiifd iyhe tulo
In nnlrti- Unit hu yminii imu
pl of Oregon mny j-oovlvo.
wilJiiuil et'i((liolMwieii(H of
u lihornl oilur nilwu.
Th"i Unlver.Ity ini-liuU.iw 'oil,faot
uUflrnl ji, 3tlntf aii-l (!ir Aril, llie
Orndunto SchiMil, tlio 3hw) of Mn-K-I
C.liKvllon, n.l lt.0 iirc(u.lo(u
School of'tln (( PoiiUnii).
ArcMtfcliirc, Commtno, J,
Lduiatlon ai.U Mualc.
IllgV UrJrJ of tcliilirMitp ere
mu.l louollk by nnc Mr fm-uli" w
qulpved JotU)h ami u lllim.y of
ricrl lUQ.UWJ volum.
SuwrvUil Klollc aro nrmirufci
and vny mUiillon nlvtn llio licolll,
unil vr.'lfaro of Ih tlmlonla,
Wiih n lititti(iiii, oii.itl.lcnm
CnliirU by llif r.inl r iurn.Hli.ii
ot iiul.llo IHH.I.OI I, (Jie IU vt u'ltr
In nnw olcrlna u,,rt nn rr,
lard. ilviilo,,,iriii Mini xlnnlol
Fcr i i.inl., j .. ,r foraity U'erinnllon,
I The Letter-Y
;1 IS
mm . . t
II 1 1 !
hi m
Mil. ! I I
; m AH kinds
;jj s Of Printing
I m 7-
i u ri i r.jw h a
rnlvernllv wt'Orbiiiiii
' I
MAY go astray because of
some error in addressing,
or it may fail of delivery
for some reason or other.
If you use envelopes with
your name and addrtess
neatly printed in the
corner it will be returned
to you and you will not
be puzzling over why your
correspondent does not .
The Times-Herald