The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 09, 1920, Page Page Five, Image 5

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    Torrenco MncUwlnov. lord mivnr of PnrW hninu,i ui ..
- -
f. .1 un,l l,.cd n.8 Bh0 WftB loav,n Drlxton PriBon, wharo alio has
daily vtaltetl tho horo for Ireland's freedom. After 20 duy ot
hunger striking tho British cabinet, it la roported, liavo mot at J
special btut. 11 in rtfgunl to tho MacSwinpy cnao.
w wsini: oiiskuvatioxm.
. I MclMnleK County Agent.
Si tiii ( r)
-Sonio Stock.
.Some Fancy Work.
In other wordH Some Fair.
Hurrah for thu Ladles of Harney
They're working NOW on noxt
H'trn exhlbltH.
Tho same committees In all coin
munition hold over, unothor year.
We wcro told thnt the nrt exhibit
prepared by Mrs. Button and her
forp of enthusiastic assistants could
hare won at the statu fa.rl
a County Agent saw the statu1
xhlbltH and rniyn ho too-ln fad,
fair exhlbltH
If he tan accomplish It a
Count, exhibit will be lit Balem next
v.-ir o give them a run for their
bt of men who could have mudo
i t l exhlbltH tills hciihoii but
wt-r prevented from dotui; ho for
u' r 1 "ii or another have promlHed j
1 k t Hietr whoulder to the wjieel
iitiil make thu llveittoek ami agrlcul
' exhlbltH e(iial that or prepared
liv the Imlle thatn thu nplrlt fel-
low go to It.
While we are on the Hubject of ex
liiblth wo regret to miy that all thu
fu'lurex to exhibit cannot be laid at
(lie doom or the men hIiico one of the
Indies on the committee soliciting ex-
MM! for tlin nrt mill iIiiiihihI lr
iilunce deparlmeutH was told that
th-re "wann't enough In It" Hbadus
of our forefathers what a nplrlt.
Now t tin the fair Ih out of the way
It In time for all to be thinking of
getting after tho Jack In order to
prelect the fall crops. The lllologlcal
Survev has entered Into nu agree
ii)m wiili tli County Agent to as-
I.. .1 I... .. .... I.. 1. 1
111 iiii m'ii k uy luriiiniillig limn I
nl j'i' 'n i" clean up the Oovorn-J
ne ut I.,::. Ik bin It Ih up to the hull-
viii.iih 10 i Kuii up their private .
li'iNMiiLs Ti work will beuln In u i
fi-w I,i-. ami wherever the rabbits
nr.- rmiiKt gathering In tho valleyH
mI ii p- .ire mi taken at once by
ll.i- 1, u t i Miieri to cloau thum out
'In- irk wilt he douu under the ill-
ritiu of tint county agent and tho'
)-t a e -.! to tbu laud tho hiiiiio as done with the squirrels, ir you
are interested In ridding your lands
of t iese penis you can secure the
polso'i or thu county agent at whole-
Fall and Winter Dry .Goods
Furnishings -
Burns Cash Store
nalo HMt and lio will nee tlmt you
an given every assistance possible
i.i Uu work. Uh cinder and surer to
got them whim tho snow Ih on hut
, to m.ikit Hiiro tuts begin NOW.
Tho attention of all farmer con-
. lotnlilatlui; seeding laud to alfalfa It
! called to the fact that representatives
of a commercial llacterlu culture
firm are In tho fluid In thU county
I prepuied to Hell culture to you at a
prico ranging uruund 2.00 pur aero.
I Th"r" ,M no ro to hollovo that
,he,r K"u" "t ! they claim tor
,l but UH you ,,avu ,'0"1 repeatedly
lohl m,roro J'0 can secure culture
Ul u,,u,u "roiigin ami virility
ll,r0UKn iM omcw r Tom thu Oro.
K0" Krtculturnl College direct, for
approximately :io coiitH per acre.
11 you nave Ih) .uoiiey to spend
and ft llhu initio do that tho ltl;li
n rnet. von pay it 1 no nrtlel- 1
butter It Is thou 1U your IiiihIiium and
youm only wheru and from whom
you purchase your culture. How-
Jiiht buar In mind that no
amount of culture will produce n
crop or alfalfa 011 a poorly prepaied
seed bed or where water lahlo In
maintained at too high 11 level.
The County Agent In company
with AsKlstaut State Leader of Coun
ty Agents F. I., llallard and others
will address meetings at the follow
ing tlmo and piaces:
Cranw, S I. M. October 12; Cat
low Valley, Heck ley .School Hoiiho.
4:30 I'. M. October 13; Fields Hta
tlou, S 1'. M. October H; Drewsey,
8 1. ,M. October lrt; Silver crook
Orange Hall, Sunday, October 17, S
I'. M. Kvery 0110 Is Invited to be pres
oi,im:st i'ioM-:i:it i,i:av-
in; FOit thi: hast
"l-'ncle" Joel Howard has finally
consented to go eant with his sinter
and ulueo to make his home for tho
balance of bis davs. He Iiiih lolil ii
few close friends that he will never
return to llurnuy Valley, not because
Iih wouldn't llko to. hut been use h
does not bullove during the Hhort
spun that Is IiIh to llvo he wll be aide
to raturn. Mr. Howard Is 03 years
"Uncle" Jool Howard Is well
known to many old time people ol
this vicinity. In thu early 'SU's
when the writer was a HinallKoy. this
New Stock
Shoes, Sox
" Leather Vests
Caps, Hals
Shirts, Ties
Auto Robes
Traveling Bags
Navajo Blankets
old man uncut to drive an ox team
lor John Buyers' hiiw mill crow,
hulling logs out of the timber to thj
ii ill mid InU.i bringing lumber tfow
or tin MiHtOiuen.. Mr, llow.ud
came to thin part or tho country In
I Sill and had allien made thla lih
Six yuam ago a Hlnter came out
from .tho eiiHt with tho Intention of,
taking bur brother back to llvo with
her. alio Ih three yearn IiIh Junior.
Ho didn't want to go back oiiHt
and hIiu would not return without
null, ho Hhe took up her nhoilo with
him on tho J. M, Daltou farm hIx
iiiIIuh out of IluriiH, and had remain-
ed there with hlin, Later a daughter ' some time, having contracted tho In
came out to eHcort them back to the Unonzn. TIiIh Ih not general, how
ramlly home hut Mr. Howard would I over, jiud It Ih hoped there will ho
not coniioiit to go ho hIiu returned 1 recurrence of It durliiK the year iih
without either ho or her mother, Ito-1 Iiiih been tho ciiho during the piiHt
rontly another daughter, Mra, Chain-1
berlaln, of Urooklln, Mass., arrived
hero and after much perniiaiilou ln-i
duced Itlm to coiiHent to ko hack,
They came up rrom the ranch a few
days ago but Mr. Howard Ih India-i
PohuiI and they have been at the
I.ovoiih hIiico awaiting Ii lit recovery
before making the Journey.
Mr. Howard hi pleaHed, to ho with j
IiIh rulatlvoH but Iiiih been ho long In I
the It 1 k open country ho wiih loath
to leave.
Would Interfere With Business
If tho voters of Oregon will give
a moment' MorluuH conitlderntlou to
the dmuuKliiK utTuctH of the bill pro
poHed to limit tho legal tnteroHt rate
to 4 per cent and ft pur cent on con
tract, they will vote It down by a big
"7- ,l,n
1 '""" '
ir ever a bill has nharp teeth, thU
Is It. And ir this hill Ii made .1 law
it will do mora t: lcouragj law
I real! lug than any previous men:. ore
mi .1111 stalito book :.
I bmo ivho would borrow monr)
in the cIiim or Mtcuriiy wbleh 1 e
inauiU (J pur rent, 7 me cent or S per
eat will either have to dvb'io the
law or not get the loans they must
If .the law Is traiisgressml bv
evasion I lie borrower will have to
pay the cost or such ovaiilon In which
event his money will cost hint oven
more than It otherwho would so
that he will be under the double dis
advantage or having to break the law
and or paying money to do ho.
The proof or this assertion lies In
the fact Ilia' mime years ago there
was a law ivh'ch was to thu effect
thut owners of mortitages wero to
pay an annual tax thereolii. ' That
'law defeated 'tself for the borrower
always had to pay the tax. True he
did not pay It direct but It was added
to his cost of procuring money. And
the name thing will happen to the
follow who thinks he can borrow f,
per cent or 7 per cmt or S per cent
money for I our cnt hecnusu of a
law which huu thai I per cent Ih the
Money Ik lliiild. Six per cent
money will not ho loaned at I per
cent no mutter what rldleiiloiiH law
may be In effect and If Oregon shuts
her doors to money which demands
over ft per cunt Htioh money wll go
elsewhere for Investment. Callfor
nla and WaHh'iigtoii are cIoho at
hand ami t liny will be delighted to
have us pass hTicIi a law iih thu one
Attorney General Drown has giv
en his opinion thut no Irrigation
or drainage bonds, which bear C per
cent could hu Hold by tho State of
Oregon If this measure became a law,
Millions of dollars worth of mortg
ages drawing In excess of ft pur cent
will have to be renewed during thu
noxt two or three years,
How aro thosu to bo renewed If
this tnuasure becomes a law, Not
only will Oregon capital bo driven
away from the state but outsldo cap
ital will be kept away.
H thosu who drafted this measure
must design lawH wo suggest that
they devote their thought to some
thing constructive. Laws hucIi uh this
one will bring ridicule upon the slate
and hamper financial operations
most iierloiiHly,
Bo In addition lo wrecking atato
development driving men who need
ed borrowed moiiov to the wall Head
ing Htato money Into other slates or
the Union to work and build other
communities the pernicious five per
cent Interest bill would keep cap
ital fniu tho outside coining to Ore
gon to work for tho advancement or
tho Htato.
Don't ho misled by thin five pur
cunt Interest bill which hoohih of ho
much bnnoflt to borrowers or money
011 Uh faco. Look at Its many angles,
Consider Just how It would operate,
It Ih pernicious legislation,
Choor up! All Ih not lost. Civiliza
tion, wo admit, Iiiih boon sorely
crimped, but tho world Ih dotted with
ninny christian nations and a fow
christians. ,4
Principal Button ban mado n ro
i 'l(,rt r public nchonl of IluriiH
fr tho month JUHt clomul, It hIiowh
1,11 IncruaHo In onrollmcnt of 21,
making a total or 222 onrollod. The
j iivoniKo attendance for thu month Ih
""t- ho good an thif former month bo-
- 'UMi or u prevalence of coIiIh that
nlmoHt opoilomlc In Its character,
niaiiy older people being afflicted
with It.
I Tho huIiooI Ih progressing In a nut
j iHfnetory manner, however, except
j for the llluoHn, MIhh Ilda UayeH, one
f tho teachers, Iiiih been nbsont for
two hcIiooI yearn.
Tlibi snappy street dresa u it
light tan and blue plaid wool.
Tho vralst lit nllk duvotyn. Tho
cupoJlmtiKH loosely, uttachod to
ii wittut liMniMith tho collar.
The hunters aro not producing any
big bugs of geese or ducks.
KHTItAYS Two mules, both hohbl
ed mid one with a hell 011, cum to
our ranch up the river during Inly
ing tlbie. Tho animals are broke.
Thu owner should come mid gut
them before It becomes necest.iry
to feed thum and thus add mi ia
peusu. Thu owuur should pay lor
this notice. O. I), Builth, Hurua.
Oregon o.3
Notice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned lias been duly appointed
administrator of tho estate of Oeorge
W. (lutes, deceased, by the County
Court of ho Statu of Oregon, Tor
Harney County. All persons having
claims against said estate are hereby
notified to present them, duly veri
fied iih by law required, lo 1110 at my
residence, lliichaiian, Oregon, or at
the olllco of my attorney J. S. Cook,
IluriiH, Oregon, within six months
from the ditto or this notice.
Dated this 9th day or October, 1D2U.
J. W. 1IUCHANAN, Administrator
o ' ..
For Harney County.
In thu matter or tho estuto of
Thonius W, Stephens, Deceased.
Ih hereby given that, by an order
of thu above named court mado and
entered 011 tho 8th day of Ociobur
1020, tho uffdorslgncd was appoint
od Kxocutrlx of tho Inst will and test
Ituunt and estate of thu above named
Thomas W, Stephens deceased; and
all persons having claims against
M A It Y O It I F F I X
Itcpubllciiii Candidate
For Hchool .Superintendent
Save Your Eyes
Eye Htrain Cannes headaches,
nervoUHiiess mid other trou
bles. I lit prlnsHCH accurately
and Hclentiflcally.
All Work Guaranteed.
Olllco with Dr. II. F, Smith
1 wftfAfc. , . 1
1 mmm.
1 -f'l 1 i. -1
1 .- 1
A It N H Y
Httld eHtato aro notified to prcHont
tho mirno, duly verified iih by law
rouulrod, to My attornoy, Uoorgo
B, Blzomoro, nt IiIh olllco In UuriiH
Hnrnoy County Oregon, within hIx
months from tho dale of thin notice. '
Dated this Oth day of October 11)20.,
rartloH knowing UiohihoIvoh In
debted to Tbomaii W. Btephoim aro
reiiueHted to call at tho olllco of Uoo.
B. fllzomoro and nottlo tho hiiiiio ut
notjcic of im;hmc,tion
UuriiH, Oregon, October C, 1020.'
NOTICK ih hereby k von Hint
Ooorgo 10. Johnson, or Biintox, Ore-1
gou, who, on March 12, 11)20, mado'
Additional llomostuud lOntry, No. I
010112, ror BI0V4. BV4NI0W, 8WU
NWi,, NKVSBWVS, Section A, Town-
ship 23 B., Mango 2fi 10., Willamette
Meridian, Iiiih filed notice of Inten
tion to make Final threo-year Proof, '
to oHtahllsh claim to the land above!
described, before Iteglstor and lie-,
culver, at IluriiH, Oregon, 011 tho 11 tit ,
day of November, 1U20.
Claimant mimes iih wltnesHou:
Walter Kesslnger, C. A. Gibbons,
W. L, Ilcst, mid lOiiimltt Johnson, nil
of Btintex, Oregon.
V. O. COZAI), Iteglstor.
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