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    Harney County's (Intbrr N nn
nsM't for limned lata cxploltn
(lun MM should be. turning
It nut to aid la the recount ruc
tion work of tho nation. In
uwtlgato this virgin fteld.
Harney county's rcsconrccn art)
attracting (lio attention of
entire, West. Irrigation, stock
raising, mines, oil ami gas pro
npecta and agriculture-all
awaltlHK development.
NO. 49
Facts Placed Before Oregon
State Chamber; Papers
Take up Fighl.
Wllllnm Ilnnloy. Tod Hnyos,
Juntos Doncgnn anil Sum Mothers
lii'iul loft hero ItiHt Sunday morning
(or Portland. At tho time of thulr
departure there wan very few who
know tho object of tho trip, hut It
tins sit re developed that thuy woro
before tho uxocutlvu comtulttuo of
tho Oregon State Chamhor of Com
incrro for n contlnuouu session of a
couple of days or more and that dur
ing their May In the motropollit thoy
had the prlvllego of uttondliiR u
Northwest Hivers and HarhorH con
Tontlon. The latter la something
now for a bin dry Interior country
to take part In but It Id qulto appar
ent that thoy wero recognized as
thuru was a resolution Introduced
and favorably acted upon endorsing
tho movement to tie up tho "dead
tills" of the railroads lu Central
Tho primary object of the trip won
to place tho real factH concerning
tho proponed Roosevelt Hlrd Heftige
before tho Stato Chamber of Com
rnnrre and tho citizens of Portlnnd,
This wnti nccompllHbod. Tho news
papers of that city, with tho possl
bio exception of tho Telegram, will
from thin time until election give
thu real facta concerning thin foolish
bill and uho their Influonco to de
feat It
Addition Hennctt, tho well known
writer for thu Oregonliin, emtio back
with the delegation hint evening and
will gather first hand Information
for publication In that paper. Thu
fiMlnrx of thu Journal have signi
fied their iutdutlon to glvo tho mat
ter publicity and Invite contributions
from this section showing tho trun
itate of affairs.
It appears that Mr. Flnloy con
tinues to misrepresent tbo conditions
and Is determined to have the voters
of Oregon give to the reservo valu
able la? ds l ha mean thousands
upon thousands of dollars to tho
tchool children of tho ntnto and fur
ther than that retard tho develop
ment of thousands of acres of land
that vhould have the honoflt of water
for Irrigation. j
When tho Hums tnon placed the
nrtunl farts hoforo thu people down j
there they readily saw it would bo
dang. roiiK to cedo theno lands and (
the lake lo tho government under
"i" 1'iiilltlonH iirovldcd In tho pro
poned bill because It might cause'
complications. ' j
The fact that tho fltnto Land
Heard sees thu dunger of this bill j
nnd the further fact that the loach-!
rs of the schools of Hnrney county i
fcavo entered protests against this
proposed inemuro shows conclusively
that It has the opposition of tho very;
people who nro best qualified to
stand for the rights of thu ncIiooI
fh'i'lren of this state. Those iihould
r'ven heed.
Vr Hcnnntt Is going to visit tho
I ' i "l get fiftunl Information, to
" r with photon t.o hack up hi
O)..., .
(H1. MAimiHD
I rlonds n ISurns havo rocolved
nnnounromont of tho mnrrl.'iKO of
MIhi Milan Hendricks to Wllllnm It.
Hoofer which occurred at South
nond, Wash., on Oct. 2. Tho announ
cement Htatcs tbey will bo nt homo
after Dec. 16 nt 1039, 16th St. N.,
Tho hrldo is n very, charming
y.ung ludy who Bpont bor school
!avH In Ilarnoy county, bolng a dau
ghter of tho Into O. O. HondrlckH.
After graduating from tho Harney
county high school she wont to Port
land and took a courso in nursing,
holng one of tho honor students ut
the tlmo of her registration an n
gruduato nurse of this state, She
ban s'neo devoted hor tlmo to her
br 'chsIoii nnd has been very .nuc
f'll Sho In capublo In hor lino
f f v.rrk nnd many pooplo of HuniH
f"'l t pcrionnl obligation to hor for
nir,f.jt work. Thoy fool Hho Ib en
titled to a life of JmpplneBs and con
tentment In her new sphere. x
Tho display of onts and barley
grown on tho Malheur Lake bud by
0. II. AiiRiuuH thin season has re
minded Adam Uoorgu of tho success
ful crop ho rained In tho name neigh
borhood Homo whore hack about
1804. lie said he rnlsod hurley that
wont 100 bushels to tho aero ami
oats that yielded exceptionally well,
also wheat that threshed hotter than
45 hUHhels. IIu had no binder at that
time and ho had to cut tho crop with,
a mowing machine and raku It up
thu name as hay.
Cession of Big Malheur TJact
To U. S. Would Mean
Serious Loss to State.
Salem, Or. Oct., 7. -(Special
Tho Oregonlait)- Passage of tho following results:
measuro ceding to tho United Stntoj President, J. C. Cecil, Suntex; Vlco
government many thousands of I President, Donald llotchkiss, Hums;
acres of land In tho Malheur lake. Treasurer, R. J. Wllllamn, Suntex;
district to ho utilized as a bird rof- Secretary, L. K, McDanlels, Hums,
uge. would cause a loss to thu stato I K,t,cutvo Hoard, K. II. Ilnthrlrk,
of Oregon estimated at not less than B)U(h Knd. 0rfmt ThoinHO ,,r,nco.
$300,000, according to a statement . lmi ,, MUth of Mn,10Ur Uko.
Issued today by Percy A. Cupper,' 0t0i Uniting. Ilurns; John Hunter,
state onglncor. in response to an up.;anr,K Cruok. j,h Hmth( Km,Kranl
peal made recently by B. W. Nelson , Cm)k. Tom C,)V(!llu,f calamity;
of tho United States biological sur- Knr HZf ,nw)tl( Crnm)( u, orlh
voy In which tho latter urged approv-of ukt,. chn(, (Jwm)Mf Slvft(, uvor.
al of tho bjll as nn economic mens- A K T,pto( ClltoWt Jftck Cruok.
uro. Tho proposal to cedo these lands j j,Mt (jonny i)r0wsny.
to tho government will go before the . ... .... ...
, ... .a ., , ,, A committee foils sting of Dr.
voters at tho general election In Nov- ,, , , ,.,,, ... , , v.. .. .
omuor Hlbbard, Phil Smith, John Illggs, Pat
Cecil, nnd ('litis. Hyrd, was appointed
"At Hi recent state fair grain was , , r,.,irw M1,U,,I(, hylavln ,, ,.on.
exhibited which was grown within ( Htltutinu for consideration at the
thu meander Hue of. Malheur lake," fna r;.Kll,Hr Iia0nK to ,, ,,,,, Mt
said Mr. Cupper's statement. ''This ,,urflH 10 A M , flrsl marAL.
grain attracted considerable atten
tion and severed effectively to dis
credit the assertion that this land In
valueless f una. an agricultural stand
point If It Is of valui for tho pro
duction of marsh grans It must be of
n'ore valua fo. the production of
srnlr. and klndrel product?.
Much Hay Now Produced
"If tho Malheur bird refuge meas
ure passes thin land will be deeded to
the federal government and removed
from the possibilities! of taxation. It
ban been estimated that at least .10,-
000 of thu 47,000 acres In thu bed of
tho inok are adapted to agricultural
purposes. ' This laud, if disposed of
at $10 an nere, would net the statu
school fiiiidn approximately $1100,000
Tho fact that 7000 toiw of marsh hay
1 1 nttlin 111 nrs (Whit ffnill llllu firtflfi
would seem conclusively to prove
that tho Malheur bird refuge mens
Ln m h. '
uro seeks to glvo thu federal govern
ment a valuable asset which proper
ly should remain stato property.
"According to Information rocelv
od from tho engineer of tho Harney
basin Irrigation district, which In
cludes approximately 82,000 acres of
.1 . .. . . .
land in imrnoy county, mo irrigators; A ,,,otB was hold nt thu Com
of that section are almost a unit ! n,orca ciuti rooms In this city thu
agalUHt tho moauuro. Tho engineer. roro ,mrt of UlH wnok j0 uIhruhh tho
advises that he rocontly visited nor-, (rm,uj0 f n county lloalth Ah:
lions of tho Malheur luko district ami .
found oxcullunt cropH growing within
tho moauder lines.
' Hoard Against Proposnl
"It would seem to be a sorbins Knmo exout, at least to net as nil ad;
nlutako on tho part of the ntnto to nlvory hoard.
glvo this body of valuablo land to f MHH (Jccll S(.,royor, n roprosouta
tho federal governmont, particularly . tlV(, of tll0 H(Ht0 nrcnU 0f Nursing
when wo taku Into consideration tho - WUH ,,r0Heiit and explnlned tho duties
fact that any plun which so far ban of HUch organization, wheroupon
boon considered for tho reclamation i 10 foioWjnB olllcers woro elected:
of tho bod of Mainour lake, would ir0Hltlt)nt. Cnpt. llobt. M. Duncan,
provldo for tho diking of a lurgo areaj urns. VIco i.r0sidont, Mrs. Kdlth
which could nnd should bo mal"''"',,,, Lawon; socrotury, Miss
od an a bird reiiorvo, I hollove those j AuRllHttt mouIIoii, Burns; trounuror,
who doslro to seo tho moasuro du- K Wnlu(.0, crane. Community
featod nro nlmoBt to a man fuvorablo vJ(,(J ,,roHlt,ontH. Mr, w. M. Sutton,
to tho maintenance of a part of Mai-, IJurnH. Mr8 A, h. Curry, Crano;
hour lako as a bird rosorvo. h, l. Davis. Drowsoy; Mrs. Doll
"Tho stnto land board, composed DofunbaUBh, non0.
of Oovornor Olcott, 8tMy of, romnmot Julian llyrd,
I1 i.?, .i Hums, chairman; D. M. McDado,
llllu, nun iiiij juiintiii.tii.ii i.fu,
lands and has gone on rocord In op
position to giving Mnlhuur lako to
tho government."
: o
Mr. and Mm. 8. Alberflon and Mr.
nnd Mm. Moseloy uro hero' from the
Alborson Miction. Tho boyu havo boon
ia!(ln,r their chanct-h with tho "am"
of a secret order whllo in town and
from thojr appoaranco they haven't
had any of the worst of tho doal.
Association FormcdS nturday
Night; Officers Elected;
Meet Again Nov. 6.
tTho Stoekmou of Hnrney County
met at thu Ihirint Coiuuiurclnl Club
rooniH last Saturday evening on a
call of County Agent L. 10. MoDuiilolii
fur the purponu of organizing a live
stock association embracing alt thu
llvostock growers of tho county.
After bulng called to order by Mr.
MoDnnleln who In hrluf talk out
lined the aim and purpose of tho pro
posed association which Included
mothods of marketing, cooperation,
purchase and supplies, range pres
ervation, Isnuanco of brand book, etc.
Dr. Hlbbard was provaled upon to
act nn temporary chairman, after a
short talk by Dr. Hlhbnrd on tho
necessity of such n organisation tho
election of officers was hold with tho
, In November
ut the
Tho Secretary was Instructed to
secure cost on a county brand book
for submission at that time,
Although this meeting had boon
advertised for weeks and the stock
men been notified to ho present
(here were two other conflicting
meetings at tho Club rooms on the
Hjimu evening which caused more or
loss confusion. It Isn't often the cttse
but this was one when there wasn't
room ei'ough to house thu meetings
scheduled. However, following oth
er meetings the stockmen finally got
logo! her hut because of several hnv
liiK left the building before the mold
ing was called to order It was de
rided to brug the election of olllcers
P ' the next mooting for further
1 oiiHiiieraiiou nun rouuciuioii. i inn
meeting Is to bo held on the first
Saturday in November anil .should
have first consideration with all con
cerned. o
HAKNJvV rou.vrv
H0,lt0ll to W(,rj connection with
the publin health jiurso. It In, the
ohjerjt of thin organisation lo direct
Uio work of, tho community nursq, to
Iluruni ltov. Fnthor Francis, Hums;
Mm. Cady, Crano; Dr. Donman,
Crano; C. W. Drlnkwator, DrowHoy;
Mrs. Dane, Drowsoy; Mm. Doll Dof
enbauKh, J. CHoutty, Donlo.
Kovoral commltlooa nro to )io np
jiolntod, tho Important ono bolug tho
numlng oominlttoo, nnd theso will bo
mado puhlle an noon an they nro
available through tbo 'association
Nothing Found to if y
Him; Cauate of Death a
Mystery; Murder?
While oxcaynting in tho sand pit
Just west or thu comutory on last
Saturday evening, Win, MeKluiils un
earthed thu remains or a human be
ing. He wns engaged in hauling
sand for the masons nt the new hos
pital when ho unearthed tho skele
ton and ho nt once reported It to the
On Sunday morning Coronor Clov
onger empaneled a Jury nnd togeth
er with the County Physician, Dr.
Smith hold an Inquest. Further ex
cavation brought more of tho re
mains to the view of those present
but wo understand the entire re
mains were not leeated. The head
and trunk, with .the legs were found
but the hands were not found, The
flesh had entirely decomposed and
there wan nothing found to Identify
the remains. Ho was a medium siz
ed man with light or rod hair, woro
wery good clothing and had evident'
ly died with bis hat on his head,
One leg bono was found broken but
no other evidence showod that tho
man had met his death through foul
play. Som silver coins were found
about tho rornulns, 46 cents in all,
one hearing the date of 1012. A red
bandana handkerchief, white handl
ed pocket knife, a package of tobacco
some cigarette papers and matches
were also found.
The Jury returned a verdict of an
unknown man who hnd met death !
from an unknown ruun at an un
known time, but it was Hie opinion
thu body had been there for nt leant
five years.
Speculation as to who thu man was
and how ho met death, has been In
dulged In by several of our citizens
but no solution of thu mystery has
come to bo taken as right. Some
think the man was murdered and
burled where thu body was found;
others suggest that ho might havo
boon Intoxicated and wandered out
thoru nnd died from exposure; an
other theory in that tho man may
have been walking on tho embank
ment when it raved off and In tho
fall the leg was broken nnd thu sand
covered him so completely that ho:
Citizens of Ilurns, Including W. ,
W. (Jould and J. W. Buyer, both of ;
whom wero on the coroner's Jury, re
call tho disappearance of Frank llur
man, a homesteader who used lo re
side In the vicinity of thy. Narrows,
about flvo years ago. Mr. (lould was
then In the post otllco and said the
man used to frequent tho olllce, hut
disappeared and ho nnd others Inter
ested themselves In locating him hut
novur did gat any clow ns lo what
hail became of him. This may have
somo connection with the finding of
tho body but no one In in n position
to know. It In likely thu mystery
of the death of the man or who ho
was will remain unsolved,
Tho organization that In responsl
hloffor the signing up of six excellent
Lyceum numbers from tho Kllluon
White bureau will begin an nctlvu
campaign for nenson tlckelH nt onco
for the ontlro sorlos. Thoro will bo
a varloly of ontertulnmont that will
attract the pooplo of this city and vi
cinity, This undertaking Is for tho
advancement of tho community In n
wny that brings bettor entertainment
nnd Instills n dcslro for hotter things
among tho youngor pooplo. Espec
ially In thin courso recommended to
tho young laden and young men of
thu high school.
Tho first number will bo on. Tues
day, October 19, and tho attrnctlon
in tho McAllister vTrIo.. Tbo talent
consists of Katbloon and DhKobo Mc
Alllstor, planlnts nnd vocalists; and
MIhb Irma Mario Jordan, 'Colllst.
They produce n brilliant program
In which tho dramatic predominates.
Operatlo nlrn, vocal, piano, 'cello
numborn 'and high class drnnmtlo
readings nro featuron. .
' ( '
Cattlo prices havo ndvancod somo
and thoy aro moving, Shoop prices
aro also bettor.
Cliff Wood, Field Service Hopro
soutatlvo of tho War Hlsk lnnurnnco
Duroati, In lu Huron to moot with
ex-service men and (IIhcubh Insur
ance nnd adjust other service claims.
Mr. Wood In an active man In his lino
of work and known how, why nnd
when, He In jiuttlng thu Legion boyu
right In a lot or tilings they havo
overlooked and tho result of his vlult
will bo beneficial an many of the boyn Tho Pavilion Superintendent fof
have not kept up tholr lnnurnnco the fair last week ban not yut turned
I....... .1 ........ 1. 1..-.,. I!t. 1. 1.. ......... I... .1
imr iiiivij iiiui tuiimuuiuu umut
clnlmn that they should.
Educators Pass Resolutions
Adverse To Its Passage;
State Keep Land.
The following resolutions wero
submitted by the committee compos
ed of Llbhlu Krlchesky, Caroline
Joklsche, Clara McMullcn, Hoy H.
Cain, W. M. Sutton, and accepted:
Preamble: We,, your Commlttco
on Resolutions In Instltutn assembl
ed at Ilurns, Oregon, In tho Public
School Uulldlng, Oct. 1, beg leavo to
present tho following resolutions
First: For your consideration, tho
subject of Tonchorago. Tho hous
lug of teachers In various parts of
I... ulntn Iiiih lirntieht ubnuL a COII-
.U v r. . . -
dltlon which wo think domnnds that
tho districts furnish somo sultnblu
place in which tho teachers of the
various districts may he housed. We,
therefore, suggest that this Institute
Indorse a clause ill tho school' law
which wilt Klvo tlonrdu the pow,r tr.
provide such suitublu cfindltloiu for
their teachers, and, also, suggest
that thoUMChors throughout the
Stnto of Orogon uho tholr Influence,
with tholr representatives and sena
tors townrds'tho Introduction of ,uch
u bill.
Second; In the tnattor of tho Com
munity Health Nurse, we wlan to In
dorse the work already dono and
Ack (or u continuance of tho snmn
at tho bponso of the County. We
untlorMni.d that tho fund neco9ary
for tho (ontlnuunco of this imriMve
will call for an expenditure of $3000.
ner milium mid transportation. We,
therefore, ask that thu County Court)
provldo for this Item lu thu auiiuai
llU(jKHti '
Third; Wo v!sh to urge that the
Hoard of Dinctora for tho County
i.'iiif iirnviilu for an Kdlicutloiial Do-
partinent In which tho districts of
the County may plitco their work and
that suitable prizos bo awarded for
the best display In every lino or en
denvor. Fourth: Wo, further wish to In
dorso In these Husolutlons our ob
jection to tho passago'of tho law cod
ing tho Malheur Hlrd Hesorvo, or
tho Hoohovolt Hlrd Reserve to tho
Federal, Govornmnt. Wo hellovo
this trrltory should be retained by
the htato and for tho uses of the
Fifth: We BUgKl that tjio teach
ers Indorso tho work that ban linen
done and support that work that Ih
being dono by tho Oregon Slate
Teachem Asnoolatlon In behalf of the
tenchem nnd tho educational, stand
ards of tho stato.
Sixth; Wo wish to thank the peo
ple of Hurnn for tholr hospitality to
us nnd wish to extend our thanks to
tho Instructors of our Institute, to
tho County Buporlntondunt, to tho
School Hoard of Hums, and to thoso
who havo furnlshod entertainment
for tho succoss of tho liiBtltuto JubI
Respectfully submitted,
Llbble KrlchcBky, Carolina Jok
Ischo, Clara McMullen, Hoy H. Cain,
W, M. Sutton.
Mr. and Mrn. M. V. Hakor aro up
from tholr homo lu California on n
visit with rolatlves and friends. Tho
Hakom formerly roBlded In thin coun
ty whoro ho had charge of tho OO
ranoh for a tlmo provlouH to its bo
lng purchasod by tho proBont own
em. Mm. Hakor In a nlator to Mm
Tom Allon and Cavj4. Thomburg.
They nro mooting mnny of tho old
time frlendB In this vlciuiCy and re
ceiving a hearty wolconio,
Records Not Yet Properly
Checked. Baby Contest
Interesting Feature.
in hln report on tho awards them
faro they are not available for pub
lication this week. Thu women;)'
department records have been turned
In hut upon Investigation there nru
somo errors in the clerical work that
require checking up to make accur
ate nnd for that reason tho awards
in that department nro not to bo had
for publication. Tho awards on live
stock appears in this issue.
A feature of Importance nt tho
fair last week that failed to havo any
notice In theso columns was tho bet
ter babies contest. It could hardly
be called a contest, either, although
tho community nurso offered prizes
for first and second, tho examina
tion given the babies was foi tho sat
isfaction of parents more than from
a competitive standpoint.
Mrs. Martz, the community nurso,
wns assisted In this weight nnd meas
urement work by Miss Cecil Sclireyer
who was here as a reprosentatlvii
Statu llureau of Nursing: Mrs. J. S.
Cook, Mrs. Leon M. Drown, and oth
ers. Dr. Iluerkl conducted tho exam
Inntoii of twenty-nine babies; Dr.
Smith offered his services but Just as
arrangements woro completed for hla
taking part In tho work nn emergen
cy call camo for him nnd ho was
runhett from tho pavilion to tho cava
nnd did not got to come back.
According to theno participating In
thu examination, the work lacked de
tails to make It ofllclally come under
thu Hotter Halites coiitust. becnusu
there were no blanks to properly re
cord the necessary Information re
quired under thu rules. However,
certain measurements were taken,
the ago of the chjld considered, tho
weight taken and other like infor
mation and this has been forwarded
to the statu organization for a report.
Tho awards will bo mado from tho
record taken and the community
nurse will receive the report.
Thu livestock exhibits nt the Har
ney County Fair made up In excell
ence where It may have fallen short
In numbers on ncconnl of tho fact
tlint Die siockhioii lor nrsi umu
In a long while hnvo a .market fof
their range slock and nre therefore
busier than usual riding for their
fnt stock.
j Tho Hoys and Girls Purebred Llvo
stock Club wero there with their mil
ntalu lu good condition considering
tho handicap under which thoy lab
ored throughout thu entire summer.
Tho Shorthorn clnsuos far out
numbered nil others much to the sur
prlso or the stockmen since Harney
County Ib presumed to bo a Hero
ford stronghold.
, Tho wlnnom In tho various Classen
ClaK 1. ShorthoriH
Hull 3'yoarH, or over,, Allon SlU.
Hull Sonlor Yearling, C. K. Mc
Pheolers. Hull-r-Juiilor Calf, Int. Allon Sltz;
2nd Jack MeDaululs.
Cow over threo yoars, Jnnlc Mc
Daniels. Cow undor threo.lst, Hurbert
Whiting, 2nd, Amy Tumor.
Hoiror Junior yonrllng. Allon Sltz.
Hoiror, Junior calf, Chas. Mc
Phootors. t Produco of Cow, Jack McDanlols".
Special Club prlzo ofTerod by tho
BIIvIch Cattlo nnd Homo Association
of a trip to tho International Stock
Show for groatost lmprovomont was"
won by Horbort Whiting with Golden
Hoauty In closo competition with
Jack McDanlol'B Perfection nnron.
Host Milking Shorthorn Cow, Jack
null over 2 years, Allon Sltz.
Hull undor 2 yearn, Sltz.
Cow ovor two years, Horbort Whit
Holier undor two yearn, Allon Sltz.
Grand Champion
Hull any ago, Allon SUz.
Cow nay ago, Horbort Whltliiit.
Cow ovor two yeam of ago, HartoT
(Contlnuod on pugo tour)