The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 02, 1920, Page Page Eight, Image 8

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    II A It N K V V O C N T V , O It H 1 O N
Pago High
r ii 10 t i m t; m - ft in: i, n i i' u n h ,''H',M"K,'K
Gettiisg Ahead
There are a thousand and one ways of spending
money to one good way of saving it.
Here are a few good rules for getting ahead..
They have helped others
They may help you. ,
Spend less than you earn.
Keep out of debt.
Never spend profits or wages before they are
Keep an accurate account of income and expenses.
J tion.
Open a bank account and give it careful atten-
Do It Now!
I First National Bank
M m m m 1
! I. M. Duvlii brouglit ovr a nleiill
5 of honey booa for exhibition at tho
C fair,
n .Too Morrln In up from Narrown on
a nliort vacation trip to thlto In tlin
fair ami look aftor iioino buulnoiiH nf
J I ICtl. Btallard and family aro ovor
l; from tholr homo on Otln crook takltiK
I In tlio fair and vinltlng with rulallvcn
and frlomlH.
Tho aoroplano arrived from Head
early ThurMday morning to tnko part
In tho fair fosttvUloM. Tho wlhd got
lin "Imek up" simmiwhal and Inter
fered to noma extent hut wo Juiit no
I right along.
yj Mm. Julia MeOoxvnn, formerly
y Julia Ornolor, In hrr on a vbrtl wllh
rolatlVdH mid fiivml. Ma .MnOownii
Iiiih many frloudH In thin vicinity who
V , aro to greet hor on hor noonA-
lonnl vlHltn. Mm. V. I). Ilurfinan,
who In hnro to attouil tho Inetltuto
J ' for leiu'hurH) lu a n!nlor to Mm. Mo-
I Oowau.
M ItolutlvcH Imvo received word from
i Watla Walla that tho 15 mnutlot old
hoy of Mr. nud Mm. W. ('. MeKlnnuy
had carried off flmt prize at tho
county fair lant week, retiring hlgh
ont In tho baby content. IIIh "grand
daddy" Capt. A. W. (lowan, nayn
"Harney county horn kldn got thoro
ovory tltno."
ud Mm. V. J. IlopkliiH worn
I tho KtioHtH of Mr. and Mm. John
' Oomborllng for n fow dayn during
tuo week, Tho Ilopklnu roHlilo at
Juntura whoro ho In engaged In tho
gurago and trannfor biiMlueiin. Ilo
j needed a Ford and had to corno to
X Crnno for It. Upon reaching thoro
Jack Ivy lu up from hlii Wlllamutto
homo on a vIhR with frlcndn In thin
Tho norloH of mooting being hold
nt tho I'roHbytorlnn church cMoHod on
WoduuMday night. Hogulnr tiurvlooH
will hu hold lu tho llaptlnl church
Sunduy morning and uvonlni; ait
Mm. LouIh Schwartz, who Iiiih
boon vlflltlnR with Mm. B. I
Schwartz of thin city for a fow
wookH, took hor doparturo Sunday
for hor homo At Portland. Sho mndo
tho trip to Ilond In company with I.
K. McDanloln.
MIhh CocII L, Schroyer, AnnLitant
Btnto AdvlHory Numu of tho Oregon
Htato Hoard or Iloalth, cumo In lant
Monday ovonlng by way of llond
from Portland to commit with Mm.
Vartz In connection -twlth tho public
pumo work in Ilarnoy county.
MIhh Martha Ifanluy arrlvod home
tho foru part of thin weuk from Port
land whoro alio had been for a fow
wcukH. Sho hrlngH back word that
Mm. Itombold. who Iiiih beon ho aor
louHly III, In Hllghtly Improvod. TIiIh
is certainly good uowu to hor many
frlondn In thin city.
County Agent McDanloln wan call
ed to tho ntato'falr to bo present at
a conforunco of county agents.
JnmoH Lampnhlro and wife arrived
homo lant week from tholr trip to
Kuguno whoro they wont to taku Mm.
Mnton and Minn Gwendolyn Lamp
nhlro. They report nomu rather din-
agreeable weather encountered on
tho trip but no iiiIhIiujih lu any way
to mar tholr plcntiuru.
When tho hiintlni; party of Irvine
H. Cobb reached IluriiH lant Friday
It wiih found a biii; belouclUK to Mr.
Cobb hail been lout. Tho telephone
wan uind and wires mint to different
placed but tho liar wna not located
and had not been up to u day or two
iiko. A liberal reward will bo kIvoii
'for itn return. Tho ban contained
clothliiR but Mr. Cobb in under tho
I ImproHHlon thoro wan no dlHtliigulnh-
Iiik inarkn either on tho clothen or
tho Ij.ik.
lien Aunuiuh left Sunday mornliiK
for the Htato Fair at ilalem with
Kiiiini on Li and barley taken from tho
field that Ih Krowlni; on the lake'bod
at Malheur lake. Thin Ih a portion
of the proponed Itoowivolt Mini rof
iiko that Mr. Fluley clalma In not fit
for UKHculltiro. The field or Kraln
Ih urnwu between two ami a hair and
three iiiIIoh IiihIiIo the meander Hue
or tho Hue of tho preaont roxorvo
Some of thin i;raln in nlno nt tho fair
Kroundn lu llurun and will later hu
noon at tho Commercial Club roouiH,
(hoy decided to come on ovur to vlnlt
with old time frlondn and drive back
to Juntura.
Mr. and Mrn. F. (1. Kolloy ami
tholr Hon have been kuuhIii of rrleudrf
In thin city during the fair. Kolloy
ntnrted over with ,nomo of ho Cat
low Valley producln hut had thorn
packed no nolld In the back of bin
car that they were lu no nhapii for ex
hibition upon tholr arrival. They
wero accompanied over by Minn Lar
non, their nchool teacher, who at
tended the Inntltutu.
I.. C. Ilradfleld. one of the old
time home men of thin miction of the
country, wnu ovor from bin homo
near Drownuy to take lu the fair and
rat-on. Iiu ban nomu fine running
homuM but did not bring any over
to compete In tho upend ovciiIm tltbi
time. Ilo mlMHua tho former gay
Union with turf men when wo had
big ntabloM of running homon come to
lake port, but nald ho enjoyed the
fair. Mr. Ilradfleld hopeu wo will
begin early to plan for next year'
fair and have one of tho old timo
Celohrutlfiii aro boomnlng no nuin
nroiiH lu Ibofid partM Ulut llioy full to
glvo tho "thrill" they onco did.
Mm'. H. IJ. Cooper wan hero dur
ing tho weuk viiiitlug with frlondn.
Hho wan a guunt at tho W. L. Utott
Mr. and Mm. 0. T. Llllard and
tholr Hon wore over from tho "Valloy
of Tho Moon" homo to tako In a part
of tho fair and attend tho Inntltuto
of tho toachern. They wero aliio pron
nut at tho meeting of tho union high
iiehool hoard at Crano Wedneiiilay
Ii, 0. Kolnay, tho civil cnglnqor
who mndo I ho preliminary luvoHtlga-
' Hon of tho water, newer and light
poiiBlhllltloH for 11 ti r tiff wnu hero for
a nhort vlnlt during tho week. He
took lu tho fair and fomiultod with
tho city aulhorllleu. Mm. Kolnay ao-
i coiupaiilod him on bin vlnlt.
I 0. 0. Jo(Iy, chairman of tho re
publican con tral committee of thin
county, necitred potltlomi at thin olll
, vt yHtenlay for circulation to liavo
j the iiiuiio of H. M. Ilolton placed on
tho ballot at tho November election
i an a candtdatu for county commln
hloner. Mr. Ilolton in well known to
. many of tho people of thin county,
j Ho formerly conducted a warehouno
and forwarding hunlnosn nt Crano
, but recently dlHpmicd or that
iiiihm and In now on bin farm a few
in 1 1 dm eant of Huron.
Teachers' Institute
Tho Ilarnoy County Teachor'n In
ntltuto Jiint cloned wan one of tho
moht nuccetinful ever hold in tho
county both In rvgnrdn to tho number
in attondnncu and tho finality of In
ntructom from the ntnto hcIiooIh. Of
tho fifty teachem In the county there
wero forty-live prenent and tho other
five wore excuHud either becauHu of
II I n on n or becauno they had already
attended ItiHtltuto thin year.
Tho luntructoru of (hu ItiHtltuto
wero: Hupt. J. A. Churchill; J. F.
llrumbough of tho Pnychology De
partment and MIhh Wlnlgor or tho
Phyulcal Traluluc Uepartmont from
O. A. C; Alfred Powom of tho Kx
teiiHlon DIvIhIoii or U. or O.; W. (I.
Iloattlor Inntructor In School
method from tho Oregon Normal
At the bimlticHi meeting held yen
terday afternoon 1). M. McDnde, prlu
elpal of the Harney County High
School wan elected delegate to tho
Oregon State Teachem Amwoliitlon
which meetn annually during Deo
ember In Portland, Mm. Huston
or tho IluriiH nchool wnu elected to
nuccuod Mr. McDadu In ciuio he
uhould bu unabo to go.
HenoluliouH wero puHHod but owing
to tho crowded condition or tho paper
they will have to bo published next
Harney County National Bank
Loans and Discounts - - -Overdrafts
Bonds and Securities - - -United
States Bonds .- - - -
Furniture and Fixtures - - -Real
Estate Owned - - - -
Stock in Federal Reserve Bank -Redemption
Fund - - - -
Interest Earned but not Collected
Cash and Exchange - - - -
' 176,551.52
Capital Stock --------
Surplus "
Undivided Profits - - -Interest
and Discount Collected not Earned
National Currency - - - ' - - - -Reserved
for Depreciation Liberty Bonds -Deposits
- -"
$ 50,000.00
MAHUIKD At tho Ilaptlflt pnr
Honago on lant Saturday, Sept. 2G,
Ruby N. Kolo wan married to
Timothy Crowloy, Itov. J. J. Tlcknor
performing tho ceremony. Mr.
Crowley Ih woll known In thin vicin
ity, having renlded lu tho I.nwen
country for many yearn.
MAHK1BD- TuoHday, Sept. 28, nt
tho Huptlnt pnmonngo, Charlen A.
Harbor and MIhh Kathrlno J'lch, Itov.
J. J. Tlcknor porformlng tho coro
mony. Mr. Harbor wiih one or tho
boya who went to war and bin mother
liven lu thin city. II lu bride lives
over lu Catlow vnlley.
I A. W. Oowan Itoomn 1 ft 2 Up
, HUi;lm, Hounnuvcllu, Uulldlng.
This Storo will bo
noa'(J(imrtoi's for
School Supplies
Why wait; until Uio laM; liiiiiuto Iho open
ing day of Hohool to buy all of tho uowlod
HiipplioH. Buy now whilo stocks, aro IVohIi
and sorvieo not rsuhod.
Tablets Rulers Pencils
Pastes Crayons Pens Inks
Wo can jiivo ou a coinploio lisl) of
Oflicial Hooks l'oi' All Gi'wIqh.
The Kexall Drug Store
Yourwoilhkss T1RFS
are not vorthleeit.
Hecnuse vulcapizinp put
new life into them mid
adds many more miles to
their capacity.
We vulcanize scientifically
and economically.
Rums Garage
A Hepubllcnn Meeting will bo' hold
nt tho Cominornlal Club Hnomn Tuun
day Kvorilug at 8 o'clock, October C,
for the purpoHo or organizing a liar
ucy County Kepubllcaii Harding and
Cool Id go Club. Cordial Invltntlon
to all ropuhllcami Lndlen and
World War VeteraiiH OHpcclnlly.
A. W. (30 WAN,
Htato Central Commlttomnn.
KOIt BALKNow lOZO Model Max
well touring air, bought Aug. let.
and drove from I'ennnylvnnla to
Oregon; throe now tiros Adtlri
or hoo Joneph Henry, Hlltzon, Ore
gon It.
Try I''lroMtonc ConH. t.'nlvtTMl
Garage. Adv. tf.
KOIt 8 A LB 140 root G Inch casta.
Univorsal Qnrago Co. S-lt.
I'atlontn recolvo tho bout or raro
at the Ilurnn Maternity Honpltal, .Mrt
I Livitor Wltllamn, Trop. Adv.
I Mm. A. I). Jon oh Ih now In charge
or tho Snub rooming bonne adjoin
ing tho Colo hotel. Sho will bo
pleiiHod to moot hor tunny friends
there. C-12tf.
LOST On tho HtrootH of Ilurnn,
Sigma Chi pin with tho inltlalH J.
I). L. A nultahlo reward will bo
given tho party who found It If
brought to thin olllce. 9-26.
Dr. W. II. Roynoldn Chlroprntlc
nervo.HpeclallHt. Will bo at tho Lov
oiih Hotel for 30 dayn, and will ho
plpiiHod to havo HUlferem who have
tr!od other methodH nud havo not
obtained dHlrod roHiiltH call. Con
Nultattnn and oxamluatloii free.
... i-i. i i i
Win. Farre
Pivnctlce before U.K. L.n!
t tiiartinent mid
Real Estate
Indication are that the
hint of tho liuiil will
attract many limv.tor to
Harney County tho com
Iiik m-jimmi. I.lHilngs now
will bo kept before pro,
pectlvo Investors the on
tiro neicon.
Wo will mhhi have n number of
bnyiTH for Mimn flmt cIiinh ntork
ranrhes rraMinnlily priced. Come in
nnd llHt your property Harney
County Abstract On.
The Herman Mnrtz
Wood Saw
Is prepared to work
promptly J
Phone Nj. G104
Kenneth Ci ozEer
can dfllve
C1itiipr now than later.
When he present supply
Ik txliHiiKUd tin price
will raise.-l':oi e
We Stake Our Reputation
On The Service We Render
We wonder if you know how well we really try
to serve you. Take our tires for instance : We sell
you the best tires we know of
of course
Then we show you, by advice and actual assist
ance, just how to take caro of your tires, so they will
yield to you the last mile built in them.
We render this valuable and expert SERVICE
because we know it will bring us both the best satis
faction in tho end.
Our SERVICE AFTER SALE is best for you,
and because it is best for you it is best for us. We
run our business on that basis,
Our helpful tire SERVICE will increase your
mileage. It costs you nothing find saves you money.
Universal Garage Co.
Uii i fj'iiiHriTiJWrnjiri- -5H
Bend & Burns Autt StaQC
II. It. KCHANM) N I S I.H I , O. S. IM.TKKSON. I'mpt.
All Tom-inn Cava
Leaves Jiuvntt every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Special attention given passengers
Quickest and cheapest route out
Porishnble goods, Express or any freight shipped
via Bend in our care given prompt attention
when you ordor a glass of our perfect
soda. Mado Jimt right, mixed Just
riant and aurvod JitHt right It ia a
drink lit for tho gods or tholr de
Hcunduutn. Scorns llko high prnlso?
Not a hit of It. Coiiiq In any tlmo
and put tho matter to a tost. And
llHton, It taHtoa ovon hottor K partake
en iu company.