The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, September 04, 1920, Page Page Two, Image 2

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l'ogo Tvo
Hftturduy, Heptcm.Mr 4 1020.
Wo hud In mind tlio writing of n
rhotorlcul ofTualon tlilii wook on tho
virtuou of our particular chotca for
. mis presidency.
Mat wo didn't.
woro too ongroHodll tho 'lo
lltjhtful tank of oamlUK throo monlH
n day to conuunio
moru .foreign to tho
You woro too huBy ucciitntilatlnK
Iiuro Htoron of tho coin of tho roalui
to wnHto time In roudlng of Homothlng
HACK TO FAIIM? NO! iIohoh thin ono of tho moot
"HACK TO K1TCIIKN" lutiKhnblo fjorouh comodloii In u month
I of tiu inlays,
Thomo of Now Paramount-Muck . ,
Hcntiotl Comedy HtronK
Wo honr a lot about back to tho
farm but back to tho kitchen might
a now Paramount-Muck Bonuott com-.
ody which coition to tho Liberty thoa
tro on Wodnosday noxt and a ntich
mliiK throo monlH .
tlmo on a mibjoct " n. KwaWy nccoptod iih l. . i.R
o dotmindu of our! Poimlar-howovor, It Ih tho tlllo
It In Hiiro to bo oxtromoly popular
.illli itUm 1fii 4t lut ntillluntl
upon which your mind In alrcudy Hot. I
Hut wo novnrlRii cIUzoiih nhould ,
not forgot that thoro In to bo an olcc-'
Fifty-ninth Annual Orogon Stnto
Fair, Bnlonit Hoptombur 27 to Octobor
", Hploiidtd UKrtculturul, llvostock,
and liidttHtrlul oxhlhltn, a .nupurb
liortiOHhotV, Wollont rncon, high
i'Iiihh iiniUMUiiMttt, Rrcmtur anil hot
tor than ovor boforo.
A, It. LKA, Socrntnry, Hulotu
notici: of hiikiuith ham:
tlon. And thoro will bo ono, for at
lyant tho onndldutoH will tako tlmo to
You may voto, too, If you think of
It, and havn consumed a Rood dlnnor,
Wo Hhttll, hocauuo It a uorotmary to
kd to tho pulh to Him If thoro uro any
dot; flghtH or othnr oxplotilono, and If
tho Judi;o and clurkn koop awuko.
Lost you forgot, wo will gently ro
oirlnd you that tho oloctlon will occur
on the nay, whon Is that darned mill
to bo pulled off, anyway?
.whatovor tho -motif,
tiOiilrto Fiumidn, an tho hlrnd girl,
Ih the foromoiit flguro, whllo Hilly
Notice Ih horoby glvon, tliat by
Vlrtuo of mi execution, duly iHmlod
out of the Circuit Court of tho Htnto
of Oregon, for Harney County, and to
llonoiUy wIiih Hh own reward, but
often It fiilln of dnllvory.
Tho man of many promlmm
known by thono ho doeHii't koop.
ThoHi) who would Mlonco tho
tongue of goHHlp would let their own
bo tho llrt to certHo to' wag,
If you would be ono of tho "oloct"
In tho noxt world, firm hco that yqu
are doNorvliw; of olnctlon In thin one.
AriUHtrong and Myrtle Mini, with a me directed on tho,24th day of Aug
UHt, 1920, upon it judgment anil de
cree In forocloHuro, duly rendered,
lot of the other fnmouH fuumnkorx
of ho Bonuott galaxy aro In tho cant.
Tho trouble Ih tho roHtilt of Ioulitn
having too many HweuthenrtH. There
Ih iiIho a JealoiiH ittiHtmnd and a bur
glar and a baby and everything oIho
that can be thought of to add to tho
ludtcroiiH HltuatloiiH and hcoiich.
Iloniity and fun mixed In -inim.
No, Klmer, tho, public hlghwayri
were not mado for your convenience
,alono. (loneronlty concedoH an Inch
to tho other foUow.
ar.s. i:. )i. jitoviKit
IS OltlFFlTII I'lFTl'ltl-:
Who Stayed at Home." which will
be hIiowii ut the Liberty tliuntre to
I morrow Mr. (.rllllth hIiowh iih noiiio of
In the County Court of tho Htnto of,
Oregon, fcir lluruoy County.
In the Matter of the Kututu of JoMliua, I
T Fry, decoaited. (
Miiico ih nertmy given imu mo,
I'anious Irivost .Mmhal in
Ctrl Win Htoyod at
' " ' Home."
our own celebrities In mirroundlngHi ,l(iiritiKmtl admlnlHtrator ha tiled j
.. . - ... I I I ...41. . , . .1 1 ..... ... . "
mil laiuuiar, fiiuier in uio nownpapor nu llual account in III" niiovo-num-
The fiiioH of the world'H celubrltlen
n r fast becoming familiar to the av
erngo newspaper reader and tho play
goer. Many of Ihein, however, are
nhy about HiIh publicity attached to
being in high poHltlon and innny re-
reader or to the nlavnoer. For In- ed court and oMato and that the .
Htance, I'nmml Marnhal (leneral K. ' V11, Ua" ,HU, T,,!,:,vl"'.,,,,, iU'K
,, , ' . . , , . ' (f Hoptomhor, 11)20, ut the hour of
H. Crowder. wI.oho name Ih known at ,0I ),.(.U)(,k A M. the time and
Io.ihI to everyone who wiik In the the county court room of mild county
draft age. will bo hoii In HiIh picture' iih tho place for hearing objection!
at IiIh own ilonk In IiIh own olllrn In! nhl account and the HOtllemonl '.
WiiHhlngton. a picture relcuHot to any
Hewn agency or puper, but poHcd for
the (Irllllth camera that the correct
thereof. All pernons coiiceriivtlyiiro
fiiHo to allow the weokllen the prlvll- detail might be given tho Mm. Oth-
fso of Hhowlng them at their real om to be nhown are Becretary of Wra
work. Haker and Oeneral March, both lu.j
With tho production oL"Tho (Slrl their own oMIcch at work.
hereby uotlllud, to Mo their objec-
tloiiu, In writing, If any hiicIi thoro
he. on or before mild date, and to ap
pear on mild dale and conU'etit the
Dated AugtlHt 28th, 1U20
in the heart of Harney Vallejr
now offered at
$30.00 to $110.00 an acre
AH Within the Harney Valley Irrigation District
Large acreage cutting hay. All with water rights.
Sales Office at Burns.
entered of record nud docketed lit
and by Maid court on tho 2lHt, day
of AugtlHt, 1020, In a certain milt
then in mild court ponding wherolit
Woutorn Loan and Hulldlng Com
pany, a corporation, wan plalntltl,
and JoHnpIt 1 Cavonder, Jameei K.
WoHtou and Unth A. Wentou, bin i ,lllior
wife, C. II, Leonard and Madgo Lett
nard, IiIh wife, CharleH KIIN unit
Mary 10. HIIIh, IiIh wife, Jamen Voiing
and John W. DuvIoh, were dnfoiul
iititH. In favor of plaintiff and agaliiHt
mild defoiidautH, by which execution
I am commanded to noil tho real pro
perty In mild execution, and hereinaf
ter derfcrlbed, to pay tho numn due
the plaintiff of $637.02 with tutor
nnl thereon from May IGth, 1D2U, at
tho rato of ten per cent, per annum
until paid, and $6G.(J0 attorney'H
foon and the further hum of 115.40
cent und dlHhurnonwntH, and tho
further muhi of 1510.09 with Inter
ont thorcou from May 1.6th., 1920,
at. this rato of ton per cent, uor n
num until paid, und $50,00 attor
ney'.. fcoH, and the contrt and oxpon
nert on nld ntccutlon, I will on flittur
day tho 25th, day of Heptombor, 1920
nt the hour of ten o'clock A, M. at
tho front door of tho county court
houne, In HuriiH, Harney County, Ore
gon, Hell at public auction to tho
highest bidder ror caMi in hand on
tho day of Hale, nil the right, title,!
Intercut and ontnto which the nald I
defendaiitH, or either or any of them,
nud all perHOiiH claiming by, through
or under them or any of thorn tuthxe-.
quont to the 2Mb. duy of April. ISM 7, i
had, linvo hIiico nciulred, or now :
have of, In and to nald real property
hereinbefore mentioned, and ilcxcrlb
od iih roltown, towlt;
Loin two (2), three (.1) mid four I
(I) In block twenty-one (21) of I
Morrlnon'rt Addition to tho town of!
HuriiH, Harney County, Oregon, to
gether with the teucinentH, heredltn
nientii and appurtenance thereunto
belonging or In any wIho appertain-1
.Hiild'Hiilo irelng made Hiibjcct to re-
demptloii In tho manner provided by,
law, i
Dated HiIh 2Hlh. day of Align!,,
1920. ,
W. A. (100D.MAN. I
Sheriff of Harney County, Oregon
-- o '
Tho pathway of honor lion In front
of every man, hut ho cannot export
other to be, contliiu.ily pointing It
out to him.
Not nil men Jump when tlielr wives
iiponlc. Home ary id!ck to ontlclpato,
and olhei-H are loo ncared to do
I lll Illllllltlfc'-. ?TtteS j lllWi)1 HH
uapuin Bcnroeaer, fioider or the world' altltudo rocord, hua
btttn sent with the aew spood piano, deHlgned by Alfred Vorvllle, to
race In Franco Sept. 37 for the Gordon Hennott cup. The upend of
the machine la held secret, but It lit expected to make ovor 200 union
an hour
The Ford Sedan is the favorite family car, scats five comfortably. While an
enclosed car with permanent top, It has large windows, and may in a minute be
changed to a most delightful open car with always a top protecting against the
sun. In inclement weather it is a closed cur, dust-ptoof, water-proof, cold-proof.
Finely upholstered. Equipped with clcptric startuiR and lighting system ond
demountable rims with 3 l-inch tires ull around. A reul family car. Anybody can
cafcly drive it. It has all the conveniences of an electric car with the economy
which noes with Ford cars, low cost of purchase price, small cost of operation
and maintenance. Won't you come in und look ut it?
1 H
vi t'
Why man
we made this
cigarette for you!
m i,n mm
CAMELS fit your cigarette de
sires so completely you'll agree
they were made to meet your taste'
Unique flavor, fragrance and mol-low-mild-body
due to Camels qual
ity and expert blend of choice Turk
ish and choice Domestic tobaccos
are a revelation! You will prefer the
Camel blend to either kind of tobacco
smoked straight 1
With Camels you can go the limit
without tiring your taste. They
leave no unpleasant cigaretty after
taste; no unpleasant cigaretty odor!
To get a line on why Camels win
you so completely compare them
rllffLfrtrrl .f-f xirif Vi otr nirvm-al-l-d in
ttW:, the world at any price. You'll pre-
?;4 erguairytocouponsorpremiums!
inn. Wm miinnJItt MimmntaiJ
mi 04ifoit for fn homo or of ,. , .... ....m ro .... .
Hem upiy or whin you trvl. K J- RUVNOLDS TOBACCO CO., WlnsUin-Salem, N.a