The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 14, 1920, Image 6

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Phkc Four
it cogens mnud
V OmtenMMmi ttf AlM 5ra (fun )!
.Itnt-KurHtn Wnflc
V it in t boll mm
Imhh lit Allegheny,
I'l-nii! until, Keli.
.1, IKt7. When
wjly III Uf wi'itt
In INriv 11rU
a I 11 it y ilriitvluir
mill trli;ii Hud
lulrr (mi;tli( llieni.
in IhMI (ilii itnir
rlril l.orlii Drtiliiil.
(lllllllllM UN 1IIIUP-
lliui r ii I Imi 1 1
NtriitFttlnl nirnliiHt
Hie rncinlrn nf
tn 1KK0 n!i,nr,rt
Tli Olil liiti'ilen "
a rnltrcttitti of vrrnr. II In t'luirni'
terlntlc tlllrl fur many jfiirn Mr. le
IiimiI Iiiim fiieli Mliiler nrpiiii In her with
tiiniMr In llnliin greiil itiimlielw of
llwlrb hnltiN, which ah aelli n nn
aauunl funi'finn In her frlrniU unit llir
pabllr, for fhr lirnrMt uf her fionrlte
rhnrlltrn. An hr iloea nil (hp liihnr
krnipir, II In i alngularly iieravaal form
f good work.
' Only li year luler ci.nir "Jolm
Want, Preacher." a bunk uhleh wiib
he anthor wlite rertiKittllnn. There
hare area naay ataara Wtnr hat
mm "The Awakening of llelenn
Urate" In IMO, tnclaa'lag "Old fhealrr
Talea" U I MM, In malra , eae mnrfp
fawa aer tMMaaa kcrap. "The
Waataa" aaprarr la 1H.
IN 1000 Margaret Deload, lifter finv.
Idr 'written "cvcrnl other ImokH.
RKve to thA imlttlc the fruit nf hrr
tniiturer Kkffl lu "The AwHkonliitf f
llvlonn Illclilf."
Tlio Ktory Ih nlmi'le. of the charm of Its Hstttnu.
.wl tin; ciilith1 tlcllriicy of Hi Irt'iit
ment, we Iiuvii n tide tirwuntitiR Tow
rharnctiTS, ittul with no vi-ry uxtcmlcd
cope for action.
Tlio H.tno of tho novnl Ih the muiii
nmll rtniiNjlviinlii town In which
Mrx. Dclarnl Iuih jthiccil two jirovlniiH
IwokH: "Old ClicHter Talon" mid
"Doctor Lnvcmliir,"
tAt tho oponlnic of tho Htnry Mr.
Itlclilo Iuih cdino to Old ClicHlcr and
tnken up ri'Miloncij In tin "SlnfTcd
Animal IIoum?," ho called hwatim' ItH
fanner owner wan u taxidermist. She
la llttlo known to the villagers, llvliu:
a iMolnted exlHtence. and hhtiuiilni:
ay Intimacy with the lownxfolk ; nev
ertheli'HH hlie Ih iinlviTKiiily respected.
There Ih. to he mire, an iitinosjiheie of
inyMcry enhhroudlUR thin lieiiiitlfu'
trniiKcr who Im poHsessed of u culiiire
and poIku thut place her n Mnituni
abovo the Hlinply bred iuhnhllaulH of
tlie dlccpy. little Mcttlemont, hut nIiico
he koch to church, In quiet and dec
eroiiH, find kIvch hernelf no ulru, nhe
funilxhcH no cnuio for crltlclHin.
. Her only visitor Ih Mr. Lloyd Prior,
.known to Old Cheater hh her brother.
Am the utory proceedH, however wr
it ii made aware (hat i'rlor Ih not her
brother, hut Ih a IMilliidelphln widower
with one duiiKhtcr whom he Idolizes;
Jtiid thut lir .mil Mrs. Itlchle have for
thirteen yi-nrn heen llvliic together
nwnltlut; tl.e death of I'lcdcrlr, Jkl
i'iiu'h huMiiiml. whoxc iIi'IiiImi will
lintve them free to mnrry. KredeWe
Iuih I urn n illwlpatcd man who. when
not himself, Iuih heen re.ijiutil!)e fur
the death of the Itlchle l.ahy; and he
Ih now Ilvlnu n dlHMiltito life In I'nrlH.
The iraKedy of the Imhy'H deall' lui"
hoeji the culmlnntliiK factor In turnlmr
IiIh wlfe'n hatred and contempt for
Mm Into revulsion, mid determining
her to deert him and j;o to I'rlor. To
her lover rhe ulven all tho affection
which the Iocs of her 'child and the de
nt ruction of her hopes have turned
hack Into her nature.
!ror. on the other hatul, hnn loved
her in (hu pant, lint now, after thir
teen years of deferred hnpplneH', IiIh
jmsdnn la hiirued out. lie Ih tired ot
her. Alfce. ls daughter, l' .ri)wjie;
up, ii ml he reollxei the IndHcreJIon, of
iho etitniiKlemenl : furriiriniJii'lilH
liuxjue iliMiintelH liU tl.ite It' lH ''"
iiihJ lew oim-iiicnl to eomef' f jOld
C'hiiitcr;, and he Ih no longer ytniuc-
lie JH a hyllUh, KeHHuel bclnjfywlth;lhe
typical mieiculliie dlHta-te forevery
HiIiik that rendyra him uneouiforltihle
either In miml or hody. While he Ih
willing, li, an Indolent Horf of way, to
continue his relation with Mr.s. Itlchle;
Ih even honorable to marry her
If he mind, it Ih oIivIoiih that he would
Kindly he Ud of the whole affair.
Hut to Helena Itlchle thin Incident
Ih not an "uffalr." It Is her life. She
Iiivch I'rlor with a devotion engen
dered by her lonely, henrt-Hlnrved ex
igence, and she lookn forward to tho
moment when Frederick death Hint 1 1
release hor from her present precarl
ouh position, and allow her to confront
1he world with n clear name. That un
ultlniuto inurrltiKo between tliein will
wipe out tho blot on their pant idle
doeH not imetdlon. In tho ineuntlme
fho ran only pohhckh her kouI of pa
tience, and make the of her, en
forced seclusion. No one known hor
xecrot. No one can know It, There
fore Mho foolB quite Kccuru Mint Ih, oh
tfooiiro us s posnlhle In the fuco of
tho ovcr-preHeiit danger, of exposure.
Into this fevered life of hers three
Important dim adorn project them
xoIvoh: Doctor Lnvendnr, tho iiiIiiIh
ier jf Old OhoMer; Dr. WJIIbim Klnc.
tie yilluKe pliyhli.'lun ; anil David, an
T H Jfl ' K 1 M
nmlinn rlillil W'hntn f tin VrlAi4 llHH TliV
frl6ndoi), unci for whom ho 1b doMroun
of Uncling h homo, or nil Mrs, Dcinno's
crotitlonti nono, pnrhapH, In more ho
loved Hum In Doctor l-avondnr. Wine,
benign, liiimoroti"; yet. JiihI at nil
tlmeH a man who Im never to bo
turned aside fram n principle by lril
neiitlinontnllty. DoeJor King Ih not un
like him lu thin unlllnchlitR fenlly to
duty and to honor.
Thoho two peruana fitit their liendn
together to deoldo that Nlueo Mm.
Itlchle lends hiicIi h solltiuy life and In
ahtihdantly able, hho l, the one to take
tho houieloHs David. Tlie oouvplratorH
jintceod with extreme cittton. Tho
child Ih hroui;hl lo Doctor f.uveiidai'H
Iiouho, ami MiH, llldile h kIvoii the im
portunity to wo him.
Ho Ik a (plaint, wlnomc nptirallnK
lltllo folbnv n decided tietionailty.
and olio or the tlollrltlfnl nnd
eotiMlMteut child portnill h lu modem
tlollon. 111m lrreatext attraoMon Heji In
the fact that one can nevr be Ht'ire
a hut he will wiy tiiwf, (fi-e. when
I motor Uvvenihir Is telllnij lilin n mury
be l ectin IiIh oyi'5 llited m lntnily op
'lie 1'ianV face Hint the old uontlomim
Is much Ihitlcrcd
"Well, Well, you are a cf'-nt boy for
itorles, areii I you?" remiu kH the do
IlKhlod mlnlMtor.
"You've talked seven minutes." .ald
David thouuhtfully, "and you haven't
moved your upper Jaw once."
Ah c:in be Imactnod the child makes
Innhint ooii'iuent of Mrn Itlchle, who
IiihIhIm on llttlni; him out with tiny pir
mentH. and brltiKs him In triumph to
the "Htuffed Animal tleuce."
Day tiy day the tie that bind hor to
David HtronulhiMiK until we see thlx nf
feci Ion the dominant motif of her
life. Ii-rvon ovrrjdindown.hor love for
I'rlor, nlthoiiKh It Ih noma tlmr before
. i . .i . . . i. . . . . .
Mill- in conuiiiiH inni u unrn ni,
fit the meanwhile, quite by chance,
tin Hccurllv of her miniature world Ih
Hhnkcn to Itn foundatloiiH, Then' liven
lu Old Chester a youth much Mr.
Itlchlo'fl Junior, Rnm Wrlpbt, who bun
drifted Into the hnblt of cnllln on her.
nnd who full In love with her. It Ih
tlio blind worship of one who hn
never known pimMnn, nnd In an at
tempt to break up the Imij-'h Infntiin
Hon his dotlnc Kmndfnther romcs to
Mm. Itlchle, and hnlf In Irritation ac
oiiMos her of not rndin; a Komi woman.
The hot Is a random one, bit the In-
Htant the charco Ih mnde the sppnker he Iuih hit upon the truth
Ilelena'H niiKor at IiIh Kibes and Mir
raxm Ih like the whirlwind.
Hut the Lonl wan not In the wind.
It Is Ham Wrhthl'H Milehlo that II rM
brines home to her the Knivlty of defy
Inc hocIiiI reiinslblllty. What ihe has
hitherto renirded iih a fcorn for con
vention Hhe now noon to ln a crime
apiliiHt humanity. All her bflm; Ih
rocked with Hiir-rcproach,
Hut the Lord wiih not lu the earth
i)iinl;e. It Is not until Doctor Klnir forces
her to confess hor unlit, and tells hor
-lie rniiHl i:lve up David, that we ronch
the climax of the drama. Then nil tho
wild mother liiKtluct of the woman
leaps Into being. Hhe Ih n lloticcd llcht
ln for her ynima. Sho will irlvo up
I'rlor: In foot nIio does Ive him up.
Hut Mie will not part with David. Hhe
bees, hrlhcx, piny.s; but Willy KIiik'i
coiifeleiice will not penult him to Un
ion to her entreaties. Hhe must Hcmt
the ohlld back to Doctor l.arndar, or
he must iictpuilnt tin Kood Milliliter
with the entire Htory.
lu on i lTort to forestall iIiIh action
Mrs. Itlchle hcrHcIf jioes to the rectory
and before hhe leave It she lookK Into
i he face nf her own no ill unci pro
mnmces her doom.
"The whirlwind of nnircr hail died
nit : the Hhoek of rcHpoiiHlhlllty batl
siihrtldod : the IiIhh of thoxo tlulnes of
sliiiiiie had roiiHod. She wiih In the
en I re or all Hie lumiiltH, where IIoh
the iillel nil in I or Hod."
When Dr. Laveudar iikI;h hor If hic
thinks horself worthy to keep the
child hint humbly whlHpors: "No,"
And after the lire, the mill Small
At bint tho womnn'H coiixclonrn Ih
iiioumhI, hor rojiontiince Ih Klucero,
and we havu the truo "AwakenltiK ol
Helena Itlchle."
How wNelj Dr. Laveudar meets thlH
irlrt in me shuttered life, allowlm;
'icr i tnHle to the full the dress or
ronio' -e and MilTerlm;; ami yet how
men fully and pnily ho leads her ti-'
;irn toward hope and a desire for roa
Utiiilon cmiHtltutu. tho. rviii;ltnlor ol
Hie Mury. , r
The kind old man HUostH thut
he make her future home In i) tjlHtnnt
city where her piiHt will not follow
her and where hIio may Mart .anew,
and he iihIch that on the mornlnK
of her departuro hIio coiiio to htm for
n package which he wIhIich hor to tako
with her on her Journey, Tho n'tidor
HhnrcH her wliook of Joyouw mirprlflo
when David emerKeH from tho cornor
of the HtiiKH'onch crylni;:
"I'm tho pnekiiKoJ"
"Dr. I.avendar took both hor
hands. . , , 'Helena,' ho Hald, 'your
Minder camu Into thu world an it llttlo
child. Jtecolvo him In your heart by
faith, with thallkHKlvlnK.,"
So emlH thu novel.
To tear tho nkuleton of tho plot
from ItH e.MiilHlto Hutting Ih nlmoHt a
NiierlleKo. It Ih llko drairirlnu tho nor
fiimo from u llower, Ono nitiHt read
Iho book to Kln a truu ceiojo of Itfl
exceptional beauty and llncnosH.
It Iuih boon HuccoHKfully dramatlml
nnd tho title role ably and arllHtleiilly
portrayed by Marmret Aiiullu; therw
Ih iiImv an "An:lln IMItlon" of tho
Blory attracvlvoly IHuHlralod by pic
tures taken front tho piny.
UopyrlKht, IrtIS, by vtlto Pout I'ubllMilnff Co.
CTl'ha HoHtoa I'oat). l'rlntod by ponnli
fieri of, and niranufcinunt with, Iturpw
' A IlroM,, iiudiorlned publlnhiro.
UH-n V, U A li 1 It N H i
l.pvifM WmIIiipp.
BPlipriillr hiKiivii
li- iIip Hliurlrr
Imrn In I'CT hi
llriinUvlltf, Inill
iiiiii, mill ir rlniiiH
llllil, iiiiIIp iiiiimhi-
ni'IiiiinI). iiii (I'll I In
hprpitilluK: tlie lilrii.
In mint., Iluil tu
Mini mImIp Ih to
piilcil Hip lllprnry
i) c ii 1 1' r nf Hit
run n I r;. Up iIIpiI
lu nun.
i.IIip iiiv mii-
iIpiiIn nf Iniluy In
I lie urpnl NlriM
hIp, Iip left ll
ImiiliM fur IIip
.llpilciin nnr, Hp
nrrtpil nan In In
IIip Mill Wnr nil it
Mi up lo tip major'
Kcnrral In IIip Vftliiulrrr nriur- A
nflrr (hp MpiIcnh rpUuih-, l.r rvluniril
nicaln In 'hp lavl hp tna llnvrrnur of
t'lah frniii IWH n ISS, un, mlnlalrr
tn Tnrkpr from I Ml In, vhrn mm
n arnml rilpliininl hp m Hip plppn nf
IIip InlP iinlaiiipali'il Aliiliil-lliiiiiltl anil
rniiM rrallr lint llirnuah liimlnpna vtllh
Ikat aMvatiarallr dllalnrr fxraul.
Ha la kaawa . hr kla htPP hooka,
Thr fair (lnN (IN7.1), "flra-llur"
(IMW). aa 'Tka lrlnp of laafa"
(INNS), Tfcn a rut la a rrry rlrpr r-
pnaatraptlah nf th alarr f Ihr rna
larat af MpiIpw hr Ika Haaalaritw. Thp
rradrr frpla a arraf aymaalhx tlk Ikp
klaklr Pplae4 nallvpa who fpll kplp
Inn kpfarr Ikp attarlnr arma nf (fcp
latarfpra. Th alarr, kafvpr, la hr
aa mrana to hp pal la Ihp aarna rlnaa
wllh "HPB-Har." Thp ak.HI. Ihp kaowl
rdar, Ihp rctrraarp rlh kph ' Ihp
alarr nf (,'hrUt l.i Into1 llamrlr Ihriinak
thr lllra af nlhrra) havp aaap "IIpb
llar" aap af Ihp knohn la Ink a acrtirr
hehl m Ihp auhllp, halk aa knak ami
nn Ihp alNHP, vthprr thr famnua rharlul
rare haa niiii a rlaaalr plarr.
4(1 workmen put Hielr hands
I I to the erojis and curried It,
burden and all, lo Hie place
of planting. At a word, they dropped
tho tree Into the hole; ami the body of
the Na rare no also dropped heavily,
and hum; by the hleodliiK hands, Still
no cry of pain only the exclamation of all recorded excliiinutlons:
"rather, forgive them, for they
know not what they do.'
"Tho cross, reared now above nil
otjior object, and Maudlin; Mndy nut
asabiHt th hky, was creeled with it
burst of ildlKlit ; and nil who could hoo
and rend the writing upon the board
over the Nauin'tie'n head made haute
to decipher It. Boon nn read, the legend
wan adopted by them and communion!
ed, and prcM-ntly tho whole mighty
roneoure wan ringing ih riOutntlou
fmm side to Hide, nnd repeating It with
laughter nnd grosnn-
'"King of tho .limn I Hall king or
the .lewsl
"The Min wiih rising rapidly to noon';
the hills bared their brown breuntH lov
ingly to it ; the more distant mouiitaliiH
rejoiced In the purple with which It so
regally dressed them n . city tlie
temples, palaccii. t"vci.s, pinnacles,
and all points of beauty nnd promi
nence H'Oiiicd to lift themselves Into
the unrivaled brilliance, as If they
knew the pride they were giving the
mat.y who from time to time turned to
look at them. .Suddenly a dimness be
gan to till the Hky at'd cover the earth
nt first no more than u rcaree per
ceptllile fading of the day, u twilight
out of time; un evening gliding lu up
on the HplcndnrK of noon. Hut It deep
enisl, and directly drew utlcMHiin;
whereat tho noise of tho shouting and
laughter foil oiT, and men, doubting
their hoiih'H, gazed at each other curi
ously; then they looked to the sun
ngalii; then at. the mountains, getting
farther away; at the tdty and the near
landscape, winking In nhtidow; at the
hill upon which tho tragedy wits
enacting; and from all those. they
gnr.ed at each other again, dud turned
pale and held their peace.
"'It Ih only it mist or panalng, cloud,"
SJinonldeH nald sootbbigly to Timber,
who wuh alnrmed. 'It will brighten
"Hun-Hur did not think so.
" 'It Ih not a mlht or a cloud,' he hiiIiI.
Tho nplrltH who II vet In the nil the
prophets and nalnts nro tit work (n
mercy to themselvett nnd nature. I
nay to you, oh, KlmoriblcH, truly iih Ood
lives, lie who hiingH yonder Is tho Hon
of find.'
"And leaving filmonldOH loHt In won
der at Hitch a Hpcech from him ho went
where was kneeling nearby,
nnd laid bin hand upon tho good man'H
Hhouldcr. ,
" 'Oh. wIho ICgyjdlnn, hearken I Thou
nlono wert right tho Niizarctio Ih In
deed tho Hon of Clod.'
"Ihilthazur drew him down to him
mid replied, feebly, 'I hiiw him u child
in tho manger where ho wan llrst laid ;
It Ih not Htrongo that I knew him Homi
er than thou ; but oh that I should live
to hco this day I Would that I hud
died with my brethren I Happy M'ei
chlorl Happy OnpparJ'
'"Comfort thonP wild Ilen-Hur.
'DouhtloHH they too aro bore,'
Within the frame of tho utory of
C'hrlHt Ih told tho tale of Hen-llur, be
ginning with thu tipiicnrnuco of (ho
thron wbio men, IIalthui:ar, Moldiloc
nnd fiaspur, nnd ending with tho
Huhllinn tragedy on (iolgothn. From
the days of tho hcouoh at tho manger I
mrs 1
H A l X H V 0 O V V T V , O
ltnlll tho dltlmlnntlon of tlio ureal
Nlory, tho tlguro of ChrlHt itppenrH but
once, and then for n moment, but over
all tiittt hnppotiH In Hid Intervening
jroarH hovcrrt the son! to Iltlt. ; thrlllltiK
ns tho vplnodcH nro In thcniHcivcH,
tdrongly iih tlio cbttrnclerH nro por
trayed, thoy nro but h prciiarntlon for
what Ih to follow, n mere worldy sot
ting for him who wkh too great for nil
wive h fow to understand at that time.
Homo twenty-one year lifter tho
mcoiioh at tho manger, n young .Tow,
Hoti-lfur, u prince of Jerusalem, rich,
happy, ambitious, was standing by n
parapet of bin pabico, watching the
iirogrosH of VtilcrltiH (IratiiH. Imporlnl
governor or Juileii. Ah the Itomaii
passed hononih (ho wall amid thejourn
and InsittlH of Hie .lews tho young
prince loaned far out lo won the new
governor j a Hie wiih displaced and, iih
bitter fale would luivo It, fell full upon
Hut governor. Thov accident wiih not
; filial; hut It wuh an opp.'ilunlly for
exemplary Jiislloe. especially as the nu
tates of the .few won verv ilonlinble
lo the governor and his friend Mohan In.
Iilllu'i'lo aluiiml 'hnnher (o Iteii-Iliir
llioiidi the hitler had boon. The un
happy .low wan sent im a rower lo the
gnl leys, where the limit of life wan at
most but a your, Ills mother mid sis
ter wore immured In u hooioI cell lu
the Tower of Ant on In, where they
were doomed to the fale or the lep
ers. The ot, ty not or k Induces Hen
llur could remember during Hie yearn
Hint rollotvcil was on tho clay he wiih
drugged to tho gulloyB. "Tim hand
laid kindly upon IiIh Hhoulder nwoke
the unfortunate man, nnd looking up,
he now n fnee he never fnrgot--tho
face of a hoy about IiIh own nge,
dialled by looks, of yellowish brlght
fhestnut lutlr; it face lighted by durk
hlite eyes, at the time ho soft, ho ap
pealing, no full of love nnd holy pur
pose, that they had nil the power of
commntid nnd will," That was in
How Hi'iidlur In time been mo a
rower on the tlogshlp of Alrrns. duum
vir and admiral, how tho ilngchln wan
dentroyed in n great nea fight, how
Hen-llur rescued tho ndmlnil, becntne
his adopted son and heir, learned nl
Home the manner of Itoinnn wnr nnd
llomnn hpoils, returned to tho Hunt
n Kotmiu ollloor In the train of n con
sul setting forth on n groat campaign
against Hie I'nrtlilnns; how he dis
covered that his father's old steward
Mlmouldcs had Micccodod In saving
from coiillsentlou tho vast Intangible
wealth or the 1 1 ins and had multiplied
It ninny times, till the young Itomittt
Jew was the richest private citizen
In the world; (lie discovery that Men
Hilii was entered for the highest stake
In the groiti sporting event of the
orient; how Hen-llur won the affection
of llderlm, the Aral Nliolk. who hud
entered his Meeds of the deport for
the fral event nil this lends up to
tho drumulle encounter of the fumous
chariot nice. The nitlhor drew bis
dcHcrlptl'iu of the race fiom one writ
ten over twenty-three hundred y-ars
ago by the tnigle poet .Sophocles. It
In oim) or the curhodtlcH of lltonilure
that thu gnht scene, through the pages
of Lew -Wallace's novel, has become
nn famous on our ntage us It was so
long ago on that of Orccrc.
Hy his victory In the nrenn Hon
Iftir exacted ancient .lewlch Justice
on his hated ddvcrMiry, who was
erushed In body nnd Impoverished In
fortune, he had wagered on his suc
cess all the wealth he had stolen from
his former friend. Tho victorutmost
fell prey, however, to the vampire
daughter of Ugypl who was rival for
his love with the gentle Jewish lather.
Hut henceforth bin thoughts wore eon
eotitnitod on him who mis atinicHng
nil eyes. Wiih he Messiah or king?
Iten-Ilir. In bin haired of Homo, lu IiIh
pride of race, dreamed only of n king
of this world, who should right un
clout wroiiRs and exalt his chosen peo
ple. And so ho throw himself with
nil his force, with nil his wealth, with
nit the knowledge gained at Home,
Into making secure and strong the way
of the king whom he would follow.
Hut It wiih for one supremo lu things
spiritual rather than material that
the wd, was being made n'ady. And
Hott-llnr'H mother, rescued with her
daughter from hor long Imprisonment
hy u ohauco change of Jailers, but
hojieless lepers both, saw the truth
Kooner than her Pen.
' "'Oh Master, MiiHterl' Mia cried iih
ho passed upon t(iu road, Thou seest
our need; thou ennst ininke us clean
Have mi ivy upon us mercy l'
, " tteli'est thou I um able to do
tills?' he, ,nNkeib
"'Thou ilrt ho of whom the prophet!
pake 1 1 mo nit the Messiah!' she re
plied. Ills eyes grow nidlnnt, hlk man
lier confident.
"Woman,' ho said, 'groat Is thy
faith! ho It unto thee even iih thou
wilt.' "
And ho, In tho ond, Hen-Hur recog
nised whet Hiilthar.itr had known from
tho lieglmili'.T. "Oh wIho Kgyptluu,
hearken! Thou nlono were right the
Na.areno Is Indeed tho mm of Oodl"
Coiiyilulit, 1910. by tho Pont l'obllBhtng Co
(Tho iiunton Post). 1'uiillMiril liy pernor,
ulna of, ami urnuiKointuit with, Harper
at Ilron., authorized publishers. '
An Adventure.
Miss Yellowleaf A muu I never how
bc(nro spoke to mo today on tho street
MIhh reachblow You don't toll mo?
What did ho wiyV '
MIh Vellowloaf Ho told mo to utop
lively, j lonso. ,
"f hear tho young woman designer
In Madnmo l'nree'H drcHsmnktng e.s-
tabllshmont Is u very estlniiible per-
"She him to bo. It Ih hor business
to lead a nnttern Ufe." (
Cooporatlvo farmorH' ansoclatlonn
lu tho Northern and Wentorn BlntCH,
whoso orgnnlsHtlon wnn promoted by
county ngentH, lust year effoctod a
Having to tho members of f 6,4.14,000,
according to reporta made to the
Stated Relations Hervlco, Uiilccl
HtutoH Department of Agrlculturo,
Tho governing principle In all activi
ties on tho part or county ngonto
HharliiK In cooperative movomentn
has been not to act nn thu direct
buiilncim Hgont of' tho farmer or an
organized group, but to assist farm
ers In determining what form of local
."i' "VJTV
i m m r -
. arw I VJTV I.' .1 SS,
20,000 Acres .
water rights for sale on
Blitzen River in tracts of 80
Acres or more. - Reasonable
prices one-fifth cash balance
easy terms, six per cent interest.
Eastern Oregon Live Stock I
crane Company oregon
Campbell & Reid & Western' Sales Stnbles Co.
St. Louis Nut hum! Stock YunlH, 111.
25,128 Head Sold inl919
To Itaiichmon who have ItntiKo Horses nnd MuIch to ship, wo
wish to tuy tjiut our nmrUot wlH'ofter tho beat outlet this tumsou
of any market in tho country.
Our facllltlos for hundlliiR Hanc HorHea aro tho host nnd moat
extomdvo to bo found nnywhoro. Tho vury largo number sold by uh
luHt year is coucIuhIvo ovldunco thnt we havo tho buyorn. Ship us
any kind, but bo careful und not ship anything but oiiob that nro fat.
Mil. I. C. GALLUP, of Omaha, Nebraska, Is now connected with
thlH company, ho havIuK roalleod that our market offers tho bout
opportunities In tho United States for rango business and that it
wan to his lhtoroat nnd that of his shippers to transfor bin business
hero. t
Ilelow uro tho dates of our Special Sales for tho coming neasou.
Consign your homes and ntules to Campbell & Rold & Westorn
Sales StabloB Co. Arrange your ahipinont to sturt 12 duya boforo
udvortlhod auction.
Hh Sale, Tuesday, Aug. 10
nth Sale, TueHdity, Aug. 24
Cth Halo, Tuosday, Sept. 7
Wrlto or wire for any special information.
I. C. Gallup, Nairpa, Idaho.
Western Uoprcst'iitMtlvo for Cauiibdl & Held
it rd y, An?ist It ' " i
orKiinlzAUon Ih desirable in to
euro export iiHBlfltnnco, whou avail-
able, lit orgiinlr.iillon methods, The
county agent also helps r,ua.n! thu
community agulnst over-organlzutlun
and wherever practicable advocaten
tho lino of axlHtlng agencies. Tin,
caoporutlvo , asBOcIatlonn 'which tho
county Bgenta have helped form have
had to do both with production and
distribution and Include eooperatlro
grain olovutorn, creameries, and live
ntock nolllng associations,
Fow people ovor roach tie goal of
their ambition. Thoro Ih always romo
thing, higher tliut they want
MILK ? - EH 1
II.. - I
7th Salo, Tuosday,
8th Salo, Tuoaduy,
9th Sale, Tuosday,
Sopt. 21
Oct. 5
Oct. ID
l jllSU Mt
it"' ' " I