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    Jliu-nr.v County's limber- Ih nil
imvt for linmotllato vxploltu-
(Ion Mills should bo turning
K nut to aid In tho. rocoitNtruc
Hon work of tho nation. In '
Twtlgutc thla virglB ftaldt
llnrncy cotinty'rt i-oscources urn
nttrncthiK UioHttcnMon of II10
entire West. Irrigation, stocle
raising, mine, oil ami rm pro
spects and ' 'affrlealturo nil
awaiting development.
NO. 42
Engineers Now on Distribut
ing System; Investigating
Drainage; Dam Site.
U Olu n, ono of tho directors Of
Hi ii rm Yulloy Irrigation Dliili let,
uiv usou the progress of tho work
toward ) stalling tho Irrigation hys
tom tin i 'utr day nt thu weekly Com
mercial t tub luncheon. Tho subject
was r i-uiul from tho tlnio of tho
orgnni-utlon down to tho present und
tho speaker showed how tho director
wore proceeding with tho work and
what had boon accomplished.
Kuglnccrlng forced have been In
the tU'ld ever since early sprinc on
portions of tho work. Tho find part
to luve consideration was tho pro
pocd reservoir sites and thono huvo
been thoroughly Investigated the low
er data slto data wm purchased from
C. H MeConnoll and thU3 consider
able time wua gained; later more
data huh been secured from Mr. Mc
ronnell covering tho greater portion
nf tho distributing system In tho val
ley, but thin wuh not ho complete an
tho dam ulto and Engineer Cunning
ham now has bin forces doing work
In tho northern pnrt of tho valley
leading down to tho portion Mr. Mc
Connell'H data covers.
Tcbls nro being mado at tho res
crvolr sited to ascertain thu nature
of tho formations and thua got Homo
Idea of what will have to bo done to
get a proper foundation for tho damn.
It U tho hopes of tho directors that
a greater forco may ho put on thin
important work a larger equipment
for drilling, In order to hurry that
work n tho present equlpmont Ih
not adequate.
Mr. Olson pointed out In bin din
cuhmIou of tho bubject before tho
bufiliH'M men, that complications had
to bo overcome in tho preliminary
work and that it really taken moro
time than ono would at first suppose;
covtiral comlBfllons, both stato and
federal, have something to say before
a project may proceed and under such
circumstances It Is necossary that tho
work comply with tho requirements
of tht-Ho commissions, otherwise It
would bo held up until these require
ments worn complied with. With
this in mind tho steps all along tho
lino huvo been carefully taken In or
der that thcro bo no delay In ac
reptunce of tho plans when onco sub
mitted, For Instnnco, tho plans must
ho put up to tho Stato Knglneor for
approval; tho Stnto Knglneor, tho
Riuto Treasurer anil the Btnlo nnnk
Kxamlni-r constituto n committee to
pass upon tho project boforo tho
Mate wll) allow tho district to Yofo
and Issue bonds. The federal govern
ment alio has certain requlremonts
to raeot before tbo matter can be
voted and tho project authorized.
Chief Hurveyor Cunningham has
his men Working on tho prouont
syHtom of distribution In tbo upper
part of tho valloy Jusl as tho water
emerges from tho canyon, as thus It
may bo possible to use some of tho
preeont Natural canals so fnr an it
w.U ronform to tbo general distribu
tion uytlcm.
C II Smith, a drainage ongineor,
nrr vi recently nnd hns takou up
wrrl' f,n tho project. Mr. Smith l'
an expert in Ills lino and Is making
Investigations from tho lowest point
on tho project and working up. I:
Ih hoped to huvo this phase worked
out togothor with other features in
order that tho ontiro projoct may bo
coraploto In ovory dotail boforo any
estimates aro mado or tho subject
submitted to tho water users for tholr
So far thero Booms nothing to pro
vont an oarly consideration of tho
project and ita Installation, oxcopt
monoy conditions which It Is hoped
will bo in better shape 'oro tho tlmo
comes to soil bonds.
This -week a commlttoo composed
of members of tbo Commissioners of
tho Harney Valloy Irrigation District,
consisting of P. 0. Smith, Sam Motli
orshoad, Jake Welcomo and Ted
Hayo.s, has been going over certain
I'roporty within tho district which It
will bo necoBsary to purchaso, ap
praising it. This is anothor demo
cratic feattiro of tho methods used by
tho denlrlct In bringing about results.
(Continued on pago four)
Tho remarks of Mr. Olson nt n re
cent Commercial Club luncheon In
connect Ion with tho dlscuslon of
boosting our opportunities and talk
ing our own country to tourists worn
certainly tltnoly und should bo given
hoed.. Wo ttoli'l glvo our own com
munity credit for wfint It is worth
nor do wo prnutlco tho custom of hu
man klmluoBH in dealing with, tho
prahlomB of tho other fellow. Wo
hick enthusiasm. Wu don't rub el
bows enough und got in touch with
tho progress of our community. It Is
tlmo wo tako n greater interest in
our neighbors and glvo a helping
hand. The towns nnd communities
that nro attracting attention nnd nro
going ahead nro those that boost tho
other fellows gatna Just tho sumo as
tholr own. Kor Instance tho' other
day when tho wrltor was in Narrows
ho was told by Joe Morris thst (horn
were hundreds, of tourists going
through that part of tlo. county on
routu to Lukovlew, huvlng bon told
of tho Irrigation projoct under way
down thero. How many of theco
people have heard of the, prospects
hero, or have bceh toU of the land
now rendy for tho market that aro
Just as good, or perhaps better, than
whero thoy aro going? It may bo
that tho Lake county project has had
morn publicity from anothor than lo
cal source, If so it Is up to those hav
ing lands for sale to glvo tho samo
publicity. However, wo aro told that
many former residents of tho Twin
Falls country aro going to Lake coun
ty to Invent In lands.
Wo must get In lino with tho pro
gress of tho times nnd keep our end
of tho string up.
Popular Diversion With Biff
Thrills; Safe, Exnerienced
Pilot, Good Ship.
An aeroplane arrived In this city
last Thursday morning unheralded. It
cumo from a southwesterly direction
and upon lighting in the Sweek Held
and tho men In charge being consult
ed It was found they had spent tho
night boforo In tho I'etor Toterson
field over near tho 00 ranch whero
thoy wore forced to light on tholr way
In becauso of shortage of fuel. Tho
piano hnd started to thin city from
ltodmond but hnd gotten off Its
courso and was too far south. In Its
wanderings moro fuel was consumed
than had boon expected, hence tho
necessity of lighting and securing
additional quantity.
Tho piano Is tho property of a com
pany of young mon who are using It
for exhibition und passenger service.
It is in charge of It. It. Trask, ono
of tho owners, and Llout, W, D. Can
non, tho pilot. Those young men aro
remaining in this city for n tovr days
in order to gvo cltizons an opportuni
ty to make flights; Tho..mabljno is
ono of tho best and tho pilot ah e'x
porlonced flyer, therefore pooplo have
no hesltoncy In going up.
Tho Sweek Hold Just nt tho edgn of
own is being usod as n landing place
and fiovorul.of our pooplo havo nl
roiidy given it a trial. Tho atmos
phere is wonderful for flights Just
it this season of tho year nnd n look
it the valley and surrounding IiIIJb
iro Inspiring from tho.holght to
whlch'ono Is taken on a rdo.
Tho Tlmos-Horald bolloves oncour
agomont should bo given mon In
mch enterprises, as It is going to bo
ono of tho most attractive mothods of
travol ovor this big counh-y In tho
noar futuro. While this may seom
far In tho futuro It Is noaror than ono
would suspoct. At any rate It Is un
opportunity for tho young people to
got exporloijco nnd tho unusual thrill
of a now uonsatlon. Thoso who havo
taken- rides aro enthusiastic in tholr
oxprosslonu and say It is worth
moro than tho price paid.
Mrs. Julian Ilyrd and Bllllo accom
panied by Mrs. M. A. niggs, loft'
VVodnosday morning for Wallowa
whoro they oxpoot to visit with ro
latlvou for a couple of wookB or so.
County Agoitf h. E. MoDnnloln took
tho party In Ifls car ob far as Ontario
ho being on his way to Walla Walla
on business
Provide Better Road South
Eliminating Bad Hills;
Serve Bifd Reserve.
At a Commercial Club luuuhuou
tho other day Capl. Ilobt. M. Dun-
1 can suggested that a dike ho placed
accrosH tho western pnrt of Malheur
lake to hold tho witter to a level,
thus serving tho purpose which laud
owners in that vicinity havo desired
In order to Insure crops along tho
broder. and also advocated by tho
bird roservu people as n moans of
holding thu water to a proper depth
to Insure the convenience nnd com
fort of bird lfo.
This was brought out by a discus
sion of tho effect of thu proposed
Huosevult lllrd, Hcfugo bill upon the
Irrigation system now under consid
eration. A dlsscusslou of tho bird bill will
not bo given here. Tho suggestion of
a dtku across tho lake Is along tho
lino of progression nnd ono that could
bo mado to servo a double purpose.
Thu proposition of a north and
south highway has been considered
not only locally but by (lie Htato
Highway Commission, and was ono of
tho roads considered at tho time tho
speclul election for road bonding was
hold. Hlnco then It has boon discus
xod by Individuals and olllcers of this
county but no definite action taken.
Judge Wm. Farro recently rocom
mendvd a permanent road north and
f,outh to leave thu highway at a suit
able point east of Burns to go directly
Houth by way of tho Islnnd Hunch,
mining Wright's I'olnt and crossing
tho Inku bed, on south up tho Hlit
xeti vnlloy. Judge Farro and some
other county olllclals uvun wont bo
fur as to muku a recounolssanco tour
ovr a portion of tho proposed road
before letting a contract for tho Im
provement of tho Wright's Point
grade. They discussed thu mutter
with different property owner that
would bo elYoctod, and while It was
considered feasible, It was thought
tho tlmo was not right for such an
As a matter of fact, It would bo
an economical move right now to
build such a road. It would travorsn
r.onut of tho bout part of tho entire
county nnd now Is thu tlmo to so-
cure right of way ut u nominal Ilguro
i rather than wait until tho laud In
cropped morn liiteusuly; It would cost
uu moro than later and would fur
uMi uu oxcellcut roud for tho north
and south travol through this county.
A roud of this character Would ellin
Inutu Wright's Point and thu Juniper
(Continued on pago fourj
g Home Spent Dollar
bLi; Consider flic; wisdom und judgment W
In its pcpltil community-inspiring
career it nlwny splnys stife. Its busi
ness transactions arc backed by guar
antees. Advertised goods arc guaranteed
goods. Tlie merchants of this com
munity do not advertise their wares
unless they are good goods. It doesn't
pay td advertise merchandise, that is
not good,
And it is the home merchant who
advertises his goods that attracts the
DOLLAR makes it the HOME
SPENT DOLLAR. He in turn directs
the dollar back to guaranteed ilrms
the advertising firm.
Follow the trail of the HOME,
SPENT DOLLAR for two weeks
and you will learn that it enters the
doors of the advertised firms.
The jingle of HOME-SPENT DOT-
LARS is a merry
play it together
HUM to that tune,
1 WHmM
Successful Irrigation From
Wells in Harney Valley
Practically Assured.
Following tho Field Day program
at tho Hxpurlmont Station tho writer,
In company with County Agent Mc
Daniels, Mrs. McDanlelH, Mrs. Ilyrd
and 11111 lo. visited tho Chan. Wilson
ranch at Dog Mountain on Inst Mon
day afternoon nnd saw his irrigation
plant, Mr. Wilson has a big pro
position und It was demonstrated for
thu bonoflt of thu visitors to tho en
tiro satisfaction. . It is adequate. It
will suroly dolivor thu goods and
bring success.
Tho well Is down a considerable
depth but yet the water rises near
enough to the surface to iniiko It
a feasible proposition to pump it.
Thu big engine brings, u stream out
porhups twice the ilow of tho Experi
ment Station plant and thu soil is
such that it can bo curried a long dis
tance as tho sand will not sub-Irrigate
as the soil on the stallou. It
wilt bu necessary to flood Irrigate but
Mr. Wilson 'k placing his land in
proper shnpo for that purposo und
confidently expects a large area
ready for seeding in tho spring. He
is getting the plant equipped for a
one man concern Just us rapidly at
possible, as ho has boon delayed thltf
season becauso of luck of help. He
has a tractor which Is put to ovory
conceivable use und the farm mach
inery and tools nre being modoled
to hitch on to this llttlu mnchluo that
does tho work of several horses. Mr.
Wilson Hays he does not want to bo
huudlrapped any longer by unreliable
holp or thu Jack of it, theroforu will
bo proparcdito do without 't,
Ilo dsorvH success. Tho big work
ho has done and tho prospects for
the' future portends succors. Ho Is
prepared to add to his water supply
at a nominal cost and with tho equip
ment now Installed und tho work
demonstrated ho is going to mako t
go. The soil on his place will raise
ulfalfa without question. It may re
qulro Inoculation but that Is a small
The Wilson plant Is ttio forerunnor
of many similar ones '.hut are sure to
be Installed In Hartley Valloy In tho
near futuro. Tho oil well prospects
will glvu Impotus to tho lustullutloln
of these plants, hut oven without the
cheap fuo! that would certainly fol
low tho striking of oil, It Is a pay
ing proposition.
o '
An aeroplane ride Is tho thrill of
today. Hotter get ono while It Is In
tunc if we ALL
and business will
Thoro Is no hotter ovldonco of a
commondablu community spirit than
that of loyalty lo u town In which a
person lives.
If n town In worth living In it Is
worth defending nnd supporting In
Us orforts to advance with tho rest of
thu world.
Yot l almost ovory community
you will fludpnoplo who can boo
nothing good In tholr surroundings.
Thoy can not recognize tho fact
that though It may ho humble, It yet
hi homo that It has clothed thorn,
and red thorn, and cared for thorn In
sickness and In health, and hits fur
nished them friends who havo boon
steadfast and true.
Thoy magnify Its Imperfections nnd
sprond clouds wherever thoy go.
Thoy often mako Ufa mlsorablo
for othors nnd Invariably mako It a
ropraoch to thomnolvcs.
Hut thoro Is a brlghtor side to this
The abuso thoso short sighted peo
pla heap upon tholr plitco of abodee
generally falls upon unsympathetic
Tholr nolghbors and frlonds know
them as thoy are as pooplo who
might havo boon vgluablo citizens
capable of constructive work, but
whoso dispositions havo been warped
In younger days, possibly through no
particular fault of tholr own.
Their criticisms aro listened to
with good nntured pntlonco, but aro
forgotton about as soon as utterod.
Tho views of the chronic klckor
and fault flndor have less weight
than thoBO of any other adult olomont
of tho human rnco.
When he thinks ho Id kicking his
town he gonornlly finds that he Is
kicking himself Instead.
Water Bailed Out First of
Week, Come Under the
Casing; Stopped.
The wrltor was one of a party to
visit tho Dog Mountain oil well last
Monday. Thu workmen had shut
down for tho day boforo tho party
arrived but thoy .were shown over tho
works by Mr. Arthur Huhn, ono of
tho faithful men who has boon at tho
well for several years.
Thu workman ha1 boon bailing out
thu water tho day wo wero thoro. Tho
prwssuro.on thu drilling apparatus
was such as to Indicate thoro was too
much resistance nnd they wero cur
ious to know what tho result would
bo should tho several hundred feet
of wutur ho balled Qui. This had not
boon done li many month; in fact
tho water "huM boon u source of do
lay forj'u long time up until rocontly
when thoy succoodod' In shutting It
Off. Following this process a lnrgo
quantity was, allowed to romuln In
the well and drilling resumed. Tho
casing was allowed to follow tho
drill down for soma depth but just
a short tlmo boforo our visit tho cas
ing has boon anchored and tho drill
hnd penetrated a depth of uomo 12
foot below,
Later Information Ib to tho offoct
that thoy balled out wll but about CO
foot of tho water and wero proceed
ing to drill but Wednesday night tho
wator rushed in again and It was
nocossary to again put down casing
nnd shut If off. This was successfully
done and tho workmen will again re
sumo drilling.
Consldorablo eoncouragomont Is
given from tho fact that tho gas es
caping from tho well is gnmtor at
this . tlmo than ovor boforo. Each
buckot that 1b brought from tho bot
tom of tho woll contains sutllclont to
light and burn, It Is boliovod from
this demonstration that thoy havo not
pttBsad tho flow thoy aro Booking and
Indicates It 1b doopor. They're going
aftor It. $
Ooo. Itaycraft was In town tho foro
pnrt of tho wook attending to Bomo
ropalr workout tho Dr, J. W. Geary
homo, Mr. Itaycraft Informs U3 hlB
mother has boon visiting him but
loavos tlila wook for hor homo In
Tncoma, taking MIsb Edna Raycraft,
his oldest daughtor, back with hor
whoro tho young lady will a,ttond
school tho coming winter.
Field Day Observations Give
Favorable Impression of
Important Work.
"A llttlo hit of wator makes a hlg
difference," wua tho romurk mado by
J. T. Jardlno, director of Experiment
Stations of this statu whllo viewing
tho result of thu pumping plant used
for irrigation nt tho brunch Experi
ment Station hero last Sunday. Mr.
Jardlno said a lot in that sentoncu
und It should be heeded. Thoso who
havo nut viewed thu results of the
work on the' Experiment Station th'lu
season have something to boo In tho
line of what "llttlo bit of water"
will do. Dy way of comparison thero
Is tbo most effective placo In Harney
count v to demonstrate tho boncfttn to
he derived from n system of Irriga
tion thut will cniiftutvo tho water ct
our streams and placo it on tho cropj
nt the most profltalbo time.
Field Day at the Experiment Sta
tion last Sunday was the usual cue
ecus nnd then nomo. Tho fact that
more has boon accomplished In the
wny of actual demonstration this sea
son than for several years provloux
Is responsible for this romarknblo
showing, And this In the faco of
shortage of help and discouraging
circumstances under which Supt.
Shuttuck and his assistant. Mr.
Illchtc, worked. They put in long
hours each day becauso help could
not bo had. The stutlon is handi
capped for lack of funds to properly
function and this fact has boon
brought to tho attention of tho men
under whoso direction tho work Is
prosecuted, yot thoy point out thut
they nro pvwnrloss to glvo any usHlst
nnce, but that It must como from tho
state und federal govortlmont. Thu
Hums Commercial Club should oo to
It thut prcssuro bo brought to bear
upon our congressional delegation
and tho stato legislature to bring
about relluf In this respect. It 1
pointed out by ono of tho candidate
for president of tho United States
In a recent speech that we have too
long neglected the farm production
of America and it Is tlmo that we
take due notice of It. Cltlrcns of
Hums should mako It their partic
ular business to suo hut this Mutton
bo properly financed and given the
aid necessnry to tho Importance of its
Tho Inspection or tho growing
crops in tho field was tho most Inter
esting part of tho Field Day pro
gram, oven though oxcollunt talk
were mado by mon versed In tho lino,
of work thoy discussed. Tho contrast
between tho dry farming and Irrlgut
ed crops wero such ub to glvo the
Irrigation systom such Impetus that
ono would not expoct a dissenting
vote when It como to tho final decis
ion. To bo sure there wore somo
very good dry farm crops, ospoclally
of ryo, alfalfa aud somo of tho gralnB,
yet tho ylold Is so much greater under
tho Irrigation systom that ono can
not help hut wondor why wo havo
delayed so long lu dovoloplng our
wator supply d putting it to tho
very best nnd most economical use.
Thoso who followed tho route
over tho Hold and listened to tho dis
cussion and explanation given by
Supt. Shattuek c.ovorlng each plut
know when It was planted, under
what conditions and ti history of it
development, really got valuablo in
formation. Tho sovoral plots dovotod
to grain, Including bouio 175 vnrltlea
of whoat, oats, barloy, ryo; tho field
peas, ulfalfa. hdmp, Hun, root crops.
Bunllow.ors, etc. each had a story In
connection with it that 1b of valuo
to tho farmora or this county and
therefore to tho ontiro citizenry.
Tho fact that tho Station Is do
voloplng a spring wheat that 1b bet
tor than tho Early Uaart, maturing
oarllor by eovoral dayB than tho lat
tor varloty, moans much to grower?
In this county. Tho autuo iu connec
tion with othor cropB.
Tho Tlmos-Horald roprosontattvo
did not attompt to koop in Jouch with
Mr. Shattuek during his discussion
of thoso vnrlotlos, as thoro woro many
nolghbors in tho lino of march and
tho gonoral tak confused tho main
dlscuBBlon. It Is togrottod that tho
particular points could not hav6 boon
(Continued on pago fllvo)