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    Pal ttitlnyt August 7, 1030
T II R T t to i H II K 11 A Ii i n V n N H
O II 10 OOff
Pitfco FHro
Barney County Rich
In Natural Resources
Doatly homo, Miss Lola Dofonbaugh sluco Ibofrn divided up Into novoral Mrs. Del Dofonbntigh wiih In tho ntoro'omobllos camn during tho bvonttx; Ho linn (t placo that is undor com
add l-rnnltlu Uuntty. served both ranches. WggH A, McDado now own nud tlio writor Immediately rollnwod from different parts of tho country jplata Irrigation and a protected loca
mgo nun and trout for supper a good portion of thin big ranch hut hor to a warohouno whim; Doll wiih I from bh far north 'an Androwu unci tlon whoro ho grown unythlug that
Mr, IJoatty ltllK OIIU Of the fllinilt Mm. 10. It. Hill 1nn llilM n Inrirn nnt. fiiin,1 nn.l Ml.,.,,.....! ..-,,..11.... -.., tl...l. .1... in',' ml....... t i.iiii... ... il
1 . t II' i ......... ...,u . ..... minniuii hiuvuiif, iiuiii I'UIIIU III! IliU ItUlllll. ,IIU JUIIII; UIIU UUUIU IlillllU. Ill UUUIUUII lu in
tuwoiopya rnnchoH In that country. ago taken from thu same tract to followed, During tho Intorvonlnu pooplo danced to the tnuslo of a Vic- Rood things onuraoratod for dinner
home placo of tflO acres nro for- which holding han been added saver- veiir from lsna. wimn tin. n..rn. Iimln flllfl rif ttl 111 til t ii lilt trmt 11 till u t tin ttn ritim whu itfw1 in nnnt rt lt ( rwa
------ ---- - . ... " - - . ii iivh m m i v. a aeaeMaaaaa. 1 11 aaa aaaa.vuii tiiu a.uauuia it w u uia. lu i. w i i i.u a a a uu
baiHiuot was norvod. Tho count) raspberries, rlpo blaekborrlcs, gooao-
gout was Riven respectful heuriUK berrioti, eurronts, alt kindu of vogot-
thosn present for u short tnlk dur- ablen Including color and tomatoes;
ins noma piaco or mo acres nro rr- which holding han been added Hover- yearn from 1883, when the Defen- trt
tile and while tho entire acreage ' "1 hundred acres of raiiKO land. Tho bnuKhn and llyrds wedded their way ba
, not tillable, tho'porllon that Ih Ih pro- Trout crook ranch, Ih cutting tho fin- from Shoshone, tho end of' the Hhort a
,8 duolng capacity crops. They include out hay crop It han grown lu several Line railroad at that time, to tholby
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frrty H building. Tho building
tan stories and tho accoud floor
to b ttM'd for a community gather- ,Krttln utB' alfalfa, clover, yearn. Haying crown Yjoro at work then nlmortt'unhmjwn Harney Valley,
In phoe. dunces, etc. Thef lower yM,othy .variety of rrult including on tho Dlggs & MeDndo part an well wo havo-mot at Intervals; never Tor
door covers a big area ample for tho n,',,0!,' Pon". 1Iiuh, pruneii, nprlcotn iih Mm, IIIII'h holdlngn. Aftho ranch long enough time at once to tire or
big Mock of goodR handled by Jack 0,0 hnmM fru,tH ,,,!,",l ourrentH, houae Mrn. Hill and her daughtor, each olher'n company, but often
tor thu nurrouiidlng country. Mlsn Ku Mohorrloa, rimpberrk'n, elo. The Minn Harriott, woro found and thoro enough to hoop greon that alncore
Allco Turner wan found at tho Btoro,KIU'uon ,H 6IU of l,m m0Hl l'rolltablo aloo wan found "ItuHty," ono of tho frlendnhlp that hardahlpH and homo'
as an nlntant to Mr. NcCarty mid '"U),,B OI "3 lico. peat, potutoea, jllneHt Bpeclmon of Alrdalo doge It Nleknomi bring. Mrn. Dofonbaugh
jack Brady wan also In evidence to 1,OIIH( ruor auu oiner nuch vegN.han been our fortune to nee and proponed dlnnor and an wo had again
overflow in tho lino, lu'08 umng UH0 1,1 Um table, Miow "Hunty" occuplen tho front been HUcconnful with a flock of sage
wuiio a targo quanuiy or sweet corn, porch, yard, dining room or any oth- henn we "Put in" and had a meal
tonmtoon, water melons, munk mol- or part of the Uyrd holno where ho In that wan mont thoroughly enjoyed.
ouh woro in ino mauing and were. tho companion of llllllu Uyrd. Me. Adam Adrian, another old pioneer of
iuohi promining. jvir. lieatty hau been I)anlel'H gall wuh used to good advan- Harney county, who lived In thin val
a ronldont of that noctlon for many tage for once, at leant. Tho newnpa- Icy In tho latter part of the 70'n wan
)oaM. no huh uinpoNiid of bin largo por man wanted that dou Junt iih hoi.m a conKonlitlcomnnnloit nt tlm imnn
ucbtannt wiih u nlmplo affair und ho!h,onl of crtlll w,l, u uw l"vollng litn uh ho Httw him, but never connldored moaj ilnd old many lucldoutii of tho
offered it for a small sum, but having ' lo uw rum " " H,ni,l,or "enl or for a mlnulo the dog could ho parted oarly life In thin part of the country,
Cir.p ) li.ind he couldn't nntke many'' v " Hllortlu,rn"' ,u' l,UM "VOth- from the young lady, hut It wiih Including a tlmo whon tho water bo-
Mips trunk Kenny was uIho found or p lC0 or 11,0 nuros llow" 11,0 """k found shu wanted him to have a good 'amo very high at the Inland Itanch
it tli atioti loading up'u truck that rrom 11,0 110,110 ,,,,a'u ,llltl ,N woU ,,x" homo tin hIiu doH not remain at the and he and Mart Ilrenton made a
he us to Hupply hln nheop campH on A for 11,0 ,)Ul,,,,,"iH 1,0 Ih uonduetlng, ranch during tho winter mouthn, ho boat on which to nail; thin was a flat
the mountain. Ileforo leaving for a ho t,0l,,r0H 10 dlspono f Ih hold- the bargain was noon inadu that we bottom affair hut It nulled llnu on the
iiikh aim reuro an no teem no lias wore to take "Runty" whim wo Hturi. water. They nerniiiidi.d tlm UMim
ed home. cook to otnlwtrk with them and tak
Mrn. Hill han noino lino developed lug him out where the water wan
Uko enro of any
of customers, but hln particular bunl
new that morning was to demon
itrate u now attachment on a Ford
car that does awny with any hand
(el, emergency break and norao
olbfr ' iUpprlluoun flxlns." The nt
mlt u, Trout crooK ueorge Miller
I....... i.. i.... . i -
jmhIk wiih Mm. Molluih. Mr- M. uvv" "lu i""H uuougll,
L'aivav fin i iiiriit h urn iiivtvi f itu , . 0
r?lfW i. 'phi1f s . . a ia . . .
Mug a summer guont of Mm. or ",H, " ",urun' 'in P,RC0
. m. m . in u mi if ill v vnnn nnv i n r iininit nnn
iriiaun uiiu mini ii a . mi i. j u m ua
...... m a , . . wuo lg looKitir ior a raticii to run
puiu iruiu iae auuioa sen . ;
Utstcr iluiullton drov up but woi " . .
... . a a. . ... i ulu ins ii n nvriiiiiv inn Tiuiinm
Uater hud been down on . ifllt':DO " "P"1, "w B0r oa ta
U hrthnr and tn 1V -f J8 before fetlrlDC for IU -Ight.
" . . . Air. IlfMtttV (llnrilHtinri uuhlnrfM et a
iiui'iniiiii. u n bum i amnwnn
rotmoiaceai carcior, leillDg OI lOO
early dya thorn and of tho succcnaon
aad hardships. Ho spoke of the re-
llntlonahlp of that seclloa to this; of
tho expenditure of taxen, tho appar
ent neglect of things that noemcd Im
portant to that part of tho country,
especially roads. Wo fotfml the road
(liientlou to bo uppermont In tho
minds of other In that part of the
country. Juniper grade in the hard
place to Interfere with trnlllc to and
from that part of the county and It
In an engineering problem to over
come the grade, T7io court has re
cently had a preliminary survey and
limit It In ponnlble to Hccuro a fi per
ciint grade over Juniper but the ex
pense Is almont prohibitive. There
In it puss to the cast of thin grade
i where a road may ho built at less ex-
1 .......... .. .1 I.. .. I... I ln ... t. .. tn nil
. ... ijt'iinti nil., in it u.i. .17. i...u n u ft... u.a
f I . n .. .1 I ... I1i.rnl.n ....I. n ' '
at work In the hay Hold, hut; ""..r'l T " ,
4nm It Ih taa linn full! 1 1 Attfnt'it I
a . t. . . ... 1UI IL III a,llfl III.OI lULUaJ aaunjvtiaa
ill u.-nvi.' i up ra unnri l mil
m iii mi rm u a n. a aa u naaua a. liiiiii ...
It i fitiiiullnii nf atti flu u 1 1 1 I tit t ! 1 alll
tllltWlthUS. ' v Hw.w.. w.
. . up nsldo from this story.
Tbe John lieatty form was reached fi,,., 1M iin.i,,1i,, i.nmn nf
nooi and there wan "nothing Mr lhmH th foIowlllK ulornlnB af-
w wii ti ir u.' n u anwMtksriiii iitni
ranch on Trout creek and Is
ipii 1 1 a in ii i ii ii lav i .inrin nnnn
We stopped at tho Melvln Doan
. . I. A aa
v na wnn in irin nnv tia n. rn
i n i u n vi ii r t v ii a manM
4 B lialll lllll' III1V ntlinil Willi UI1IIII!
.1 . I I ll.... SN.. tl ..k
ia - a iniitii'iit m f is a.
lt ftaVflnn rrnm Mlnttnurl ultl tlm
w nv r uuui a vi'll
fi.i mnr i nvn ritwiiiiiii iti rnni unniimi
r slice Dell Dcfenbaugh owns
store at Denlo and ho and his
iii rreiiM u niirii u i inimn v iiiiii
land In tho Trout crook holdings; nhe aulto deep they capnlzed tho boat and
also linn none undeveloped land thut allowed the Chink to alnk.
is susceptible of Irrigation undor tho. After dinner wo hod a Ion visit
water of tho creek. She desire to with tho Dofeabaugh family and lat-
this land developed aad tho writer weat over across tho
Ing hut hi not In a position at pres
ent to make the necessary Improve-
line in Nevada to the home of Mr.
and. Mrs; Yi.,T. Hill. The Hills for
i par'y desired to come back down
th 11 1 "if K- Mrninln mnohnn fnr
n ill irii. .nil t...r i w
i at the dls'iocal of the visitors us
boy h:id Irjv feveT and could not
in 'he field. Tho Ford wan
mm j i lift uvui imaiiiif w i. tiriita.
was proM-ftl Into service to
w uiit the H ige hens wen likely
tor n good brnukfatit, wo came down
tho Trout creek, past the Wallace
place, formerly Frauk Adrian place,
another Heatty place, Hurt Hamil
ton's, where another (Ino garden wan
seen and where wo found llert and
hln family domiciled In a neat stone
houso. Upon emerging from the can
yon Into the open valley wo noon
came to tho Trout Creek ranch. This
wan formerly the Blsnou stock ranch
but novoral yearn ago It was purchas
ed by a Chicago syndicate, K. H. Hill
meats, therefore would Ilka to dls-.nterly resided In thin tlclnlty and are
pose of her Interests to experleaood (well known, 'arandnau" Hayes, the
people who aro capable of completing "Queen Mother" of the Harney Coun
tho project. ty Ploneor Aiwoclution. whs at the
After talking with Mrs. Hill and Hill home visiting, being the mother
others in the Trout cruek valley sec-( of Mrs. Hill. A genuine welcome
tlon, It was learned that a big Irrl-iwns found from this family und an
gallon project Is feasible there and. hour Hpont In Just vlnlt. Coming
with a reasonable outlay it big lot of'bnek to Denlo wo called upon Judgo
laud can bo reclaimed by Impounding O'Connor and nlno later viewed the
the Hood water. There are novoral monument erected to the memtfry of
artenlan wolln now lu operation In the Ited CrciKS Nurnn who dlml whth.
thin valley but no attempt has been on duty In that community during
made to sink to any great depth or of. an epidemic of Influenza two years
any size for Irrigation, they being ago.
merely two Inch wolln and a shallow I , , ,, nrtorMOOl ww
depth, used entirely for stock water. lHturl,, ,,, ,,on, nort,lWurtl ,mv,ml
lth prop.rr development thin part of , Joo C(Uow nincU w,a,r u Kft,.
the county can be made to produce .(ir,K of lhl, ppoplo of lhlll v,u,nll).
twice what It now provides for man,,,,,,, ,, ,anm.(l t(, hlivt. ,iauco
nlMJ .aMt' and to meet and dlscusn local pro-
J. M. MeDaden haying camp wan ,,,. wUh , nK(IlU w ftr.
vis led that morning und a vlnlt wuh;,.IVW, llt ,ho , of , ftthrl(.k
had with Mrs. Clareuco I.uckoy who flt ro,attlnt.d tllcro for tt do.
is presiding over tlm kitchen. Hint
makes good pie. CLirenco had gone
Ing the evening lu which he outline .nemo flue grapes forming ,011 the
the wor.k he Was hero to do and pine- vines; water melons, munk melons;
'ed himself lu tho hatidn of tho renl- In tho orchard wo picked ripo uprl
(leiiln to do whatever they imked, or cots orf tho treen, found a largo var
nt leaHt do li Ih bent, It wan decided iety of applen, peaches, peurn, plums,
at that tlmo 'thilt Mr. MoDanleln pruticn, qulncen, cherrlcn. Hlri grain
again .go to the Wild Homo country wuh of tho very best with big heads
and the people would meet him nt und sure yield of rrom 40 to 100 bu
Fields on Beptembcr 4 to dim! mm fur- bIiuIh to tho acre. Out lu the Hold
ther the plaim of organizing a Farm wo ran on to some nqunnh vlnen that
Bureau. Thin date wan fixed an tho showed every Indication of yielding
tlmo und Kieldn an thu most central ! heavy. Junt ncronn tho roud from
place to have tho entire population
of that territory get together. Jack
McCarty will have hln now otoro
building comploled by that date and
tho second floor will bo given Its Unit
About 1 o'clock we bid thu Catlown
and other frlendn there good night
ami started out to "hit thu hay" lit
erally. The first shock we found lu
McDudu's hay Held wuh madu Into a
bed. The following morning wo arose
Laud went over to the ranch house nf-
tor "Hunty." Trust McDanlels to
let thorn know wo hadn't had any
breakfast and of course Mrs. Hill In
sisted that wo havo breakfast with
her. No very vigorous protest was)
voiced to this arrangement, because
wn wero being spelled by tho good
things provided at the several homes
where we had accepted the hospital
ity. Mrs. Hill's Uuo coffee, toast,
eggs and bacon wero consumed in
most approved stylo and tho Journey
toward homo started. At Fields a
short ntop wan made to greet another
ono of tho Defenbaugh brothers who
had escaped us up to that tlmo.
up the Wild Home valley on nlllclal
busini!s lu connection with hln dut
ies as deputy water master und could
not bo scon. Mrt McD.tdu'was found
seated on u mowing machine behind
br Jt.'l Tho 011ng ladles at tho manipulating the deal and which ban
20,000 Acres
water rights for sale on
Blitzen River in tracts of 80
Acres or more. Reasonable
prices one-fifth cash balance
easy terms, six per cent interest.
Eastern Oregon Live Stock
crane Company oregon
IF"1" " rz 11 1 ..w.i ..
! lwy fai'r weather price In our bargain department for groceries,
J-omo in out of the rain of profiteer. We have an umbrella with no
jcdi in it. It it pocketbooe proof grocery buying, and it your oppor
tunity for a Jut return on your money.
See sur sample fur made Is e rater awl (a.
Yh ceulrfa't get better values aaywhere
at aaythlnff like the price.
General Merchandise
llghtful ttupper and where Mr. Mc
Danlels had u talk with Mr. Hath
rick respecting tho meeting nud what
could bu done by thu agent to aid
tho people of tho neighborhood. Dur
ing the stay at tho llathrlck homo tho
iwrlttr was riven thu first dntnlled
two fine mules. He was glad lo see(rcporl of wntnr Hpowl whch httJ
us as it was hot and tho mules want- oedud ,.- n,onlh i ,iiat noi-h.
ed to restMe of course Is anxious borhoodl Mrs. Myers, mother of Mrs.
to get mat nun crop or nay up iuilllhr,pkt ,,rmlKhl l0 M1,Jpcl up tn.
was not averse to stop and discuss c,,,on,u, ,0 u aiscusslon of cyclones,
thu weatlmr, crops, slock market and Tu, , of Jllly 3 this clou.l
kindred subJeciK The crop on tho ,.lirH. aen.nA ..,, 1, ,.,.,,, wi,h uch
ranch Is heavy and of the very best f rrom , HhMltt wh(iro
quality. I he cattle and sheep of tho hoUH), rt Hl,ua,t., Ulllt ,h WII,P anA
firm are assured or line feed for tho o,)rH roHO to ,l0 W,ow H,n, Ht
coming winter, but the llrm (und oth-'KmHl two ft)ul from UU Kroum, n,i
er stoekii.eii 11s wem would rather vory lt(1p ,,, ,,,. Kvdence
be assured for a belter price for stock f ,, t.,(Ml ,mrMt ,.ou,,j founn
nml w,)o1- alom: near tho hills all over Wild
For fear Hie hav would become loo Horse and Trout creek valleys. At
rlpo before it was harviwtod wo con-1 the Joe Cntlow plnro It hud covered
iluded Mcpade Imtter gel back on his '((tilte an area of alfalfa to a depth
that It could not hu cut with thu us
ual crop but had to grow up through.
Mrs. Catlow Br. greeted ub warmly
upon arriving at that homo and a
llttlo later wo mot Joo. Many aut-
the lluffmuiiH we found tho Ulalrs.
Miss Grace wu:t a student In thu Har
ney county high school last season
and hopes to return this yunr. Bho
was glad to hear dlroct from several
of her school mates und sont word
back to them.
Leaving that jmft of the country
und reaching a tdlght incline to tho
northeast one views what Is called
the Alvord Desert. This Is a big Hat
placo some ten miles wide by over
'fifteen In length where not a blado
of verntntlon grows, It looks like
ono big marblo slab as It is white and
glares more or loss In tho sun. It
Is a remarkable formation and oa
Utat Is Impressing. It may costata
soaaetklox of value In
soda, or some suck tklag. TkieVvaat
territory Is void of auytklng ilvikg
and we are told It Is hard where aa
automobile will &ake no Impression
upon the bed. It would make aa
ideal speodway for auto races aad
perhaps will bo put 19 such uso when
thu K'ooscvcolt Illrd Reservation be
comes a famous rosort for tourists.
Thu Alvord ranch was tho noxt
Coming to Andrews we found George stop and wo tarried for a short time
und John Hmytli at thu store, also I'at only to groet Mrs. Ktnauuul Clark.
Donognn. Wlillo thu writer was via- This ranch covers Homo 20,000 ucros
lllng with some of th,o boys, Includ-fnnd considered ono or tho llnost stock
Ing Newt Lewis, McDanlels wont ror-' ranches In tho entire northwest. Tho
raging lu George's garden and re- property belongs to Frank Clorf but
turned with some nice rousting ears.
Wo then pulled on up the valley to
see V. D. HuiTmau, Charley Turner
and other friends. John McLean wait
overtaken Ju,st at thu Huffman gate
and the entire bunch remained with
thu Huffmans for noon dlnnor. With
string beans., tunilps, cucumbers, rlpo
strawborrles and thu like right out of
tho garden It was certainly a treat
to campers who hail some canned
goods In addition to ilsh, sago hen
and McDanlels "doughgods."
Following dinner wo mado an In
spection of tho ranch und garden.
lilll Huffman has anything "skinned
forty ways" In the way of diversified
crops' we havo seen In Hnrnoy county.
Is under loiino to thu Pacific Live
Htoek Co. Thousands of tcnB of hay
nro cut from this placo each year and
much or thu land Is devoted to grain.
It Is well watered and protected right
under tho high bluffs of tho Htelnn
Mountnlns. Tho ranch buildings are
of an attractive and subufcntlal char
acter and woll kopt. Tho yard around
tho resldonco Is ono of tho most beau
tiful In tho ontlro Harney county and
shows that much caro was used In
nrranglng It, with many rare old
rtowors and plants In evidence,
Mrs. Clark Insisted that tho visit
ors pick a fow raspberries for ta
camp supper and also Invited ua to
(Continued on pa"geolght)
Ladies' Monogram Stationary Here
1.' a. j m
mower and wo started fur Denlo lo
meet moru DofonhutiKh boys and
other friends. Jim Dillon und Judge
M. J. O'Connor wero thu first men to
greet upon arriving In Denio but
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