The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 07, 1920, Page Page Three, Image 3

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1 V U N 8 , It A It V 13 V T II K T I M 10 H - H K II A h DC OUN1Y, 0 It M 0 O N
Fn;;o Tli i -co
(ri?K3HS' ir.TUi Path HjB
w vni k . i
mmaSffimwmm' : Haas-.
Was AU Run Down and Had No
Appetite Restored to '
Health by Tanlac
Farm Ilurcuu Nurveya Hliow Icadlnu
Farmer Moke Only Mode.
Wrro Labor Income '
Tho coflt of produco In bolng de
termined by tho furra buronu of MaS
hour and Sherman countloa,
"In nolvlnB economic problomn
coet of production lo a fundomontal
Itom," Bays tho Oregon flfato Karm
llurcnu News. "Thtn has b:orroo
Kenorally overlooked In farm econ
omics." Tho cokI of production sunroy of
growing alfalfa in Mainour county
Mhowcd that mont of tho money made
by farsuurs Micro wbh on rlslnp land
valuos. it wan found that nftor al
lowances was raodo for Interest and
normal depreciation of equipment
and other Invostments, tho labor In
comcn of moro than CO farmers wero
only about 11000 a year.
"Considering tho Biro of their In-
rotttmontB thin labor should bato
brought tho farmers managers' nal
arlea rather than laborers' "wokob,"
said tho Nowu.
tho coHt of producing wheat In Shor
raan county wan found to bo about
$1 40 a buHliol, ranging from $1.11
to Jl Hi. Thin rcducos the labor in
comu of tho farmora far bolow what
It la Kcnerally thouKht to bo by tho
Tho project of taking up coat pro
duction work wboro feasible in ro
comnSondod to tho farm buroauH by
the News.
Wise and
Tho young man who squandors hln
money him many companions but
fow friends. Mon form friendships
for thoao whoin they can rospoct, and
no on respects anothor who dlssl
patcri hlHUbatanco In rlotoua living.
Theorutlcnlly tho proaldnncy la a
gift of tho pooplo, but practically tho
great niaHH of thorn have but llttlo
voice In Ita boatowal. Tho boaaca
aro Htlll In thu tiaddlo, although tho
nlrthit aro becoming woakoned,
A man may think ho known It Ih
own faultit, hut hla nolghbors can toll
him a lot ho doesn't know.
When a politician coyly remarks
that ho Is in tho bands of his friends
It Ih tlmu to begin dolvlng Into tho
records of thoao frionds.
Mr. Harding is from Ohio, Mr. Cojc
la from Ohio, tho prohlbltlonlstH have
nominated a gontloman from- Ohio,
and thuro aro still a few ''1IkI11oi'h
loft in Ohio. Any moro parties to
bo heard from?
"Tanlan did so much for my hus
band that I began tAing it too, and
nnvf I am happy to say that it has
complutoly restored mo to lioalth al
so," was tho statement mnilnrocontly
by Mrs. Florence M. Gales, of OHO
Kant Avomin 00, Hos Angeles, Oal.
"My health had boon oxtrpmoly
poor for nearly, a yoar," hIio nuld,
"and I felt no tlroil and worn-out all
tho tlmo that I wont about expootlng
(o glvu out Just any day. My mimelcs
aohun and I hud a constant pain in
my batik, I hud such a pooL'.appndto
that often I would go to tlm table
and got up and leave without eating
more thun two or three biles. I lost
weight, my complexion turned yoflow
ami I bocamo so weak that my houau
work was a burden, llosldes thoao
troublos I was going through that
porlod that taxoti a woman's strength
almost beyond endurance.
"As I said before my husband had
taken Tanlac with such wonderful ro
sults Hint I decided to try it and right
from tho llrat few doses I began to
Improve. My appetite returned and
now I am enjoying my meals because
everything ugroes with .me. Tho pains
in my muanles and back, havn nil dla
appearod and I can do my housuwork
without any trouble nt all. My com
plexion linn o I on rod up, I am gaining
In weight ovorv day and I am onJo
Ing perfect hoalth. My husband prais
es Tanlac all thu tlmo,. and slnco It
has dono so much for mo I fool It my
duty to tell others about this won
derful modlclno."
Tanlac la sold In liurusi by Hond
and In Crane by Crane Mercantile
Co. Adr.
Tho prlco of coal, we are told. Is
to bo high this winter. Hut why
kick? If there Is none to be hnd wo
won't havo to pay for it.
L. i -
Wo huvo ncortain nympnthy for
thoHo estimable gentlemen who seek
to roducu tho coat of living by wag
ging their tongues. Hut wo havo a
barrel of respect for tho fellow who
realjy doea It by wielding a hoe In
his own garden.
An anonymoua writer who haan'o
reached tho ago of pollto discretion
remarks that paint doesn't hnvo tho
'same effect on an old face that it
dot'H on an old house.
Strango, you think, that this war
did not produce a single military
commander whom, the public could
elevate to tho hero claim? Not n bit
of it. Thu buck private had so many
braliiH and uaed them to nuuh excell
ent advantage there was no oppor
tunity left for tho oltlcers to shluo by
the Olympic
Good Baking
Is in Good Making,
Bread made with Flour
3- is tasty and tender to the last crumb.
If the folks appreciate good baking and
we know they do it is worth while to
insist on getting ffiKETJS
j "Easy to make nnd easy to hake" are hot
?cL cakes made from SV3SEUS Pancake Flour.
Breakfast h the favorite meal wherever W2KU3
Wheat Hearts arc scivcd. '
There is an (HGYmMTC Peed scientifically balanced
-tt- to meet thu requirement of each variety and of
every condition of your livestock or poultry.
. . rV
Why lamont tho fact that you aroi C",
not rich? If wo had a mllloti wo i
would always bo wanting something
that It would tako two millions to
Wo road much about tho upper
crust of society, of tho mlddlo class,
and also of the lower strata. Dut
it's dlfllcult to find anyone who ad
mits classification In tho two latter.
Homo mon will go from ono end of
the country to the other in order to
tell somo othor feliow that ho has
been nominated for the presidency, a
fnct ho already knows, when thoy
wouldn't cross tho street to hear a
good nnermon and learn somothlng
they Don't know.
Sir Thomas Llptoli Is about as
sporty a 'sport as ever sported In
American sporting waters. Oomo of
ton II Tommy, old boy. You're n
sky bluo sjinrt, with not a cloud to
mnr your sporting horinon.
A number of farm organisations
are llgurlng ,nu a cpoperntlvo plan
of marketing tlidlr products through
out tho United Htates, with a vlow to
ollmlimlliig the middle man and re
ducing to cent to tho consumor. That
pounds Jiully but we hopo it reaches
tho point where eating Is equally
bully. ,
MANILA, at . . 23c. Ib.
STANDARD, At . 21c. lb.
; Remember
t You Can Do Xsetter
For Less
Weinstein Merc. Co.
73 ST M
bur Dqyi
Hi? Job
"HAT kind of a job in your hoy going to have?
It ought to he a hig one.
Hut it is largely up to you right now, whether there
. will he a hig joh in Oregon for your hoy when he
grown up.
You and' your neighbors, in the everyday act of buy
ing the things you eat and wear, arc influencing the
future job ot your boy.
Sec that an Oregon Brand the mark of quality is
on every article you buy,' and you will help build
the industries in which your son some day will be a
Associated Industries of Oregon
ll I I
The Letter You Write
j MAY go astray because of
t some error in addressing,
or it may ran or aeuvery
for some reason or other.
If you use envelopes with
your name and address-
neatly printed in the
corner it will be returned
to you and you will not
be puzzling over why your
correspondent does not
We Do
All kinds
Of Printing
The Times-Herald