The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 24, 1920, Image 1

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    Hnnipy County's timber Is nn
hoI 'for Immwllnto opJotn
tion Mills wlioiilit bo turning
It out to aid In tlio reconstruc
tion work of tlio Ration, In
frigate I hi vlixln Md.
Harney county's roscoiirccs are
attracting tho attention of lira
untlro Went. Irrigation, stock
mixing, mines, oil and ga pro
npocUt ami agriculture all
awaiting development.
NO. 39
Premium List Augmented by
Liberal Special Prizes
By Business Men.
Actlu u rn has begun toward
nmUtiK tif county fair this fall a
iuccom Several committees aru at
work .1 grounds and barns, fence,
pavlllo. t. aro to lu gone ovor and
pat In r i air. It la a stupendous Job
bcauso everything butt gono mo long
ankept and tlio thieving people have
carried ofY so much uutorlal. Kvon
the KiiiuoWH and Bitsh liuvo buun tak
en, from tbo pavilion.
Tucro Is a deposition ehown by
titiit'uA of Iiurus to glvo this Import
Ht matter tholr support and with a
tailed bunch tlio dtltlculticH cuu bu
orcrcomo. Men have volunteered to
iupcrmu much of tho wurn with out
! tompousuuoti una tiiowo tiro thu inuu
who uru going to make thus com'taiu-Itj-
put lis bout foot forwaru.
Tho premium iLut Ih being compiled
isd put (n readiness to bu lh.uod. Tho
job la a big ouu as thu f uiiUh aro vory
limited, llowovor, with tho liberality
tclng shown by ludMdualn and ilrma
el tula city lu offering special prizes
la mvituI departments, thu lint will
to quite uttractlvo, own though It
will not bo up to former lists in slzo
cf protMlumH. Tho intcruHt shown by
the producers Is another aid toward
th8iucco3 of tho undertaking. Many
know clrcuniHtauct'8 aud aro not usk
Inr or expecting largo prizes.
The oiitertalnuiuiit commlttoo will
loon havo an auuouncumout of what
they will offer In tho way of amuse-
menu uunng uio week. Thero will
to horno raclug, games aud sports
tat will outcrtalu fair visitors dur
tol each afternoon. In tho evening
Uhero will bo dances, shows, etc.
Stmyul communities havo signl
fled thulr Intention to raako a com
munity exhibit and u special premium
toj been offered for that exhibit. Tho
Individual exhibit of farm and gur
dea products will bo up to standard,
u crops gonerally aro good aud tho
Pwple are ready to bring tho exhibits
to tho fulr,
8upt. 8hattuck of tho Experiment
Station will havo ono of tho bout ox
MMU from that station that haa ovor
toon collected.
Tho llvo atock Bhow Is whoro thuro
h going to bo tho boat allowing, as
tbo rccont Importation of puro bred
Hock by tho Boya and Girls Puro
Hred Club, m well aa individual pur-
rhftliAa 1...I.I.... ...... 1.1. ..I ......
'""'"i iMiiiftn hi'w uiuuil lllio mil
tommunlty to compete. This
usd a greater InteroHt In tho
has L
tock InduHtry and will bo felt moro
wd moro from this tlrao on. Tho
lire stock exhibits this fall should
arpasn anything over noon In. Harnoy
county before. Wo havo tho material
"d tho ambition to go with it.
Every citizen In Harnoy county
bould tako a personal Intorost In tho
wmlng fair and do nomothlng townrd
IU hupcchs. If this lu followed out
thtro n't any quoitlon bul It will
"ot orty he u huccohh but a great
tonetu to tVi entire country.
" ' . .
w..,.1M Miy jNu.ih.-j uoNFiiit- I'oUor In Animal. Husbandry, hut is
IAf 1) COVKItS WIDK HCOPKiiiow working in conjunction with tho
Miss S.ra Howell, Harnoy Coun-
'J Public health nurso, brought
tock aomo Interesting clippings from
Wwipapcrs whon sho roturnod from
'lio conforonco of nurses at Portland
tbo fore nnrt of thin mnhih. Thn !
"wuHalons covered a wldo scopo and
wo of much importanco to thoso
"tending tho conforonco nnd thero-
win no llkowlso beneficial to tho
immunities whoro tho aovoral
"nrses are stationed.
' Ono important matter considerod
'th the proposed law to Bcgregato
'oborculosls; another matter was tho
"wusflion of a report system of tho
ork of thn nubile health nurses In
jbelr work In tho schools and homos,
vfluGr thin livtilnm tin numn lu in
a duplicate ronort insnectlmr a
jchool building, ono to tbo school
ard, the other to tho'counly school
'Perlntendcnt. I
U wan brouKht out thut tho do-
and for community nurpos in tho ndo peoplo. Wo should appreclato
Wveral countios of tho Htato woro this recognlzation uhd mako tho host,
Ifeator than tho supply of nurses, iof it.
Gas Supply Adequate. STOCKRAISING HOME-
C. T. Furror, ugont of tho Htand
ard Oil Co., at Crano, roports tho
arrival of four tankH of gas nt that
nnh.t i u..,u mu :.
t. w v v t.u i n wiin nuiiu'VJii
from tho oast and assurance In given
that BUlllolont will bu supplied right
along to moot thu domamlB.
lltirnii la tho largest cotiHumlug
community from thin iiupply contor
and Mr. Furror doHlron tho oustdmurH
of hlH concurn who llvo in thin neigh
horhood to know their domauds will ; 1.101.U00 acres of laud wllltlu tho HMonslon I3ervloo of tho Oregon Ag
bd hiot. An IncrouHo of one half lJOunturlo of this land district havolrlculturnl Collogu. was a Vlnllor nt
cent per gnllon is announced on koro -
seno which Is explained as being nee -
cssary because of having to ship from
tho east rathor than from California
as In thu past.
Census Figures Show
Harney County Population
Tho following figures aro taken
from, tho government report of tho
cencus taken the first of this year.
Harney coutuy lost population during
tho last ton years, tho total popula-
Hon according to tho report for 1920
Is 3,992. Tho 1910 coucus showed
Tho Ilgurcs aro given by proolncts
us ioiiows:
- .
Alvqrd precinct 74
Anderson precinct 37lmn ,lrnu.nir h.iH, mm-limlon.
Andrews precinct 13C
Crano precinct ICG
Crano Crook precinct 200
Curry precinct lGf
Donlo product 210
Donstodt precinct 74
Diamond precinct 178
Urowsoy- precinct including Drow
aoy town ;.t. 2fi0
Kgll product , as i
Hnppy Valley precinct 3C
Harnoy prccluct, Including Har
noy city 100
Lake precinct 19 &
La won precinct 1H2
North Hums precinct, Including
part of Hums city 'ill 4
North Catlow precinct 148
Pino Crook precinct 149
Poison Crook precinct f 0 ,
- - I
Saddlo Hutto precluct
Sllvlos proclnct
South Hums precinct, Including
part of Hums city 077
South Catlow proclnct :I0
Sunset product 3:)
Vnlloy View precinct 33
Virginia proclnct C7 !
warm Hprings precinct 70
Waverly precinct IS
Incorporated places:
Hums city -..1,022
Drowsoy town S3
Harney city 23
Hums has gained slightly In pop
illation as It lias 1,022 In 1020 ns
against 004 In 1910. Drowsoy shows
a gain of ono having 83 at this tlmo.
Harnoy hud G8 In 1910 and now has
A. M. Nelson, doing- speclul cxten
sion worn rur me urcgon ,Agnp.ui
tural College, arrived in town Thurs-
j day ovonlng and spent yesterday con
ferring with county Agent MoDanlels
Mr. Nolson wob formorly under Prof,
several county agents throughout tho
K,,Uo' Tho gontloninntmay return to
this place for tho fair this fall and
tako part In Judging tho llvo stock.
Mr. Nelson paid a hurried visit to
tho Kxperimont Station whilo In this
vicinity and Is much pleased with tho
(work thoro' n,tho"Kh ,ound Sl"lt'
tlmo to field work becauso of lack of
help, whon ho should bo looking aftor
Tho Amorlcan Hereford Journal,
nnlillHlmd at Kim huh filtv. Mo., has
written tho County Agont McDanlols
ilm rnrnr la nnlnnlnit Mm iinmna
of tho Hnrnov Countv Calf Club
mombors who own Hereford calves
for a period of six months free. This
i, u distinction and allows tho lutor-
nst taken In audi movomontH bv out-
' t nrf- hi j ti .
Land Off ice is Notified That
1,401,600 Acrca Open
For Entry July 30.
U. 8. Land Doparttnent has recent
ly notified tho local land olllco that
1 ot'ou designated as open for slock
'"Using hotnontoad ontry.
I T,l,H decision Is good iiowb to many
"PPHcants In this territory and shows
a decided victory for tho contention
of Win. Farro who took tho matter
up on appeal for many applicants,
Mr. Farro's contentions havo prevail -
ed In the decision handed down
which certainly redounds to his cred-
Thero aro 224 applications affected
by this decision and this will mean
qulto a change In grazing lands in
tho Steins Mountain section where a
considerable amount of tho land Is
Tho ROVBrnroont mon who woro
'Bcnt horu to c,nB9lfy thlB ,anil roporl.
t,(, ,t uHUted to enlarged homo-
steads on tho grounds that It would
nn. .,,,,, ft ff.iniu. Mr. Farm
i - -
showed tho real state of affairs and
nolnted out thu errors of tho field
Tho brluf submitted to tho depurt-
nient by Mr. Farm in'taklng tho mat
tor up was general In character and
covered tho eutlro territory without
confining thu subjuct or roferonco to
spccltlQ cases. Tho result Is that a
larger area than asked for has been
designated aa sultablu 'for enlarged
. homestead entry.
Tho new order takes effect on July
County Agent McDnnlols Is nrrnng
" to have ,.t
-" J"" ' ZZi
" mn of thl" counly ThtM
l.ntlsa um lnann1 In llinufi vrlm nHk
l"ir 'T:: .. ..'motlng bettor stock Is tho county
mr mom anu wiuy win oo iuuiiu un.
great benefit. Tho books cover such
,. h mn...
nuujrvm tin nt wvitiiift, in,... ...
ment, feeding, soils, irrigation, dairy
ing, horticulture, beo culturu, homo
economics, etc.
Thu county agent Is In a poHltlon to
l irpiur aim moult iiunvi. uu n-
, I,. , , n,..-
nira any book desired from a library
of several hundred Volumes on any
subjoet along tho lino of agrlculturo
or stock.
Rfiv Xirilf HAST
il f4niii uikimU..
mm U
ll fonlr r(i'0"xmitf xU, p fiROWTJI.
Ini piTi; tl -r mh4 iiiimkmi 11(1,1 u ftlwttt w!Dinj In
f.ivm fliil lliu lnwii ru iif is IiIkmImkmI i J iiuu it U O llli).
We, ll cmtin. it U i'AIU.MS.
II Iiiu!k u inluiix-j i llui ronimunitjr rt lh
TRAITS J lUihiU. IVy diill iiitrd. TIM71U.M
I nEVFJiPr'!) to d utnvMt mill iiliill lli rnore
uJrtili tlo'li-fnL, lr pinln llii- num n OUR TOWN.
KET. Tly irilii- lluil il ii lU inrtrKiiitt inj (wbU-ipirilnl inen
whoDOTillNCSmlkukiwii. Am) llul iwt imi rtnnoi Ai
(JIG lliv- iniUi Ik- lnn liiiinM ii lulnwunL
TIILS M WM'AI'ER ii o.,f nliWIU.WWhjtlW
oui lon. iktiIi lo I uilnl lite Hint u ny linr of mer
CmnhlKiit Hilnoilnnj for pi Ii orwi wy rf ttm
N, An!iw,yiif,tl MERCHANTS l FARM WJSh
NESS MEN l li lvr iliiinj ipf m ll (nkimni nf ihii if,
NrHHwim 4.lniiUit U i).r FOUNDATION STONES to
ii((eJul irlluig. Iluying of rtjxnwt njiiipinrnl, In I pfn-rMrd
.y uvipriH-nfml Im'p in lh 4tlfinjil In gtl "flilMr" ml 'Mi
Iffl" Irltrr. fufiiUu ml lnii.hlrU, Uu irtn unpuj'il ti
i)lA'ERwUi"tft.KlropefiNu, ,n i 'ISUY AMIOME"
Extension Service Man Says
Right Spirit Behind Will
Assures Success.
Orait M. NoIboii, who holda tho
poMltlon of Fluid llUHhaudman of tho
I tho Commercial Club lunchepn yes
terdny. Thu gentleman was not call
ed upon to mako any remarks at tho
luncheon, but later ho discussed mat
ters to a represontatlvu ot this paper
In which ho gave some valuable hints
on tho conducting of tho fair.
1 Mr. Nelson was iinprcbsod with tho
.Interest shown lu tho fair and tho
spirit of cooperation manifested, .He
is verj( faveraMe to the county fair
movement aa an cdueatlonal Institu
tion and stimulus to greater produc
tion and bettor stock. During his
talk with the. nowsptper representa
tive Mr. Nelon said he hoped to re
turn at fair tine and give his person
al aid in whatever capacity ho could.
"You havo tho facilities for a good
fair this fall, from my observatoln
and from what 1 learn of tho llvo
stock iudutry through talking with
your county agent.
Harnoy county is strictly a llvo
stock county. According to tho 1910
census thero were in tho county sorao,
100,000 cattlo, 13,000 horses, 200,
000 sheep ami ono goat. In all prob
ability tho goat was tho provorblal
goat. Tho question Is, did hu show
up nt tho last census? Laying all
Joking asldo tho success ot Harnoy
county depends to u largo oxtont on
hnr llvn ntnk. HlorWinnii nhoulil hit
encouraged to Wood, a better vlans of
stock through tho use of hotter puro -
bred, sires. With tho prosent high
cost of food only good stock is prollt -
ablo. It costs- no moro to ralso a
good well brod beef steer and ho
produces moro than a poorly bred
... .
oue. Tlio day of tlio scruu siro is
p4Bli ltoMw bllIlN, bufJw, and lKMU1(
hring blggt-r bank baUcc.
"Ono of tho greatest means of pro
. . . . .
FPI.M IfnWMn. iiAllllIll l. II la utlAI1 1.1
, '
receive support of tho Commercial
Clubs, buslnoss men nnd every indi
vidual of Harnoy county. Hoinom
ber It is your fair and everything
should bo dono to mako It a success
While It Is a recognized fact that a
fur cannot ))0 hoiti without aimiHo-
, . ,,
ments, caro should bo taken to keep
' , . . .
out tho rank games of chanco and
tho trashy shows of questionable
(Continued on pugo four)
n wn, m rmy lHiIry nvm ft
kii4Jniinl J i) TRAuF.. AT'HOME
Indian Agents Confer.
Supt. Dahcock of tho Warm
Springs Indian Reservation, accom
panied by his daughter, arrived In
thin city Thursday night whoro ho
mot representatives from tho Klam
ath Indian Uescrvatlon on yesterday
afternoon for a couforonco. The
Klamath, party included Hunt. W. 0.
Went, II. Martin and Mr. and Mrs.
Tho nature of tho conference was
not given out aud tho men loft for
their reapuctlvo homes following the
meeting hoforo a representative of
this paper had a chanco to Intorvlow
thorn. Tho local trlbo of Flutes was
thu matter under ndvlsemout.
Former Burns Citizen
In Business At Pendleton
J. C. Clomens and A. C, Kbert, of
Cluiuons St Kbert, holders of thu In
ternational Harvester Co. agency, In
cluding the Doerlng and McCormlck
Hues aro now onstalled in their now
building on East Court street. Tho
building is a modern ono of ro-in-forced
concruto and hollow tlio and lu
1C0 by CO feet in size.
Tho building Is occupied by tho of
fices of Mr. Clomens and Mr, Kbert
and by tho samplo room and repair
room. In tho samplo room are shown
, Titan tractors, P. ft O. plows, Ken-
lucy urills, grain cleaners, two-ton
luternallonul motor trucks, Dcorlng
and McCormlck binders, mowers,
headers and combines. International
gas engines, feed grinders, Haclno
threshing machines, Osborne disc,
spring tooth and peg tooth harrows,
Dexter washlui; inachlnnN. Int
tloiial PrlmrOBO SUliaratorH. inn! nlhr!B,,Vcr lVlng CUp for tho best com
. Hirmtug supplies, Including oil and'munl,y cxhlb,t tarm nli BRrdon
'accessories. Tho repair room con- j,r0(,ucJ JuJ8 Wm Farro, who had
tains tho parts for tho various um.,,,0 "used hncauso of a buslne-m
, chines. j appointment, had authorized tho an-
Tho lines carried by Mr, Kbert and nouncomci,t ot a sultablo special
Mr. Olemous aro among tho oldest prUo for nny llPnrtraont tho fair
known. Thoy stuto that thoro aro now niniottoo dealrod to place It; Tho
i ... .... . . TlniOH'llnrnifl will ulun tlv. n .nit.
" use in umatiua county macliluesi
purchased through tho International,
noorlng and McCormlck 22 years ugo
und still giving good service.
Mr. Kbert has been with tho Inter
national Co. for thn DrtHt 1H Vinrn.
coming to Pendleton four years ago,
Mr. Clomons was formerly In thu
stock bUHluuss In llilrns, entering
business asdoclatlon will. Mr. Kbert
during thu past spring. Ho Is owner
'of tho building used by tho firm.
Kaat Oregunlun.
W. K. Smith, another highly ro- w,lon Cli1' Uoht- M I:n will
spoctod pioneer stock man of Harnoy hnyfl charge of tho program and eon
county, dlod at tho family homo in ,u"1 tho 'I'1" r discussion during thu
this city eurly Tuesday morning, af-1 lhon hour. Tho proposition or
ter nn Illness covering many months. holding tho luncheon et noon or at
Ho was suffering from cancer of thu c o'clock In tho ovonlng will bo bq
stomach. ' I1'0'' l tho next mooting.
Hllllo Smith wus ono of tho best' Tho n,ol,u Provldod by Mr. nnd
liked mon In tho'ontlro country. Ilh ' Mrn. Pago was flno nnd " all woro
was a plain cltlzon with no frills nnd P''! with u Tho service might
nn accommodating1 neighbor. Ho had Mavo bo0 htirrlod up a llttlo as tho
mado a succoss in the. stock business j mm ,ma' husl'iioa's to look artor and
nnd had not boon dctlvoly ongngod in desired to ct 1)ack to their places
that flno of recent years, leaving thd nt reasonrtblh tlmo. It should bu
business moro to his sons. Ho hud "rrnnged to hayo thono taking part
built a comfortahlo nnd well appoint- M0 nt t!, tablo promptly at 12 o.'qlock
od homo In this city whoro :iioand Bturt '"Ki moving In ordor that
Mrs. Smith spent most of tholr tlmo thoy may bo back at their IjuhIiioss by
and up lo last year. Mr. Smith enJoy-h:ln l ln"ft- Too many thlnga
ed vigorous health. i'u "l0 "no ()f dlsuussifln should not
William H. Smith was born in nttoniplod at thoso noon meetings.
Wayno county, Ohio, Fobruary n, tho talk being connnod strictly to tho
18C4. Ills pnronts croflflcd tho plains
with nu ox team whon ho was an in
fant of throo mouths, Thoy settled
In French Pralrlo just bolow Salom
whoro ho grow to manhood. Ho was
married to Miss Allco Haldwlu In
1880 and thoy carao to Harnoy coun
ty to mako tholr homo trlrty-four
yoars ago. Soven childron woro born
to thorn, Hubert, Ernest, Dolo Smith
aro tho sons, Alma Olbson, uutn
WoBton, Uesslo Drlnkwator, Allotta
Clay, aro tho daughters. All tho chll-
dron woro prosont with tho wlfo and
mothor, at tho tlmo of his doath, as
woro aovon grandchildren, also.
Tho funoroJ sorvlco was conducted
at tho family homo WodneBdny nf tor-
noon by Roy. J. J. Tlcknor and Inter-'
mont rondo In tho Odd FoIIowb como-,
tory. Tho actlvo pall bonrors woro : tlmo to this woric anu uo in louun
old tlmo frlonds qt Mr. Smith's, and , with ovorv part of tho county busl
tho funoral cortogo was ono of tho ; hosh, Hy making a salary of $3,000
largest over seen in this vicinity tho
cars reaching tho ontlro ' distance
from tho family homo In town to tho
First Noon Meeting Attended
By Representative Men;
Will Be Continued.
Yesterday at noon thirty buslnosiN
and professional mon and Mrs. M. V,
Schwartz sat down to a luncheon at
Page's Sweet Shop. This was tho first
of tho noon day lunchoon mootlngu
planned recontly by tho Commorclnl
Club and from tho expressions or
thoao attending It moots with approv
al nnd will contlnuo.
In tho abscr.c of President Fnul':..
nor tho luncheon wbb pronldcd ovor
by Harry C. Smith at tho request or
oo Krumholr, tho vlco president.
Mr. Smith pload guilty to having
boon Instrumental In pulling off thla
first noon meeting as ho took It upon
himself to solicit tho men to bo pres
ent. Mrs. Schwartz was tho only
lady represented at this luncheon but
It Is hopod other ladles assoclatod
with the buslnoss concerns of Burnt!
will be presont in futuro.
Tho discissions following tho re
past wore gonoral In character, al
though tho fair was given proferonca.
Julian Dyrd oxplalnod tho dimcultlos
under which tha fair commlttoo wati
placed becouso of lack of funds; ho
announced that promfums offered by
Individuals and business firms would
bo very nccoptnblo. This was follow
ed by tho announcement that N.
Hrown A Sons would give J 25 mor
rhandlHo prizo for tho best milling
wheat exhibited at tho fair; K. II.
Conner of tho First National Hank
ntnted that Institution would glvo a
. "" "
luma VTl lor nomo opamont.
Thoro woro 0,horH nrowont who aro
going to glvo special premiums.
Mr. Goer responded to a call and
gnvo a talk on tho benefits of n Cora-
mt'rc,ul C,ub or any fK'""' rt
' 1,1,0,1 tho ,mrt of thb community
K"1 ll,,nKH (,on0, Amon'J olhor oak'
t,r" woro Mra- Sc,,wrz. A. A. Traug-
u, uuaries w. tiiiis, juku weicomo.
Rum .Moihorshuad J. K. Loggun Fred
It was dei'ldod upon adjnurninout
that tho next lunchoon bo held nt tho
sumo place at noon on next Friday
Piriicuiar question boiociou ror uis-
cusslon and thu speakern limited ns
to time.
near it In mind that each man
fllgnod up is expected to bo presont
noxt Friday at 12 o'clock sharp,
Tho TlmoH-Horald la gratlllod to
havo taxpayers commont favorably
upon tho recont suggoBtlon that Har-
noy county should raise the aalary
.of Its county Judgo to ?3,000 or more
a yoar and placo tho absoluto man-
agomont of tho ontlro affairs of tho
county In his hands. It Is pointed
out that by doing this n capablo man
could bo induced to dovoto his ontlro
with an additional ?1,000 for travel
ing oxponsoa Harnoy county would bo
hotter off by many thousand dollara
each yoar.