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VOL. XXXIH 5 y "'
a II i ii niriTiin
Outline of Program Sent Out
By Secretary; Plenty To N
Eat But Bring Beds.
Thlw omc In rocvlpt of a
eutor lollop from Uor.v!tnry S. O. Oor-
rell of thu Cattle and Homo Italiium'
Awoclutiou of Orueun in which tho
mdnl tall is made for tho annual
content o. In thin city on May 24
Amonk the liuUJdcta for dlHouwdon
ued by Mi-frU In hlri clr-
jeucr hv whmwibi; ino
VI ....... ii iu:--e.,c-.'.
rature of TIm Stock UMataea:"
"Mm ubun w ureson, rH una
It EHtaUyeibi" "Hqaaefcold KM
mHvs for fUa'te lMtHMata;'' "I Aim
tHk flhnira;" "I'oMiMJtlen of Oo
HratlTa Dlayoaal at Beef .lro4aeUf
mmA "Wlmtsr Wmtinun far I!u1mi
Mr. CemH ear ftrthcr iaWa clr-
, tular:
The Uveetock iBOutry rnnfronted
Mi Maay lMMTtaat 1 preMevM.
l'eat-war raaiMMMia aa" viiauy
ftgeet4 Umm laeM K lira atack
aa4 arka;awjMltf, keac K la
tMfreaM Um4k iee' a4'a pal
id aa ay aMi aytioilHa far tk
fulara, '
Tka Buraa paataMralal tClk- aa4
the stock aa of Haraay Caanty are
in charge af tbe arraaieaatata' far
thia conveatloa ad taa eateftaln
ment of the aaabera, datacataa and
Tisttors, for which puraaae a fund
of $3,000.00 haa Wa yraTkled. They
havo chartered a aaacUl train from
Ontario to Craae funday, May 23rd,
for th9 accaaaia4atk)R af all per
itoaa aua4laff UM.wiwtia. Tkkf
train will be Mat at Craae by ata
ajobiles' fer BarM .
Special Mtartaiastaft ,haa.hA'.ar
anced forthe.ladtWajaeracyaae U
awiured'a aleaaaatMM. ' v
,nur&aU JL the,hf t ot the rln
'dpal range' aeetl9,af th KTeat
Northwest asd ia in erery way
worthy of your Tlalt. . It extenda a
cordial invitation and preaalaoa am
ple accommodation far all who come.
A lotter written by O. M. Plummer
to County Agent McDalnela givea
further information that he will bo
prcHont and will have some flno mov
Inc picturo fllma to exhibit during
tho Htock convention dhowlnc BhorU
born fnrmH and herds, aluo tho Holly
wood and Carnation HolHteina, an
other showing a big Hereford ranch
In Idaho and a .picture ot the, cham
pion Jeraey cow ef the world! Mr.
Pulnimer'deekwrte exhiWt ,the Jplc
turoa to the atockaen.preeent and al
uo would like far the echet efellri
ren to mh thaai. At will hi arrang
wl It is expected fci-ft;Mrge aamber
ot people .win J;WVaa fir
conveattoa u4 Haaaa ia jnahlwge
puratlon to .dp ita heat ta take care
of the gueata. Bo far aa leodja con
cerned we ara auro of meeting ull
rcguirmenta, but beda are likely to
ho scarce therefore ltwould be well
for thocu coming in cars, especially
thoH within the county, to bring
'heir beds with them.
Some of tho ranchers of thia vicin
ity report .that the water la .out on
the meadow lands in fine shape along'
the river and that the prospects for
hg crops were never better. A little
warm weather auch aa we have ex
perienced during the week will
bring the" grass up rapidly and It is
now assured there will be one of the
biggest crops of hay harvested thia
Muiaon for several years. Thia cer
talnly is geed news to jtbe stock men
who have had auch a 'hard time for
the past three years ia buying ex
punsive hay to winter their stock and
find in the spring that the price for
tho stock has not Justified the high
priced forago. Now be will huvo
chance to recover BOtue of' bis Ions
provided tho market docs not inter
fere with him. It is generally tho tbut when hay is plentiful tho
atock will ho cheaper,
Jerry Dillon and Himan Welnstcin
wore in town from Lawen Tuesday.
i VlMtf',)KNOWN IpHim
lr of Hval' 'MiUlihi at Rkr
in vrhUiH'flW.iiliOt snd kill-
wound fromhl4flVdleU bofor6he
could bu taken to1' A hontiltnl, Joul-
ousy was said t6 ba rcspoiiHlbla for
tlio Rot'.
Mrs. Strftttnn wan fnrtilnrlv1 T.lffln
clr-sU, ...... lw, ih Mv , ,,
Lhtr, hj,0 B,)ont hoP Klrlho0(1 ,IIo.
She was married, to, Mr, Strntton in
Docomber, lOOSat-l'rulrle OltyVrhcy
ltvthr lived at Caldwell but hnd goiiu
to linker juut before tho tragedy
Where Mrs, Straton had two alutorti
living Five amall children are loft,
hesidea the two Maters, Mra. J. Nat
HudVori'aMd Mra, Ifatella llunsaker.
of Maker, idnd oV;broiber, James
Heal, of .thi aMr V
r' '
V-iFidUilwUty of
Much Dry UmL" '
Water haa been the nteaaa
bringing auooeaa and pfarity
tha Irrigated aaatiena ef Cailfernia,
aa4 6ree, and wll da (he aaiaa for
Harnay eannty. But aeaaeone haa to
take the. Initial Met . Ta ba sur j.
tbkTifathMaVaJact to ba. inaUlled
in'Btjrna dktrkt will be a btem fori
MafTeaaire rantnera - aaa wmim
iMfl fft. BOW.
ijim; Mfft; inaer irrigation ,iu
'lGrny Vallayr
umplng . he Mitfilta the extarta b'oundarlea of, and In
aw iMva't'MftaH'' '(H'toMiy,; wftr
tnera inreagaani narnay eaawf jr
bare' adopted 'irritaa ayatWa ht 'i
.halfhearted tray with aractlaaMy.poor
raanita. wnea ta raaeaera no
not come under a, g'rav'y dHch' aya
tem he uatuiUU awaiact of hie
own. There la ae'jtayiag tho fact
that this can be accomplished, If one
Is )0seised of a will, a little burk-
liono and faith in the future of thia
prorolHed land.
To (demoHntrftfo to his nol?hhors
t'lid all Hurncy county that witter
con be thrown, on the land by tin?
pumping ayHtem. Clmrloa 'lUon
about .'15 miles wont of Cruno Jiuk
started un Irrigation project (hut
bids fair to revolutl6ntso the growing
of cropB In this ao-called dry farm
ing region, feeing Is Relieving. One
can go to th Wllaon, ranchVaad' eeo
what ho has aooreplflhed.
Centrally' ltedhhla Urge tract
cleared of sagebrush
Hh.VVr; WUae haa
installed hie iwmta4y')finL fA saw
at, .water 'iiasiHMta depth of 25
watr in threwa iata the ditch at tha
ratb of leM.'aKnaVvpw' mkiute The
water supply ia.fihaitb. ihfr,
Wllsqn has alreadf, .built .the main
aanal. and lateraiaWl -complete tkn
system forlrrigatiWnbat ISO aores
of rich volcanic hhU-hoII. Although
there Is sualctRt water to .irrlgato
over aoo acrh? tlio flret unlViftf pre
pared land constitutes lees acreage.
Alfalfa wlji'be grown en, thajmajor
portion of the tract Thi jwwt ndt
up-koep of tho Wilson irrigation pro
ject is but at low figure compared
with gravity ditch systems Installed
throughout the Pacific north-west. -Crane
Clean-Up Next fafeek
. City Marshal Mcniw ,'haa re
quested The imaaHernjijPta) iif
nounco that next welhas ;,Ji a4iP
igna.ted by thecity obuacll aa cleatiup
week, beginning Monday, . May if.
During that week teams wUIba 'fur
nished by the, city to haul a!"wy traB
and it Is the inteiillon to make a
thorough cleanup during that weok.
Property owners are .hereby notl
flod to boar this, n mnd. . There Jb"
no way of dq)Ryjh'gHbj9 work as tho
marHhal (ls auhdrlieed to hlru
work dono if tho proporiy owner, .(lie ! public school and aa soon ub it is
does not get busy and' charge Mi.ahwthe family will go to Union to
work up totth'o properijrwyvfHKe Up tho work there.
MsMMurfeTo Be SuWmitteJ at
i ' v , '; '
November Eltection; Cede
Lajke,To Government.
Thu following nppoarod lit fluff,
tlny's Oregoujati: Coplus or u Mil
to bu )nitlatMjyy thu Hoosuvelt Ulrd
iteiugo iiHHOfjHuon ano intuniU'ii to
proerv ror.inauvo water fowl of
Oregon cdrtaa.:feiidliig and meatiniT
grounds in Ihaalheur Lake roner-
Vat ion in Haraey.eoua.ty wire rucolv
cd at the offices erf tha secretary of
Htale yenterda aniL'have been referr
ed to the nttprtity-geuera) for ballot
lAd'Vaw, tb 'rWynwawawliMi
u. v-, .tj, -.. .-.rrn
tiwagwaiaa aa "TJia; Raeaevwf '.Hir.
nf ug,M Jn Memory ot the. pretldaut
who set ft apart .especially t prei
aarrc CaMM nAtlve water fowl by
pretectlnfJJMb? Meats an, braadlnir
grounds. Petlilena ara said ta have
baa prepared aad If ansaclafl't'alcna.
turep are obtained the measure will
go en the ballot at the general uloc
tien sett November. The text of the
proposed law feliawrt:
"In order to save seme of tho na
tive waterfowl of Oregon from ex
tinction It is nvcetwmry 'that l heir
netting grounds and fecd'lng plarci
In Malheur reservation' in Harney
eonnty be. preserved from furtherdc.
structlon, and therefore the MatVof
Oregon does hereby grat, edo and
Vavar to the United Btata of uer.
htsv adi the right, Utlo cities, lateral,
righta and powers of contrel, apiro
prlatlen and Jurisdiction owned and
possessed by, 'and also such an may
hereafter be acquired by the state of
OracM. in aiad to nil the lands with.
wfimiary, n,um Jaineur oaxe raar
vaUoai Wi Marney county, as set apart
bV-aneeutlye order No. 121, issued, by
Fr(i4t JhtoaavaU'.of date .Augunt,
i; l..far .the of tha depart
Mwiitdf nieuHura'aa.a presarveand
brdla'g ground for. wild hbvda, ex
cept that portion ot'aaid lands situ
ate and lying west of the aectlon line
between sections thirty-one (31) and
thrrty-two (32), extended on nach
end, in township twenty-six (26),
south of range thlrty-ono (31), imst
ot Wlllamutto meridian.
"That the peoplo of Oregon ro-
qu'Mt tlio national government to
chuiiKO the name of said rnsorvntion
und to dcHlguati) It as "The Itoouo-
vclt Hlrd .Hefugo" In memory of tho
president who set It -apart hh a res
ervation especially to preserve Oro-
on native waterfowl by protecting
their nests and breeding grounds,"
Tho Mothers Club would not at-
iWetrifuealpitoaeJlow .uafavorablo weather to atop
tbeaa';xoai the uauali'May Day picnic
last Saturday, Mrs. Chaster 'Maco
had the mothera and little ones
coma to her farm home near town
whero' they had a real delightful
time. Of course thoro wasn't any
May polo, or4 folk dancing on tho
green ' In, scanty raiment, hut ttooy
had Juat tho llncst dinner 'duo could
find,, any 'Wlioro am th littlo 01100
were glvtm the- privilege of thu Iiouho
whoro they enjoyed a good llnio. Tho
mothers appreciate the hospitality of
Mrs. Maco in opening hor homo for
thin occasion. She lmd a good time
and was happy to have them as
guests. There were over forty pres
Last Sunday Kev, 1). S. Hughes re
signed' aa pastor of the first Presby
terian Churqk of this city. He will
leave here the first of Juno for Union
where he has accpted " a call. Mr.
Hughes has been pastor here for
some two years during which tlmo
the work haa been much Interrupted
because of influenza and therefore ho
has not had the active work ho
would otherwlso, Ho has covorod
thlH county protty well In his work
and has mot many of tho peoplo,
Mrs. Hughes Is now toHchlng In
Mim HowM Cwwea to.
Up Ditties; WiH Cover
The'Enf.ire County.
Miss Harnh A, Howull, pttblio
fralth n(Jru, arrived Wudnunday
evening to tako up the prlllmlnury
work in this county. Bho l ridjrr)V
panieu. uy .mism noiun h. uarnoy, or
the HtatayBureau of Nursing, who
will renin Nf. for a. few daya untlMJ
Howell' ia eotabllshad and the work
properly ffganitod.
UeadetW ef The Times-Herald will
recall moailon af this work from
time to tlmo daring, the past few
months in theoo naiumns. A public
health nafrsatio' assjtad in thia coun
ty and Rvia oaf atted the people, es-
peoially the aehool patrons, will taka
an actlvf (niareet k Jhe matter w
Vivo SHbh .Whi aa ia netsasary to ita
asissssa. 1 For tho preaaet tha Stat 3
Tubureoteaie Aoaeclatloa Is tnaaclng
thf. initial work wfth the aid of the
looaj Ro Croaa Chapter and the poo-
pio are going to be given an oppor
tunity of soalng Just what w means
to each aommunlty. , '
Mlsa Mewoll expects to be able to
do soaasw work in tho schools before
tboy chWo fer thia year and aa aoen
as passable and arrangementa can, bo
t ako' will visit the several parte
of tho'.eou'nty and make the acuualn-
tanca of the people.. Tha young
lady kvvery capable and wants to get
into aeairo service just, as rapiaiy.
as ch-cHmotances will permit. , r;-
The fallowing in respect to tho
scope of the county nurse's work in
taken from a pamphlet and will give
our rcadora an Idea of what she will
do In ourcounty: '
(a) County public health hums
In. OregMt work tinder .tha dlrcut
awpanrisyn, or,, couniy pu,tH neniiH
jimocIuUobhi subject to thoJurUdlc
iMhi ot Hie 8tto UureaU iWKursing.
(b) The county nurse works In
both tho homdyind tho achol. Slu
ghos to 1 the homes to glve'aVrHory
dnd Inahructlvo.fare to pre-mital, in
fant welfare,-taberculoala of any
other typo ot anao Involving the, phys
ical health of the Individual or tho
community. She gos to the schools
where, In addition to classroom talks
on health and. prevention of diseaau,
she glyuH the pupils Inspection for
nymptoms of physical defects ,er of
contagious dUeaso, Tho nume makon
It known to thu parcntx tha tho
school inspection work Is not com
pulsory. (c) Tho nurso glvtm bedside care
as her schedule permits hut through
out all her work as an Instructor.
sho uacn bedside nursing as the beat
means of demonstrating her teach
ings. (d) The nurse la available .for
talks before groups of peoplo through
but the county on any' teniae, per-
tainnff to community health, $ffttA
every way afto atrtvoa to oe a factor
in the county for promoting better
publio health'.
(o) Sho endeavors at all times to
work In close harmony with the
physicians and publia oMcjala, of her
coupty and, holdB herself, In, readU
noHs to undcrtakiT any oommlHslon
relating to Ibe health o( the ,Cqm7,
munjty which tho coifjijty court may
dolegatp to Ihd asoclaton, ,
'(f). Tho nurHd'keeys' oiwca, hourji
every Saturday afternoon for-th
convenience bf those who wish Xo
consult with her.
(g) A schedule ot .visits' over the
county In definitely followed each
month so that the different commun
ities may have aa equitable a share
ot her time as possible.
, , "i "
President Wllliaw Hanly' andj
Judgo Grant Thompson wira 'pres
ent Tuesday at the regular Monthly
meeting of the directors' ef the Har-
ney Valley Irrigation pistrlet They
transacted only routine buslhoas and
paid some bills. Director .Obmn was
callod to Soattlo to Join his vylfeiand
littlo daughter, therefare wa nqt
o 1
J, E. Slzomoro, waB In town Wed-j
uesduy looklngaftor ome buslnqan
affairs. SkWftY-'.
I L IV. 't'1 1 '
While in town last weok' from hor
home ' f Silver Creek, Mrs. T. J.
Sh.leidiTired over (70.30 to R. it,
Conser, 'dhalrman of Harnoy Coifnty
taoyAmerican Red Croiw. Mrs.
eidVY oxplaluod that the Silver
Creek auxiliary had that amount of
funds on hand ns thoy woro no long
or active In tho work considered it
tho right thing to do 'to turn tho
funds ovor to the Mother Chnptnr.
Mm. Shlolds was onu of tho moth-
ora to participate In actlvo war work
'AUrJiiff'tho rccont strugglo. Sho hnd
ono Boh over In Franco on tho firing
lino, for a tlmo und thuraforn ox-
'.prjoneed' what war means to moth
ers. Bho is ono of tho pioneer stock,
however, who has seen hardships In
tho past and known' how to boar up
under liimcultles. She reports that
soldier son now at home doing the
farm work. .
CemBMNit of Mm of Affairs
Evioieace ef Popularity;
Affects All Ceuaiieo.
"We want roads retardleas of the
faet that good! rpada cost much mon
ey to'ieenatrucU We want our taxes
to bo' fees, if possible. We' can't
have' food reads without Increasing
our taxes greatly lf,,wo 'construct
sa wlth,ou( government aid'
wrluUi Jay W. Dunn, orie of the eom
Hhwlopers of Lincoln County.. Mr.
Dunn then analizos the possibilities
which might occur should , the pro-
posed road-bonding amendment
"I am wholly In accord with the
effort .now, making through legisla
tive .action to further the Good
KeedOj-pMveajf nj.' wjtjiB our state,"
wrltoe William . F Woodward, ""or
Portland. "It ia. almply a means of
realising and securing to' the peoplo
of thia state aaae hoitbertq unused
and unavailable: products of Held,
forest and mlno lie dormant until
they can .be hiade profitably and use
ful through the medium of well con
structed roads. And If. thero no
other roscourco than taxation to moot I
the cost of thoae roads, wo would
U41 bo In favor of them, but when I
eHHtructlati of those
1.1 !. ....
carried out by means, of ,n Import 'fnilor m)( on,y , n(.rU.UlIra, vr.
Which In 1.o sunso can be called a,(,ucton but )rontnbo production
uiirutiu, unu in uiuiubi wiumij iki:vv
ed through channels uutouuhod,
thero cun bo, In our estimation, not
ono word against the measure."
v V,Wo will not Issue a bond beyond
.V ' 'r ' ... . . . .
tuai wiiicii is aireaoy pravuieu uy
law and only as the. naoney is needed
tQarry on the wrk adequately,"
al il. A. Dooth. af the State High
way (mmlsstan .reaently In Mc
Minnviile, ' 'Thda ta yao'ttm e to play
1n tha mwd.HlBhVsemaliilon had no
iua waen naoaraMi. eauu per
manent hlghwojpa (Vat the present
Immense traftta weM''feliow,
"The pommtaaieV dooa not aim to
rush the road game, thia summer as
there would be a .ahortageol labor
amy w(o do not Intend to call out
labor for tho roads when It provoj
a detflnionbto othr industries,"
,(jfho volumln'ouB clippings froin tho
press, of Crcgnn collected in tho of
fice of tlio asBOclailon loud encour
agument to tho men who aro devot
ing tholr tlmo and efforts to explain
ing tlo meusuru by reaching the poo
pie through tho same press. A very
few are on the fence, asking in so
many words: "What will wo get
out of It If the measure carries!"
In order to toll them, the corrected
list of highways to be completed haa
benf .complied t through the efforts
ef W, L. Thompson, president, who
haa requested C. C. Chapman to
make a definite statement that tha
following reads may be completed it
the njeasure carries, ,whereaa If It
fails to carry they cannot bo complet
ed for years;
Pacific, John Day, Old Oregon
Trail, Central Orogon, Baker-Cornucopia,
McKonxJo Rlyor-Crookod nivor
La. PIno-Lakovlew, Klamath Pnlls-
Lakevlow, Ashland-Klamath Palls,
Wost Sldo, Crater. Lake, Corvallla-
Newport, Coos Ddy-RoBoburg, Yam-
h 1 1 1-Noatucca, Tlllamook-Aeor"
(Continued on page 4)"
Neighboring Towns Reflect
Advantages of Irrigation;
We Must Hustle.
Loon M. Drown of tho Harnoy
County National Dunk urrlved hwn.j
Monday ovonlng from rt trip to Dnkor
Mr. Drown was Impressed with tho
ovldont prosperity of somo of our
neighboring, towns along tho ll'io
and agrooably uurprisud at thu lo
vulopmont shown.
"Ontario, Wolsor and those town
along tho line are all doing a lino
business' said Mr. Drown. "Ontar
io secures k big business from tint
bench across in Idaho and every
where you see evidences of prosiKir-
Ity'ln the Irrigated districts. Ono
ia anrprked to note the wonderfsA
change in, Just ono eeaeon, along the
line above Vale with the new farms
created aince the Warm Spring roe-
errolr haa boon built I tell yon,
we must be hustling with our pro
eet .and get in the swim."
Mr. Brown Is ono ot the pioneer
buslneaa men of this community and.
ia anxious to aee things moving to
ward a better condition toward tka
goal so many of the old time buslnen
men. have looked for. We have tho
rencourcea and must use ovary en
ergy to develop them. No country
haa it "over'' Harney Valley when It
cornea to raising the .necessary feed.
for livestock and since' K In primarily
a atock eeunlry and;-Is backed by a,
big open range territory us well aa
the to root if here range privileges urn
given jho stoogmen, It in up to th
people 'looally 'to got 1 behind any
move looking to the advancement ct
local Interest;
Paul'Vi Marls, fer tho last Ivo
yearn state leader ot county agent
and farm bureatt work In Oregon,
has been named aa director ot tha
agriculture .college extension servlen.''
He aucceeds 0-.P. Center, whcTfe
signed last October. y '
Under Mr. Marls' leudurhip'o'tin
of tho mos.t powerful organlzatlona'
o,f agricultural in'terusts now nhapln
lim iiau nL-rlriilf urn In Oriimn linx
,IuvcIopc4 lUroUKh tUo cl,ulit,, KCf,t
and the farm bureau. Tlio nrgunl
and equitable marketing.
Tho old agrieulturo produrcU
adundantly, took what tho crop
enemies loft to tho farmer, and sold
It at proclsuly what tho othor m:ia
told him ho could have. Coopcra-'
tive, farm accounts, and it voice ia
marketing, woro exceedingly rare.
Tho farm buroau agriculture at
developed In Oregon banes produc
tion on profit slnco tho war goes
out and 'kills tho crop unomlM
whother Insects, dlHcano or rodents,
and anaerts Ita right to anslHt in do
termlnjng what tho surplus haK
bring. It i gives farm management,
records and IniHlneea a big place In
tho farm program.
Mr. Marls has directed this mov
mout for lowering production coBte
and marketing on tho basin of thnt
coBt. Also for bringing farniora to
act togother on community problem
thoroby enriching the rural llfo m
well nB tho farmor purse.
Mr. Marin Jb prepared aa oxtonalon
director to gtvo all tho peoplo of the
stato the Bame high type of service
that distinguished his administration
of county agent work. O. A. fU
Press Bulletins.
o i
lAccordlng to nowapnpor repc
name ot Leonard Locher )'
nent In for conflrmatlc
master of Burns vie
Mrs. W. W, Gould w'
resignation sovora'
nard 1b an ox-'
ovory quallflc
and compr
(i gradr
High ,