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NO. 24
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n 1 ! iff mi
Highway Awarded.
Heavy Docket Will Require
Holding Court All Next
Week; Special Juror
Venire Issued.
The circuit court Una boon grind
nut considerable business durlim
g during all of next wook It the
'NMD! llOCKUt lit to bu COllfll 0UI 01
way. Special venire of Jurors
cases moving rapidly.
Among tho coach disposed of dur-
( tho present week nro:
Pacific Llvo Stock Co. n. W. E.
Smith and Hubert 8mlt. Thin U
rue wherein the defendants bid in
whit la know an tho Swan Laku
ranch on a foreclosure. They had
possesion for a tlmo but boforo tho
ptrlod of redemption had oxplred W.
0, Howell, tho owner, through a
!ue with tho P. L. S. Co., redeemed
tho oronerty and tho null wbm
brought for an accounting of tho
products or the place during the
time the Smiths were In possession.
The Jury found a verdict for the
flaintlff in tho Hum of .$4,090.44
Two rlRht-of-way suits brought In
connection with tho highway be
tween Uurns and Lawen have boon
hied and others are before the court
today. The two suits disposed of aro
Pul Howes in which the Jury award
ed, damages to the amount of $G00.
attorney's feed of 1G6 and $65 per
atre for the land actually taken for
the highway, amounting to Ave and
a half ncreH. The second suit was
W. A. Wallaco fn which tho ownor
was awarded $27S damages, f 2G an
acre for tho land cove'red and tho
uiual attornoy feo.
Tho suit of Milton 8. Hall vs. W.
V, Drown for damages resulted In
the Jury awarding tbo plaintiff $275
Stat v ProsUcy and Fred Smyth,
charged with larceny, continued for
the term.
State vh. Rodney Davis, obtaining
InnA null 1nHlt1r with Intnnt tO dO-
'frawl. Jury failed to agree. A
vieeond charge agalust tho same do--(adant
charging him with larceny
bhy baWff, the Jury found hlro guilty.
State vh. K. R. Carter, charged
. with wanton Injury to an animal, the
'Jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
- Stute vh. Tom Bailey and Frank
HcBurm-y, charged with larceny of
even uilvea, is sot' for trial next
Ann ,r indictment ngalnHt Frank
MtDur y for larceny of u cow li
also t lor next week..
St. v. C. A. Downs charged with
the i - i,y of ton quarts of whiskey,
will ( trl d next week.
Tlt-- aro all tho case of particu
lar public InteroHt before tho court
during the week, -
A largo drovo of Miller & Lux
cattle was started Monday from tho
company's ranch bolow town for ono
of tho ranches In tho northern part
of the county. Boforo tho winter set
in a large number of cattle woro
drlv. n in from tho ranges and ship
K'l 1 . tho company's ranches In
Ul rMu to bo pastured. ThU cat
tlo r ,v, bolug driven out aro tho' first
of th.i uomo-comlng cattlo to arrive
and many tralnloads aro to follow.
Th animals aro ngain to ho dlstri
1'U'fi over tho company's ranges In
northern Humboldt and p.outhoaatern
OrcfMjn- Wlnnomucca Star, ' .
J Ugo Goo, E. Davln 1b oyer from
his homo at Valo looking after somo
legal business In the circuit court,
Tho people of thin city woro tnkun
unawares yesterday afternoon whon
tho ontlro publio rfchool' appoarod on
tho main street In a serpentine form
ation earring many banners calling
attention to tho higher educational
tnx for tho U. of O., O. A. C. and tho
stnto Normal. They nttractotl con
Hldcrnbln Uttontioh and no ddubt
iipitni'tit tlin iiitilntton of nitinv votiirrt
. ti.u mum. nM.rimt.iiiw. Wu must
iv ,,..n,i,..vionnt HiMtliutlonrt net-
essnrv supporl. It In Jtwt m ono . J a,ult- rrmur MV of
banner proclaimed: "Children First.""'" Pt National Jlank, In conyer
Mr. Sutton expected to lmvo a!"llo with a representative of thl
drum corps head hlH parade but wnHIlur tho other .lay. "Clot your Irrl
dlnappolntod. This would hnvO,Wft"0"' your highway. Iivy aro
brought more People out to witness ontlul to the advancement of thl
tho domonatratlon and horeforo more
Gabrlelaon had been putting ono
over'on the Lakiriew Examiner. No
doubt he cab get away with squirrel,
Jack rabbits, et., and we know from
personal ebaervatfon he can gut away
with good food that la placed before
him, but to concoct a bait that tho
ttagu rats will fight for has to bo
proven to this Miop before it will bo
taken as 100 per cen. Itoad what
is aald of him In the Lakcvlew paper:
Ira N. Gabrlelron, who makes ft
apoclallty of destroying predatory
rodents, such as sago, rat, locally
known as ground squlr;e) ,i3k
rabbits and tho like. Is now proving
his prowess in that lino of work l
this vicinity. Ho I In emp,0
of tho Biological aurvcjM alid It Is
said that tho sage rats' arc so fond
of the halt he put out that they
orton eniatfi If flqrco battles In
their erroria ft v "
bait. .
From Mr. tlabrlelson It Is learned
that most of us have been follow!"
a false line of reasoning In our at
tempts to polwm the rode'nta. ln
atead of placing tho poisoned grain
in or near tho holes It Khoutd be
scattered around their feeding places,
auch for Instance a along the run
ways. When placed In small lota
close to the holes tho rodents Hoem to
bo of tho opinion that It wan placed
thero for some other purpose than
for thorn to feed on, and hnnco fr-
ouontly refuse to oat It. But "
scattered some distance trom 1,1 '
linmi'i) MlOV evidently COnHlliertll
something choice and loso no time l
. . ..M -
Just Bluffers. :
Wo American-, have a great habit
of midline fault vWh-eur public of
ficials. In eongrws and elaewhere. If
tholr officials acts do not ptease us
we are qulek to pass cennure, to say
what, we think. Thin In praiseworthy
for 'it Indicate that,we.rea think
ing people. Ht we dcTnot say thono'
things to the onlclals themwlvtwiwnu
that In not praiseworthy. It Indi
cates that wo prefer to sit back: ami
growl rather than .put tho case dir
ectly up to the official concerned. It
Is an easy way of K'ttlnK Moan,
und nccouipollHhen . nothing but tho
raculiiK of our own dlHPOnUIons. Our
n n ... ...., i....,i tlmv
,.i,. 1. unow thin, und beraUso they
do know It they aro frequently qultu
indifferent to our vlewn. When wo
talk with a big fidek and Brnlto with
n broomntraw wo ah at nothng and
Ult loss, That'B u V -
. -0
Mrs. Will McLaron 'rftly a let
ter from hor mother thtn" .veek an
nouncing tho death of A. J. Wilson,
a formor reiildeiit'of tljln community
Mr. Wilson ws to grandfather of
Mrs. McLuren and will bo r-emombor-ed
by many of tho pioneer residents
of this section. Ho formerly owned
tho farm later known ua a part of
tho Hanloy barley farm. Mr. Wilson
loft hero somo twonty years ago for
tho coast and had ulneo boon making
hlu homo in Coon county, llojllod
nt Coqulllo, Oroyon, on March 23.
Frank Allon la again up from Tort
land looking aftor somo business af
fairs In this community. Ho does
not know whether .he will remain In
this city forthopreBontor notV
Former Banker Point to Im
portance of Projects lo
"not ,ot niiythliiB or any Hull
virtual Hluntl In tho way of progress"
i mo wumr, ...... w...
nave menu you iiavu conniuiy a
wonderful country."
Mr. Gault wuu hero a few weeks
ago and than exprosned his delight
at tho trend of affairs ut that lime.
He was called back from Spokane an
a witness In u caso before tho circuit
court and while waiting for tho caso
to bo railed he devoted his tlmo to
calling upon his many friends and
acquaintances. '
"Concentrate every effort toward
tho desired end and brook no delay
In Its cousureatlon," continued Mr.,
Qault. "You have been handicapped
In tho paat for lack of unity; don't
let that enter Into thin now order ot
thing keep It moving."
Mr. Oault spent severnl active
years In this community and knowa
our frailties of tho past and recalled
Homo of tho misguided efforts of for
mer years. Ho realizes tho wonder
ful future of thin as a stock couijtry
and that It, Is second to nono In pro
ductivity whon properly Irrlguted
and farmed.
His advice Is good and should In
fo) lowed by our chitons In their atti
tude toward tho future. Lot tho pa it
take care of Itself and look to tin
' Get Behind it.
Some of the business people of
Burns aro not giving the support
they could toward tho coming Cattle
and Horse Italsern convention. They
seem to think it is tho other fellow's
Job lo make all tho arrangements
and most of tho expense. ThU con
vention Is n big affair, ono that will
tax tho hospitality of this town and
11 in nn fn eneh eltlr.on to do thulr
ML IH I. II IIJ .11..:.. II.llf.Ull "
!,,ar,CUar ,)artj jt jsnt H matter of
.... .. ,, ... ,.i.,,. ,... ,,
()f ,,0H.,lta,Uy
to iMiosts who have been invited to
,.1.,. 1, it ..Miinirv to hihi what, n real
lock fouutry Is and thoy will expect
to rcccivo tho consideration due them
from stockmen to their neighbors. It
Is not alone a town aflalr, In fact tho
town In secondary, but It In the duty.
of this town to put Its bent foot for
ward In aiding the ntockmen to
creditably acquit themselves. Tho
ntockmen will do their part and wo
must do ours. Don't get. the notion
itin not your affair for It Is, Just as
much uh It Is tho other fellow's.
Capt. A. W. (lowan In ntlll at tho
Kings HoHpltal, slowly convalescing.
Mian Lulu Hayes had her tonsils
removod at tho Kings Hospital April
.. ........
0, by Dr. Hmllh.
Walllo Creasman also had his ton
nils removed thin week at tho Kings
Hospital. Dr. Bmlth jiorformod the
Mr. Acton of Drewnoy la at tho
Kings Hospital, with a bad kneo.
Mr. Dibble of Silver Crook Is at
Kings Hospital for tho week under
caro of Dr. Smith.
Mr. James Mustard ot Drowsay
country in at Kings Hospital.
Undo Bob McKlnnon was taken to
Kings Hospital In a serious condition
tho middle of tho week.
Mrs. C, A. Barrett In a guest at
tho homo of Mr,- and Mrs. Simon
Lowis today, MrH. Barrett has been
visiting hor parontii, Mr. and Mrs.. T,
J. blold, of Silver crook and Is on
her way to her homo at Nnmpa.
Ed. Stallard wan over from bin
uinrir rmipii on Otis creek tho Unit
. ........ t,.. irwi
r r 1 uiu us tut k 1 nt iviin iii.i.uiiiuuiiiuii
over by (J. L. Wobbor who had boon
aiding him .In foodlng during tho
Ma ii- r"i jo i j club rooms. An admission wait cliarg
oney to be Divided Betweed., of R m)mnftI BUm Rml tholr U8Un
Burns-Narrowa and Crane
Well Hill Roads.
Commlfinloner llnun recolvod a tel-
ni'i-ii til Mm flul nf Hi Ik Wnnl fimlnii'iAh.'
lng that tho Statu Highway had np-jKrftm"'Ki5iutored and afterward par
proprlateil money for Harney county took of tea and vlowed tho art.
market rond.i. A total of $28,700 80mo very credlblo plcturen woro
Ih now ttvallablo ror tho two nmrkot'oxUibltod, tho best nrtlstn liolng rop
oails designated, one botweon Crnno , roHonted nml tho variety covered a
and Well hill and tho othor botweon wlde field. Tho wrltor In not nn art
BuniH and Narrows. critic, thoroforo will not go Into do-
According to Information glvon out talla In connection with this oxhlbl
by tho commiBflloners It In tho inton- tlon, but feeU that we should have
Hon to dlvldo the funds equally bo- more of Huch'oxhlbillonn and gathdr-
tween the two project. The Crane
Well hill road hi to he graded and
after that hi completed will he.gray-
oled an- far aa funds are available.
Tho graveling to be done on that part
of the read mmjK needed to the couth
where It paesoe through as alknll
The first thing to have attention
on tho INrao-Narrewa road will he
a now grado ever VWrliht'a Point
eighteen feet wide and a five per cent
grade. After thin la completed the
road will receive -m coating of gravel'l
beginning at the Intersection of the
highway at the Hanky laue,
Community Nurse.
Tho money Invested by the people,
In Christmas seals In being returned1 weei, driving tho CO miles to Burns,
In health-service through tho Install- Whre jt WHB expected that tho wed
atlou of additional county public .ii..e would be hold.
health nurses by tho Oregon Tuber-) Tnoy woro nolo to obtain tholr
cuIobIh Association, Mlsn Jane C. Hcenso without dllilculty, but when
Allen, state advisory nurse and or- (t camB t0 tho wedding thoy encoun
ganlxer of public health nursing for' ietci obstacle after obstacle. No
tho Oregon Tuberculosis Association. J minister were available, tho county
has Just commplcted a tour of eaat-jU(ge wus out of town and tho
em and eatral Oregon during which )jUUce ot the peace wan ill. Bond
sho vlslfod. Pelidleton, I .a Orande wa(l tBe cxt ,,t0B( aM( 15a mile
and Bend, consulting with tho eeUtyraor landed thorn at tho door of a
public health iiurho, (u La Grande and clorgymau'a home. Oregonlan.
the Hed Cross nurses in Pendleton .
and Bend. Miaa LouUe Zorn, tho Tho above makes a pretty good
Union county nurne, Is planning for story. The couplo procured a license
tho weighing and measuring of the ( hero and found tho only minister In
school children of tho county with ( this part of tho country was In Crano
tho hope that a children's clinic "will ( 34 miles away; tho Justice of the
eventually bo opened. Miss Zorn peace was In town and was seen on
has won tho confidence of tho eutlrn
comity on account .of tho splendid
1 . ....
j manner In which sho handlod tho In-
flnntim mliluniln. Tiinru Ih unnin illiu
There In somo dls-
'0UBH0I1 Jn Lll Qrando of installing a
.school nurso for the city to relievo
Miss Zorn for tho remainder of tho
Miss Florenco Smlloy, tho Umatilla' lilg on over to Bend where the cere
Hod Crosn nurse, ban hud tho cooper- 'niony wus performed, an they know
atlnn of tho Parent-Teacher Ansocla-Mhey could procure tho necessary of
tlon In tho entnblUhmeut of a child- fleer' or'm'lnlstor nearer had thoy de
ron's clinic which Is hold every Sat
urday afternoon in the Pendleton
city hall. This Iibh been in opera
tion Hatferal months and Is Kalnlnk
ranidlv in nooularltv and scone. Mlns'l
Margaret Dreras, Is doing good work 1,0 Wl' ho llR om ,,on out at lh,
In Deschutes county In the matter of ,rnc .,,B4 l,00 t,ou ,,c
school Inspection and tho weighing t,ut'- T,, oU,er W PU Krlng
and measuring of children. 't,,H VM f0,,,, 01,0 thnt wnj u'
Three now, countf public health l,ar8 8 ,nt0 tM crato "' uwo,,
uuraen have recently been placed. 'for fi0,,,,lB 0 mnrket H0 MrB
Mia. in.ti. n vninw. n .rr.i.mttt nf Huchuiian decided (leorgo could havo
.Lit,., IfnnM.ia T n q( I I'll I lina linnn
in jsiultnomnh County public
' ,,onl(ll urao, outsldu
u "of Portland,
'nml Is dclng )xcQptlonally flno work,1" two. '1 nu aurpriso camo wnon
i the rural schools. MIbb Charlotte
a Walker, recently nrrlvod from tho
oast, has been placed an Rod Cross, mo nnr.ior man vim
nurso In Linn County, Mlsn Walker .outsldo ono. Upon breaking l.t sho
wan an ovorsean nurso and during 'found this egg to ho normally form
her term of service was both gassed ove-y roHl,oct but not a0 lBr
nA mounded. M.'bs Bara. Howell
formorly of West Virginia, will tako1
up her duties as Harnoy county p,ubi
Ho health nurso oarly In April. Dur
ing tho demonstration .period of three
a J 1 t It. .
months nor salary wm oe paia uy uo n)oHturo ,u th0 form of rant u
Orogon Tuborculosls Association and' g0Q(1 ono nml ,aHlC(l W08t of
othor expeiisoB Incldont to tho 4em-t, . . . ,. foronoon
I ... ... . 1 ... .....
onstranon win no mm uy um
Cross una tlio Aiuoricnu region,
Douglnn llltchln, a graduato of tho
O. A, C arrlvod hero last night- to
nsstimo his duties an Irrigation assist
ant 19 Supt. Shattuck at tho oxort -
ment station,
Tho young man tookyoi(ira aro (0 0 tajon ftll n criterion,
a In Irrigation and la At fty rnto it In starting off moat
a spoclal coureo
Jiroiiuruu io no soma kuu.i
aupt. anauucic Hiaios niwy nay"
thlngn in protty g6od shape at'Mhe
station at thin tlmo. '
Yontardny afternoon tho Harnoy
County High School hold an art ex
hibition of art at the Commercial
Friday afternoon program rendered,
consisting of music, readings, etc.
Thoro were many juitroiiH prenont, In
fnct tho club room wan complotoly
nllort with nn appreciative gathering
0f neonlu.wlio gennrouHly npplaudod
JLt.'lM.: ... n. .......
BEND, Or., April C (Special.)
A trip ef 20i Miles In search nf a
clergyman or civil authority vested
with power to perform the marriage
service wan ended when John Carroll
and Oertrude M. Baldwin of Drewsoy
found nev. II. C. Hnrtrnnft of Bend
Presbyterian church. The wedding
ceremony was performed at the par
sonage, and Mr, and Mrs. Carro'll will
be at home to tholr friends within
a few days In Drewsoy.
Accompanied by his brido-tob',
Mr. Carroll .started his long trln last
tho street at noon, an well an tho
minister, who had returned from
. .
Crane anil thoy woro asked by tho
nnwntiiLTAtr iiii.n If llinv hml nnrfnrm-
wwapuptor man If they had perform-
ed a wedding ceremony but nolthor
had. Mr. Carroll and Mm. Balding
likely wanted to make a little wed
jdlng trip wiih tho causo of tholr go
sired to get them,
0?0' ""channn has a hen story.
H for Ills brOakfllHti
Sho hroko tho
0Hldu shell and found It contained
"Ul '"" UUV "u ""e i.un.'ii
sll dlncovored anothor rutty rormou
,,Hra Hliollotl egg lustdo tho othor,
' odliary hon egg.
-o -
Thursday night wo received mordT,no(l Jn tho jutorchurch World
Min fnnnwlnir dav. With such vis
Nations wo aro going to got by ovon
though tho Hood In going to bo light,
Thoso who observe soaflons from
yoar to year aro confldont wo nro
going to havo conBldorablo molsturo
'(lurjnj til0 Browlng soasou If, past
oncouraglng In that roapoct,
,' n
Mr. und Mrs. Ira Mnhon wero in
tho' city Thursday.
Intcrchurch World Movement
Welfare And Activity of Th e
Church is Community
Affair, Says Pastor;
Fine Programs.
Toams of speakers have boon def
initely selected for tbo Inoruhurcti
World Movement county conference
which opens at First Presbyter Jan
Church In the city of Burrs, on April
1C. The first meeting starts at 9:30
o'clock, and all sessions aro open to
persons Interested in church actlvl-,
Members of the team are as fol
lows: Rev. C. W, Swander, Portland;
Rev. It. L. Dunn, As tor. 'a; H. O.
Stono, Portland; Hev. Wm. J. Lu
combe, Ontario; Mrs. Win. Moll Cata
Tho county conference has threo
main objectives: To present tho sur
veys which reveal tho needs of th
world in 11 fo and money; presenta
tion of life ovangallstla and financial
campaigns, and the rally of denom
inational and community forces for
tho complete organization ot tho
county. . .
Twelve exhibits, in addition to tho
stereoptlcan apparatus, will bu car
ried by the team for display at tho
conference and as an aid to bringing
out tho results of the surveys and tho
problems beforo the people of th-)
county. A special roan will accom
pany tho teams to caro for tho lan
tern und stereoptlcan equipment.
Tho program of tho conference ti
to begin with a statement of tho In
tcrchurch World Movifmont and
world conditions today, and will In
clude tho following: Presentation ot
the united financial campaign denom
inational rallies and meetings of
xpuclul groups of state llaueial cam
paign directors, presentation of tho
foreign survey and World Outlook
and Kverylnnd; a compcxlt depart-
. mo,u llroH, an explanation of tho
homo nurveyn and the county survey.i
an addreuH on the program of evan
gallsm; nn explanation of tho county
organization by tho convenor for tho
county; a woman's addrr.'n on cor
poration and an address 011 laymen's
activities. It is planned that during
the afternoon thero will bo a special
meelng for young peoplo and mctr
lugs for local church financial orgun
Uatonn. In tho evening thero will
ho a compostt survoy lantern slldo
address by tho team leader,
"Tho county Intorchurch confer
euco to bo hold nt Burns, on April
15, is in reality a community affair. '
said Rev. 11, S. Hughes, tho county
convener who Is In chargo of tho
mooting for this county. "It Is go
ing to bo simply a get together meet
ing of tho Pretostaut churches, nt
which thoy will talk over tholr com
mon problems and common alms.
They will also oxamluo.tho question
of making tho church, 4is a wholo, a
jnoro vital medium in tho various
communities in this county.
"Tho task which tho ohurchos sot
boforo thomsolves Is n public and a
social task, Tho wolfaro and act
ivity of tho church Is ono of tho most
Important of community undertak
ings, and tho working togothcr of tho
J Protestant domonlnntlonn, as oxom-
Movement signifies tho mobilization
of Christian forces for a thorough
going and largo acalo treatmont of
thoso tasks. Tho addrosacs to ho
given at tho county conforonco will
onnblo ovoryono to vlsualizo moro
clearly and In concrete torms Just
what tho churches' probloma axo,
and thus onablo us all to proparo for
a direct and vigorous npplicatloln of
Christian principles to doflnito local
"Tho financial campaign, fho last
week In April, Is for tho raising o.f a
I (Continued on pugo olght).