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Irtlifiitlon. city witter, ami t .
M'stem oil coining,
'I'". .... Itl..l.....l..
"Men willingly believe - Him
which thoy wish." If you'dnn'i
belicvo Tliu Tlnicffllcrrilil It
the plnco for your net, l( Is. lm
ca'uno yon tiro not wllllni; to
your business grow. '
i.ia nnn in i' i ai;inir.. man-
ami n r xjni"7"Wnni - Htoro
t i r - - i -
NO. 23
Says Institutions Crippled
Unless Vote Favorable.
,, ;liltrpt In tho concern mid Is -on
b'glior educational nx fl,llllUy workng (o ,ho ,,ol(ori)onl
r u levy of 1.20 mills of , hH mu, fh mml Q
of tho Oregon Agrhni..(Jlli No 0M ,oi!lclont is hlH brother,
ct calling
cr thr re i
tra Coll
... u.....y o. Vro.;(,liarl()Hi W,J0 , counpc(o(, wMh t,(J
Orogon Normal HOhool
It Ih votod upon May
itittlonn wilt bd' crippled
i luratlon to thousanda
t ihn vmiM? men and women of tho
, , , , , , '
it n in dij av aa a ta an 1 1111 i
- . .
0IU - - , i
aUd Ahlwitt. n ftiitmr In thn ITi.lvAr-i
According to Abbott tho Unlyorally
On-con is id a cruicai conauion 10
This yenr xaw hundrodn of for-
to tho Unrvornlty followlr.K tkclr
a . a J a . At. ( n. a
ni sitv icn I uiPinrr vim sin
thi) Knuluatca of ittatu klffh
Ull l kU In.iniBw.. Ikl alM.
nt (hAPA 1m it tkitatn tin I iimib mm
a v Ha W V W
k Boer paci. equipment or noro
(Hcheri. Tho Unlvrralty now hui
iU ling bulldlnR nd equipment to
tire tor louu Biuuenis mat u nau 7
ft U now clowa aro held Ip nil taetho cou" of JournnliBm In tho Orn
taiWInm from eariv mornlnr until on choo nnd holda the position of
kfllMlnrn from early mornlnr until
iU early tiveulnR and cheap, Inex
pmlre unnuoA havo boon addod to
of tho buildings to houne tho
The educational welfare of Oregon
taundfl tlm speedy relief of O. A. C.
Ike Unlverxltr of OrcRon and thn
Ortfon Normal which havo been
(rippled by cnunoH over which they
lire no control, nnnioly an lncrcao
la attendance of ISO percent in
ceapftrlaon to an Increase la nlllago
I - ' . ...
rlM in operating cont mb4 the fallen
taring power of tho dollar.
In other word, the three iaatttu
MeM are trying la 1120 to train two
ui oneha1f time as auay atadata
ono-balf tho lacoaae, m coMaared
vhh 1913.
The University of Oregon aeeda
buildings for tho geaeral science,
(r comrocrco and economics, for
aeaschold nrt, for Journalism, for
Ike fdiool of (Hlucntion and for llbr
rr ttudy It nocda ulno dormltorlos
ad a student hoHpltal and Inilrmnry
(or houklng condltionH, too, aro ox-
hemcly crowded which roqulroa (ho
nrlctrt of caution to provont tho'n"
ipread (f rpldemlcj. -Tho total
cost of all the buildings at tho Unl
"nlty Is IG50.000, which is bill
150.000 more than tho cOHt of
Uncoln high school, a single bulld
js. in Portland. Actual statistics
bw an incrennft in AiLnnnaiiM or
I ficr Citnt nt thn TTnlvvmltv and (V
c. during tho past seven yearn
alte th) lucreaso In clnssroem aaaee
tbo Bumo period has been 1C per
As n renult of tho high cost of Ilv-
lr and tho inability of tho Unlver
't; to pay higher salaries the state
I losing much of its best faculty
at;rlal who ure loijvlng for tho col
kseu tf r ihcr Btates or going Into
other t'.rrnH of business. Tho Unl
mlty throe of Its best profcai
on la r ,rtn numujy, nr. Vtrren
H. 8m ,,r c, H. Edmondson and
')r- J , Si'luifer. All threo mon
t(,ok i l(,, , paying double tliolr
I'nlvtr iv H.ilary and in ono cane tho
Increase ,ii balary wob nearly threo
tlmea u largo.
The average Investment in bulld
,n6s per student for the United
States was 99C, according to statis
tics compiled In 1918, but tho aver
se for tho University of Orogon In
1920 Is only $322 and for tbo Agri-
vuuuro coiiego only 300.
The joint waya and meana commit
tee of tho last legislature after 'con
IderlnK carefully the orjala at tho
three InHtltutlons, recommended to
'ho legislature a levy of 1.2 mills for
the Agriculture college and the Unl
slty tnd olx ono-hundredtba of n
m'H for tho Normal.
Tlio legislature was iprovonted by
'ho elx per cent tax limitation for
votliu; tl. o appropriation Itself so It' charged from tho Emergonoy Hou
'oferrfl the bill to tho people Uo-lpltal and havo not yot boon returned,
cuuse t, e levy of 1.2C mills could not'l'leano brlK lUom In "f 'lt
become effectivo until 1021 and b-
(Uoutlnuod oa tags four.)
J. K. Loggan and 0. W. Loggnn,
both of tho DurOH Oarage, Jott Bun
diiy morning for Portland whoro
thoy go 16 attend a convention of
Font mon called for tulr. wook mill
next, John- Loggan )iuh boon iirsoo
lutud with tho Hum Curago for
til my years and bus bucomu u val
uable mini to that concor i In tho no
hunting department. Hi take m
moohnuleul department, Tho hitler
gooH to tuko further work In that
ond of tho game anil both will return
to llmlr rummr t lv tiniiltlniiu In 11
... .
uoiiur Riuipo w mo concern man no
j . aw a . ..a
vaaraa n.H a i ttur i w
unit in h part or uie vronucrrui iu;r-
. . .
i v a t vi a, w a va v I'vynivi 1 1 v u
,, ft Wa. thftt Kot. ,hQ pu,,0 co.
(doilco. It abould bu followed by
U. f 0. Jenilbt
Sttint Visits Here
Ulth Abbott, a Junior In ths Unl
Tornlty of Oregon, ban been Npendlujg
the pant wtek la thin city, being out
on vacation. Mr. Abbott is taking
editor of the Emerald, the school
paper. Tho young man sootnn to
look upon hia ch6sen occupation In n
Kounlble way and 1ihh tho stuff to
make good,
-0- -
C. M. Faulkner Discusses the
NtMd of Closer Relation
With NeigkaMM-s.
The completion of the Irrigation
project In Harney county means al
aiost as much for Ontario as it doe
for Dumb, and therefore Ontario and
tho 8nko Klvor valloy should be In
terostcd In promoting tho dovolop
niont of tho great Interior." That Is
tho mwiHttKO that Clwrlcy M. Faulk
ner, president of tho Hunm Connnor
clal club left with Ontario folks in
intorvlow nt the Mooro Hotel Sun-
day night.
Invited to HUKkinenN Convention
Mr. Faulkntir Ih particularly In
terested Just now In promoting tho
nlockmen'fl convention which will bo
held in Hurria In May. Hums Is pro
paring to muke this the largest and
most notable gathering in the ate
tory of tho association and la laying
Itself oat to make the oecas4bn ene
that will be remembered.
Mr. Faulkner laid., ttret on(.the
need for co-operation between thin
aectlon nnd Harney county so that a
road syHtom may bo comploted that
will nctually connect the two val
leys for un all year' road and wjll
bring travel thru central Oregon
Ontario ArgtiK
. O-tr- 1 i
Tho jioopTe of Monmouth were
ayaln distrubod by tbo out break of
tho O, N. S. Students. When n
serpentine took the utoroa, post
olllce and buuinesB nectlon of tho
town. Each etudont sang hla plea
for tho mlllage tax. Tho sorpertlno
ondod back of tho Dormatory, where
u bonfire lighted tho town and hot
doga nnd buns were nerved on atlckB.
Tho grovo was nlso nllvo that night
wll yells of '20 and 21.
Tho town pwa no chance for poaco
until tho students leave Thursday on
their Easter vacatlpn.
Some-say peace enn never be until
YES! I is written on May 21.
-o- '
Sovoral Red Cross HlankotH wore
loaned to patlontH that wore dls-
this olllco (ih thoy may bo badly need
cd ngaln, We -W"pt account for this
Makes Recommendations . to
Improve High School
V Building.
To tho Honorahlo Dalton HIkrh,
Circuit Judgo for thu Ninth Judicial
mliitrlct Btatu of OroKon.
j Wo, thu Grand Jury, regularly om-
pauuiioa, ueiT to minimi mo iomow
Wo IiUvo licon In huhhIoii flvo days.
Wo hnvo dlllcontly etuiuirod Into all
nclB violating thu lawn that hnvo
coino before uh. Wo hnvo roturnod
tlftuen (15) trno blllu nud two (2)
not truo bills.
Wo havo Inspected tho varlouH
oltlcoH In tho Court Houho nn far na
our limited, tlmu would permit, and
wo And Baton In well kept condition.
Wo llnd that tho HhorlfT'H olnce Is
uutlrely too small and Inadequate to
take cam of the business that U
handled through thin oMce. Wo re-
commend that an addition be built
on to tho Sherin'a olllce to relieve
this condition.
Wo havo not visited tho county
poor on account of qunrnntlno, but
we havo mado Inquiry Into their con
dition and It In our belief that tiamo
aro woll taken euro of.
. We havo vlriltvd tho County High
Rchool, and wish to commend tho
principal and toucher for tho pro
gress that Is being made und for tho
good nplrll manifested by tho pupils.
With reference to tho High School
HulldliiK. wo llnd that a great many
repairs and Improvements are need
od. It is (fur opinion that tho pres
ent High School building is entirely
inadequate for tho purpose for which
It In bolng used, but for tho present
wo recommend to the County High
School Hoard that such ropalrs be
mode as aro asked for by the princi
pal, Mr., M.cldc,
Wu respectfully submit this, our
Una! raoort, and beg to bo excused.
DART BILKlt, Foreman
ciiARLRfl maas
I. 8. OEEK
II. O. Btono. director for tho ntian
rini canipaiB" oi
i World Movement In Eastern Oregon
was in Hums last Saturday arrang
ing for tho organisation of Harney
county for participation in this nation-wide
activity. Ho wna in con
fororTco with Rev. R. S. Hughes and
prominent laymen In this community
and nn elllclent organization was ei
fected. W. J. Croxler being rondo
chulrmun of tho drive.
Tho national campaign of which
ttiiu lu u nurt will be the largest pro
ject of its kind over attempted. Morn
than 30 Protestant denominations
uro nsBOclatod in tho Interchurch
movemont and directly Interested In
tho campaign to ralHo funds which
will bo applied for homo nnd foro)gn
iuIhhIoiih, Aniorlrnii education, . roUg
inim oducatlon. linsnltnlH and- homes,
American mlalsterlnl relief nnd sup
port, nnd special ItunjH Including war
relief, etc.
On April 15-1C county conferences
will bo hold at Hums and Crano nt
which delegutos from all partH of tho
county will bo In attendance. Rev.
HughoH, who is county convenor for
the field department of tho Inter
churc Movoment, will bo In direct
chargo of convention arrnngomonts.
A visiting "tonm" of four or flvo mon
and women, recognized church load
ers of Oregon, will prenent a full con
sideration of local problems facing
tho Trotostant churches , together
with tho results of tho world-wide
survey JUBt completed,
Tho Important effect which tho
successful completion of the program
planned by this organization wilt
havo not only upon tho .rollgloua
life but upon tho wholo social struc
ture of America, Is winning for tho
movoment tho support not only of
tho loaders in tho churchos but of
prominent Inymon nnd loaders of
thought who have' novor previously
assisted in religious offort.
. ; O.
Ira Mahon was in town this week.
Claim Fraud in Elections of
Both Districts; Seek to
Annul Charters.
Threo suits wcro (llod In tho cir
cuit court (luring thn week having
for thulr purpoiio tho tying up of tho
Irrigation niovumunt In thin vicinity.
One Is lllud to annul tho formation
of the "wot" district on tho grounda
of Illegal ugreomoutfl. This null
further recltos that thu petition wuo
not brought boforo tho propor court,
because It was heard before Judge
Loveiin only without tho two com
mlsslonem taking part In the delib
erations. Another seokn to havo tho
election la the "dry" district set
aside because el fraud, In that un
due Influeace was used to defeat tho
proposed district and that votes were
cast by aartlee net entitled to voto;
the third le suit against the big
corafeani,,tk.I. L. 8. Co., the Will
lam Haaley Camnany and the Har
ney valley Improvement Co., the lat
ter a Haaley aaheMlary, asking that
the charters of the corporations be
annuled becauae of their activity In
defeating the formation of tho "dry"
district by use of large sums of mon
ey. Just what effect this la going to
have on the development of tho coun
try remains to be seen. Tho matter
will hnvo immediate attcutlon and It
Is expected disposed of at the term
of court now In cession.
(Tho Orogoulaii)
Thu wool market In thn northwest
Is slow In opening and tho soason Is
oven more backward than Inst year.
Shearing is under way In the Yakima
country, paftlculnrly around Klona
and MabtoiO but no transfers of the
rroasbreda have been announced yt
About 6000 fleeces havu been taken
on contract at Arlington by a Boise
speculator nt a prlw not reported
und little buying III' other localities
by interior speculators Is heard of,
but tho regular Uoalers have not
entered the market. The future is
too uncertain, in their view, for any
early buying movement of tho cus
tomary volume nnd with tho govern
ment snlcH und auctions of Import
ed wool, tho manufacturers aro not
showing their usual Intercut lu tho
new territory clip.
An uniiniincomont by the war de
partment shows that from Novem
ber 23, 1918, to ditto, 388,021, C9C
pounds of wool wcro disposed of, for
which thn payments were $299,141,
518, nt an average price of 59 cents
a pound for this period. The aver
ago selling prlco of 59 cents a pound
ia 12 cents less than tho total aver
age purchase prlco of 71 cents a,
pound. Tho total uvorago selling
prlco of 8 cents a pound Is 5 cents
a pound less than the cost to the
government for total wool sold to
m I . - ...... I .. . I It I nil Iaiu.
grado wools In the world, for which
fow pooplo at tho' present momoni
havo any market
deslro. Recent
cablo ndvlcos frdm South America
report that two-thirds of tho Argan-i
tlno clip, for tlif h season ia atlll un
sold, Also ono-balf of tho clip of
Uruguay-is unsold still, Redldes tho
English government la withdrawing
from the Colonial auctloni. in Lon
don und olHowhora lurgo quantities
of low cross-brod New Zealand and
Austrian wools, which aro not
wanted, Evorywhoro the demand is
Lfor the line wools, becuuso of tho
sustained popular clamor for fllvV
goodH. In this country there( afe
considerable quantities of low South
American wools hold privately in
addition to the large stocks of such
wools owned by tho government
Consequently thoro Is no pressure to
buy such wools In Argentina on tho
part of the American Importers and
the continental Importers, who for
merly took quantities of these wools,
aro not in a position to absorb very
It Is reported by cablo that Aub
trallan wool grovyoru may seek leg
iBlatlou to protect tho now clip. The
trado doos hot know Just how to in-
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Circuit Judgo Dalton Biggs arriv
ed over from his homo at Ontario on
Saturday night and was' ready to
open an adjourned term of circuit
court Monday morning and Clio
grand Jury couvonod at tho- sumo
time. During tho week Judgo Ulggo
linn hoard some motions nud argu
ments on nevornl law and equity
cnHoa nud was present to rovoivo any
report, Jtl,Q, grand Jury might havo.
. TjuuVsWry llioro had boon several
indlctmouts brought In among thorn
bolng two against Rodney Dnvln, ono
for beating n board bill and the other
charging lurceny by ballco.
Tom. Dalloy has been Indicted on
two charges of larcony of calves.
Frank Mclluruey is also Indicted
on n chnrgo of larcony.
The court sustained tho demurror
filed In tho adjudication of water
rights on Silver Creek. This milt
was brought asking for adjudication
hut the court held thnt the applica
tion should be made by a .water user.
Ton days are given for further filing.
State Hsfkway Eifffeer
Here hu&ctin Rods
8tato Highway Engineer Nunn
apent a few days In this jrfcinlty dur
ing the present week, leaving for
Portland Tuesday afternoon. Mr.
Nunn waa here to Inspect some of the
work already done on the highway
between' this city and Lawen, also to
go over tbo proposed post road bo
tween hero and Buntex.
Mr. Nunn wan accompanied by
Division Engineer Kolley of Tho
Dalles. Nothing was given out for
publication nn to location of tho routo
to Suntex or any of tho new work
uuder consideration.
Intrchuch World Movement
Team te Illustrate Talks
Wkh Lantern Slides.
Tho Harney county conferonco of
tho Interchurch World Movoment
will be held lu tho First Presbyterian
Church on the evening of April IS,
the first bobhIoii starting at eight
o'clock, according to County Chair
man, H. S. Hughes, Pastor, who has
the local arrangements for tho con
ference lu churgu. This Is ono of
tho conferences which will bo held lu
every county In Oregon during thn
early part of April. According to
present arrangements the conference
will Include representatives from
each of tho Protestant churches of
county associated with the Inter
church "World Movement und any
other church membors or friends of
the churchos who may wish to at
tend. Tho team of speakers who will
havo chargo of tho program at this
conference were trulued at a speak
ers' trolrtliiK conferonco which was
linld In T'nrilriml on Prldnv. March
2Ci T,oy wlll have complete store
optlcon equipment and will present
tho sumo HlfdC3 thai wora'us'od In tho
stntd pastors' conforenco In Portland
lln March,
At this conferonco, which U an
outgrowth of the statu pastors' con
ference, nn organization will bo mado
for financing and Improving tho local
churches und to mobolizo tho Christ
ian forces for their part in tho cam
paign to raise Orogon's quotn of tho
budget to bo secured during tho unit
ed 'simultaneous campaign April 2G
'to May 2 -Jo carry out this pro
gram in ita many details thoro wlll
be sot up a county church organiza
tion, This will be headed by a coun
ty advisory committee, composed of
the pastor, a man and woman worker
from each church in the county and
chosen representatives of tho for
ward movements of each denomina
Tho following wero granted their
naturalization papers by Judgo Dlgg
on Wodnosdny of this wook;
Otto Johnson, Albert Dondnuw, A,
H. Olasoj, John R. Cono and Jnko
Aschbackor, :
Herbert Irving Reported As
Missing But is Located;
Has Scotch Bride.
Horbort Irving, son of Mr. and
Mra. Robt. Irving, hna bcon located
by tho Red Cross of Now York nftor
being missing for tho past few weeks.
Sovernl days ago tho local Rett
CrosH Chapter rocolvcd u tolcgrum
from Red Cross northwest headquar
ters nt Seattle, stating that a wiro
from Now York had boon received to
tho oflTcct that Horbort Irving, for
merly connected with tho radio nor
vlco of the navy, hud been mlsslm?
from that city for a time und that
hla Scotch war bride was worried.
The telegram asked the local Chap
ter to get In touch with hla parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Irving, and as
certain If they had any late word
from their son.
Upon communicating with the par
ents and brothers and sisters of
Herbert they were much surprised t
learn that he bad a bride at all, ha
not having communicated with then
the fact that he had been married.
At first they were somewhat concern
ed respecting the fate of tbo boy but
later It wan found hla mother had
had a letter from him since tho data
of his supposed disappearance. Herb
ert has been with tho big steam thin
concern slnco receiving his discharge
from the navy and it wua thought
ho might bo on a voyage on notr.n
A lotter received Wednesday by
Cnpt. Robt. M. Duncan, chairman of
tho Homo Service section of thn
local Red Crosn states Herbert has
been located and that a lotter Is In
"Dum" Irving, as ho In familiarly
known to hla former school mitten lu
tho Harney county High school, if
one of tho first Harney county boy
to enlist. He did not mako any
show of It but quietly went away and
volunteered boforo he mado his in
tontlon known to oven his mother.
He is a line kid with lots of get up
that will take him through jlfo. Hit
parents and brothers and sisters nn
particularly deslrlous of knowing
more of his marriage nnd his Scotch
bride. He'll have to come through
with thu vtory now that It Is known
to home folks.
j "Don't delay treating spring wheat
Heed for stinking smut!"
! TIiIh is the message of cereal spec
ialists In tho United States Depart
Intent of Agriculture to spring wheat
I growers In the Northwest, whom
slinking smut or bunt of wheat I
prevulent and annually causes great
Stinking smut of wheat may ba
prevented readily by treating tho
soed with formaldohydo or with blu-j-stono.
Formaldohydo is very gener
ally used in tho region cast of tho
Rouky Mountains. In tho Pacific
I Coast States bluostono Is moro com
j inonly employed,, because It usually
I gives very much better results; this
,ls doubtless because soil infestation
occurs in that region.
Tho hoHt method of applying tho
formaldohydo solution U by thu ho
called "dipping method," which Is na
follows;' Prepare a solution of for
umldohyde, using 1 pound to 40 gal
lons of water. Placo somo of tho
solution In n tub or barrel; pour tho
grain to be treated slowly into the
solution, stirring thoroughly, so that
tho smut bulls and trash may float M
the urfaco and be skim mod off.
Drain tho solution off from tho seed
and pour it out In a pllo nnd cover
with sacks or canvas for C to 13
hours. Do not allow tho seed to ro
main In the solution moro than 10
minutes. Forty gallons of the sol
ution' Is sufficient to treat 40 bushels
of grain, After removing tho coven
from the grain spread it out to dry.
It Is necessary to avoid contamin
ating tho seed nguin. It must hot
ho placed in smutty sacks, nor sown
with a smutty drill, Sacks, bins,
drill, etc., may bo disinfected by
washing thoroughly with a solution
of formaldohydo of 1 pound to 10
gallons of water,