The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 27, 1920, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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    VAOK HlttllT
' II 11
T 1 M K K . It V. H
U f II N H
There are four men who shouldn't save their
money.. We will tell you about the first man
this week. Next week we will tell you about
the second man and so on until we have told you
about all four of them. These men will be des
ignated as "Man Number One" "Man Number
Two" etc.
The man who is dead sure of his job
for lifedead sure beyond peradven
ture. Certain that his income will
never be less, nor his needs greater
than they are today; let this man
spend his money as fast as he earns it
and worry not. There are few though
who have "life tenures" and you are
not likely to be that man.
If you don't come in the Man
Number One class wouldn't
it be a wise move on your
part to start saving now?
We pay 4 per cent com
pounded semi-annually on
savings accounts and you
can start an account for
First National Bank
The Bank That Belives in Harney County
I Duwoy Koblnnon
'Ppnim Wiiflmiuilntt
wiiu up from
N. 1.
Nuttor lino boon In from tho
Mountain section for a fuw
David Crow woh In town for a Mr, and Mra. E(l Kr woro ovor
short tlmo during tho woolc looking from tho rftnch for u hort vlsll tlur.
after l)Ulno88. ,jnj, t)lu wooj( having conio over to
Horn Tuesday. Mnreh 23. to Mr moot Mm. KkII and tho glrU nftor
...... ...
' and Mm. Gcorgo II. Mariidon, at Can
you City, a baby girl. Shu wolRliod
8" rounds and lma boon named
Anna Luella.
thoy returned from California.
MIbsos Loora and Helen Ooodlow
have returned from a vtoit to their
grandparents at Donlo. Thoy nrrlv
ed homo Wednesday night and Mian
Leora has again taken up hor work
la the tolophone office and Helen re
samed her work In the high school.
Mrs. A. Egll and hor daughters.
Misses Leila and Mario, arrived homo
from California last Saturday ovon
lug. Mrs. Kgll had been In Califor
nia for Homo time, having been cal
led down because of thu Illness of
hor eon Elitworth. MIshoh I.ollii and
Mario wont down thu first of this
mouth to Join their mother and
hrothor for n short vacation visit and
to accompany her homo. All nro on
Joying very good health. Miss l.olla
has resumed her place in tho First
I Mrs. Olio Hoblnson made a trip to
.Diamond last Saturday where sho
I visited her daughter and family, Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Savclk. .Upon her re
turn sho wan accompanied by hor
llttlo grandson, I'aul Suvclk.
Judge Grant Thompson, one of tlto
directors of tho Harnoy Valley Irri
gation District, and C. T. Miller, a
mnmbor of tho board of commission
ers of tho same dstrlot, were up from
their homo:i at Lawon during tho
wnok on business In connection with
tho duties of their respective of
ficos In thu organization.
Illologlst Horn loft tho first of this
week for other pouts to do demon
stration work in tho eradication of
posts. Ho Iiiih it big territory to
cover and will ho kept on tho go
much of tho tlmo from now on dur
ing tho season. Ho went from
A. JO. Drown Is In from his rancl
Mrs. Francos Clark, school nupt,
was out visiting uomu of tho Hohooltf
during this week.
A quantity of furniture and house
hold goods woro rocolvod this week
by Dr. and Mrs. Uuerkl.
Mr. and Mrs. John McLean woro
up from tliulr home near Fields dur
ing tho wook on businosa.
C. A. Mllor, I. L. S, Co. enttlo
foreman, was ovor from his head
quarters in tho Drowiioy country you
torday. Frod Smyth and his wlfo and his
mother, Mm.' CiiboIo Smyth, woro In
from tholr homo at Diamond during
tho woek.
. Fred Otloy and his daughter, ac
companied by Mrs. McKllnloy Thom
pson, wero dp from tho Lawon neigh
borhood last Saturday.
J. W. McCulloch of tho law firm of
McCulloch &. Duncan, camo ovor
from Ontario thu first of this wook
and has since boon consulting with
Mr, Duncan and tholr clients, ,
D. 13, Morgan has been sent to tho
southern part of tho county again by
tho Census unumorator to do ho mo
special work In finishing - up tho
enumerations In this county.
Ilov. Wm. Ilntrd, Sunday School
Missionary, who has hcun looking
If A It N H V C 1 N T V
O l j; a t ,.
HuMtid iy. Mnli IT. I i.
Hncoul rtilu and slight flurry of
imow ii to nn ii havo boon of vast bono
lit to tho range.
Wm. Uyram, tho Canyon crook
stock man, was registered at a localJ
hotel tho other day.
Ilov. D. 8. Hughes made, a tour"
of the Happy Valley section of thin
county during the wook.
J. W, Biggs arrlvod homo this
woek from a business trip to his big
ranches and stock rnngon In tho
southern part of tho county.
A. A. Holnamun arrived homo thin
wook from California where ho had
boon spending tho winter. Ho con
templates remaining hero perman
ently now mid will develop some of
It Iff land holdings.
Fred DoNoffo, at ono tlmo associ
ated with Archio McQnwan in busi
ness In this city, was up from Port
land for several days during tho
week, leaving on his return Thurs
day inornng. Mr. DoNoffo wan horo
on business and renewing acquain
tances. Ho has not lost his interest
In tho development of this big
country and hopes yet to hu a factor
when tho tlmo comes for somo big
J. W. Huchonan was over from tho
ranch Wednesday looking after somo
buslnoss hut rnturnrd homo tho snmo
day. Ho ban goten busy of late and
ft rr,i ivn rrn tm imn&mtutHLiF.(imtmmie irM'iMi.
Fur a -Greater Harney County
after tho 'outlying sections of this keeps pretty close to homo. Joo Is'
county for several years, Is 'n town I Interested In tho coming iitockmons
the man who has saved nothing say "I had
the chance of a lifetime a few dollars was
all I needed but "
The man whom opportunity favors is the
zone who is strong enough to saVe while
others spend. He does without little
things to have great ones.
This Bank Maintains
a National
Savings Department
- Harney County
National Bank
For a Greater Harney County
and will occupy the pulpit at thu
Presbyterian church tomorrow morn
log. " Mrs. C. W. Lowls painfully Injured
hor knoo recently and has to uso a
crutch to get about her home. Their
llttlo daughter, Itettlo, Is also III and
had to bo taken to tho flt. Joseph
Hospital becauso her mother was
not.ablo to care for hor.
J. Coto a Hurveyor has arrived
from Portland to subdivide tho lands
of tho Pacific Live Stock Company
which iire to bo sold this spring. Mr.
Colo has had somo difficulty locating
tho old Government comers , but
thinks ho will hu ahjo to overcomo
this without any delay, as his In
structions aro to complulu tho work
as quickly as pbMlhlo.
William Honwlck, thu Follyfarm
convention and whan discussing tho
problem of housing guests said that
ho and C-uorgo could taku caro of a
lot of people if it come to a "show
down," but no doubt they would
rather remain closer to Hums be
cause of thu evening entertainments
Tho P. L. B. Co. olllces nro now lo
cated in tho Masonic Dulldlng, hav
ing been moved up from thu ranch
during this week. With tho placing
of land on thu market and tho add
itional duties connected with tho
Harney Valley Irrigation District, of
which Hunt. Oleen Is a momher, it
was found ho could not do all that
was necessary by keeping thu officii
at the Island Itanch. "llllllo" Cur
roll, who' has briMi a deputy In thu
county clerk's olllco for tho pant sov
eral years, has boon put In c)iar.M of
tho company oirtrus lu this city. Mr.
-13 per
Owing to wholesale conditions, It MILK FOIl BALE,-
is necessary that wo. do a strictly Pcr month. U. A.
cash business. We will ask all our tiio nrlto of bread hns bei
patrona to begin paying cash with all vanccd at Pngo'n Sweet Shop bo(l
purchases beginning with April 1
Pago'a Bwuot Shop.
siocKnmn nnu mercnani, was in un- Carroll is an energetic, doservlng
city tho first Vf this week attending iyoug nmn ,, ,,.,,, nro K,a(,
ho has a permanent position that la
jamcu and John Qoarhart, Mi.
llaydon and Jess Davis woro all over
from tholr homo In tho Calamity
crook country this wook on buslnobB.
Calamity crook Is not properly nam
ed, as this paper has pointed out in
tho past, but tho name stlckB Jnst'tho
name It is ono of tho real produc
tive spots of JInrnoy county and" is
more entltlod to being called tho
."Land of Milk and Honey." Why
tho dovll don't tha follows who llvo
over there got together and glvo It
u now namo. Tho Tlmos-Horuld will
mako it a point to havo a story about
It overy week for u month following
tho ovont in order to got tho nowi
immo firmly established in tho mlnda
of tho rcsidontH of Harnoy county,
I to Wnsco, Morrow and Umatilla
tc Mima business matters. Mr. Hon
wick reports lino weather la his
neighborhood but regrets It, berauso
of lack of moisture. Ho fqcls It will
require a great amount of rainfall
to keep tho rango In shape for stock
during tho grazing season.
Zooth Houser, former U. H. Mar
shal of Oregon, Is horo from bin
homo In Umltllla county to purchnso
a car load or moro of mules to sup
ply somo of his neighbors In tho
grain fields of his county. Mr. Hous
er Is qiilto well known to many of
Urn citizens of this county as hu for
merly bought cattle In thin territory
to feed during tho winter from his
oxtonslvu. alfalfa fields. Of later Mr. Hoover has developed a
line dairy herd and uses all tho for
ago die raises.
Notice Is hereby given that the
postponed annual mcetnff of the
Stockholders of the Masonic Build
ing Association, of Durn", Oregon,
will bo hold at tho Masonic Hall,
'Hums, Oregon, on Tuesday tho 20th
of April, 1920, at 2 o'clock p. m.
LKOX M, UHOWN, Secretary "
counties. Mr. Horn expects
back horo for tho cattle and
raisers convention lu May.
to bo
National Hank nnd Mario has return- noro to I'cdmond and thcro hoiCr A. Hlco, Portland', City Huporlil-
tid to her studies In thu high school. ,IJ oliMlulotl for I'rlnovlllo, then In- tondont R. L. Kirk. Tho Dalles; City
miporiuiomioui u. a. uriscoo, ash
land: M'hh Wlunlfrcd Dennis, Miss
Josslo McGregor, both of Portland,
Miss Gonevicvo dorrel), Hoff, Miss
Alta Vita Ulack, Yamhill, and Miss
Selma Johnson of baker, represent
ing elementary grade toachors.
Tho committee will submit detail
ed report in- tho near futura which
will bo mailed to thoqo receiving Uih)
Plain .and Fancy
Masquerade Costumes
In tho Loclier Hulldlng, ncrns
street from Summit Hotel
Phono O50
Wm. Farre
Practice before U. ti. Limit
Department uud
Real Estate
Indications nro that tho
luro of thu lantl will
attract many Investors to
Harney County tho com
ing season, LInUhkn how
will tw kept before pros
pvctlvo iHvofctont the en
tiro XCUMm.
Have You Heard
Plays All Makes of Records
Now on Display
The Rexall Drug Store
ii '
1 Easter
X An attractive showing X
I of seasonable Millinery, I
I in Dress and Taylored X
X Modes on disolav X
i j .... " i
IT M.k 11 d
Havo jour watch overhauled. Htai t I
tho old clock to ticking, got that old
ploco of Jewelry lu wearing order, iT
I havo found Mr. D. B. Morgan
honoot In all huelncsn trammctlon
with mo. Htatetnentn to tho con
trary aro falno.
Hlzo of tho loaf haa boon Incrca
correspond. Ixiuvoh are now Hi
.iuntoad of 16 and tho price lit 20 1
for ono loaf, two for 35c. Skli
. delivery Soorvlco. Adv. M
When nick go to Klng'n lio
Hoot oqulpned eurgury in tho lnt
uud graduate nurno in charge. I
Crane, Oregon
March 17, 1029
9:00 A.
Huron Garage,
Huron, Oregon.
Effective March
('ellverloB Pearl oil ono cent per gal
Money to loan on Irrigated
and ranchvM at O per cent. At
utlon plan ti to 40 yearn time.
Join no iiNMicuttlOH and buy no i
Can loan $37,500 to ono Intllrk
I No ml tape ulrk kcrvlce.
17th advnnc.i nil V"r nnnlicMtlon now. Harm')-
ly AUMtrart tympany. au.ii.,
Try KlroitoHO
Garage. .
Adv. I
Ion and lied Crown gasoline two
couts por gallon.
Special Agvnt
Standard Oil Cotupauy um tho tax rollrctor'M Matrment
Tho Ilurnn Oarago will eontlnuo to "nt le with i
nana mr iiNvmi'Hi w namr.-
Oat of town taxpayer vho
hh to pay their taxra will plciui
noil gaxollno
at former
prices for
Mra. B. P. Schwartz In receiving
her nprlng and summer rooda. Now
goods arriving frequently. You aro
invited to call and hmi thorn.
Arrangementa have heen
with the Sklena delivery servkvj
deliver our meats to any pwti
town. O.-W. Cash Market,
No. C. 1-31.
This is the waist and blouse season; the
first thought of a spting suit means
that milady will want all that is new
and dainty in waists to wear with it.
Mrs. Leiah Millar t
Clinging silks, crepe de chine andi
georgette waists, together with!
dainty laces, drapery goods, ribbon,;
etc., are among our spring arrivals;
Ladies' and men's underwear
Men's shirts
Swell line of neckwear for men
Dainty kimonas in
serpentine crepe
Lunahurg, Dalton &
Burns, Oregon
Havo your eyes fitted to IteadliiK.
With Mru, SchWHrlx
III MukohIc BmIUIhk
glassoN, oo 0. M. HAL1HI1UHY
Jowelcr, optician,