The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 06, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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i t'tU. M.ireh (I, 1020.
I U R T I M 1! H II V. IX A T. I) B f It N M , II A It t: V C 0 V A TV, O It EOON
i How To Make Fish Scent
To Attract Animals
Could Hardly Stand up-Suff-cred
Thirty Years-Restored
By Taking Tanloc
"D.jWy Smith's Homo dttrdon Mar
ket. Fresh VoKOtablea mid Plants
or . 'I KimlH for Sale Horo."
Wt iv ovop'liocly in Lou Anculen
will rrmember huvltiK reml tho nliovo
huji t . 711 South Miilno Htrool, unit
nut ti. ' of f plo nro iiurHoimlly
nCqu lnt'il with J. F. ("Daddy" i
Sir't i owr, whose place if IntHlucmt
I !l" Smith In not Mly lh
oiiki )io!ted on, business nffrilrn, well tip on mitttoro o.
p, i lufenmt. Ho talks oHpuclally
i ,t ! . on tho fmhjool of
i ihK, nit h says, tried evory-
i i it the p(it thirty yours In
In- ' overoonie a ehronlu eaio
of i 'ion. Id rolatliiK hl ux
ii r i few days ao "Daddy"
Sm1')' a KP'nt deal to wiv ahont
Ta i ' ' I'lnrhiK that It. In tho onlv
nu lii ii he ever found Hint did
Mlir iuuJi Kood. Hunt In lilt slutn
nu" '
or ,i least thirty years I litivo
mC' ri d flie worst kind from IiiiIIkui
i tor: Vi-r eatliiR I would ttloat np
n ti.-lit as a drum and hint feol mis
r.i1 e for hours. DnrliiK the past
tlir- y -.irs etpeelully 1 Jusf. mi floral
,mo aim no mauer wnai i ate. ir
onl' a i'tH-e of hrend the results woro
the K.iiii' 1 often Mind to r,t up
'br-i- r four time at iiIrIi and tnkd
miI,i -oiuethliiB else trying to not my mlnerv io I could
m. i t had no appetite, and with
otilv two or three hours tlcop nt
m and not tmtliiR much. of any
in: I Kt no nervous and weak that
i -iM hardh kif(ii enlne
('or Hornet lines before 1 took Tan-
. I would nut attempt to cross the
i itlone. for I was no weak I wan
r .1 i.f f.dlliiK. I wa dlty all tlut
in . i'mI would trHinttio all nir llko
iii.i: W- ll. I was fomploltdv down
i- i . hi not worth i iilekle. mo far
r- i i- kind of work wns ron'rnH.
i i v p .1.1 nnd ludlix a Kreiit ilou'
k i i i " i.-- I have 'rlwl evorv niud
i. I i v-r heard of and I will say
r ii ix r that I have uevur found!
i.i i unl of Tanlac. At first I
M 'it'll TanlHC wan koIiik tti fall
tn- i;k nil tt rtHt linri, as llt first
i'""'' "Hi'-d to do mo Mtte if any
)"i' I stuek to It and wnlle
. i: mOi Lot tie my stomach tic
nn to f "-l like n new one. Well
Mr in 'lay I am In better condition
Mm I have heeu In for many years!
and I am Mill kuIdIiik hoth In woJkIiI
and strength rlKht nlotiK. I work !
every day without tlrlnj; easily,
Just anything I want and sleep llko
a Iok every nlnht. For a Ioiik tlmu
I htivt; been bothered with my kid
neys, but since taking Tunlac they
are better and my whole system has
been built up splendidly. I want to
say to nny ono suffering from itoni
nch troublo and a run-down condi
tion, take Tanlac by nil moans, for
my experience ia that there's nothing
like It."
Tanlac Is sold In Hums by Heed
Droit., and In Crane by tho Vale
TradliiK Co. Adv.
Ad offoc.Hvo fish irnont for uso In
trapping wolves, coyotes, wild oats,
and other carnivorous nnlmals' may
bo propared In tho following way,
accordng to tho ltlologlcal Survey,
United States Dojmrtment of Agrlcul
turo: '
, ' Any kind of fish may bo used, but
such oily varieties as Bturgeon, eels,
trout, nuekora, und carp nro prefer
'i Hitusago mill, placed In strong tin
or Iron cans, and loft In a wnrm place
to decompoBo thoroughly. Knch can
mutt bo provided with u small vent
to allow tho oscapo of gun, otherwise
thoro Is dangoc of oxplonlon, hut tho
nporturo must bo screened with n
fold of cloth to provent tiles dopoolt
tng eggs, un tho scout seems to lose
mucbof Its (unllty If a eonsldorablo
number of maggots develop.
Time (iivos Strength
This scent may be used within
three dnys after It Is prepared, hut
It Is moro lasting and penotratlug
after a. lapse of .'to dnyi.
1 Fish Hcent nlono host 'been used
with excellent resulty. hut several
niodllleatlons nro hlgh'ly recoininend
ed. Using the decomposed fish at
a basis, mice, heuVer castors, musk
glands from minks, weasels, inuik
rnts, and tho bladders of coyotes and
bobcats may be added. Oil given
body to the scent nnd to a certain
extent prevents .freezing In zero
weather. If the mixture appears loo
thin, glycerin, brains, fish oil, hntter
fat, or such other animal tills as fat
from woodchuckH nnd ground squirr
els may be added.
(immI System for Hunters
An excellent system for a hunter
to 'follow In to commeuro wH1i a
itunutlty of ground flsh placed - In
largo Iron containers, similar to a
milk can. As the original lot Is
used on the trap Hue, it should he
replenished by adding more fresh
fish oud others of the Ingredients
to time of new material seour to
Improve the quality of tho scent
mentioned. The addition from tltr.e
red. Tho flesh should be ground in
in l lire.
o '
Are you witling to admit that you
are not na good as other people in
democratic America?
Do you agree that there Is a strata
above you, as well as below you?
If so, tho middle, clasn union, re
cently formed id New York, will wel
come you with opon arras provided
you nro not a capitalistic profiteer or
a member of a labor union.
The middle class union ban for lt
object the protection of the interests
of what It tortus tho middle class
tho lawyers,, doctors, teachers, and
all otlieni wl'io are not capitalists or
nlllllated with labor unions. It
malufalus that- this great class Is ul
the mercy of hoth capital and organ
ized labor, and Is further trimmed
by the profiteers In other lines,
Kmitucli'ntlou is its object.
Tho object In a worthy one, and
organization Is needed among thorn)
people. It may In time grow to re
npectnhln and even formidable pro
portions- -ufter n new name has been
The average Amerlcnil likes to
think that he is Just as good as any
other man Hint the self-styled
American aristocracy nro Jimt a
hunch of scheming, unscrupulous,
profiteering llnnnclal huccineers,
moral degenerates aping Hie ways of
the old world.
Middle class?
Not on your life. Hvory'mnn is
oeateil serenely on tho top of the lad
derat least In hla own estimation.
,, . ;
Wise and
Our daintiest III do maid says she
lias one grave criticiiun to pasa upon
tho year J mil. There was too much
nainonoHB to the llguros of tho year.
And yet it Is quite easy for any
weary pilgrim to pork up, when ho
baa tho perklngfl with which to do
tho perking.
Mr. Hoover, at leant, in ontltted
to ono form of distinction. Ho ad
mits that ho Im not a candldato for
What, wo wonder, portends this
ominous quiet south of tho Itlo
Grande? Vic Carrnnr.a hasn't erupt
ed for at leant 1M hours, and that is
some record for ho of tho whiskers.
America in largo, nnd wo have
much room to spare, but not one inch
for the ciins who nooks to overthrow
tlm government of the United Slates,
Wo Mriay, or wo may not, bo of IIiij
party in power hut we are American
all, and wo want nothing but Amer
icanism 100 per cent pure. That'll
our creed,
Yes, ovory man has a will of his
own provided ho Is not a politician
or his wife is not around.
Now tlmt about every, stale has Its
favorite sou In tho wild und woolly
presidential scramble, it hi time for
the cities, towns and villages to trot
'em out. Who's ours?
Humor hns It Unit .modern man.
In order to hook pace with tho women
will soon be tripping daintily down
the street garbed In decoleto shirts
and short pants.
Sooner or Infer we'll fcol In on this
profiteering game our&df. Havo
you mi automobile you want to trade
In on subscription?
20,000 Acres
with water rights for sale on
Blitzen River in tracts of 80
Acres or more. Reasonable
prices one-fifth cash balance I
easy terms, six per cent in
terest. Eastern Oregon Live Stock
crane Company oregon
In some quarters it t suggested
that a tnx of 1,000 a gallon be
placed on liquor. And about how
much, at that rate, would bo tho
price of a common, ordinary, sniff?
A noriouo unompl.oyir.ont cituation arono.
Ex-norvloo mon woro without worlt. So nro
pon'n nmmifnoturorn lnoronsod tho numbor
of tholr omployoon,
A grontor output foHwvod with tho atten
dant probjoa of flndlnft a wirfcet. Tho wir
kot found - tho oxoollorwn of Gr"o-.
I'.on'a prod uc to oroutad demund und oarrlod
ujj "over tho top".
Associated Induntrioa of Ororjon
When your cough
and tickling:
throat keep
you awak
When you havo that uncomfortable
feeling of wanting to clear your
throat constantly to no avuil -when
you are honrse and sore from
continual coughing then you will
White Pine
Boothing nnd cfTcctivc. PUROLA
White Pine Compound containa
White Pine Bark, Tar, Wild Chcr'ry
Hark, Balm of Gilead, Menthol and
other remedial ingredients valuable
for certain disorders of the jhroat
nnd lungs.
I'VllOr.A Wh'tr Vine Compound i
uuurimttvl In ''f jmre tnxl if lou ,
are no ilUfitl with it, yunr crutf
iUt will ri'uml tour money. '
Prepared and Guaranteed
Uy the
DIutnaucr-Franlc Laboralorie
The Most Welcome Tire
That Ever Came to Market
Men Who Appreciate Superlative Values Prefer The Brunswick
In every great tires factory, the
chief question i3: "How much can
avc tfive for the money?" And the
product depends on the policy,
Every man who hnu become ac
quainted with Brunswick Tires
3:nows that Brunswick standards
are again evident. This famous con
cern nc-tod rp r. !:dcr in every
line it entered since 1845 has once
more proved that its policy is right.
A perfect tire is simply a matter
of knowledge and standards and
fckill. No secrets nor patents prd
arent making on ideal tire.
But standards come first. For iti
itire making there is vast room for
skimping, tor subtle economies, for
hidden shortcomings. Makers with
out the highest standards 'don't
build high-grade tires.
The Brunswick organization of
tire makers includes a brilliant staff
of technical experts. Not a man
among them had spent less than
20 years in handling rubber.
Each is a master of hie craft.
And the new idees they bring to
the attention of Brunswick direc
tors receive sincere consideration."
Every proved betterment is
adopted unanimously.
The Brunswick Tire is a combi
nation of acknowledged features
plus Brunswick standards of manu
facture. The result is a super-tire, the like
of which you have never known be
fore. The kind of a tire you will
gladly join in welcoming.
Yet Brunswicks cost no more
than like-type tires.
Try ONE Brunswick. We prom
ise a surprise. And we feel certain
that you will want ALL Bruns
wicks. Then good tires will h,ave a new
meaning to you.
Portland Headquarters: 46-48 Fifth Street
Sold On An Unlimited Mileage
Guarantee Basis
4 .
Cord Tires with "Driving" and "Swastika" Skid-Not Treads
v v , , Fabric Tires in "PUun,w "Ribbed" and "BBC" Skid-)Not Treads
I i
m :