The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 06, 1920, Image 1

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ltrlA'H ' rtty .water, and
M'wvr vloni all couiliiK.
IIoiiiIikI4 no tl'bYlondM, fam
ily, and " M-rtl-T-wlnit tnoro
r'xn man n.k?" Harney Cun
l ami Horns have bcKuu ti
"Men willingly tjolloi'j that
which they wish." If oiiIoii'I
Iwllovo Tho Tlmes-If crald i
the jilaco for jour ml, liU bo
cHiiwyou am not see
yoiir-'ImidncKS grow.
NO. 19
Burt C. Junes, Tormcr Club
Secretary, Interviewed.
Present Service Responsible
For Trade Going Outof
Stale; .Western Con
nection Urged.
A one-man S.' b.fcS.c6xpedltlon ar
rived ii Portland thin inornliiK from
UuriH in tin derson or HiuU C.
Joiiu i-irct.iry of tlnj Iturnn Coin
mcn lull.
V 'tu-il to Portland.' said ho,
"Ve . t an nutomohllo mall routo
letwc )"iid and Hunis, Wu want
to I 1 1. allied to do buslno with
Prriiaii l Wo want to cut down the
titiii' It ri'cinlr?! to send u letter be
tween Hums and Portland from four
nas -. t - I hours.
. twmt to got our Journals In
llurr t before tho uuwii gets old. Ho
o'.i rollze that wu do not rovolvo
The S ii ml a v Journal until Wednes
day .ii d Mimellinos Thurbduy follow
Ins' Idaho (Jets Huincr.H
' If ( want to transact a hurry up
order for vegetables, automobile tiro
urniriiH, tuoiUH and fruits or other
imckiigo t ouiiuodltlcs do you think
tho mhr is addressed to some Port
laud house. Not for a minute. It
koi i o Holut, Idaho. And wlij ?
Slmjl tea n so Undo Sam's mail
rarre s lmt order to HoIfo by way of
Crane ninl Ontario In ouu day; tho
order J filed Mid wo remulvo It the
following evening. H we Hent thin
ordir to Portland Monday, tho busl
ncM bonne would rocolvu It Thurs
lay morning or noon If nil wont well.
Wo will credit tho Portlund concern
with using all diligence Jn filling and
setting ll off the same, thun we
would receive It in Hum about Moil
day - one week after tho order wan
fllliHl, The difference in that be
tween 48 hours dealing with Boise
and 7 dayn dealing with Portland.
Matter of IlaMnc
"That Ih tho reason and not the
luck of loyalty to homo iuduatry and
honiu business that HurnB deals with
DoIno liiHtead of with Portland.
"It required hut seven hours' run
ning time In an automobile, Tuesday,
for me to traverno by way of the Cen
tral Oregon highway tho ISO miles
n'tween HtiriiH and lloiid. I camo
'rorn Head to Portland during the
KM by train. Had wo a mall and
( kage freight route tho way 1
an: i' would be an easy to bundle
ii il if tl mflrchaiidliie In the Ha him
'Iim The letter mailed In Hurns
loday would reach Portland tomor
row morning.
"IluriiH ban no railroad, Hut
Hums Ih one of tho moat active bunl-J-esa
and agricultural tenters in Ore
koii The hUHlneufl which Hums has
to oflcr will amount annually to a
(ood many millions ef dollars. The
monthly Htatemesta ef ur two bankti
run about $1,000,999 each.
I toad Development VrK'l
' I n't that business worth the at
U .'" n of Portland'? Can't wo have
1, cooperation of Portland in in
1 1' Ire, the postal. department to os
i h ho mall routeJTha freight
v .i '.then r.oUe',autiatlcalIy. 11
vt i j g perfectly' almnla and eiiHy
v freight and mall trainmorted
ri Iturms and Ilond to Hecttro
1 jirnianeit ImpjYcinent of tho
" ii Oregon 'lilghway. Thq Im
otint at that routo would con
i the greatest Hlnglo dovolop-
in CVutVal Oregon. Thus tho
inn. which is now attractive,
i" .n I'dhtttly upon the crtabllKhineni
t th mall routo would hi) imiltl
1'iud many fold."
Jones cftrrlgd his appeal to tho
Pt.M nil Chamber Of Commerce. The
J0U a. had already taken tho mttt
''r effort the chamber and AHHiHtant
rctar Ilethertou had called on
I'xai Jobbers for written Htatemonts
( wnat (he propoacd mall and freight
r uii w6uld mean.
Postal AImi' Appeal led to
Vr.Htai athortlea had also been
f'liri'alt'd to 'RB.4 an Invcutigation In
ii'Mltr way,, it waH said.
0'mrHiHwii N. J. Rlnnott has
F'ftdged to Jlearetary Jones and Tho
loiiroarh'Is'uHqualllled effort for the
rani routft atid will Jpad tho caii)
ab n at Washington 'with the up
i . now pjftrtgeil. of Bunatora
1 "i uln andMcNary and C.QiigreHa
McArthta and Ilawley.
i;Uopoi)lo of IJuniB and Ilarnoy
atv fe'eya liyoly appreciation for
k .(ouruiil'a aupport. of (hi?,
r :o' c'mwpalku "nd uro Buro that .because .pyery argument
'i il Journal,
Burns Cash Stoe to Double
Size of Present Quarters
'Work Starts Soon.
Messrs. J no Thompson and A. K,
ehardHon havo purchaHod tho pro-
rty adjoining the Uuviis Oash Store
m. ii. . nti,,, a f
an and will at once begin' the oror -
Mm. ,.f ii ul...... ulrnntnr, ,lii,.ll,tl,.
i ..i ... ..... i.o
ii.,.i ti I.,. a
out Btoro room by roniovJng a nor-
Hon of tho dividing wall anil making
tint ntri,ti.i in Mi i.i.itiiim. in Mm
conter. Tho plana call for a modem
..i..... ..i .i. i i.. .i i
inuin ,t""p um wmi in umiPiiij
upaco on each side of tho entrance. i"" ,",'UU!,UI" Mruw. .aerseu an a pnysician as wen h
in fact the entire front will he pinto,. n' H"lnjmH portion of the vcn- ,,rso. .
Klaus from the sidewalk to the eell-!'"K consisted of an Informal discus-1 Hvory assistance posnlblo was glv
lK ihIoh of things In gfiieral ono partle- Bn the Hed Cress party by the local
This' firm rccontly purchased tho umr WB"e"" WH brouujht up by Prw- people ud' although the flu oasos
clothing business of WIIH.WZogl- lnt l;'ilkner In connection with were scjUtarHr over a wide area they
miinn cMnthlner Co unit wIIIVhiih the 11,0 nuisance of loose stock on tho were all Quickly attended to, Misses
iiaaii.M'!.i Li.nrt. Viirt ,.f.!tu streets, lie asked If thero was Decker and Illldebrnnd and Mr. Tay-
deimrtment and ?the nresant storo
room "i 'll bo levi ed ei t3y to
"'lu, UUV1"UI 0,,lirol lo 11,0
Mr. 'I'limiinnftrt in i riMirn.
.ir, luoinnson ntniea to a icpn-
u.i... . a .j .r ...... .......v. . " ... - . .... j ......
mfnllf nf tlila iiuiUiV- ViiMtdnlii V Mn.t
thnv worn roialvhnr PAtlimiteM on tho
now structure and expected to berln
one rat Ion a J us t as soon lis a a u 1 1 ii hi o
eon nit eoii d bo urn e
conuoci ouiu iw maoo.
Tiie ronowing nut or comriouuons jt jmo ,t park. Mr. i.nmpihlro ro- Molvin Doan and A. Venator were
towaid the sale of IUnl I'roitH Seals Hpnndod but uald Hint the Mothon. hoth reported very sick with tho flu
Is published for tho purpose of as- Puu wj, m)t yet ready to divulge but Doan hastoiied to Denlo to cor
cortnlnlnK If thero aro any oniisslnno. tt plans because of lack of finances, met this report In person.
If you know of auv further contrl- hut that In tho near future they The party was eenterlalned while
butlonH to come In ploako notify Mrs. would bo very glud for 'thn coopera- U Denlo by IMI and Mrs. Dofen
Krauces Clark: .J""" uf "' Conimerclal club and ell- baugh and M. J. O'Connor tho Hod
For Uurtni, 8o..ia Zuus ir Uums In furthering the sue-j cross representative.
' Ri.uIm ritlnrtinit 41.14 ........ ..f it... ....t.,,.ii.... i ...i.. mi. .1.1 ..... ..11
From tho County at large:
......... - -
Mr. J. u. Lowe
Mrs. Bthel Marat
Crane School
Mr. J. C. VanWytigurdtMi
Mrs, llalph Hlmer , .
Mr. W. J. Ooorga
Miss Carmen Donegan
Mr. W. L. Newton
Miss Pearl rUlls
Mr. F. Q. Otley
Miss Clara Short
Mrs. Ilattio Mller
Mm. Mary QrlBth
Mrs. Paulina Koenmann
Mlbs Helen Iong
Mr. Alonro Pease.
Mrs. Myrtle Thompson
Mr. J. K. Craven
Mrs, Laura Chrlstonson
Miss Violette Damon
Mr. W. W. Stolen
Mr. Italph C. Itlmer
1. 00
1. 00
Mrs. Alice Hennett
Mrs. ISessio Craddock
Miss Helena C. Perry
Miss Amelia Schroth
Mrn. Adelo Paul
Mr. P. II. Donegan '
Mr. George Smyth
Miss Oertrudo Lalug
Mrs. Aunlo Cote
Mr. Freedman
Mrs. Homo Henderson
i iii
1 00
Mr. Albert Kelneman
Mrs. Knilly L. Grant
Mrs. O. B. Sturgeon
Mrs. Annie M. Prultt
Mm. Mary C. Marshall
Mrs. Ruth Shaw
Mr. 0. M. McDado
Miss Augusta Nelson
Mr. nrunnhlldor Ilathrlck
Mrs. Mario Whltnoy
Mr. Arthur Whitney
Miss Josephino Slater
Mrs. Ida Howard , y u' -MrH.
MIniilo Luper, f i k f
Mr. M. J. O'Connor
Mrs. Wolter
Miss Bllzabeth Mlddlotou
1.0 'l
Mr. W. I. Howard '
Mrs. Charles' Hockley
Mrs. Florence Lewis
Mrs. Allen 1
Total for County $1 40.41.
Stamps returiiiid 20.00
o :
Sinking Wells
For Irrigation
P. S, Wolttenhlller, ono or the ex-V
lenslvo land owners of this valley,
Is having some deep wells drilled on
t l.l l.illl...u liiut nml nf Mltrf
asr wiEsns&Tv
rSr' MffiKlJSl' lo
renrosentatlve of this paper
day that it was Hkoly ho would Hlnk
several of tho wells as an oxpen
t. .!... ,.l-..l,wl !... Ililo
11 llUa IIUIJII IIUIIUIIIOll tliun 1III1V lllin
a well from which ho Irrigates qullo
.i area. Tho Exi.orlmout Station al -
Mil HUM ( IIUIM""ri l""V . V.JiVVJ ""J " ,-,!'-!" I .... .
W..Utnlilllnr'H land that Is ni'OVllli: , i, ilnrkd unf III inn.l In Imivn JJiLlinrl U'OUtlCal ftllllOIIII
fi uiiphhh. Wnior nan ho Hocurud ll - t.-.. x.. Ai..u K.o
n now dent and with reasonably WUi U w American LegJon
'pjlcKtliwlulfalfa' mfiybe8iarto,i 5 ; .iu7U . ' TW,nffi
and made a paying crop. .started. Locrtl Hopponlngi
Diversion in Way of Social
Entertainment in Addi
tion to Business.
Thero wuh a largo nllondaiico at
JJ roitulur vookly muyllilg of tho
fomntorcltil Club last evening. A
new loaiuro wan iniroauceii in mo
,w' f c-ntertalnmont which proved
'HlllU pOpllllir tllltl tirOUgllt OUt nlHII.V
of I lie ladles.
Waldo Goer was Jn charge of tho
i-ntortalnmenl part of thu ovenliiK
and started tho meeting oh with omo
ploaslug iiuloctloiiH by an orchestra
'oHltlug of Mrs. Harry Smith at
the tilano. llomdr ltelid. saxaMionUi
, ,..,:
'"nieily for this' and ho and othetii
I'rought out In-annfco.. of damage by
horses breaking down fences and on-
K Jiuim, nunuwj ui), niiimin, mv.
, ...1.11,1,.., . i ,1... u.w.i, iiri,.,
I.Imm ...... .1 -. ..I.m.iI... .....
......... .. ..l.l..u..l.l..
""w " coiiaiuermiiu in n
,,0,,or' 11 wnM "ecuiod to nyes u-
to and sco If some means uilghf bo
i ,,,,v",ml 11,1,1 wou,rt ,,,t ,m ",lmon-
t(iJ ,0 (ho htock no nf B raw;o
country to keep this uuImuico down,
Joe Thompaon unUud that Mrs. Ferguson. 1)111 Bbollng, (Across tho
Lanipshlri', as a member or tho Uno In Nevada) J. C. Ilentty, the
Mothrs Club, Main the condition of Alfred Thompson family. Dot Thomp
the play grounds plot consisting of ,0ii, Al Wallace. Mls Slauber. Mis
34 ucms, with a view of Boeing If Allen. Thad Defenbaugh. 8 nefen
the club and cltlxoiis In general might baugh, Dan Defenbaugh, Tom Defen-
got "beliiiiil" the scheme to develop
,un u. tow iiiiiiuimiiih
Dell Haves rendered a dellKhtful
1.00 'tenor ol wHh his sister, Miss llda, jdr've for a Communltv Nuric In !Inr
at tho piano, and responded to a gen-Wy Comity and have pledged their
itoiih encore. The ladles sextet, con
sifting or Mrs. Chester Dalton, Mrs.
: Win. Farre, Mrs. A, C, Welcome, Mm.
i iwiiivi i.ii n. . nihil, nun i . XT! tl
.fiOiMiss Kvelyn Hyrd, gave two voryif.f2:n VoltintafllV
2.00 pleasing vocal selections with Mlssl V-'1USCI1J V UlUIlldriiy
Homer Heed, Mrs. M. A. iilgus anil
Helen Purlnaton as accoronauist.
1 Deforo adjourning on motion nf
I James J. Donegan an invitation was
extended to tho ladles to became
1 members of the club and that all
dues bo remitted, This was carried
with enthusiasm and several of tho
ladles presont camo.forward and sign-
C( thu roster.
The Times-Herald
nonce or rraiiK welcome wioy iiavni" ................
T T7v-.Ml. 'graded the street oUat to within n nt!nn is higher ns the net Income be-
L-iOOSeS XimpiOyciijiDe (, Main street. The city U cornea higher (4 per cent on all
I . . . .... J . . .... A n I A All O vkkt Mil
F. A, Fessler, who was unsocial
ed with this olllce ror thu past year
ever since ho was dismissed rrom tho
i .....i. 1. 1.. .1.......1.....
Kill vil li, l mm inn iiitiiii i in u iiidi
' Sunday morning ror Prluovlllo
where ho take., active charge or tho
Centra. Oregon, succeed-,
lug A. M. Hyrd.
'Foss" was a good man tn the ot
flee and no far we have not been
able to secure a man to take hl
pluce, He wan u valuable assistant
In this. shop where he understood tho
olllce so woll and whero bo did very
satisfactory work, He Is an oner-
i riA.Kutlu young man with Ideals In the
1 00 I "ews iwpur line aim tie iimy iujw iiiivu
I'onia o'ppo'rtunlty to demonstrate his
00 ability v without a "boss." Wo aro
l'oo venturing a bet that ho will inako
i 'no .Kooil (ii)d ho has the best wishes ot
'V'i 1, . .rr..... ... . ..i..t..i... - ...I
insuTieiniH in uiiH vitiuuy ir succuar)
in his new fluid.
Valuable Farm .
Changes Hands
r tf-.un l.avmu i iila xV...,kVrm cnaiiBes iiaiius
that Henry Vulgamoro has disposed
or his farm u row jnlles north or this
city to Walter Cross. ThlH Is what
Ih known n tho Mol Fonw.ok ranch
. 0'f " ,lo"Vou n try
ar.j ' thJ" a0r.t()"r 'JJitiSJ t ful
L .rft!B"rt . ""01.. ?r ,H....1' "V.L,"
OIICII eiir( milllU III ll. iiuillh ruvww.i i
'ssisi ssjsrjb """ B""' """
I Mr. pi" liu " ' .'ll
cohduc(ed this biislnesH for many
years bn Trout' creek between this
town and Hllvlea. Lator ho pookas
ud tho Frank Motsehnn raneliWIn
1 ....... Hilu
j ""VI ( r.,.ii.,U
1. y Lunderfllund Henry VnlgMiporo
in l.itir. i. uttltlllA... tllf)'. ftjrtl
Influenza Patients Reported
Improving and Situation
Well in Hand.
' Tho two tied Cross nurses, Mln
Docker of Portland and Miss Illlde
brand of Jlurns returned from Donlo
Wuilnondity night together with Don
M. Taylor, Secretary of tho Ilarney
County Chabter. Thny rortort tho
UUmillon well In hand with nractle
ally all tho fits patients recovered and
on tholr foot again.
Tho southern end of tho county
lias no doctor within a hundrod mllos
and Miss Decker who la a grttduato
nnmn mut n nnlle a renutntlon for
; "" .. . " 7i- -. '
(,r will ajwayn have a warm spot lit
tholr hearts for tho Denlo people
especially "Judgo" O'Connor, the'
. ... . L. . ... fl It...
ueiOI Uailgl S, .MUTl Aioemoi ami WlOiiuruig irum unu n mu i.iiin.niuiii-
n 1 f n... t..,n tn 1. !,.. Mm .lum-nr
... . . ....
TOO following WHO wore on ino
p.,, nHt aro all cither rocovored or
well their way to recovery.
Mrs. W. T. Hill, Mrs. PenJand, Mlrp
KnrI , , fnmllv,
the Ilathrlck family, Mru. Mink, Mrs.
baurh. Bllon IJaltaxor. t
1 luwirMtv In ncrnrd with the lied Cram
1 1t'IIIU. (IMIIIJVW illlil 1' 11:111 1111:
Improve The Streets
Property owners on Madison Street
have begun Improvements t h i I
'should he followed by others In tho
way of Improving tho streets. Some
or them have voluntarily started
work on grading tho street .adjoin
ing tholr respective properties.
llcL'Innlnir on tho at the resi
dence or Frank Welcome they havo,
(illinif lii ilui Int.'rseetlnns and
other property ownern would follow!
In Hue that would l.e thu main un
i ranee to town from tho west. W. B.
Smith has not only fixed his street to
tho south hut nlfo on tho east, Tho
Hurils Uarago ban boon excavating
" . ' '
and making proper grade for Its now
on tho block east of
ml tho street south and
oast of this property Is also graded.
Tho business men who own the
property in tho block abutting . on
Main street should now come through
with tholr part of this good work
now.aud tho same should apply te
Uiobo on tlio went. I
Where to Find News
Hurns-nond mall routo
Another .huslnewH utructuro
Hed cross seal sale
Commercial club
Hed cross nurses
Has fn.ulrrol poison mixed
Interested In Irrigation
Inventory basis
Improvo streets
Looses Bmployo
Kl.mtu ft-lul.triil ilnn Mi
Wells for Irrigation
How to muko fish scent
What aro you?
Wise ami otherwise
Hallroad needs attention
H, C. II. S. Notes
School Notes
Lincoln; program Llbrary,club
TaralnVa candjdato .
Additional .Locals
Too Ihto to classify.
, ,',PA0B SIX
The Harmonica, myatery
Distributed Free to Harney
County Farmers; Placed
at Central Points.
V, .
Illologlst B, B. Horn nrrlved from
Washington last Saturday and im
mediately began mixing up poison
for siililrrolH. Ho ha I exported n
have a connldorablo auantlly of till .
made up boforo but was called to his
homo by a telegram staling lito
fAther was III with Influenza.
Mr. Horn now has poison mlxluro
which will bo distributed among tho
land 6wnorn of this county upon re-
iiicat. Tho poison may bo obtained
at tho following placaa: liarnoy, Frod
Haitioaln store; llurus, county treas
urer's oinco at tho court houso;
Crane, Valo Trading Co.; Drewsoy,
Porter-Sits store; Calamity creek,
Urnd Moss,
Mr. Horn says now la tho proper
tlmo to start eradication operations
on tho sago rats. In rereading the
poison do not placo it In tho bolo.i
spread It a foot or no rrom tho
or along the runways. My scat-
. I .. .. f .. .. . InlilAHimnil.
M I ' . i. ... ..II u. I .. a ...t
.1.""' " " o--
10 sioca ih uiuiiiiiuumi.
Inventory Basis For Re
porting Farm Income
Thousands or dollars more than re
oulrcd were paid by Oregon rarmors
In ID ID lo the United States treasur
er in the form of iuconio taxes.
rather discomforting 'fact about this
was that such could have been avoid
ed if the fanner hud kept a complete
record or his btislnean and knowu
how to make out his reports.
In the last row years It Is unruly
eiitlmuted that nine out or ten farm
ers reported their Income on the mih
receipts and disbursements basis.
They should have used tho Inventory
method. It Is not necessary that a
farmer kuow his exact cost or pro
ducing n bushel of wheat or of rain
ing a nteer in order to jmo tho inven
tory plan. Tho inventory plnn as
now approved by tho federal treasury
department provides that tho farmer
may una "Tho farm value of livestock
and grain." This means that thu
farmers must keep records and no
founts, which practice ho should
adopt anyway.
llenortlng tho Income on tho in
ventory basin provides against doubl
ing up two ye,urn tnconio into one,
through tho holding over or crops
and livestock intended ror market.
This holding orton results In very
little, H any, net Income thu ono year
and an abnormally large net Income
the next year.
Since the rate or tax
llMltnounts up to $1000. 8 per cent or
the nmoiiuts between 5-1000 ana
SH00O uud a surtax of one per cent
on al. between $5000 and ?G00O. a
surtax of two per cent on the
iiinoiintH between $0000 and $S000.)
It can readily be seen that the farmer
Who reports his Income on u . cash
basis paya more taxes, often 50 or
100 per cent more, than If ho Includ
ed his Inventory values each year,
Some confusion may result when a
man chaugos from the cash plan of
reporting to tho inventory plan, but
with M little thought and with, the
klp which should he secured from
the field agent or tho internal reve
nun olllce, an adjustment can natla-
fartorlly be made.
The Income tax in in principal and
the present law 1b, In moat resPecta,
good. Some further regulations ror
Improvement will no doubt bo
within tho next two years. TI19 Ore
gon olllclaln of tho fccuenil Income
ta. olllco are supporting the college
in an effort to give fair uoutinont and
instructions to the farmers In his re
gard. Tlio farm management dlvi-
hIoii of tho collage extension service,
cooperating with the uovoral county
agricultural ugentH, will bo glad to
assist farmers In getting tholr farm
nccountH and income tax reports put
upon a business llko basis, H. V.
Qunn, Farm Manugemont Domonstra
tor, Oregon Agricultural Collor.0.
A. A. Traugott of tho Inland Em
pire Realty Co., reports tho rollow
jiiK sa,los mado during tho past week:
The Northwest corner of Main and
JoffersoirSts, tho two lota Just op
poslte tho Hums Garage belonging
toW. E. Houston were sold to Copt.
A;W. Oowau.
54Th'e Halph W; Hlbbard Ranch on
Prater Creek, just 8 miles East of
Hhthh, won Hold to Prlco and IL P.
Fowlar of this city. , .
The ISO ucroa of tlrbor lantl In
cluding the famouH Coh . Sprlngi
ranchlln tho mountalna Just ir;mlle3
nortlf of HtirpH was sold to J. T, Cav
ondor. Tho formor owner, will 11
lluffntivu, is now ongngod In tliq cat
tlebhHln'oss'fiouMt of hot o and found
iinconYenieiiu.o. u.B4l .l-Ui!i,.i!ua ."
.Vr. 1" II.Vl I7,...l
Director Olsen Cordially Re
ceived at Salem.
Hurrying Home to Assume
Responsibility of Aiding
Associates in Work;
Hope Realized.
A. It. Olsen, chairman of tho hoard
of directors of thu Harney' Valley
irrigation District, roturucd Thurs
day night from a visit to Portland,
Salem and other points in this state
Ho was out partially on huslncAB in
connection with tho organization of
tho district and callod upon tho gov
ernor and ntato ctiglnoor where bo
was cordially recoived and both ovlu-
ccd a kcon Interest In the, promotion
of tho Irrigation project.
Mr. Olsen received a telegram from
William Haiiley while In Portland,
In which Mr. Hnnley stated ho was
starting west at once and expected
to arrive at homo not lator than tlio
10th of this month. Ho expressed
11 deslro to bo present and nun 11 mo
bin duties and responsibilities In con
nection with the irrigation project
and voiced hi satisfaction in tho re
sult of the election. Mr. Hanloy
allows bin slncority In this big worl:
In his conversation and expressions
othnrwleo? Ho wants to tako a hat d
in tho development of tho country
where lib has boon a factor for so
mnny years. Mr. Olion reels Hint
Mr. Hnnley Is golrg to bo n' valua
ble man in promotug tho undertak
ing uocatiHO or his, personal interest
'n the matter whlcfi has been a chor
'slicd hope In his mind ror a lour
Mr. Olsen Is very much encouraged
ilncu ninklni; tho trip out and co li
miting with tho ntnte ofdulats, aa ho
timid them ready to glvo whatever an
ilntancu they ran In tho way of fur
nishing data or advising with tha
officers In charge of tho undortnklnjr.
Tho statu engineer lias glvon' his
xssurancQ of cooperation In any way
Miat ofllco can consistently work.
Another feature that' In encourag
ing towr.rd tho project Is tho evi
dent Interest taken by tho general
niblle. Many Imiulrlea are directed
o this vicinity by people who know
vhat rrbratlon morns to the cnun
ry. There Is a growlm? demand for
'and i'i ibl-' section under tho project
md th"n will Hkoly bo a greater de
uaud as time trees on.
Woman Meets
Frightful Death
Mrs. Dewoy Hoxie, of Crano was co
loveroly burned last Tuesday night
that she died between 3 and 4 o'clock
tho following morning. According
to report recoived hero hor husband
had filled a gasoline lamp anil had
pumped up tho prcssuro but It would
not work and ho was going to throw
t away when Mrs. Hoxlo nuggotilod
that ho save tho gas. lie started,, to
remove the cap over the pressure
valve but It blew out before ho real
ized It. throwing tho gas ovor hU
wlfo who was Htandlug near auothoi
gas lamp from which the gaa Ignited
and burned hor frightfully.
Mrs. Hoxlo wan twenty-ono year
old and Is purvivod by hor husband
there being no children. Tho body
was taken to Ontario ror Intormont.
vl Mnrunn bus brouaht In a ouan-
tlty or what looks HUo cut worms
from tlm vlelnltv of Weaver SnrlngJ
nml linn nslfCll Hint OOIUO OI10 With
authority pass upon them and boo if
some method or oxtormiuaung mom
may bo devised. Mr. Morgan sa's
there aro thousonds or thorn out on
top of tho ground now and thnt later
they go into tho ground ami aro
i. mi n.tat in that nuichborliood. Ho
said that he tried somo grasshopper
poison on them lost year aim it wun
quite effective but It Is hard to got
them after they havo gone Into tho
ground, Thero aro specimen 01 laoae
worlua. at this olllco.
Any merchants or othors having
.outstanding accounts against tho
Ijarnoy Cpunty unapior, Aiuoriv".
Hod Cross, will Kiniuy man buuo
mopla or same to Don M. Taylor, Serc
retary, Hurns, Oregon. t
Wisdom is an Invulnerably euro
guard at nil Union oxcopt In tho prca
oneu'of a protty girl. ,