The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 28, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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T l M K V - 11 P 1t. A , 1 11 I HVK,
n t 7
T V , 0 It 13. OON
Mm (u lit
paok nix
' Tlni farmer buys moro boot tlinn
bo tukes from. U farm. Only about
10 jicr cent of moat furnlshod by
the average" farm' is bodf, In tho
North and WohI tho average con
sumption of boof per family In nearly
.100 pounds n'rtd In tho South it Is
loss tluiu 100. pounds.
V Tho boof nnlmal killed for homo
two, suggest specialists of tho United.
States Doparttuont of Agriculture,
may bo n boof steer or nn unprofit
able cow, or n .hotter thnt dooB not
jrotulno to ho u good producer uiuL
would not bring n uoort prlco for
boor on tho inurkot. Vory little youl
fu klii.ul nn .tho .farm for homo uso,.
.Much of tho ticof bought -by farmers.
in boiiKht In tho Htnnnior from village
butchers who opornto moat wagons,
or cum In tho country, tin tno avor
buo farm there are no fncllltlon . for
pooping fresh hiont during, warm:
WUttlllUI .
' CHAPTER I'. Cnptnln Gunner resilient
or Kim. I'lchntt'ii Hxeelslor boarding
houno, la found ileu.l In Mm bedroom, tin
rter clrcimmtniicej that olnt conclusively
to auicido or inuruor. .
CHAlTICll H.-PaiiI Hnyder. veteran
head of a highly nupccnnful detective
njci-ncy, In -npix'nled to liy Mr. I'lckntt to
ritunuvnr lu roivn win rnyaier). un nin
nturr Snyder lm aA-omitf man. Klllott
Oaken, for whom IdWnn u tiruminlriK fu.
lure If lilfi uluioriniil twir-t'iinllileiH't and
Koilmn nn lo rllnilniited. lie turns the
rams over to Oaken, nctrotly hoping ttio
ynuni: man will full In trying to aotvo tho
flat Up Agalnnt It
A day later Mr. Snyder sat In bin
ofllco rending u typewritten mnnu
script. It appeared to he of it humorous
nature, for iih lie rentl chuckles es
caped him. Finishing the hiHt Hheet,
bo threw back bin bend mid laughed
The manuscript bad not boon Intend
tt by Its author for a humorous effort.
What Mr. Snyder bad been reading
was tho flrot of Klllott Oaken reports
from the Kxcolslor. It wiih as follows:
I am Horry to be unable to report
any real progress. 1 have formed sev
eral theories, which I will put forward
later, but up to the present I cannot
My that I am hopofuf.
Directly I arrived bens I sought out
Mvn, Ticket t, captained who I wan, and
requested her to furnish mo with any
farther Information which tnlfiht bo
f service to me.
"Sho In a strange, idlent woman, who
Impressed me iih having very little
Intelligence. Your suggestion that I
should avail myself of her assistance
In unraveling this mystery seems moro
ctirloim than ever now that I havo
Been her.
Sho Is n hard-working woman, who
certainly conducts thin boarding houxc
with remurkahle efllclcncy, but I
Aauld not credit her 'lth brains. Htm
Bevcr npeaUn except when spoken to,
aa4 even (hen is curt to the point of
"However, I mnnaged to extract
from her a good deul of Information,
which may or may not prove useful,
Thc whole affair seems to me at
tbo moment of writing nulto Inexpli
cable. Assuming that this Captain Gun
.a'er was murdered, there appears to
have been no motive for the crime
I have made careful Inquiries
about him, and find that be was a man
;f Jlf ty-live ; hud spent nearly forty
ears of his UTo ut sea, the lust dozen
In command of his own ship; was of
Koiucwhnt' overbearing and tyrannous
disposition, though wltyt n fund of
rough humor; had traveled all over
tho world; and hud been an Inmate of
tho HxcuWIor for about ten mouths,
"IIo had n small annuity, and no
other money nt all, which disposes of
money as the motive of tho crime.
"in my character of James Hurton,
retired ship's chandler, I bnvo mixed
with tho other hoarders, und have
beard all they huvo to suy about the
"I gather that tho deceased was by
no means popular. Ho appeura to havo
had a hitter tongue, and was not spur
lug In Its use, und I bnvo not met one
wan who seems to regret his death.
"On tho other band, I havo beard
nothing which would suggest that he
had any nctlye and violent enemy. He
was hliuplv tho unpopular boaro'eir
'there Is iyn ono In eyory boarding
lious-i ' nhlng more.
"J ha v een a good deal of the man
who situ, d JiIh. room. He, too; Is a
seq-wiptnln, by niimo Muller, Ho, Is a
big, Hllonl (le.rman, and it la pot easy
' to got him to talk on any subject.
!A regards tho death of Cnptuln
Gunner, tio can toll me iiotliliiij. It
sceiiifc ' t on tho night of tho tragedy
he ,wi vay at Urooklyn with Homo,
.frleiit , il. Ilmvo gp.t'frbm him' ia
poriu viiatlon a to Captain Gdn
ner'i h, which leuds nowhere. The
lieud .i Holdout drauk except ut
f VI
night, when ii.i would take smno wtn
Icy. Hln hoittl wiim Pot Mi unit, ") iv
llttlo of tho spirit was enough to nmko
hint scniUntoxlontcd( when ho wotild
bo hilarious and often Insulting,
"I gather; thnt Muller found him a
(flftlcult roommate, but ho Is ono of
lltoso plncld aeriqnn& vho cm 'put p.
with anytblnK, Ho and Gunner were
in tho hahljt of playing checkera to
gothor every night In their room, anil
Gunner had a harmonica which he
played frequently.
"Apparently, ho wna playing it very
soon before he. dcd. which la slgnlfl
cant, as Booming to dlspoHe IdfH
of Btilcldc.
"Mut'lf Capialn Gunnw did not kill
himself, .canpot rtt present Imaglho
who did kill dm, orSvhy he was killed,
or how.
"As J sav, J" hnvo ono or two theo
ries, but they are In a very nebulous.
,slu(o. Tho.mosj. plauslblQ In that oh
out' of bis vlsltfl to IndhtI Imvo n
cecl.iliU'fi that ho mnde several voy
ttgOs there Captain Gunner tuny In
inuio way .have fallen foul of tho nn
tlvro. . . r i
"Klnllnc's story 'The. Mark of the,
TJntt,1 Is Kilggestlve. 1 It not poKHlble,
fhaj Captain Gunner, n rminii, over-v
bearing' man, eusllv lrtoxleatod,-lbat
',lh tultiinkon rrolle bnvo offereil some
ItiJtlUo" nil Iodfun god?
!rXbp.,fact that ho ccrtnlnly 'died o
the poison or the kralt, an inuian
snake, supports this theory.
"1 apr making Inquiries as to" th?
' ifi(vrrtlet,"'of several Indian sailors,
who were here In their ships at the
time of the tragetjy.
.'!! have -another theory! Does Mrs;
IMckott know moro about tbls affair
than fiho appeara toT
'I may bo wrong Iji my estlmnto of
her mentnl qualities. Her apparent
irtupldlly may bo cunning.
"JJut here again the nbsonro of mo
tive brings mu up iigninst n dead wall.
I must confess thnt at present I do
not see my way clearly. However, I
will write again shortly." ,
Mr. Snyder derived the utmost en
joyment from tho report, Ho liked tho
matter of It, and he liked Oaken' liter
ary style.
Above all, he wns tickled by the ob
vious qurriilotisneti of it. Oake.t wan
bullied, and his knowledge of Oaken
told him that tho sensation of being
baftled was gall and wormwood to that
hlgh-spirltcd young gentleman.
Whatever might ho the result of this
Investigation, It would nt leant have
Mu, i.rfi.pi nt iinwiii" ciitkort tlmt there
was more In the art of detection than
be had supposed. It would teach him
the virtue of patience.
He wrote hlu usshdiint a short note:
"Dear (lakes:
"Your report received. You certainly
scm to have got the hard' case which,
I hear, you wero pining for. 1 wish
you luck.
"Don't build too much on plausible
motives In r case of tbls sort. Kaimtlc
roy, the London murderer, killed a
woman for no other rearon than that
aho had thick ankles. Mnny years ago
I myself was on n case where a inun
murdered nn Intimate friend because
of a dispute about a hall-game.
"My expcrloBce ia that live murder
ers out of ten act on the whim of the
moment, wlthott anything which, projH
erly speaking, you could call a motive
'at all.
"I'nul Snyder.
4i S. I don't think much of your
Tlckett theory. However, it's up to
you. Enjoy yourself."
Baffling Clue.
Young Mr. Oakes, however, did not
For the first time In his life he was
beginning to lie conscious of the pos
session of nerves. Ho hud gone Into
this Investigation with the self-confident
alertness which characterized all
his actions. He believed lit liliaself
The fact that the case had the ap
pearance of prescatlng unusual diffi
culties had merely stimulated him. He
was tired of being assigned to Investi
gations which, offered no scope for tho
Inductive genius which ho considered
that lie possessed,
Hitherto he had been a razor cut
ting wood. Now, 'however, ho told him
self, ho could really show Mr. Snyder
the dlfferenco between modern meth
ods and tho stupid rule-oMhumh
whflh seemed to ho the agency's only
form of mental expression
This mood had lasted for somo
hours, Then doubts had begun to creep
In. Tho problem beguu to appear in
soluble. True, ho had only Just taken It up,
but something told him that, for all
the progress ho was likely to make, ho
might Just as well huvo been working
on it for a mouth, Ho was baffled.
And every moment which ho spent
In tho Excelsior boarding house mado
It clearer to him that that Infernal old
woman with the palo eyes thought him
art Innocent fool,
It was this, moro than anything,
which had brought to Elliott Oakea'
notice tho fuct that ho hud nerves.
Those nerves were being sorely trou
bled by the quiet scorn of Mrs. Pick
ett's gaze.
Ho began to think that pcrfiapa he
hnd been a shade too self-confident and
brusk in tho short Interview which he
had hal with iter on his arrival,
She bad i truck htm as u thoroughly
Htuphl old woumn, and li! muuuc'r Had
shown It.
Ho hud been keen and abrupt din'hii;
that interview. Ho had cut In on hci
remarks! Ilojitid extjiiiliicd j hor wit)
regard to the' facta1" which' ho noedo'
to supplement those which ho hudh
from i!r. etiydor with U Mirt nupei'i'li-
touHjioi which tynv ho vvuh beginning
to regret.
Such ah attlludo an bo hull nsrumod
rout) only iio JttHlInod by resultH, nnd
tho fear was creeping over lilm that
lie could not produce those result.
WlHrc wn Htnrlng him In tlio face.
his arrival hu had not ccaaed
o brood over this problem, but he
could see no light.
Mrs. rickott'H pnlo eyen somehow
mado him feel very young.
Klllott Oakefl first net after his brief
interview with the proprlotrcsrt had
boon lo exninfne tho room where the
tragedy had takes place. I'he liody
had wnv, .but, with that exception,'
nothing hridbecn moveuV
Oakes belongeii (o the tnagnlMng'
glass school af detection n,wil''
thing ho did on onlerlntf'tlm W!i1?fHH
lo make a careful exitinltiHtlewfr'tlio
lloor, tho walls, tho furniture, ;attd the
window-sill. '
ta would bnvo liotlv denied tho nil-
sertlon that ho did Uils beoftuso It
r,,iV,..i won ho would havo been nioilt wonderful thin: In (ho world.
. ? '' " . ! , , nnv VtherU'vo gained fourleen. pound, .and 1
IIIIIU I'llt. IU il- ..1. T V
reasop, '
Ho.dlHfojorod wlmt probably, In 11H j
heart. hoUind 'oii'iLted to tllsctfveiv
notbliii?. THu Vt'H! parllell'H of dust I
n t'ho' iVooV.-hutf Hity conveyed lihtli
imt'io.'l'ilm. There worn tnarks dn WW
Vln)ow-Vll, .liut.whnt they signified ho
hatl n'p notion.
However, lie went through his per-
, forrin rico, conscientiously, it was 111s
way of taking rormai possession m m
casc '
He roie, a little, flushed, nnd, nban?
donlng the magnlfylng-glnss. wado a
comprehensive, survey of. tho room
from a position near the door. If he
illKcovereil anything Ids dlstjoverles
wero entirely negative, and served
only to deepen the myslery of tho case.
Ah Mr. Snyijer had.tjnld, there was
. .. ... ......1.1 f.n.t.k
no rhimticy, nnu poyoujv umum .'
entered through the locked door.
There remained the. window. It wan
small, and apprehenslveness possibly
nn the score of burglars bad caused
tho proprietress to make It doubly se
cure with an Iron bar. No hnpiau be
ing could havo squecxed ills way
through It.
After a quarter of np hour ho left
tho room, locking the door behind him.
No moro unimtlsfnclory preliminary
Investigation could ever have been
It was lato that night that he wrote
and dlMintched to headquarter the rk
w, ,1U, llwMIm jjr. KnVder.
' . . ... i. i .... .im.
Tho Interval ho filled Up by milking
guarded Inquiries among his fellow
IIo hnd no difficulty In making litem
talk. Nothing like the ileatn ot uap
tiiJn'otiunor bad ever hupponod among
, n. and tho dltllculty would have
' ar, ...iriiilv anv other
in I'll w fe w
topic of convertiatlon.
Captain Muller, tho big Ocrmah,
who, by virtue of having been the dead
man's roommate, might, If he had de
sired, have held the position of princi
pal speaker and star-witness, was tho
only man who seemed to havo nothing
to say. He was plainly a man of silent
habit, and Hot even hla vicarious con
nection with the tragedy could shake
him from It.
Tho theories of the othera ranged
from heart-disease In spite of the
doctor's definite statement to tho con
traryto the Ingenious suggestion
from one of tho party that CaptnIn
Gunner lind been bitten by a snnke at
some previous dnte, several years be
fore, and that the poison had lain dor
taunt In Ids system until this moment,
The theorist claimed to have known
n mutt vho had made a voyage with a
nuin to whom ,n precisely similar ex
perience had happened. Tho only weak
spot In 'the story was tho fnct that the
speaker's Informant had (be reputa
tion of being tho most persevering llur
In his nutlve state of Massachusetts,
and had twice claimed to have seeB
the sea-serpent.
Young Mr. Oakea went to his room
with tho beginnings of a bad headache.
All the really reliable Information
which he bad acquired from his com
panions ha had embodied in his report,
and, as be hud admitted In that docu
ment, It did not lead to unythlag very
It was in his roefa. that he, first
snatched at the avenging Indian the
ory a n possible solution, and, If. he
hnd boon honest with himself he would
have admitted that there was a good
deal of tho emntlona of .the drowning
Binu tovard tho straw' In tils attitude
toward it. . .,
Nothing supposed tho theory ex
cept hlK active Inmglnntbih.
Captain flunner bad certainly visit
ed India In tho course of hlu wander
ings, but tliero the trail stopped. IIo
hud never shown any of x the slgnfl
which might be supposed to mark the
muii conscious of being ceasulessly pur
sued by tho outraged tervantH of an
Indian god.''
In Ids rnmblea along the water-front
ho hnd frequently met Indians, but ho
had betrayed no nervousness. On tho
contrary, If they happened to get In
hla way, ho had usuully kicked them,
This was not the attitude of a hunted
man. '
Oakes was bound' to admit that his
confidence in the Indian theory was
sot very robust., He had put it to Mr.
Snyder In his report more as sn-vl-dence
of good faith, as a proof that
his Ipisy brain was at worlj apd that
ho was lirlnuliiL' a laudablo nimlilenesa
of Imagination to (lie quest; tKati be-,
causo no t-cniiy neiieyou it.
Ills Innuendo against MiH, 1'lrkctt
was pure Vplt". Tho vVpnmn Irritated
him profoundly,' and It soothed him to
fancy himself oyen for n moment
watching her like a hawk, and causing
hor urieas'liicsu 'by, liltj rel6ntl6ss pui
Mri. Forythe Wa Almoit A
Nervous and Phyaical
Wreck Until Restored
t by Tanlac,
'Before I fbok Tanlflol 6&V'wcok
passed In tho liuit ten yuiirli 'that I
wakn't confined to my bad part of tho
titan," was tho statement mado by
Mrs. K. H. Fornytho 'of 1 HQ West
40th St., ,Lo Angeleu,vCal. to a Tan
iacx roiiror.ontatlvp, rouojitly.
"I'm a wcll and happy woman now,
nnd I'mTKlad I can g.ive Voti thin tes
timonial' for I bollovo- Tnnlno Is tho
feel atroiiKoV than I havo III ton
yearn,'' continued Mrs. Forsyth
"I hail nn field .sjomach, an suf
fered with sour :as at 111110- v bad
that I thought I would ftunieuto
Slek headarhoa would eomo 0
iu) (I I would havo sjicjt awful fl
tin;, about my hoitrt I vould a
faint. . My nerves wont to n
I mo
(ipd 1 bocamo so torrlbly norvoui that
oVcn tho rliift or the- door poll woum
upuot mo, ' For tho oast, flvo year
I havo not boon nblo to eat hardly
anything that would rhy . on my
stonlach, and even .ntllk and wutor
at tlnie.N would npuot my stomach,
ani)' callijo rmj, tp' liavp to goMn .feed.
1 lived 611 u strict .diet of rico nnd
milk for oVor a year, and at tho same
tltuo I trPjd .all klhdtr of treatments
but nono gavo mo a partlclo of re
llof, not even temporary, and. finally
I was In such' a bad condition I had
to stay In bed most of tho tlm.o. 80
my hunbaml and I decided to give
Er ST-t I Wjll SOMETHING Happen
weight and was almost a :ompleto( ii ?
nervous and physlclal wreck. 11 TO tllClCC JSOU I ICIl i
I hatod to give up my homo, and
on (II" ai'vlrc of n frintid who had
u. ed Titnl.ieM doe'dod to try It Unit.
With the fir it bottle 1 began to Im- I
prove, and I hadn't flnUhcd my sec
ond bottle befor I wan fouling like
in illf ii'niiiiiti. iilut Inv I r, .il'itn ' i
of ten vuhm standing huvo entirely
igono. I never havo a slek hcndnHiojj
or ajeii wnn my nomncii. My nppe- i
tile h.m come hack and I'm gaining I
In Wflgl.t and tftronglh ovirv day
Nothing ovr disturbs my mron now
for he wer.i never bettor, aod 1 cm
fteen 'fltui all n'ght long, All my
iie'Kiiir.r am rejololnj; with mo oyer
iy recovery, and I feci that It's my
liluly to give a publ o stutoniont apd
I u ,l uo wonueriui goon Taniae
has dono mo. No, wo didn't soil our
houio because wo found this nied
Icino In time.".
Taulae Is sold In 'Hums by Hood
Hros,, and in Crano by the Vale
Trading Co. Adv.
O" .
It was at the meeting of a bar as
sociation In Arkansas that somo ot
the colonel's friends thought to con
fuso him by proposing tlmt ho re
spond to tho toast, "Water." Dash
ing off a bumper of tho worlds great
est liquid, ho spilled this:
"Mr. TouHtmnstur. ladles and gen
tlemen, you have askod mo to ro
tpoud to tho toast "Water," tho pur
est und best of ull tho things (hut
(lod has created, I want to pay lo
you that I have soon It glisten in tiny
tear-drops on tho sloopmg lids of in
fancy; I havo seen It trlcklu down tho
blushing cheeks of youth, und go in
rushing torrents down the wrinkled
cheek of age. I have seen it in tiny
dew drops on'tho blades of grass and
leaves ot trees, flashing like polished
diamonds when the morning sun
burst in respieudeut glory o'er tho
eastern hills. I havo seen it trickle
down tho mountain sides in tiny
rivulets with the Music of liquid sil
ver striking on beds of pollshod dia
monds. I have seen It in the rush,
ing rivers rlppllug over pebbly boU
to ins, puhmt; about Jutting atones,
roaring over precipitous falls in, Its
mad rush' to Jots the mighty Father
of Waters, aufl ,1b the Mighty Fathor
of Waters I havevsueu it go In slow
and majeatio sweep to Join tho ocean.
on whoso broad bosom floats the.
battle-fleets of all patlons and the
commore'o of the' world. Dut.Madie
uiiil goiitloineii, want to suy to you
now, that nx a beverage, It Is a damn
Mooiirililiilng lu those sunny days
of parched throats Is not coniniod to
tho undent habitat of tho wild mouw
tainoer, It is apt to ho right lu
your neighbor's iirluloorutlit collar.
o .
Our oftieo devil assorts that It-
somo fpeoplo would uso a little load
paint on their races and a little moro
on tholr fencos this old world would
not look quite so dilapidated.
This is a good town, Tell it to
; ; tt
, lle was a detective, but he. was
. i .. ..... .. . '
ueriaiuiy ki pott utikes was not on
Joying himself, Tho man of all others .
whom he hud admired and revered
wost- Hntt'iiHolyk'all Wb Hie Klllott ,
Ouka, tpwlt wafl beginning to show :
Hlgnnfnj.t being; fiqtroiuoiulopa us lie J
had always pictured him. (i
ito wiiVbpIng tried anil found want
ing, Ho wished Mrs. IMckott would not
look at .him like that. It hurt hit) soli'-,
esteem, ',;
.... i.j . . i . 1 1 ,i ' ",. .jp...
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