The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 14, 1920, Image 1

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trihaUun, cltyt Vntojtf .nlut. -
i4 sever kVMimii nil ' cotnlB. .; .
Koiiiiml uuo of "Friend fami
rllvi tuul h Ford what w'riipr'cr
i in.ui u-dtV" HrtrnoyjDouii-
SL' ' ' ' V, vflilcli Ihrty wish Ifyofi do
''bri'ftsvo Tlio Wiiio-HvriiIl
(ii tl1fi.M tflrf lllHK nil: f tu fk.
b- ami Hums Imvu begun fo
. causa you lire not willing; to'Aon
yout business grow.
NO. 16
Irrijgattei Viejory Landslide
W ater and Sewer SysMms Mass Meeting Called
4- TMPI?n V MPNT' 'r'1'1' whore they had boon to all
i IlVlI iU JLilTILill 1 tend a Bitting of the Statu ItlKlnvny,
txuimihhionkkh hiotuhn
i'uo.m iikihVav"mki:tij)
r uouiuy i;oramwioner unnH unci
Commercial Club Call.i for
Discuieion of -Meant.
- i
Cooper & Dodge Estimate of
1911 Recalled when Water
Pumping System Wn
A iran inootlnc I cullod 'or next
KrlJnv r Kht fit tho Comun-r' Inl club
lo dlnfUM tho proposition of Inatall
Ing a wntor nnd Howur iiyntuin In
Burn durliiK thu procont y?nr. TIiIn
wan I't'ddt'd upon by Hovcrnl of our
prom tunt iltuons and property own-'
tn followliiR ft mct'tliiK with nioni
ber rf tho rlty council lnnt Vodmn
day ulKht A ilolecntlon went boforo
the butlx ff r tho of urging
action I it n tho mayor was out ut
town th nincll did not convcuu for
y bu-liii'ss Thosn pTonent dlHCiti
Md mat'era Informally.
TrA inovo U proinptisd by tho fact
that iiidkatlonH favor advnucumunt
tbU j oar Tho voto on tho forma
tion of an IrrlRfttlou district Tuoh
day pIiowh thu trend of HiIiirh and It
bchoovrs Hurnn to keep pace with
the progress of tho country. It will.
It Is fully nllvo to tho advancement
of the country and will meet every
requirement an the bunlnettn center of
this rich territory and an a dealrablo
place for homes.
Estlinittefl on water and newer ityn
terns wore nubmltted to the city in
Decomht-r. 1911 by the oiiRlnuerlnK
firm of Cooper & DodRe, who roado
exhaUHtlve InventlRatlon. They re
torted on Rravlty nn well ah a pump
ing method of bocurlpR water with
preftrtu o Riven the pumplur meth
od oh thu Rravlty aupply within n
reasoirnble dlBtnnce wan limited. Tho
tHtlrratc on Rravlty nyntum waj
JllOorio without auqulrliiR tho
wabr rlRht or rlRht of way for plpi
lino rnmnlnR ct!mat wa 179,000
wjlh iddit'nnnl im of 25.000
for m,,r Tho septic tank j-yntom
of "t iio,;il of nev;aRe wan rccotc
O ;
LIM'p Frank Coad. Mothernhend
pftHiicd awny early yeflterday morn
Ibk at thu home of hl parents, Mr.
and ,Mr Sam Motherhhead, after on
lllir i coverlnR many weekH. He
wai a dt'llcato child from Infancy and
wlini iho (lijeaso which canned hit
fea'h f '.stonrd Itsolf upon him lib
frnij (oi titutlon could not thpw II
olf Tr.nk waa n lovable hoy who
was umirnlly liked by h'U compan-
8' lioolmateH. He viih ulna
1 on yopjlombor 10, laht. Tho
i a'UI bo thltiaftornooii ut 2;. 10
H HuRhoa condjictlut,' 'tho
tho UaptlHrohureh.
ti vn HriKNciv i.ixrn'Hij
ion i
fui f
Conimkfllon. Tho purpose of their,
vlfljt at thW senaton was to hcu what
ulUtmle, the comuiliwlon had toward
Market roads. "
An yet thu idntu.Qoi-mIsalon hat
not committed what pro
portion It wlllhpVdrlloii to tho marp
!kul roads In.eAvh c6uuty; .but at
cordiuR to tho Qplnldn'
Mlstilonera wu are hure of at laam
Tho count court naked that tho
road from IluriiH to WrlRhfa Point
and from to Well illll bo den
lauated an market roads nnd these
will have II rn cousldoratlon. This
ij money In expended by the county
Arourl but tho ptaim of such roads
, nnuH bo thoco approved by tho state, i
llnrnoy county'H ro.rosontntlvos
mot with thu romplotu county court
of Deschute county and when tho 1
latter county otflcera were asked lo
'exnross their preference for tho llrt
itoney exiiuuded for hlRhways' thuy
v.'ero iinnnliiiourt for tho linrus-Uuiid
road" over any other within their
In conuertloii with thin roulo tho
application of Harney county for a
survey of tho unit between llurns
mil Suntex has been Rrauted but thu
)ocal commissioners recommended
that thin nurvoy bo made a little
later In thu himhou when conditions
woro more favorable to nuch work
and morn could bn Hccouipllsliod for
thu money expended,
Harney County'H commlsslnneru
had a private Interview with Simon
Benson, chairman of the HlRhway
Commission, and at that time they
ii r Rod more vlRorous prosecution of
tho Lnwvii'Cranu portion of thn IiIrIi
way, hut the plans for that portion
had not yet been placed In tho bunds
of the commission. Tho federal de
partment was alho visited nnd ask
ed for quick action when thu plans
tvere placed before It for Its O, K.
Mr. Uass stated on his return that
heretofore It hail leom easy to Ret
a match from th- Highway Commis
sion on a bai'H of threo dollar i to
ono, hut there Is inn-l! a demand now
for thu funds and iru counties have
become ho clamorous for aid, that It
Is u hard matter to ;ut a 50-KO match
Harney county Is ono of tno fow
In tho state that has not voted a
'hood Issue for highway purpose)
therefore Is handicapped. Where a
county can ko boforo thu state IiIrIi
way commission with a blR sum of
money and show its ability to Rut a
Mr amount, of work done, It has the
I'rat attention of the commission.
Wo should have Rotten on the band
waRon earlier in tho rhiiiu and had
our appropriations made and plans'
so workod out in connection with
tho statu work that' tho commission
would bo obllRatod for a (creator,
amount. ' , wb must
. 1 1 t. ,.,.1 .... t
r'l . oi n - v
vouni JI1UW3 JVT.UlCt 1 CD IV M
Vm "No."
Olcsn, Hanley and Tompsor Chosen Directors; M. B.
Hayes, Sam Mothershead, P. G. Smith, J. C. Wel
come, Jr., C. T. Miller, Commissioners.
' Tho Irrigation district uleetlonW Into effect. Tho mistakes of
Tuesday carried by a voto of 113 to , other IrrlRatlon illstrlctn In, this re
4, x. romplotu victory for proRres-' sppct will bo avoided by tho men ro
nton and development In Harney val- laponslblo for this district, In that
ley. I ono lysuu larRO enoURh to llnnnco
A. H. Olscn. William Hanley, and, tho ontlru project -oonstructliiR reB
JuiIru (Jrant Thoiilphon were elect-jurvolr and layliiR out ditches, etc.
it ii4 illri.ctnrs of tho dlstrlot. with . will ho asked, rathor than seperat"
no dhsontliiR votin. Cdmmlitslonoru nmller Issues for each division or (who nursed In hovoral of tho homes
The recent Inlluonza epidemic In
lb)s dty should not boconio a closed
dliHpter without a Word of praise and
'c6mniudKtlou for the excellent and
unselfish worlt,of' thu practical nursed
iii uur iiwm iiuiiio, i n (inn vtruw
did wpndeerful work am did also tho
lied Cross nucsenlirouRht In from tho
outside, but our homo people showed
their worth In the manner in which
they mot tho situation and took earn
of pntloutfi In tho homos. Kvon
thoiiKh wu wero short of skilled aid
laud tho fow doctors were overworked
the noble women of thin community
responded to uvery dumand and
worked every available hour In car
Iiir for patients. Instances of self
sacrifice are numerous 'and some
within tho knowh'dRu of tho writer,
in fact rlRht In thn homo of thu fam
ily, wheru one nurso Htnyod by tho
Hldo of a Utile patient for twenty
four hours without IiuIiir relieved.
Other Instnuces cQinltiR to tho atten
tion of the writer are ono teacher
choion on the unomelnl ballot wero
M. U. Iluyos, 02 votoa; ITnm Mothers
head. 72; I. (1. South. 72; J. C. Wel
come,. Jr., OS; and C. T. Miller, f8.
Claries I-. OliroiiMvln. C, S. W.;
Mcmlxi' of th Hoard of iA'cttiroMilp
or Tin. Mother Church, Tho First
(hiiidi of Christ, Kclentist,
in lloston, .Mus
If Clod is the all-enabllnR'PO.wer,
and God la Mind, the operation of
ihls ,mwer must primarily be by way
of Ideas, thought. Who can straight
en out his finger or bend it without
thought dictating the action? Who
caw Ik ml it when thouRht dictate
Jo hold u HtralRh? Try. it. Will
tho h'tiid not do kind thinca under
the lmiulalori o loving thoughts:.
will It not, do arul thlagi.UBde-tHe
mpulshm of'contrsiry beliefs? Will1
h not dobravd, powerful, steady
Wilful, eftlcieit'tbjrna ndei'.4Jw
direction qf confident', lutelllgni
euldnnce, and , trembling,, weak, -In-elllclont
things under; the. impulsion
f fear? All haye expsrleuced this.'
t ot a common saying that ono 'is
Paralyzed with fear?' Do'mot people
JJ'e of fear? Doe aaVvj)art of the
oody ot reached, by tkfught do any
thhis or teoy'ujiriwmH It It does,
how do, y.or-.jr,ki:n without'
"'"URIK7 , ' 44f -V 'ST"; .
Tbe ecboo
- I V1 rec-
lilltUAItV CIA'II .'M.KriNO
i .TJia.'noxt mootjnk' of tho Mbrry
club will bo hold at the homo or Mrs.
Homer Maeo, with Mrs, C. M, Faulk
ner a? Joint hostess, on Saturday,
Fob. 21. Mrs. Win (Jownn and Mini
Holeno Dalton wero liontowi&s at tho
ineetliiR last Saturday, at the homo
of the formor. Miss Llbblo Klrchos
ky assisted tho hostossoH. A very
Interesting and entertaining program
on curront poetry, wim given.
Where "to Find News
pA'cie one
Modern homo for fit, Joseph
SchooU reaumtT Mnday
Dig majority foelrrlgation.
County cowwiHBlaHtjrH return
Conditions tifavor Improvement
vBasin Dlstriet Election
'Frank MoihersHiad ,
Christian Hcw)pcjwiure
Home workdurlRft 'flu epidemic
f fPA0)OTO
The Oreen HlbWov
With the wouM Awu
Swaml rtam'H Reincarnation
'American Legion Newa
Real Republicans. . "yr
Why teU a He?
Legal and Classified
American Legion sews
Tho nbovu 15 linos of typo loll thu
story of tho beginning t tho great
est era Harney county has over ex
perienced. Tho htory means that
Harney valley people are working to
gether. It moans that uvery laud
owner In tho project Is on tho ovo of
tho greatest property over known
It means that 83,000 acres of (ho
bust soil In Oregon Is finally about to
bo (".oveloped unit cultivated to a
higher extent than was ever before
possible under methods that within
threo years will bo considered prim
itive. It means that instead of some
yenrs dry nnd lean, and a few yera
Iohr and fat, every year will hold a
full measure of productiveness and
Succeeding step In the develop
ment of thn district will start Mon
day, when JuiIro Dalton IIIrrs, who
Is expected today, canvassea tho voto
and announces tho olflclal renult of
Within ten days following, tho
board of directors aro required to
meet nnd organize tho district, elect
ing a secretory and IIxIur his salary.
Tho directors are also charged with
securliiR euglnuT8 to prepare and
iiHfouiblo data for a complete plan of
IrrlRatlon and estlmato the cost.
Thu work of iho oyRluuors will be
hnMoned or retarded according to
their ability lo Rain access to Rovem
meui records of contours on the res
ervoir site, made when tho project
was under Federal Investigation sev
oral years ago. Surveys of tho val
ley must also bo made, to determine
thu courses of ditches, After tho
plans of thu englneorH aro complet
ed, they must be submitted to tho
statu engineer for approval. This,
It Is understood, Is a matter of form
for tho protection of tho land owners,
and should not delay materially.
Following tho staty eiiKlhOor's"
approval of tho district ouglnepra'
plans, tho plan of reclamation will
be submKled to tho laud owners with
a, proposal Tor a bond lasuo to curry
tho. work.
An nuthorltlvo source Is responsi
ble for tho Information that prelim
inary work nuch as gathering data,
suhmliislon of plans to tho state ou-
! ginecr. otc, will bo completed In tlmo
j to hold the boudlUR election this fall.
Wth tho hood Ishuu carried, It Is
expected 'that constriicton of tho res
ervoir and ditches can ho ntarted not
later than tho spring of next year.
o '
Und owners in tho "Dry" district
are Rolug lo vot,e on the proposition
of Irrigation on next Saturday. Thu
polling places havo been designated
and the ballots aru printed, Hut one
name appears on tho ballots for di
rectors, that.of 0. L. 8prllng. Tho
other two are to bo written in.
Originally this district covered
over 40,000 aCrn hut the boundaries
of the "wet" took in part until now
It contains about 3d, 000 acres.
B. Horn, the Ulologlral man,
who Inn been In this a,nd Malheur
county for the past winter working
on tho destruction Of the rabbits,
arrived horo Tuesday, Mr. Horn
found weather conditions ugalnst
him ever since ho secured tho neces
sary poison so feels like ho has been
marking tlmo more or loss. How
over, It has not been his1 fault that
wo had no snow and that thu rab
bits havo not been deprived of their
usual feeding grounds. Had the
snow fallen, to a sufficient depth
and stayed on long enough rIo 'could
have dono something In tho way of
poisoning them. Mr. Horn will now
turn lit attention to the sago rata
as the seafiou Is advancing and these
pests will begin to appear. He has
two tons of oats coming In vlth
which ho will mix halt for tho squirr
sisters of st.
joseph to get
Modern home
Sketched by Father
Structure Will Have Tw
Stories,. Full Basement
Every Modern Convenience.
and wns Riven a check In ouu In
stance for her services which she
Vfirv tirninnltv liipuml nvnr In tin. i
l w! needed! It win
'i TuiuiiivuriTM uur nvrviucn ni uiu
St. Joseph'o Hospital of thin citr
Is to havo a nuw 150.000 honiti vcllU
In thu year. It will bo a two. sdorr
stone utructuru with full buKcmotit.
nil elevator, steam hunted with, tire
suro tank for water servlco and uturr
modern convenience. Tho ImiIYoIhk
Irt to be KxlOO feet, ho ciniHlrUctod
that other units may bo uudQtl .
occupy a tul ritf
IIAnvlAD ...... .... in.i.l ili.imlul
..... t... ...... I .... . ., . t IMUVn mVVmVU Wl Ml ,, 4,.M
was not oi.Ror needed wan endured , , , , Ul l1( lwnh ,
H cheek by t ho Hod Cross which she n rH()(J ,c of f,, T, M,MC 10tor
brow of thu hill.
Outside architects have submitted.
refused to take. Such
ovur bo rumembured by
work wllli
a Kraiorui
peoplu and thuM, women will certain-1 , for ,tl Hlruclum ut Ulli plwt4
,y i.r0M,,r1cd M."omi? ,,B"n0r' (adopted wore sketched by Rr,
. i , "u ,,Tvrr i . Father Francis, pastor of thu CaUi
to Innuenza patients, the 8 . Joseph 00 curt;ll of , cty hus luk.
and King's. Bach received several L K UorcHl romollo
itnunu niul Hun' ltn1 u mam J
ensea and they had somu very ner
lous one all of whom huvu recover
ed. o
of tho hospital and having im ej?a
to economy and convenlome, ratbc
than beauty has worked nut practical,
nluiiu (lint moot thu renulruienb
HCHOOIaS WILL UF2HU.MB MONDAY much butter than thoso submitUs!
by thu outsldo architects. Ho, Umt
uconomlzed on thu construction. lir.
Tho school.! nf this .city will ro-N plliled thu installatloi of i Jumhlujr
sumo on next Monday after holng jao that 'iho soweragu from eucli door
closed becsuse of tho epidemic of In- will be tnkon caru of with thu ksu
lluenzn. It had been hoped to open piping. The kitchen, baths, l.x.Mtor
thorn last Monday but upon discuss-. Jet, being ovur each other on thu re
tug thn matter with tho boards It spectlvo doors.
was dech'ed to wait another week ' Tho buocmont Is to be anistructel
until nil dai-ger of Jnl'iuin-i hud dls- above grounn whero tho tiut)ptaa .Ul
appeared. No new eases havo (level- bo stored,. a kitchen. dh':K room,
oned and nil thomj who suffered an rest rooins'for nur.oa and ovuntuullr
attack ore recovering It U thought ciasa rooitiu for those who delm tak
vafe to reopen the schools. 'lug up nursing as a profc-nalon, na IC
Prlnclpul Sutton has at last sue-1 b thu lntenliuii of thu SIhIuth 14
eeeded In securing a teacher for the rhargo to arrange for thu Instructa
vacnnry In tho ho von) h grade of bo,of girls who do.dro to follow that
public school, Mrs. II. 8. HurIiok i lino of work. In thu baHumunt wilt
lias uccoptcd thn place. i -ilso bo located thu laundry.
Thu vacancy In tho prlnolpalshlp of ! Tho driveway will bo mada to
the high school ban been filled by I approach tho building from thu Croitt
securliiR D. M. McOado, now teach- nnd arranged that vehicles may ariv
Iiir At Alberson. , right under tho approach to tlio. uuvlx
o (floor, where patients may bu muway-
STILL CHANCE I'OH G(M)1 Cltopl Pl to the elevator and taken tn hjIhH
, , lover loor desired.
A. B. Brown told a rcpresontatlvo' , T'io llrsl floor will contain tho or
bf. thiaSM-rUin otliotvday.' that tho recop Ion rooms, tho Cbanl an4
MtrmmV&Jmi m another worm private, roon a anu warns r
1 ... .j... inul nn u A iiiipkIi la Id lin lllltlf ti?
sesniL''MHiri.' wuii .WMiiiiiui nriiiK- .? fv- "
.'. .v.?;.: . r
. i (Im iviiar tlmt u'lll nlun lin
. WWiLHr HMrillg Hid WUHUIS Ol " v " , "
(MKTOarsiiOMi reu, nui'toatjyApriM'" .v... ...... n.,... M
..mi ywvL.-i ' a . aa. ... i ri.ra inr i nnuit wnn ri.fiiiirii iniix uir.
KHTBM,ms oi rani .awn. ia; growing i - . .7
.minT " . ." vopv k fiivn'ruidu.-' MrJ'T I.H imrcli will nlso ba dupllciited Tor
Hrnwn wit, inmrli..! in Mnreh of tliutlUlO second
year abTftyomemberH tlio Beason uultoll10"0
woll. w" A
lloor for tho am rr-
Tho second lloor will contarii mor.)
wardn and private rooms ami ou thlu
lloor will also be tho uurgory which
Ik to bu r,pacotis. oxteudltiK ucrma
tho out.vo uortli bidu of iho UuiUUui;
with the' north wall space IioIuk en
tirely of glass, A matornlty ward la
to bo a feature of this lloor uud will
bo cut off from tho other corrldam
by a Bound proof glass partition that
will extend from tho floor to thu call
ing. ProBont plans provide for tUa ac
commodation of titty patients and K
Is expected this will bp sufllclant ta
taku caro of present needs, but otbar
wliigs may bo added uh necessary.
Construction will begin as soo a
weather conditions will permit. tiw
Father Francis, expects to submit (1m
plans to the BlHhop.some time dwrimc
the month and seouro his approval
when he will bo ready to putiwk
uien on .the ground.
, While this hospital in to bo undr
the qpritrol'of the Catholics it. It.Wi
be non-sectarian and open to all tap
people, These Institutions are favor
ably known throughout tho land wd
aro a boon to humanity, TWa sm-
klqr,iklng .doeoryoa tho hearty tsp-
pqrt of thu entire country anu 11 ia
sure to receive consideration frw
tho good citizens of tho cotaraapHy
who 'realize what nmdoru kospUUl
ywfewnH to tho.peoplo. . ' '
, . -r rj 1 1" O.v 1 :,' 1 '. '!" .rlA.
1 Proatlav Rmvtll WHS OVOr frott: IhH
onio at Dlawqnd during tlils wslc.
tv;ouunuM m;nw two)
( - 1 ; V