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fiHffell Tie e
' . ....... . , fw-Uwjatf.
Tho American tiCKlou' tiolM ,
Tlio prosperity of ifanwnr
Valley Uepoiid 011 inritfv4itt
t every M'iyiji nihil. Every W'
tiro man imhhIh U'lus AwoHcmv ,. ,.
Legion, .foln Harriett Comity T"
, r,t Vtimbcr Hlxty-Thrre NOW. ,
Hon of ilio district f tfWh
ruary JO. Director. smX emw
mlKHloitprx ulllbo nomfrl .Wfc
, It mas nKMitlnar'Jauiirtrr XT.
Write the. rMH-'rcinry at uurnH.v ,
p, (). llox SW1. '' " ,
Nominate Irrigation
District Directors
i.. ..i ....... , .... .
4 TTV ' 'WHEW'! ' , SJ'
names ui xseii, namey, ana juage
Thompson on Ballot.
Tuesday Mass Meeting at Burns Commercial CluW Fwfther
Perfects Organization; Additional Name May Placed
on Ballot on Petition of Ten or More Landowners.1
most Important move tbward devel
optaent, started and should have the
unanimous support o( the land own-
'ors directly interested, and' the mor
al support of every public Spirited
Individual In Harney'county.
NEW .lttM TAKK8 jttVJKIl '
The machinery of the llnrnoy Val
ley Irrigation Dtatrlct, comprising
almost 100.00P acres, has been run
ning very smoothly. Last Tuuaday
afternoon, subject to a call of land
owners In the district nnd to nu-8t tho
kinks or tbu irrigation 1hv of Ore
gon, n li'.rgc- crowd assembled at the
Uurns Commercial club room to fur
ther porfect tho organization. J. W.
ill...... ..ultrw. ln ninntlni' In npilur anil
upon motion was made chairman of V. P. Wrny tame over trom nond
. - t I a I i . . a, a.- a a-v
the meeting; County AMCttar Jonn,uus wees: accompanied ny ji. .
Caldwell was chosen sccrotary. Schanno, Wesley Hill and 0. fl, Peter-
After Chairman Illggs hnil fully on. TIiobo three men have recently
explained tho objoct of tho meotliiK purchased the Wrny AUt6 StaRe
and Secretary Caldwell failed the roll equipment and are maklnc prepare
of those who had Blsned tho petition atlonB to conduct It during t)y rem
and a number of tho landowner of Inn awn. The trip over 'at thla
tho district who had not alined the tlmo wai for the purpose of kcuAlalnl
potltlon had enrolled, those preseHt'lntc the, nuelven with the torrltory and
proceeded to nolect nomlnecH for the metlnic, the buHiiew men of lluniH,
three directors to be elected at the All three of then Kontleroen are
election advertised for February 10. 1 experienced automobile" men and two
Upon unanimous voto the follow- of them have had provlotu experience
hiB gentlemen woro placed In noml- l coHducthifct auto atage lines. They
nation: A It, Olren, local maunger or will devpte their peraonal attotitlon
tho Pucllle Llvo Stock Company; to five, hutilnew and state It Is their
William llanley, of the William Han- jOMl .tytentleH )p continue tho
ley Company, of IluniH, and Judgo WfUl. t,,Rt Mr WrHy
(Iraul Thompson, of Lawen. It wiwjws K'TWVlji Mist. They have
the opinion expressed that thwe men hovh their flplllea Into lloud and
woro eminently fitted to carry tho will make tha town their headrjuar
matter through to a successful Issuo '"'"j; . . . .
as they are men of large affairs, hav- INnd-Burga Auto Stage Mne
Ing the Interest of Harney county at i will UjgJM "4r which the
heart. I new "wljl operate a successors
Kor the flv irotMl wfy' Awt? ?Z Tk9r hew
tho directorate u nUmWbr of mm rlt the s-wwrt of the people of
were presented for semination and 'Is cewwHlty aad no Jongaa they
all will be place VfHin.the lkt for 5lr , "alflt.?,1
tho consideration -vif 'lhe vatem. but " hfdle they ar entitled to
.'for becoming lirlph'KN mh1 pcriHnucnt.
kUKW lnll IK Aril T. Uy bedridden In $100 as amended.
the ImpalrmentH niontoned In (b)
shall be deenit'd to bo total, perma
nent itlsablllty.
I In addition the new law provides
that oompensauou ror tlio Ionh or one
fiWVi wad onvi hand, or onn foot and
Mrs. A. Dunn and her son, C. A.
llrlttlngham, were called to Valo laHt
List of Beneficiaries Covers tho nktfit of m rye, or onn hand nnd ,iweek tuHttond the funeral of Claude
mo nwn or ono eye, mum uo iuu. Bt urlttlngham, son nnd brother, re-
(c) The new law provldos for npectlvely, who had died from heart
double total, iHTwanent dlsalilllty trouble. Deceased formerly resided
ine raie or compensnuou snail nn ;in this dty and was fjulto woll known
Broader Range.
fotUlkvuts at Optiei sf Usml,
Ret1 Crsts (NrWs AmI.
to tho older population. Later he
went oyer to tjio Drowsey neighbor
hood where ho watt married to a
sister of Albert and Will Altnow In
Tlui compensation rights aro entire
ly separate from Insurance rlghtn
and It Is not essential that a man bn
USWaiCe mij le faM IHLMI otSl ST tlon. Howover, an Insured man whoto vale whore they lived until recent-
by any causa becomes totally ami -y w!lon no jm,i ,0ught a farm over
permanently disabled Is In addition 'Mt wilder, Idaho. Accordng to In
to any rlghtn he may have under com- iformatlon given this paper deceased
pensatiqu regulations untitled to tli retired the night before his do-
Through tho efforts of the Araerl-
mlsh In apparent good health, and
during tho night wan taken with a
coughing spell which was followed
that support.
Mr. Wray establkriied the line
a hi i j Insurance payments as hln bun-
eflclarkif would he In case of his
TBe HOmO HerVICO SeCllOn Of tlie nnn Uv UU lalli lllu mnll..r unit
can Legion h, new bill relative to war I Tar Hey, County Chapter American brother returned homo the fore part
risk insurance anil compensation ror "wi wtwis, wim giauiy assist ex-sor- 0f tits week.
service men uiwtoien uunng or an a tv "T1 kowiikjh- 0
rMtiU of ' fr'vir In tli late war has Mtleitnd Itrsurnnce Tghtsv Secret
fm cengreM nnd became effective tary DeH Mi TaylWftM htnatMtv ef I CLii.L lfnM
DMember 34th. 1819. Under the all necessary; application fornw nnd sMMllkA. niHC LVGM
maHaJana nt fLU BBlaniiaiHU t' to the till In keenlltK lit eORStant toUCh With
War Risk Insurance Act the jut or ur k iwurance omciais.
eligible beneflclnrkM that may "'be 1
Hawed by the insured bns:fln;great
1S13 aiMiilt neeri giving ftw-vlr,y br0MdMHH ko that a serrlce mfM Kmm RyMtfi 1M Sfti
every season since under his dlrec- i- ..i n M,natatiB kia inanr: mwm invtrti mi uwm
tlon. It is the meet convenient and .
direct route of travel to and from the relative by blood, marrUgo or adopftl' KHlTI iTMI Calif(
western part of the atale and Is ven't(on or tuy ona who jIHH Btood In tho nM"" v"'
prttierreo y wany wno nwiiru to Kw, ruHtlon of a parent to the Insured for i
8npt. Shattuck of the .Experiment
SteUoh 'sotuls greeting to this olllco
force from Wnshlncton, I). C, a here
v . . ... .. .
Hon llrownand hlssonNaihan arW10 am omuuuck wero gom to
only fivo ere to. do i?ec4. - TSje fl
lowing were propoel:,C T. Miller,
Tel Hayes, V. Mce. Dr. U'U Ilrb
bard, J. T. Daker, I. O. Smith, ,F. T.
Matney, Sam Mothershead, J. C. Wel
come. Any Ave of the men named
would glvo the district efficient ser
vlcij and bo of great aiwlstanco to the
directors In considering
the project. These rivo
not provided for by law
Ionization has planned till
ns ii is in lj in lit in u ii lii mau ini k vsjvi.
deliberations of tho directors. r.y,way f. "8. ,OV.e.!L. .. "I,,,i,,u 1,1 R ,UIDl, "uw or 1,1 Ilrown of tho Harney County Nation-the route
As an additional precaution and to,"' "r , ' " .T.! ...fJ n,ent ttt Poetically any rate wnicii u iluilK (l HiBO w. K. Huston, who Wyoming.
le msureu rnqweaimi. waa in charge of tho N. Ilrown Moon In Vo
a no f ct i nn wf aw ' niiiiH Hiiirii wiirii iiiiim viiiiniH ni iii-
porary ami permanent loiai nisaiim- nuoata at the same time, they deold
Aaa aaa mm . mm l tr i aa mm w n aa aiaai a l nill l r nil - a . - - . ,
the affairs or V ,i.BT h, X ;. IR Per,0,, or onM year or morM .l',or . "v"1 'r trom Berkeley,, California lond tho month of January. Hu
advisors are out of Por tland. by- t tlme of enlistment, or to their lawful yesterday. They had , not content- writes thev bad a verv ., trio
but the or.t"Vori ... VT" IHtilra. Furthermore at the request plated returning to this oily until tho ' . ,..:.' A " ... .7
h addition- penoi oi me. yar yriiBii inn ru.. of tne ,Burei ,myment or insurance close of tho school year but upon be-!.. . "v.m.
suiieiiuie is khiiv iiii u vnjuyn m. kuuu tn hnnuilnlarv at iluulli niav now bu i... inn.......i i... ...i... .i.... r u I no onHflrveti a IUCK () snow ail II 10 II ir
' " ilia, iiiiui i iimi is v n ii ri i iiml a ieii l jh . i
Prices Are RetstuUe
Outside' Medical. Aetata ace
ioo new Cases in ieec
further follow 'tho provisions of tho 0UH.","'. ... i . ..I J .Ve Insured
irrigation law. a petition ban been ' ' f f S
prepared with the signature of more b,f kf Ytl!Jnn IS iLn tul Jh!
than ten of tho land owners which I. aarvS i 2 wSl
died with the county clerk M-klnK?!,"
that the names proposed at the mass,"" 1"J 2 ".hi.
t... ..t a.AH U Karaite
Attorneys present stated that ad- V"' h : - . MM)n.
iinmii nf.m mirtit hn tha nronof iwnd, Uking eut a inwr itrsi paseen-
through drcgon, Idaho and
Scarcely any muow was
Nebraska where they Vero en-
Hospital Supplies Wired fer
Last Week Received; Arc
. Fortunate in Havis
A. R. C. Chapter.
Although over ono hrnidnsA iwarV
canes of Influenza wore repBtMi dar-N
Jng th week. It la the conptf wwii C
local opinion that. the KitMjtfJani Bn
well In hand. Tho arrival C jmUK
tlonal medical assistance- from fat
outsido, together with, the mrt.ltlmg
efforts of local people, la lnrm4y je
sponslblo for getting the dtummn wi
der control.
Dr. Q. O. Carl, of John IUbx. -"arlrv
by the way, was at ono tlaw? ,
tlctng physician of this city- mm4
many friends here, uuswunnf this
mona of Dr. 11. F. Smith to comv. ttver
nnd nsfllst In caring for patnmte. 1st
W. Klk and his wlfo, who In endue
nurse, nnd Miss Decker. ucMtUwr
trained nurse form tho Red Crewe
have also nrrlvcd to augnitnit thv&t
fenslonal forco combatttnr: tfet tM
A second cmergoncy hospffJ mis
opened during tho week ut tJw?
tlst church parsonage, bur wm -imkmI
only a few days. Several of iha aw
vnloMceut patlontn at the. I'rrvbjaec
iaii church hospital were nbfo 1a bo
moved out, nid Jie one vtftca warn
round adequate to care roc Ia itv
(lontM presented.
A more restricted nuarautrrn Tng:
iilatlnu wan Issued by thu Itriatru
Health, but tho dlseaso In no -arMe-spread
It will likely have Mifo cC
fect. CltltonH seem dluposerf tn e
onerato with the auUiorllfcH in rvwr
way possible that will agist Im brkic
Hospital supplies wired ror mat.
week have been received nsMC miM
tloual Iffids have been equippvaUMIi-
er ueroAsary materials have Itnm tiiT-
BUhed for the comfort or pmwsvsIa.
Dr. W. f:ik, who hacf bfr afcMv
erlng a series of leetnrev oiv iutmrnn
z. nt fhe college In Caltfwef ysa,
hn learned of the epidemic ftrvt-MBM
active with the government. Jm
batting thu disease In northern fUli
fornla last year. Tho docrwr jVn
took a rromlmnt 'part lir tlh- fJht'.tis
Loan driven during tho eairifrnfpaa.
He saw seivlce in the- nnry furifr
the recent war, as well hit fycft4f
and wears a button proclnnufrrn wewt
berhlp In thu American Legfo;.
It Is Indeed fortuuatu that UumX
peoiile Insisted on keeping fi ttni
KanUatiou of the Hod Cimwc. us St
Is the means by which tho work
aared In tlireshlni! wlui.t mid hui
ty has been greatly .Increased and a ed to come up and take a hand In tho voting corn. John Martin, formor ?Jr? e,,tTS f,, 1?. 172
nnmiurlmn nt (hn rata w lh it i. - t Lrf ...i........ ... ... ... . . rorWUrd. TIlO continuation IM
............. ...... UHOlr,UM lt IL nutreoai j. i nvy inuiuriiueuuuill Hi lliu HinilOII lioru, "Pnimtv f'liuiil.ip minnu aiutimwl
I1MH '1 . nt. ..... ..1... . I . I . I tl . . . .
dltlonul names might be thns propos
ed and placed on the ballot by pe
tition or ten or more land owners
and also that a voter had the privi
lege ot writing in the name of any
On account of the prevalenee of.euw v,,eJr
Influenza t was feared the warm -mewl-1 '
Ing would not bring out a sufficient Mr. .and Mr a. A. O,. Welcome ar
number of land owners, but more rived home tho first df this' week from
gers Comity Commissioners Hass and
McKinnou, and Miss Eugenia Hlb
brd,;the hitter going out for a visit
ft a few weeka with relatives nnd
rrlenoa in rortiana ana tne wiuam-
the present amounts allowed is given will remain tor, an Induflnlte time nrt,i th flhnt'm-n ...... .ri
iTJ ... . ara " ,tAhy 1 h"e' " Nftt.hit their destination and aided them
itn iiioi nu. nayii u huh uroaen lino nis sonooi'ln aecurlnar rnmfnrlnhln fnp
aoriv vrantiui . 1111(1111. thu War . .n. i " Be-uring comioruioio quartern tor
formerly grant . under the War yettr to ,uch m kxi6ttl that he wll ' - stay In the ell? aSaUutTfc m
BUli lauuMuiKo Art anil tlin last hv .., . ..:. i,.,M3,r ." e cuy, cinuiiucK saj
rnTnew lawi ' 'neU .r? Therfh
nJ'law'o" W,f8 "r C,,d, 0 X" ', domicilii 'JrtJ;: X cSSo! ! vartoS
nerJW!...l8A - ...... ,llJ "!,lJf ,l,ll,l wm ot commodities Durnn Is quite reason-
wiiii wiim uul ii u LHiiiit eiiii ssitv rMinrn nniii vnnaiinr nniu i
than 25 nnnwered to roll call. From their vacation trip to QUffhlp points, dron, $75: $100,
. a a ..,Aal.hMt,. nl.lMl. lf I It XLtlttt
"With wife and ono child, $55; $95,1
With wife and two children, $C5;
With who and three -or more cnu-
expressions heard slnco It annoarn Al took sick on their wAy home which .
tho nomimtlonn mudo meet wth gen- dolayod thorn In Portland fpr a short $00,
eral approval of thone who were tin- tlmo but ho In about sully recovered
able to bo present. and botli are again at invir- runpecuve i
Interest In tlila organization should postH or duty nt the f irst National
With no wire but ono child, $40;
able In prices. Ho writes wo should
congratulate ourselves upon being
..hi... si. . .
plnce.i a
Died Friday mornlhg, Jantmry 30,iwon,0 of tlro country. They
With no wife but two children, $50 ut t,lu Klreovwl hospital. Dora Coul- U.0"'?. hr0 ?f tho 00 ,a"uh
Willi no who out iwo oiiiiureii, uv , ln( wJfo of JjMry Qmm of tliaVUIIsu Hanley company for
with no wlro but three children. $(10 s,rrt' Moulclln was rttrickeu everal yea'-'i, whore Mrs. (Jouhlln
Willi HO WHO oiu inruo miiiuiuh, l"V, ,,,., . ,, .... , Iwaa nurflmiluHv I low llmu.. with
not bo allowed to lag an it in tho Dank.
atom ;.:v:iH
J-Xj-MLw J ' Mi 'mim
With no wife but four children,
(Under the new law there In an allow
with lumioiiza lust weoK and wan
taken to the Flreoved hospital, hi
she wan soon to become u mother.
ance to a man temporarily totally Tu0B,,,fty morning Hhe gave birth
disabled, and with no wife living, of I o twin balden, a boy nnd a girl, the
5 additional for each child In ex- lr MuK ttt K,.rth' Tl,
" .1 ana r It nai mt a am a1 a anltlMa, mu a.
cesf of onewithout limit as to s".'"a
number) $60; 115.
Bxtra allowance for
mother or dependent father or bo th,
$10 each; same,
Under the War Klsk insuranceiAct
the name scale applied for total and
permanent disability as for temporary
total disability. A distinction Ii
made between the two in the noW
law. Under the latter thu compensa
well until just oftm the birth of the
babies, when she took a turn for the
worse, developing' pneumonia, frem
which she died at three e'clock Fri
day morning, The funeral waa held
thin afternoon, Interment belug made
in the Hums cemetery.
Mrs, Oouldln waa the daughter of
Oeorge MucLaren and was horn in
Jackson county on March 19, 1888,
She moved with her parents to this
tlon monthly for total and permanent?"8' wim ner parenis to mis
fiiHutiiiltv in lioo Section In 1898, and was married to
Note: (a) Under the new amend, "w JV.ary 8, 18Q.
mailt if the disabled porson Is m?" 'r ' w "H '
helplesn an to be In, constant need of it ohjldwn, I lllle, aged IS; W It-
nurse or attendant, an additions! uN jUe. Aged 11, and George, the survlv
iu,a..n . nrnvbin.i. iii th..' ,iiH(.p. iK twin bom Tuesday mornlnr;
. . . . .. .....i.AUari iiv n n.
"nimlirner." ft 000-nound boar . "Ul", !" " r;
LonerS'of Omaha, nX tor ?30,OoUtho jfl gost
a iinir. Mr. Lonergnn liuH Insured "DculK.ner fpr tijrtt Wir0'
itcduclng it to n housewlfo'u vlewpolntthnt or pwroiiiiBo io v mi
ItOI UC UK H 10 I1UUBUWUUJJ vv" ' . n it Wne
Designer" would hnvo to bring some fancy prices to j y out. 1'or
instance. 10 a jjourtd fpr ham, $8.75 per pound for loins, eldq poilc
and $7.00 a pound for, shonldor, ' V; y ' ' : 1
.i. , . "
tlon or tho Director, not exceeding . ' cireuniHiances HHrnH iaing
2Qf 'the death of Mrrf. (louldlii were vary
llnliip tlw. Vt'nt IHuli liiuiirniiiMi Aitt
'will, a Iter husband wuu down with
Hw Humn provision was uffoctlvoj. ,!x-("1,,,zwI , t,'u emersoiicy Iilltnl
copt Mint u man rocolving $100 per 'ul lm 1UV. (,,uiB,,tl?r w'18, ,m fron
'month (ns outlined In (b) boloW)i ,1,HB""?; I,or 'other nnd
'could not bo given an uddltoiiul al-j0"0 hrotlior. Will, eurnn pvor from
low nido Juutura to attoiul the funoral.
(1) Hoth under-tho w, u. I, Ant i " uvvvmu . ihh.ij
was particularly liked by those with
whom she came in contact.
Kffortft to secure a coamuauRr
nurse, If only for a period of itsmtx
atratlon, must bo renoweiU
Tho nun of progress is loowtHK lAc
on the horizon of tho develojiannnt
Harney valley. Kach day B fcrfar
and one of theso days it vrfM iHsral
forth In unoqualed splendor; OnM
and the world will ruuirvur taaaverHi
of her riches for she will.- pruvialia in
necessities of life for thousands vjm
thousands. Thu country iKwd tVr
water to transform' It from ft jmut
eiit ntatu of unproductiveness tv ne
a laud of plenty. Thu dnsiaa r itm
old settlor Is about to become TtuA
Izod und Harney county will (KluiMr
place among tho foroinosL cohhUo
of Oregon,
tud under tlio now jaw, compensation "Worn roHldo In this tine Up and I a,l
for (ho loi( of boll, .feet or Imtli "T0 ,lJ Kh,y V08,0?,1'1 tlzells. Mw..
i .hn Lu-ht or iw.ii. v.h. 'hp ..Oouldln was ono of the .bust hearted!.''
A niun tells American housowlves how to run thotr kltchts:
And uioiiisi) ho 18 a baoUelor Put ho n doing such a good Jol. or
It that ven Jhu biwl bousnwtv.a In the land thuso In rural d.i6
trktK ure oyer doinaudtng his hew Idoaa. It la C F. Laugworlby.
who for mora than -5 years ha rmiduutcA the ollko of home
nomlcu In tho Department of Agrleuiturd. Photo showa Lanaworlhs
,.yl ,in)rt oone of tjiu laboratory tdtchemi,
MM'l B aW ytaa,.- - " ? " - I ' ' '