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Pjihuit .(Jim M
fiMHi4 Mm4 of the fwila
ot Harney .Oetinty where it k
'. 'beck n weekly visitor for thirty.,
.years. ,' Job department k
.'eTjulppod to utm yollr BoeeVs,
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reach the poofH UHMe eol.
;.mii.i for your advet-tlMMMNit.
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NO. 4
Fraud in Obtaining Land
Wat Charted.
yw unco mnumi urvro maimm
Disliarged Service Men Given
First Choice in P. rchase
of Land.
SCtitmcnt of tho HUlt instituted by
lie r'ate ngainrt ho Pacific Livestock
conijany In 1914, which charged
fraud In obtaining possession of ap
proximately 18,000 acres of land In
Haricy hnd Grant counties, won ef-
.f tf. Wednesday through a conipro-
uln by which tho lompany pnys Lho
gtftte " c buaof $125,000 and agrees
to ti row open to sottlcmcnt 9857
tcrts of lnnd at a price to be- fixed
.by n representative of tho state, a
rejri'i'fttatlve of tho company and a
third member to bo named by tho
first two.
The following official ntatcment of
the Mttlemont 1b Bade by Edward
F. Troadwoll, attorney for tho com
pany; For some time wo have been nego
tiating with tho officials of tho ntato
for a settlement of tho pending land
lult with tho company. A sattsfact
ory bahlM of settlement has finally
boon urrlvvd at, which has beon sub
mitted to tho state land board and
been approved by It.
The substanco of tho settlement In'
' that tho company shall pay tho strite
.one hundred and twenty flvo thous
and dollars and shall at once place
on tho market and soil about ten
thouound acres of land In tho neigh
borhood of Darns.
Thl land Is to be Hold In small
parrels of not moro than 320 ncrcs,
payable In InutnllmontH In ton years,
Discharged soldiers, sailors and mar
ines aro to bo given tho preference In
tbo purchase of tho land.
Tho land to be sold Is among the
best of tho company's land In the vic
inity of Hums. It Includes the com
pany's lnnd in section. 26, 22010, sec
tions 26 and 36, 22-32, aectfoa 36,
23-30,'scclfORK 16, 26, 33, 34 und 36,
23-31. sections 2, 4, 7, 10. 11. 24-31,
sections 12. 13. 14. 16. 18. 24, 24-31,
sections 12. and 13, 24-30 and suction
( and 7, 24-32.
The luud is. to bo subdivided, map
ped and ditched at onco and a rigor
ous effort Btade to sail tho land at
once. Tho'fact that the matter hasi
the approval of the slate officials and I
will no doubt huvo tho approval of
Ibn peoploof Hum Insures the sue-.
t Lean ui uiu toiiiuiui i
The thing which huff actuated us In
weeing to this settlement Is the fact
l. .. , n .... r..l MvA.IIaMftn k a rrtl.
rlnced us that years before the com
ptny hud anything to do with tho
i-ronerty. certain irregularities occur
ed In connection with the acquisition
of the nronerty from tho state. Most
of tho nersons cosrerned are dead
son no good would come from going
Icto details in the matter. While we
felt that we should not be punished
for tho faults of others and that wo
hod a rood defense as uoaa use pur
dinners of the property, still much of
the satisfaction of owning the pro
perty would be lost if the title was
In anyway tainted We preferred
luvruiore (O oiuku u nuiiieniuiii uivh
(Continued on pago 87)
Where to Find News
First Tage
Settlnmnnt P. 1 S. suit.
IrrlKatlon to have consideration,
Contractor lenses quarters.
Mbkoiih have big eats.
Uuys big stock ranch.
Timber men coming.
Kilo inubKuues tiarly.'
Tbles accepts chullenge.
A. It (', executive meeting.
Motion pictures of resources
Mothers club bull.
Farm loan man here.
HeceaMi 1'aae
Theatre news.
Third Pae
Aliens real menace.
Bermonetto fo,r today.
Kdttorlal uqmjaaent,
The green Klbbon.
Corresnondence. .
Seurcus of questions.
Club wok HUDsorted.
Colonization company sale.
eelon urges bones.
Treasury decisions government, Inaur
anco. BuniB spirit triumphs.
Best cowa beat.
Don't fool thankful.
Push yourself along, 11
HcvMi Tm , ,
ClasslAed adverttseasMts. v
Ucul HappenlBt. . .
Pet'tion fhi- DiVnVl NnmLr
- i wmm- www m m-wm MISIMVS
OneOr-4Ml Re-Adver-
(Xl tho lftHt wsslon of tho county
cltrl. the tcundato of the supremo
cuurf in ' ills Adclnlon on irrigation
IJlM, No. 1, wu placed on record and
later through the request of C. B.
MtConnell It was ordered that tJib
petition for this dlstrlcl be ro-ndver-tlscd
and the matter by taken up
uorore the court on January 7, 1920,
belli i: tha rt'ftulflr form nt 11ml
The petit)on8 for tho big district
and hIko the Lawen district will bo
up before the court on noxt Monday
morning ut which tlmo the attorneys
will ask for their consideration.
irrigation matters are of partic
ular Interest In this county and tho
people are awaiting tbo outcome of
mo uuempiH to form districts. Do
lays are becoming quite Irksome and
are going to have hard sledding from
now on.
Contractor Leases
Quarters in Burns
Captain Morris, of tho Pacific
Drldgo Company, contractors on tho
highway between Burns and Lawen,
has abondonod tho camp Just cast of
town and loosed the Oregon Hotel
building whuro ho will house his mon
and mako IiIh headquarters during
the tlmo of construction. Captain
Morris stated to a representative of
this paper tho other day that tho
company would likely mako this tholr
headquarters during tho ontlro tlmo
of 'operating in this country.
Tbo building loascd will houso a
largo numbor of men and is equipped
with kitchen and dining room, ns
wejl as- sleeping quartern. It Is con
vealent and an Improvement upon
tegt life at thjs season of tho year,
BMtriM belRf yioar the garago where
reBairfktajrwkH and othdr muchln-
ery may
.... tHH a .
Masonic Lodj
lig Eats
Local Masons wero agreeably sur
prised at tha regular communication
taut Mnndiv nlht. The stewards
served roast pork sandwiches, mash
ed potatoes, gravy, and coffee and
doughnuts, instead of the usual menu
at lodge feeds.
Several of tho old-timers were pre
sent to assist In the work of giving
Frank W. Thompspn, of Lawen tbo
Muster Mason degree.
(lood cuts are to be a feature of
lodge meetings during the winter.
In . '
J ::' ' -
It's a Poor Ruli That
RSW-ve cor At of
IVoWm or -fWAUifili
iwm iv vim rinM-tiwi
Local Nan Biys
Big Stock Ranch
Archlo McQowan returned the fore1
part of this week from a visit to tho
whoro lie Iioh purchased a stock
ranch. There aro 300 acres of deed
ed land In the tract and Itils well de
veloped, cutting 600 tons of alfalfa
hay each season. It Is an Irrigated
ranch In the heart of a big rungn
country whoro Archlo Is sure to make
a success of the stock business.
Mr. McQowan bought the stock with
the place and Is this week starting
his bunch of some 1G0 head of cattle
for the ranch where they will be win
tered. He had been looking for a
larger ranch for bis stock operutlous
ever since he disposed of bis garage
business ut Crane. This purchnsu
will add to his plant and glvo him
room to grow. Mr. Mcdowan spent
several years on a ranch und knows
tho gamo.
fin four - t':M-
ti at Statu?
A Town that is Good Enough
tb Live in is Good Enough to
BUY in.
M Work Bolh Ways .
Timber Men Wire
Intention to Come
A. C. Wolconio of tbo First Nation
u 1JUllk( yo.tor,itty received n nolo-
grura from K. W. Burnetf stating hn
would be hero about next Monday 1
with Interested parties to make an
Inspection of tho timber adjacent to
Darns provided the weather coudl-
tlpns wvro favorable. Mr. Wolcomq
0Ht a ronlv that the timber territory .
Is still clour of snow and everything ,
fn Vfinililn In Innklnir nvnr Mm trnrlii
It will bo remembered that Mr.
Barnes was here recently und took
options on a consldorulile amount
of timber laud near this city and
stated at the time that It he secured
a sufficient umouut to Justify ho
would have men of means esclablluh
u saw mill. It Is hoped the man will!
be favorably Impressed and tlirt our
hopes will be rnullzod.
Will Meet in Six Round Bout
Thanksgiving Afler.ioon
at Tonawama.
Dutch Tlilen and Young Gvnns will
meet In a six round boxing exhibition
at Tonawnnm on Thanksgiving after
noon. Tho tnatlnco Is hold in re
sponse to Kvnnn' chnllango given
after the Armlntlco Day bout.
Instead of being dlsplcnsud with
tho Armlstlco Day bout or Its after
math, Dutch's sontlmoutu scorn to bo
quite tho coutrnry. for ho camo to
American Legion ofllclnls to got thorn
to stage this meat. A nogatlvo voto
by tho Legion's oxocutlvo committoo
prevented them from putting on tho
show. Two mombors of tho Font
who had an actlvo part In tha last
program huvo consented to porsoually
tuko hold of tho coming event.
J. A. Krumholz and K. A. FcRsler,
the boys In question, hnvo signed a
contract with tho boxorn much tho
sumo us the last one, in which a
deposit has boon required, guaran
teeing tho nppoaranco of tho boxorn.
In addition to tho mnln event, the
boys hnvo planned series pillow fight,
blindfold boxing match, and four-riia-frce-for-nll.
A small purse Is to
bo glvon for each of these events.
Tho frcc-for-all lu a popular stunt
In tho navy. Knch man wears but
one glovo, and must hoop tho knoo
and toos of ono foot on tho floor, as
woll as tho buro hand. Navy mon
say no ono can got hurt, but thoro Is
plenty of fun In watching ovon if
the roforoo does have hls'ltands full.
A guard ring Is to bo placod around
tho boxing ring, and no ono but tlm
boxers and seconds will bo permitted
File Messages Early
at Phone Office
Jamos Itaycraft, of tho Iutur-.Moun-
tain Tel. & Tel. Co., Is In receipt if
a icuor rrom 1110 wotcsru union Tel.
office ngont at Juntura, advising the
local telephone office that It will be
necessary to have all night letters
dolvlered at Juntura before 6 o'clock
In the uvtinlug to have them sent on
that date. It appears the office there
Is closed at 6 o clock In the evening
and Is not opened until 9 o'clock or
Inter the following morning. Night
letters filed with the phone office ut
Burns later than 6 o'clock do not go
out of Juntura until after the open
lug date the following day.
Local patrons have wondered why
their messuges aro delayed and this
accounts for It. Thu fault Is with
I liu Western Union and not the local
telephone people.
Community Nurac Will Ba
Urge. Reinstatement Lapsed
Government Insurance by
Service Men.
County Manager Don M. TaylorV
reports that country returns In tho
Bed Cross membership drive are plow
coming in. To date, $089.50 has
been reported from tho county, with,
eovcral districts still out.
Bcturns should be font wthout do-t
lay to Don M. Taylor, Bed Cross eat
rotnSry, Burns, Oregon.
A meeting of tbo oxocutlvo com-,
mlttoo of Hnrncy County Chapter,
American Bed Cross, was hold at
Tho Tlmes-IIeruld offlco Thursday
evening when tbo officers of tho or
ganization wero elected for tho ensu
ing year. It In tho intention to se
cure tho services of a Bed Cross com
munity nurse m soon ns possible and)
do Homo activo work in tbo school
and several communities of this coun
ty. Tho homo service dopartment of.
tho organisation will bo tbo most act
ivo and x-nervco men and their
families are to receive first consid
eration. Viltli this in vlow the selec
tion of the head of the homo service
commlttco was mado nn America
Loglon momber. The work for the
noxt six weeks In that connection will
bo to urgo the reinstatement of lap
sed government lusurnnco among the
service mon who have allowed It te
lapse und the conversion into other
Insurance as provided by tho govern
ment. An Interesting story In con-,
ncct Ion with this may bo found else
where In this Issue under tho heal
ing of "Important Treasury Decision
Bcgurdiug tlovernment Insurance."
The officers of the Chapter are:'
Chairman, K. 11. Cnnscr; first vice
chairman, Mrs. Julia Smith: suconii
vice chulrmunMrs; I. H. Holland;
third vice chnlrmun, Capt. Bobt. M.
Duncan; secretary, Donald M. Taylor;'
treasurur, A. C, Wclcomo.
Tho executive commlttco couaisUf
of Julian Byrd, chairman, Joe Thomp
son, Mrs. Julia Smith, Sum Mothers
head, Bev, Father Francis, B. "PL
Conner. Mrs. Gruco U. 1ampshlrt,
Mr. 1. II. Holland, Charles W. Bills,
Mrs. Holeuo Biggs, BobU .V. Duncan,
C. W. Drlnkwuter Sidney McNeR.
John Graves, Joe Morris, J. C. Cocn,
M. llorlon, M. J. O'Connor, Gee.
Smyth, Fred Haines, F. (J. Kelly.
dipt. B. Al. Duncnti was made
chairman of the home M'rvlce com
mlttio und ho will Rdct tho com
mitteemen to servo with him.
To Take Motif Picffwes
of Our ResoMt ces Is Plan
I KollKnian. the nhotoKnipber, ar
rived hero from 'Portland Wednesday
to continue business In hts line, Mr,
Bellginun has a moving picture cam
era with him and Intends takeuc
Homo pictures showing the resources
of this section, One portion of the
picture will show thu activities on
the hlghwny, unothcrd portion wlM
bd devoted to vluws of several of tlin
big stock ranches with tbo herds.
also tho sheep Industry will no doubt
huvo a part and ulno the timber re
sources. Thu Puthe people Will re
leaso this film when It is coropleteA.
O 5
Mothers Club Ball
Aclvortlsliiir Is out for tho Mother
Club annual Thunksgivlug ball. Then
Indies huvo beon cIvIiik this function
for a number of years, and buve made
It one of the lookeu-iorwura-ue
events of the soason,
Plnnn this veur Inrhnlti unnrnnr'iata
decorations, uad serving punch an4i
Hiinnur. as usual. A hustllna floor
committee will bo on the job, whose)
duty will be to see tbut cveryow
gets acquainted und has u ftnpd tieae.
e -
Tho fore pnrt of this wock the Fea
oral Laud Loan nppralser arrived la
this city, und accompanied by V. (O.
Coiiud, who Is secretary of tbo locdi
organization, and other members oK
tho nppra(slug board, left for the
south part of the county to Inspect
somo land upon which loan appli
cations have beon made.