The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 15, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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T T1MII MHAi B W g f Him t A AH
gonor Louis J. Abltla, Moxlcan
lecturer niul philosopher, hns coma
into uulto u bit of publicity by an
...,,w i!ii' n now ucticmu of longevity.
ii. ..,t mini can llvo 400 years Just
nn ivislly " 110 no-w nuuiBKOH to exist
tlirniM IH9 niiuuuii mreu-ncuru unu
All una mUHt do to attain tho
modern Mothuisoliili ago Ik to cat
liotliU'K ul vogouiwo ioou, cnicny
raw vlto ami oais.
rin conor scums to bavo over
looked tlio fact thnt tho horHO lives
upon it mot consisting largely oi
raw oiuh, a low earn tu raw turn unu
.....1. vnciitiiblu rounhnco as liny nml
strn'v will kIvo tho body. Tho horso'n
hill of fnro, Is according to thu doc
,,,u nf Abltln IbiiK Hfo. Is Ideal for
joo ycnrH. Hut whoovcr hoard of n
ln.r o living a tenth of those years.
At twenty Dobbin Ir i llkoly candl
date for tho PnstUro of Agod Equina,
i hi il noma human beliiK ban lived
400 yenr on raw oats nnd rlco tho
real of mtinKliui win continue uouiu
i,. ilin liiimnn ability to do so.
An it why should tho human being
Man' to llvo four conturlo7 lispoc
iu imi a diet of raw oats and ricol
Can ou Imnglno n moro monotonous
oxlslcnco than otio founded upon tho
hIiimiuo of plo, caKc. lonuonoin sieaa,
roast hoof, fried chicken, bam and
egg:i and wheat chkos ior ureaa
v.i. frtenda and fellow cltiiens.
the real goal In human life should
not lo tho mere selfish collection of
tlnvit, months, ana years.
t.if. U Intended for more than
men living. It Ib given us for
DOING. , t
ui.nt ir wo lived 400 years and at
(ho nnd that was the sum total of
our achievement living 400 years?
Of what boneit would that bo to tho
rf Vmin. absolutely none. It
wrro better to have lived 40 yearn of
a life crowded with achievement
Hum to .have dragged through 400
of an existence dedicated to keeping
nr.. In Mm hnriv.
History has written down name
-n. r. iinmn nf mnn who In less t'lpn
40 yrarM did moro, und greater things
llnui Methuselah necompiisncu in an
hli hundreds of years.
ti.Ij iinnn nni iiinnti that WO should
mnko no ondoavor to llvo long; as
loi'K as wo aro useful to tno worm.
ii. ,n If mnnii Hull (itir COftl
llll'IH I il'.n,.. . . . .
should bo something moro and higher
limn tho uccumulatlon or years.
1M...I-.I urn mnn who llAVO lived 400
ftTlll 111 t..n ihnn so. . Theso aro the
nu n who huvo qulckonod tho stream
if progress, elvllUatlon, democracy.
humanity, justice wmcn nan carrmu
Mm ilnrknoNH of MetllU-
Uriah's time t6 tho brightness of our
One Year Ago-AnJ Now
Edward Oreaon War
Loen Chairman, who sends Armistice
Day greeting through, local Liberty
Locn committee.
Wlann aflvlihfirN ntr illta ft
dloputu there nro usually two sides
to tho question nt lssuo, wun raoru
on bdlh.
It each Is willing to talk It over
doBpaBslonutoly It Is not difficult to
offset an nmlcnblo oujURtmoiu. uui
If ono or both uro stubborn, thoy.
como to blows, Ono gets llckod, and
tljo other Is punished uy mo courts
or his conuclonco.
Talking It over Is a good thing, It
Is a Jewel to bo fostorod and encour
aged among our people It brings to
light tho good and tho woak polntB
or both Hides, Inculcates an element
of Bolf restraint Into turbulent dlu
positions, and preserves that spirit
of amity which tnipplles tho miiishlno
of our community llfo.
Talk It over by all means und If
at first your tnlk does not succeed,
talk naain.
11 HAD Oi l'' THE HUSH
If, as we are told, "the wages of
sin Is death," It is a long time over
taking somo of tho hardonod old
roprobatos of this world.
n.n. font npNInvnil)Pr 11. 1918
the armistice was declared, and tho
wrrld took Its flrat doop bream in vnnra
Tn n nf America It was a happy
dav, for It meant that tho enemy
bad given up In defeat, and that
many thousands of lives wcro saved
wliu Ii otherwlso would have beon led
lo tho field of goro.
Tho men of our armies were joy
fill, because It moant homo and froo
dom again for them.
n. vnr hut Hiich a year!
Then wo thought the blood of our
had made tho worm saie ior
dimocrocy. Today wo find 11 kP
i.,.. In (In. Mi rno nf illHinteBTatlOB.
Jealousy, hatred and suspicion of
ono anothor has boon ongenuereu in
ho i.nviirntiiniltH Illld llflOtllCS Of KUT-
opr No ono trustH anothor. Open
discord Is everywhere
llussla is a seething cauidrom, the
Ilalklna are a melting pot, ami mr
l;ry is a living bell,
c...t fiininmiipv nml the confer
iie of Paris havo produced not
. a ni. n m
honor and Juslico, uui rauier dh
tuiiK and Flume.
'n.n nonno nt iiaHnun la a mlSllO
iri r a phantom of the brain which
ifns not follow Its own cqnvlctlons.
Wo see a cessation of armed con
flict, but no where Is there tranquil'
Europe Is pauperized and a hotbed
ef KfiluVinvlam
England Is staggering under a
mountain of debt and the burdens of
thu Irish question.
America Is tottering on the brink
of revolution. .
Mnvim In In nornetual eruption,
mid tho lessor nations of the western
hemlsphcro are smoldering wun un
f tkt tin1 nnnltnl nrfi at CBCh
other's throats the world over, and
governmental threats Und appeals
mike fall upon deaf ears.
Profiteering is rampant and no
agency seems powerful enough to
hock It. .
('ollcetlvq sanity Is nowhoro to be
r,1n(l- . . ..n .
Ono year ago wo exclaimed: "Safe
.or iloinocraeyl" ..... ,
Today It Is tho survival of tho flt-
Hut this condition can not last. An
1 1 d must como.
Tho greed of tho capitalist and tho
arbitrariness of labor must be curbed.
Tho agency that will not volun
t rlly Hubmlt to reason must be forc
t d to do so.
Tho government must tuko action,
'rustic as tho conditions may wur
r.tnt. , , w
Tho man who considers hlmsoir
i n ator than tho pcoplo must bo
rushed by tho nation.
Thoro Is no other nltornatlvo, ir
v aro to proscrvo tho freo country
our forofuthers bullded for us,
Tlioso whom tho gods would dos
roy thoy first make mad and Amor
H'i it a madhouit today.
'Permit mo to extend itr'tt K
Inss to yourself nnd youh ctti-
k?v, ami to Join with you In
the culuhrntlni of thu first un-
nlversury (f 'that day destined
4 to becctno ir.umorablo In his
tory, which commemorates tho
glorious vlrtary of our country
and Its allleH In the great world
war. I again congratulate the O
people of your community upon
the overwhelming success which r
thoy achieved In tho Hovoral f
Liberty Loan campaigns. The
record of your district Is a last-
Ing monument to their s"lf
sacrifice, and will bo nn InHpIra:
tlon to Amurlcans whenuvor
their country again stands In
On this occasion shall r. o not
' plodgc anew our lives and for-
tunoH to our country and Us In-
slltutlons and resolve, to bear
our obligations of citizenship
today with tho samo serious
and hlghmlndcd uutorprlnu lliut
was shown In llfo dark days of
A Mm war? Let us not Klvo less
freely to our country now In tho
facii of domestic peril than wo
f gavo when It confronted foreign
On this anniversary wo cole-
urate tho fulfillment by our sol-
A Horn nml nallnrH of their oltll-
cations, but our citizen army Is
not vet discharged. It has uh-
s. tftitmui nlillputtnns which must
W '"-V
bo nald In lull.
4 Your record during tho war Is 4
undoubted assurance of quick
response to every call of your
country for flnanclul support. 4
l ain suro It Is only necessary
to remind your citizens or tno
deficit In Oregon's War Savings
A mirit.i to maUo curtain Its 4
a i.rntitni KiiliHiTlntlon. OroKon 4
W u. "
4 has nover failed. -4
Director War Loan Organlza- 4
a tian for Oregon. 4
Annrchlsts, bnlsliovlstM, agitators
und Hcalawiigs generally In Europe
nro preparing for n grand rush lo tho
United Btutca ns soon as tho war
time reatrlcllons on ItunilgruUon aro
Pickings on tho other oldo aro
slim nnd anything but Juicy, nnd'tho
vi. r tioro rooms briKht and
ontlclng to tho hungry hordo of Hods.
Amlrlca to them In n land flow
ing, with milk and honey, and they
would gorge themselves to repletion.
Hut the government should koop
up tho bars and head orf tho rut-h of
mtesirablcB, and those who liuyo ai
insula v..' . .
.Aft. . t..l.t
ready round lougmuni noro miuuiu
.bo sunt back to the shores from
whence thuy camo.
, We linvo room In this country for
all who would como with tho slncoro
Intention of becoming good citizens
nnd living In amity and In accordance
with our ojtabllHhod systom of gov
ernment. Hut there Is no room welcome for
tho agitator nnd tho dcslroyor.
Tf Mm vrncn InrrnftRrt continues.
business men will soon bo throwing
un the snoiiKO nnd looking ror rat
Jobs. I
In largo cities -scrub woman aro
rirnlvlntr ft.l and 14 n day. Minis-
tora and collogo profosaorB rccolvo
nearly as much.
Hero Ib n mnn who really ought not
In do allnwod tn llvo. Ho hns ovolved
a problem that reduces to mental
chaos any man who trios to solve Its
Supposo, ho snya, a plpo, with n boro
little largor than tho thickness of a
man's body, woro pierced through
tho earth, nnd a ladder ran through
tho length of tho plpo. AsRtimo
n man starts through tho plpo
rrnni 1. (union tn an aiitlnodeatl
Island. )lo descends tho ladder, feet
fnniinmii. nml Im U irnlnir downward
until ho reachoB tho center of tho
oarth. when ho roachcH tho contor
of tho earth ho, presumably, will
thoncoforth bo going upward, until
ho omorges at tho antipodes, Hut
how can a ladder on wmcu ono is
descending become a loddor on which
mm In iiRriwiilliic? Furthermore.
how could ono go up a lAdiicr teoi
foremost? Commercial Traveler
No longor can wo say thnt nothing
Is fliiro but death and taxes. Agi
tation discounts thorn all.
Tim ulinvn wan ri rolvod as n tolo-
gram by Leon M. Hrown, city chair
man of tho Victory Loan unvo.
Sky Pilots of
Present Day
In Mmnu Tinnl WO have 1)0011 UCCUS-
...,,...i in rnfnr tn tho tiroacher as "a
lUttlu V w . . - m
sky pilot." Tho name.siucK, wiieuici
i, .iioiiumi inn nriiiniier or uui.
v y -
Hut It remained ror a preacimr
iiimnlf to Justify lu raci me arpouu-
inn tin nil oil In Inat.
.tw'i . .
Lieutenant Maynaro, a cnapiaui
In the United States Army, curried
nW I It tinnnra in a cross country dis
tance flight, In which ten uvlators
lost their Uvea, ,
a. a iiiiv niint he is a nronouueed
rnn hi. fai ronulred nerve
and Judgement of an exceptionally
Mnv ir tm ran nreich as well ah ho
can fly he should be able In time to
tell the truth to tne average cuuire-
gatlon and get away wun u.
Score one ror ine say puoi.
Cu.rv Inrcn makeH for KOOd Or OVlli
with the steering wheel in your own
1..H.1. Tim Winn man turns It With
care, but tho fool glvcB It a twist at
t -,.. n win la a nilshty force
and can be fanned Into, a terrific
gale. But without perseverance n
becomes but a transient gust of wind.
nil.... ni unnnk Willi nf Othori
tt null jw" -
you forgo a bright and unbreakable
link In your own reputation. Think
it over.
y i.. i..;. I., t im mult hut dims the
glories of the! future and renders
futile the conquests ui
to life! J
To speak fluently In public Is a
rare gift, but to say tho correct
thing at tho right time Ib ono of tho
most precious of all horltagos.
Thoy toll us that orators uro born,
and not mndo. From which, no
doubt,' wo nro to assume that Homo
hud soup boxes Mid Jackasses for
I man admiros a
protty woman, but few of us havo tho
courago to ten our wivuij.
The Plumber is a -Robber!
Only when the man in
side the PLUMBER is
crooked. Our aim is to
give honest service, and
' install honest goods AL
WAYS. If you want
any such goods and such
service in your repairs
or in new work, it's easy
to get it. Just, call us
Our pecialty Plumbing, hect Metal Work, Repairing
Agents for the De Laval Dairy Supplies
Paint, Oil Limited Supply Ammunition
Economy Fruit Jars at Right Prices
In our new building opposite Lampshire's garage
- In Its ninth year of. growing suc
cess the Pacific International Live
stock Exposition will be given at
Portland. Oregon, the wook of Nov
embor 17 to 22 under tho root of a
now pavilion covering 7 Mi acres and
representing nn Investment of nearly
half ti million dollars. Throu thous
and puro-brcd animals In the cattle,
bono, shnop, nwlno and goat classes
have been entered. Bloven states
nro represented In tho exhibits.
Coincident with the Exposition will
bo held tho oxtonslve exhibits and
practical educational program of tho
western Dairy Products Show. The
annual convention of the. Western
- M. 1 ...III
Dairy instructor's Association win
also bo hold In conjunction.
Everywhere Irnppcrs ate mnliinR
big money. Ate YOU one cf them?
Wo tie pyf"8 top.nolch pri. Tiy ui
you II be well plctitd.
CUcini4 (toy i under
10 ntrd no lit-rntr.
Send (oi Free PiiceUit
E. R.SkrnrrACe.
Be 123
1121 Front St.,
ScraaMto, Calif.
T- ..Mm. vlrl thU COB-
fur ii, v vwmmw. r
tuna- Visa an anneal which HlortJ
rail tn niorMi. oace the.
1 III H .. W
rich fall coioriui cne i
A brown reivei coai
i. ! J lirnarn II tOBOCil
off with a oraage hat and scarf
. a i. uh auiuMa colors. II Is
"the snappiest ouim oi ibb mwii.
Get the Top
Market Price
for your
The Golden Rule Fur Co.
603 Firit Ave., Seattle, Wn.
Write for price list and tags
50c to $1.00
for Your Furs
Sell them to me, and make more money. I
gaurantee to give you 50 cents to $1.00
more on each hide than any other buyer in
. Save your furs for me.
. unnc UIUVV IY1H Vllllfl
1 knew that the average trapper does not got aa
ahould I for hla furs. I know that there U a way to give the trap
pe! ill that lie Is entitled to, and I'm going to do business that
uOl liclowart) m. nn" v...,
Ladies' Monogram Stationery Here
Ladies' Monogram Stationery Here
(inn nr tlm most nathntlc poison
Ing cases In tho history of this coun-
tv tin a limt tinoit brouKht lo a happy
close by the recovery of tho Innocent
victims, . .
A Detroit piothor. in a moment oi
nthurwlse. administered
deadly, mercury to her two little
danaiitnra with the intention of end-
lug their existence. .
Thav warn rnived. however, by the
prompt action ana ueroio enoris ui
physician ana are now cmiuub
la behind Iron bars.
UV " " 1
The lesson Is one wnicu snouiu ue
taken Into every home.
ni... im antiralv too much free
A,n in thm Manner In which people
uwu " - - -
are permitted to purcnaso nruga mi
a polsonoHs nature.
In a majority oi numcn jum .
fi...i iimui. iiniHonn standliiK on pan
try sholves, in bath rooms, or lu other
pl"ceH' hi i thnv nre within the
roach of children who know not that
death lurks in those wnoeem iui
It Is the acme of carelessness, and
comes dangerously near 10 emmnm
ii. . .
inlli it An line, fintffii ahould not be
purchased at will. They should be
accessluie oniy ihtoukh i
of a practicing physician, and thou
i,i t.n knnt undor lock and key,
Tho person who employs
drugs with criminal liuoiu
. uurirt nml ilriiHtlc nuiilsh-
ment commensurate with the crimo,
and no maudlin sontlmont should ho
permitted to intorroro.
n.ti.ii. with flnnth hnfl hocomo Oil'
tlroly tpo froquont In this country.
It is tlmo for tho puiilshino.nt to
fit tho crime,
. -o
Itoud tho wanteds. You want tho
things they advertise. .
Remember that when you bring your
Ford car to us for mechanical attention
j that you get the genuine Ford service
materials, experienced workmen and
Ford factory prices. Your Ford is too
useful, too valuable to take chances
with poor mechanics, with equally poor
materials. Bring it to us and save both
time and money. We are authorized
Ford dealers, trusted by the Ford Motor
' ' Company to look after the wants of
Ford owners that's the assurance we
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