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    Tlio TlfMwt-IIcrl(l goes re
pilarly to more homes in Har
ney County than liny other
mHViitor. If you wish to
reach tho people uso theso col
umn for your advertisement.
Tlio Times-Herald In nn oM
established Iriond of tlio people C:
of Harney County wlicro it Invi
been a. weekly vltltor for tlilrtj . .
years. It's Job depart tuoivt ti
equipped to hitvo your mHila
NO. 3
mmMi p . mim
Und c Aupice6 Local Post
. -.crican Legion
War Workers and Schools
Jo'.a Soldiers and Sailors
in Parade.
Th f rst anniversary of tlio RroaW
cH il lit tho world's history wiih
He'. 1 In Hurns InHt Tuesday,
The 1 1 jsrim for tlio tiny was under
tho n t illicit of Harney County Post
No r of thou American Legion.
TM t t .nlzutlon of t'Xjorvlco tnon
was i y assisted by tho, homo war
worn r .
At ' oi-n tho sorvlco men vera
pip ti banquet Riven by tho
1 i Hurn.i. unil served by tho
lie ir (.u.inlN Durlni: .tho bnnquot
Ut . i hnson mid Holllii Gownn
nrr 1't.uidcrs Flohh," and Mrs.
Oh ' ' 'ton gave two numbers.
M PurliiRton waa tho ac
co,' M ' rv Croncn, A. It. C, A. 13.
r I ." r of I'prllaiul Post No.
1, tc'l l boys a few of thu tlilnRu
fcr v ' tho American Legion
n'ar JUng their attention to tho
fart t ' i' lud high IdcnlH, and wan
tho 'i ji Ion of 100 por rout Amor-
A - o'clock In tho -afternoon
n r itr parade on Main Ktroot.
TIuti" v t-o m line tho Hurno Public
iclio I tin Harnoy County High
n 1p I t!i Honor Guard, tho local
clu, r rr tho Aniolrcan Rod Cronf,
cx r. men from tho navy and
nrriv 1 tho draft and IorbI ndvln
cry boar' I'ha public school chil
dren ur"'l out of tho lino of march
iter (a Iiir tho reviewing Htnnd
"1 n 'lined to a plans wlioro tho
other u"Its could bo observed,
T i r .do returuud to tho re
view if 'and, whoro "Amorlcu" was
r.rr v tho nsaornhlnRO. Mayor
Char i Leonard Introduced Gup
ta n W Gownn ui Hpeaker of tho
tli" ( Ihr hla addromi with tho
(ju M' i ' On earth Peace, Rood
n J 1. 1 men," Cnptuln Gowan
to" ' ' iron tho oveiitti that led up
to ti v ".rv nchloved by tlyj Allied
fcr November 11th, 1018.
Ic' mnndcr J. Bhelloy Sunr
en ,.or ofllcor among tho ox
tr r n, responded to tho Cap
tain' a MrcHH, remarking tho fact
th . h man who outorcd tho nor-
Tlri w i tho Hainu Individual after
ho ilc i )iIh country'ii uniform that
h w "nro and that after bin IIh
charK ho wnd fitlll tho namo Individ
ual, I .iiir only boon broadened by.
hh ex'rrnnren In tho service. Leonard, in cIohIiir tho
proj;r ' tutod that tho men who
wont rh at their couutry'a call
won" 1 t tho men who lad lt rov
crrin for tho naxt'decado, m the
iplrlt ' t called them forth wua tha
! r t 'led by men from whom
le we re made.
TI" r(Wos endod by tho asHom
blago u rIiir the national anthem,
led ' r.tmbora of tho ladlca quar
tetto A 1 ,rsH mcctliiK of Harnoy
Oi i'j t followod tho program
ofl, t moon, and a boxing match
and -o la Tonawama concluded
tho i r.m of tho day.
Klrxt Pit 10
"ur h hrates ArmlHtico day.
Hun r Jattlo with French Bailor.
Iteo' 1 1 iu liiR of water rlRhta on
F'l river.
I.eai ii)pr'liautH to cloao at 5.
''"tnr r ml club Hocrotary arrlvcfl.
Whero do you stand?
Red Croaa drive looks good. .
Uuul i i for IiIl'Iiwhv drOHHillR.
Hccoiul I'llL'O
Comr jiir niiawor jiroteat. .
Com' 'v nnlrlt.
Tlili-il Viti'fi
Who to llvo 400 yoara?
0i'" t'Ko- now.
v or preiont day.
JV' wiih death,
f' 1 tint ruHh.
Talk i i iw ..i in
liVkiitlli iifi..
I rnnil iiiut runt Inn flll(lll!ll
Wan' ,r(i 0f sorvlco men,
"our of (HiftHilniiH. touoliorH ox-
jjlRli ciiRlneer vlaltrf.
Itahl u t rnnn l'iiIh Iiiiiiv.
Infill Ttmtn.
)0, n thalloiiRCH Dutch,
oiji rovldea for oxtoualon work.
"Oil , lull IlKU.tU
Klxth Page
1 U'W.
r .... v...
.Ubi fi( k juivortlBemonta.
"tfliii Mountain wethors bost.
Afo BihoolH furnishing hot lunchoa?
Prom War to I acf nml Knilow
flh'p. Victory Pa', tho flnt annl
yorflary or tho hIriiIui; of tho nrmlit
tlco, Novembor 11. wan co!olrated
With Rratoful hoavltt tho world ovler.
Dutchman Wins
' His Baltic with
French Sailor Lad
Rcfcree'a Decision G'vca Hun
Purse; Unpopular with
Tho Dutch Knrponter won IiIh
battle with Kid Curpeutier on a tocli
nlcallty, ArmlHtico Day. Hittlui; In
tho ,breaU-away from clIncheH wuh
uiu rrouciimau n orieiiHo. winch wit-t
nonacHH of tho ticrap nay loan'
tl fault of thu Diitchmmra.
Repeated warnltiRs had been Riven
by thu rqfcruo, and Fronchy simply
liad tho mlHfortuno to ki)1 cattRht at
it tho wroiiR tlmo.
Tho Ainorlcau LorIoii opened ita
uvoning ArmlsUco Day pi'ORram with
a ntuut now to Ilurua tho pillow
flKht. It made a hit with tho public,
and wli; probably bo a feature of
future Legion programa
In- this exhibition, tho contoatantn
mouut a high wooden horse, each
armed with a pillow. Tho ruloa do
not permit of touching tiro liqrro with
the lundu nor can any other Htipport
lo taken oxcopt clinchlni(tho beam
with the hiR'i. Tho object Id to caimo
tho oiitioniuit to loo hla balauco and!
'tumble off. Thoy tumbludl Tho
slRht of a perfectly dlRiilfled noldlor
or Hiillor fallttiK off tho IiIrIi horau
was Rreotod by Hhouta and choori
from tho audience.
A team of four from tho army and
navy went Into tho cmno, and Homo
ray tho army lout ouL .Tho roporter
will never admit lU lie la an army
man and tho roforrco waa foni tlio
navy I
A blindfold boxinr; match of two
rounds followed tho pillow fights,
l-'aun ovldontly liked thin Ramo alxo,
and will greet futuro porformunceH
with gloo.
Tho main evont capio next on tho
program thu six round bout be
tween Kd Carpenter and tho Dutch
Knrponter. Prom tho Btart, Fronchy
showed- hla good Judgment of tho
weight of tho Dutchman's punch, and
ran a side roal. foot race around tho
I'mnchy had tho mlafortuno to ho
thrown In tho rirat ronnu, ami tooic
advantaito of I lac) ninth count lo re
covor a bit of hla wind. Coniifdor
ablo clinching wna' ovident at onco,
and this with Froncliy'a footwolk
coiitli.uod a foaturo of tho match.
Hitting in clonchoa was an offense of j
both, and tho referee wua kept busy
warning tho boxord.
At tho und of tho' fifth round, a
diversion was offered by a dlfforonce
of opinion botweon tho tlmokoopcr
. . . .1.. ir..ti'.i 'Plmtf
anil one 01 uiu nuuo nui.un.n. ...v. .
started to mix for u minuto, nnd the
ring was quickly filled, fiomeono
muHt havo pulled tho tlmokoopor off ,
tn tin r.HIL' tho KOIIR tO Start tllO
sixth round, and tho crowd cllmboWj
out ugatu,
Fronchy opened up tho last round
with an attack that would suroly havo
oudud in tho Dutchman's dofeat.
Tho Kid waa apparontly as freah as
first stonnod Into tho squar
ed circle, with tlio added advantugo,
of having 1'oon warmed up by the'
many mtieo no nun m
Dutch. Tho Dutchman saveu iinu
solf from hla opponont'H long arm
by clinching, and falluro to obsorvo
tho referee's wamlug about clinch
hitting lost tho buttlo for tho Kid.
" Tho referee slopped tho bout
with fully & seconds to go in tho
last round, declaring tho Dutchman
winner of tho contost. Turmoil held
away HRiiin, showing that the doc s
ion wan far from popular with thu
faua. ...
Ouo of tho mon on in" mi"j ;
work, offered thu Dutchman a purse- j
or MOO against $250 if ho would
lyin IhoVlngwlth one or t ho truck I
drivers rorJotir roundH. Dutch linn
apt accoptod, aa iur an wwu w
. ... iif.ii.
Young Kvana. a ciovu
weight from outside, c hallonged l oj
Dutchman to a bout tosbo hold In the
jioar future.
In Am-it'ta on "V cturv Day' hum
iinr v.'ua enacted a Rreat ovent, tho
fir it mutual convention of tho Amor-
lean LurUiu, its mombuni tho hoyx
and man v ho waded thn blon Uonltcd
Reopen Hearing of Water
Rights on Silvies River
At tho Ootuhor lorni of clrcu't
court nppllratloti wn Hindu by the
William ITunlwy Compuuy, Harnoy
IJaaln .Devo'opuieiit Company and iui
mirou privHto water uwm to re
open tbo onto In order that further
toatlinony hn taken ua lo ll" ralatlvr
rlarhlH to tlu w.itnr for Irritation
purpo '. JiiiiRi Dlitdii Intiinatal nt
thu t'mo of thn r.rfumunt that ha
wou'd comply. 'Ih!a wtmk thu ordor
lias botui localvod of which tho fot
lowing l's tho HubNtauco after roolt
Iiir thu immufl of Ihono asking it:
And It appoarlng to tho court
that It is ncnuaaary and proper that
thu matter should bo rotunuded.-for
thu taking or testimony liuforo a rof
oreo on the matter. sot out In thu
various petitions heretofore rujout
oil, as well a i upon all mutton In
uxplauntlon or rebuttal or tho matter:
vol nut tu the putlthmo ami thn taot
Imony taken thcrsuudor, in voll n.-i
or other mat lorn or obylfmi mlatako
and f-r thn corrootlou or arror'In Ui
rocord ;
It furl lie apprising th'tt alnce thu
taking or tin teattniony mid tlur'iT
the n-ljudlt'itloii rrou69llng' H the
HivI'M ittvor water dutorru'nalion,
that th WHl'am llanloy company,
well aa Hit I'aclflo Llvf Stock, havo donu aomo now work
Wo tho undersigned Merchant:!
Agru'i to pIoho a. 5 P. M. diirliighu
winter mouths. Ilcgliiiiing Monday
Nov. 17. I
Fnrtuara KxchnnfiO
llurno Caah Htoro, '
Hater P. Behwarln
C. II. Voogtly
I.n. (leer and Co.
Lunoburg h Dalton Co.
N. Hrown & Soiib.
s ?em. cap, y t
1 wa smzijr 1
hw "v irvvvv. v jssmj:ssm maw aiiiiim: a.vwa aaaiiiiiiiiiiK. .
M.t.ouuiiiH or Kraticu to brhiR vie-
torr; Thu convention wna hold nt
M'mlenpolK Minn., November 10,
11 ami U', Londuru In tho Rreat
ortanlzatlou tliln year aro Colonel
. tho way of chanRlng tho channels,
His and ntougliM for tho dlalrlbu
tlftu of water to tholr Inuda; "
And il further appoarlng Hint this
nut effect the r'tshts of all partlca
thla prcciodlnr.; and It further Hp
v rttiK tliut it will bu iiQcoatury for
iJUIt hSnglpcor lo do further on
. .v ring work to dutormlne tho
' . e. of tho now work by tlioao com-'-n-de
upon the dlsirlbutlmi of tho
VwUira or this atrenm, and tho rola
ti rlghlii of others;
Itifnrlhcr appourlug that the Water
1 Irani will not bo ublo, without Rreat
iiiconvenlouce, and for some tlmo to
corno. to talto tho testimony in thltj
U la thuroforo CONSIDKUKD.
CIH313J) that, this mattor bo remand
ol 10 tho Water Hoard for gathering
i'.icU further data at may bu necaa
rj. anil for (ho taking of further
uuui'u, tbu evidence to bo tuUuu by
Yin. M. Walker, tin mforoo hereby
pftnVitoil by the court for that pur
.m. hmiI upon tlio I'ou'ipletlou of
nrb tejtlmouy, whUh HltaU bo tnkou
. 'tho refureo a anon afl muy bo
nU'Iu. that tM aamu shall bo ro
. ortd to tha iVnlw Hoard for their
' niiiugs nnd further duiBrmtuntlon
.0 bu roporluit to this court ui soon
.3 poHHlblu.
co.M.MijitciAh c.rn
HortC. Joiios'iirrlved hero tlio lorn
prrt of tho week from Portland to
titiuuio bin dutios at seerotiiry or
tlio Ilurua. Commercial club. Mr.
J'li'oi baa boon getting iicqualiited
w'.tli tho pcoplo or tlio town and
tvcualutlng hnlmaidr with condi
tio as or tho country In order that ho
iflay work tu harmony with thu com
nvuilty In advancing Its Interests,
Tb gontlemaii has madu a ravorablo
impression upon his associates
Henry I). Llndiiloy of Dallas, Toxna,
chalrmnn of tho oxocutlvo commltteo
and Colonel Theodore KoohovoU Jr.
Itesoliitloun were pnaned ravoriiiR
deportation of unfrlondly nlienu.
Centralia Reds
Fire on Service
' Men in Parade
Anarchist's Creed Compared
with That of American
An the parade or tho 'American
LurIoii passed the 1. W. W. hall In
Centralia, Washington, on Armistice
dny, Indiutrrnl Workers or tho World
opouod fire 011 I ho Kx-forvice mon In
thu parade from thn top of a build
ing, hilling three nnd wouuued sever
al others,
Tho parndo broke up In dtaordor,
and an onwRcd mob rnr.ed tho I. W.
W. hall and sot II on flro and later
hanged thu riiiRloadcr under a brldgo.
It la timely to compare tho creed
nr tho Amirlcau I.oglon with that of
tlio UuHslau Anarchists or America
ovldontly adopted by tho Centralia
"Por (lod and Country wo associ
ate oHrselvo4 together ror thu rollow
ItiKtpnrpoHnn: "To uphold and dorofid tho Con
stitution or tho United Htutua or
Amorlci; to maintain law and ordor;
to roster and porpotuato a ono him
.drod per cent AmorlcanUni; to pro
servo tho momorlw and Incldonln or
our uasodatloi: in thu (Jnat Wnr:
to Inculcate a sense or Individual ob
ligation to the community, stato mid
nation; to combnt tho autocracy of
both tho ehiHsos and tho um'Mr; to
niukxi right tho ninatcr of might; to
promote ponco and good will on
earth; to iiafoguard and traiiBintt
lo posterity tho principles or Justice,
freedom and democracy; to conso
cralo and sanctiry our comradshlp
by our devotion to mutual helpful
(Proui'donuments reontly neized h.v
uiu uuvernment or tho u. M.)
"To comploto tho duatructlon or
private control or natural r.osourco.1
and capital mid comploto destruction
or powor or rulo and tho Institutions
Invested with power to onforco rule
or 0110 man over another.
"Tho Immodlato rolzuro or all
means or production and all articles
or consumption and make tho work
ing cIiinaos tho mastora In fact of all
goneral wealth.
"At tho sanio tlmo to morcllosaly
destroy all that romnlnn or govern-i
moutal authority and class domina
tion, liberating tho prisoners, demol
ish prisons and police olllces dos-;
Iroy nil loaal papers portalning to ,
private ownership or property; all
fluid fences nnd boundaries, and burn
all coi'tlflcatua or ludohtuduoss In a I
word tu taka caro that everything Is I
wiped from tho earth that is a ro-!
minder or tho private ownership of
property. To blow up burrocks and
geuadarmus and to shoot tho most
prominent military and pollco olllcers '
must bo tho most concern or thu
revolting working people. In tho
work of destruction wo must bo
ntorellesH for tlio slightest weaknosa
upon our part may afterward cost
tlio working classoa a wholt sua of
needless blood.
y Wo go tranquilly, choorfully, not
bocauso it is painful to us eternally
to bo calling lo bloody combat no!
Hut becauso there, far beyond tho
corpao of horOos, boyond tho blood-,
.covered barricades, boyond all tor-,'
, rora of civil war, thoro 'already shines,
, for UH tho magnificent bountiful
rorm 01 man wuuoiu a uou, wiuioui.
a mnstor and froo or authority. ,
"Wo hato religion becauuo it lulls
tho spirit with lying tales, takes awayj
tho courage mid faith In tho powor,
of man, fallh In the triumph of Juu
tlco hero on tho real earth not In a
chlmorlcul hoavon. ItellRlni.i covora'
ovorything with fog; roal ovll bo
comoa visionary, nnd visionary good .
a reality, U baa alwaya sanctified
slavery, grtof, and tours. And wo.
dcclaro v'ar upon all gods and ro-
llglous fabloa. Wo aro atheists."
If you holloYo It ia your duty to
your country to lovo It, to support ItaJ
conuUtutlon, to obey Its laws, to ro-
Burns "Oer f.hc Top" Says
High School Students; Get
Majority of Subscriptions
in City.
No quotn was sot for tho Hcd Crosn
membership drive, but Judging from
a probahlu method of arriving at
quoins, Hums is "ovor tho top."
County MnntiRor Don -M. Taylor
has not heard from all his co-work
ers in tho drive, so, full flgurcu ror
tho county can not bo given.
Mr. Taylor Ingeniously flguron that
since this wna a membership drive,
mid ono dollar wait all that could bo
cxneclod. Hums has Jiiiulu good.
"Tho miiount tobo raised nationally,"
said Mr. Taylor, "waa $20,000,000
or loss than one-fifth of a dollar por
capita. At t ti 11 1 rate, lluriiti did very
well, an ovor 400 was ruined I11
Returns up till noon today which
Incudo all memberships from Huron
and from nluo or tho outlying school
dlatrlutn. ''IIIcm townti, ot ndiool
districts, with names or workers and
nmounta, rollow;
C:ty or Huriu, (nolo bolow), f
Diamond, Holoii M. Smyth, $27.00;
PoUon Crrtek..KdItlur. Dnrat. ?7.00;
Hyo Orass), Uuth W. 8haw, $10.00;
.Sllvlos, Alice Honnolt, $11.00; Nar
rows, Annlu f!oto, $24.00; Princeton,
Amelia Kcroth, $7.00: Voltago, Annlo
M, Piultt, $0.00; B.iddlobutte, ICIIsa
both Mindlqlon, $10.00; Lawon,
Myrtle I. Thnmpson, $11.00.
Total to dato Sn.17.50.
Note. Tho ontlro campaign In
HuriiH wna handled through tha
schools, $131.00 wai netted through
tho Grammar School and tho bal
ance, $203.50 was, with tho exception
of u row scattering dollnr.i collected
through tho kfndnoiH or mm-chunta
about town, subscribed on solicita
tion or a number of High School
:'tudoatn who put tho'r tlmo mid
tboniwlvoM whole-heartedly Into tho
work. Too much praleo cannot bo
gion the toachor under whoso dir
ection Ihoy worked. Miss Anderson,
or tho ittudoutH, Misses llolon Good
low, Mario Kgll. Mnrjorlo nnd
Gladys Hyrd, Colla Hyrd. Gono
Schwartr, Ada Johiisou. Ulancho
Gooilniau, Huby Hayes. Uvalln Miller,
Hazel, lllhhitrd, Mubol Hkluus, Corn
mid Jessie Bhepard, Glndyii N'lchol
hoii. Francos Doiiegau. Juno Dalton,
Dorothy Keanev, Mario Pleka, Joan
Mourou, and olhurs.
Tho gravel dressing pf thn high
way la now under way. Mr. Allen's
truokfi and 1:Ir steim shove! nro opor
attiiR from tho Ibilir poli.t gravol
pit and an oxamlnatloii of tho road
yhoro It has boon placed fhows it of
oxcollant quality. Tho writer had
occasion to drive ovor It Thursduy
aftoruoon. "Ruvural londB of gravel
wore dumped In tho Interval botweon
tho tlmo tho traveler passed ovor It
mid his return to the work and thus
but fow velflclos liad driven across
It Including tho big truck", but It
was found packed aulllciently that tho
Ford wouldn't muko a murk in tt.
Thu wash gravel now being placed
upon tho road' mixed with the floor
binding material appears to bo too
largo for if - tojr dressing but it la
understood there was still four In
chon .to bo placed over the surfaco
and it seems tho workmen hopo to
find flnor gravol for this top dress
ing. It would appear to ono from a
casual observation of it that tho work
Is going to provo entirely Kutisfact
ory. ' "
ik I.. M.. I.-1,..., I.' I.'l.l.i'u
in Mr. Khiss 13. I'idc'fi
. .. "
PtlltKi UH13D Poland oMnii
" hoars, seven to eight
r.innlliR old. "Can bo scon .
-A . ' 1
COHONA Typowrltor nqw.
$4fi. At. (hla ollleo.
Hoa'd thorn all on Pago t
tlllk!.! I. j
spoct Ua flag mid to dornd lt.aj?an
st all onoinies, take a firm sjand
agnlnat tho arch onoiny of civiliza
tion TIH3 HD8.