The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 01, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Pictures ojE the Day
to make you rich ?
p. O. E. President VG
Lend Savings Drive fcr
Sale of V'nr Savlnss Stamps and
L: try Savings Cortltlcatou In. the.
Ut cf oretmn una naca placed
ctlrely In w nanus ot mo nonevoumi
j j'ro i uruor or liiua. Tlui
ate boil) of Kllia has taken ovor mnu
Itcmerit i we ti:rirt una navlngs cum.
I,fn m a olmteor patriotic uorvlco
, tl!0 pt'.' a' I nut 'on..
THi n' iincoment lias Just boon
lik by l 'O Q. Allan, bond of tho
IjU' m-1' ' o.fiiutUutlon, nnd C. a.
hcltson i t ite cllroctor of tho covurn.
Lest sn". j crKMilzatlon. it In oatl
LteJ th. t I'xlflthu? 'nr Savlng-i 8o
bicsn"" li'Ol children throtithnitt
rf,'on can li counted on to purchase
rCCO.tJln hi vuir staving stamps no-
re Jnniiuv 1, which will loavu up.
lMxlmatc' t ..000.000 to bo aibscrlbod
irpJRli efforts of tho fraternal orgunj
tlon, which luifl a membership of
In tho ntnto.
Mr. Allen offered tho sorvlcas of tho
,.,t fraternal ordor undor nulhorlty
rjeo state organisations of tho ordor
L the national convention In Atlantic
r. which adoptod roaolutlona pledg-
K active support of all members to
government thrift campaign. He
i obtained leave of absence from his
mines nnd will dovoto all bin pur
nil effort tor tho noxt four months
i orpnlilng Haloa forcos among tho
Miliary lodges.
"Djrlim tho war," wild Mr. Allon,
hie order of Hlks ban felt It n prlvl
to plan at the disposal of our conn-
r tho services of its members. There
iffcsovorul thousand OroKvii Klks im
warms, and tliosu of us who woro not
krTlloced to wear tho ollvo diab, tho
Jptoifi Oleics Off News
PH9flHM - aBBBBal.BftBW mB .ieaflHr'Avr LaVaaBgw.
fmtv" ' fiVBMnvZJCamsl semBKV .afl mbkV
jV.V'jHJ jiSKRMamBnaE2BT.eBHaBBBT aV Hsasl
Ossaora Ueki Bhowln. now. i" B".B .""i
wt7S-L JSiuS! o?SS t-, rconforVncr. WiT
UDirl tKT.iL i h-m mc,al clofcX 10 U. . Naval
0 K.V.
(Continued from pajco 1)
there any mortgaKo debt or other
encumbrance on tho laud ho owned
on January I. mo?" "What was thu
total amount of debt or encumbrance
on Jaiul on tblH farm owned by you.
Jnnuury 1, 1920?"
IVHInoitt Not Impertinent.
"What the Sam Hill." vnn in ii v In.
quire, "has tho Government got to
an overwhelming f majority of thu
That. thou, j.i otto of thu tliltiRii
that the D(?pnrtmant of ARrlculture
la try I ni? to do in aid of thu farm
population of thltt country. In order
to do tho' work iutelllKontly, tho dt
par lino nt neat as full Information
uh portable an to how the farm home
of tho couiitvr nru enulpped tor com
fort and couvcnlouco.
Don M. Taylor
Arrives in Burns
I HVY V. 3. M.-
ivv blu tr thu uniform of tho ii'A
- . - - " n ' v
;w. have taKon prldo In moetlnR the " wmi ow much money I own on I
.vvi .liih'H Of war (!li:inp.i nml nun. ' ,uy iHllll?' Well. tWO Of tllfi llilnirul
Wia'iri in all othor palriot.e uiovo. '.?nf'd, ,!ho Uepurtraeiit of AKrN Lieut. Donald M. Taylor, of Port
itnU." I )l " .,' H... bljon KlvhiB deopeat'land and Seattle arrived In Iliirm
I"""?. " ""I"' nv van sovcrai yean on Woduoday vvoiiIiik. Weill
'."J". .?"""c nnu ru.ral credltaTuyior U the chum of Mr. FeMleri
. V,f""',?Bn"UB0 "avu ow of till ollloo. Ho mw over IS inontlw
i' J . l",J.'""ur oi tenants. R(.rvice (u France with the A. 12. I
A rich uncle may die and leave you a roll,
but few rich uncles have this habit-
If you get rich the chances are you will first
have to save enough money in order to make an
investment that will pay.
There are plenty of investments for the man
with a little ready cash. '
But it is up to you to save cash. The best
policy is to deposit a portion of your salary.
A Bank is better than a hole in your pocket
through which your money can slip awav.-
Make our Bank YOOR Bank.
.w...., v. .unuumia imvu ten -aim a tl t int ...... .i..nt n.u
From Ubr.don. BntUad, to To
Kan nan, by xprnu. Tut(
tun nxiieriPBCC w M.1M IMreca
.country Is coin .o the i.ou-.unu.; n v' ..." . r "., ' " '.r. r"u
A Kocahed pblloaophor onco said: by tl.o landlord route. The nouln. 1 1 ,J 'T. . "'"."V T . J!?1
If the rid, do not spend the poor die . mont of AKrlculturo. however, looked " " V'lVi? r' t e, i ,rB"iri. S ..Ll"
i ..? r..f,,-.S ,""Wu,',lIwnMe. and llrlgado Adjutant of the 11
U ia fnuS t ,!n,nrmcd' )Vhf,r lint) UrlKade. Tank Cor-.
it uaa ablo to make aurvovu it ill. . i n...i :.-.i..
n,.v.....l .1... ...kii.. .... ' . " i.iuui. ibjiui iuuh mi .i
It Is for "line iim uumner or i,. h.,, c f
nrlnt !!. "t.r In .'.Vb? Ron.
iiaMfs tho production of permanent tZ, . J ,?.- . ir v".1",.. .'. U' nura turnliiK to lib
:!, rather than the mere -atlafactlon M,derub y smallor ! IB 'n '.fT h,",",,u, 1,0 w
W hunjEi'r"
This fullary was back of condltinns
llht brought n the French Uuvolu
SivIiik In spcndlnR, but
m future rather than for tho
chrotuh," lt slned for hmr mm
bur arrlvaJL
the St. MUilol drive with the
by Uonault" Tanks, upon re
turning to his orKaulzatlon from the
as commlHHloued a 2nd
Lieutenant and authorized to form a
llrluado Headquarters Company
under Colonel O. S. Tatten, Jr.
vjt'i i r D,,,Srirusmt,r,!t
w "Mi., iimrrilTS. y, M ,,k.i ni. nrllvrt mirt III tin. i i.Vi. All.
ment of Harnoy County.
tniaaiL'ui aiiu ii'iniKjrary nioHsuriHi. ann ... icon
The trouble (i that ople confuse The Infuraiire In thnt imlnni.v
1 A. . ... I I. ... 1. .. I.. k t. M iA M . " " """"" V
mu, nnu wiuiv 111 uacK oi ii. iney sien loward owners i i. that tl...
In farmer when he
Imueii trade Just as much. Perhaps likely to bo a farm owner before hi
icq never Btmuind to realize that uverv first chlltr Is Krown--tho farm nidi
I tea. you dopoxlt a dollar In a bank or tor uimI ,no moimy that lued to ko to
bfttt It III Hfimn IfiLf It lrmil. nrilcir,.iliA
pay off the morticaKd 'available for
liunot only help some to get and keen BW"V'" Y",".,re" lo -'iioi?e.
It jcd, but a tiKoful Job. Kvery dollar
IIm bank or Invest provides work for
Archie llowoil, one of the l(fny
4..., county boys who nw much service
culture thai looksTlke a bo7ouihly" ' T.inp?. Here. Archie w
normal, healthy, and .enellolal pfo- wo'iiulwl nnd was left on th-bat-po-.
Tn n.-t i. . ... ii" lefb'ld for nil hours before helm;
It h nornet irnoH sabl In favor of one ancy leads to firm ovnorslilii it u reicuod. He wns taken to u Froncti
tt the larer oxrciKoa-Jewolrythat n R00d IbliiK for tho conntrv ami for I,0l,ul w",, nirod r. but one arm
4UB0-I - o a Koed Investment. That tho ludlvldual ' rti.lo. and be Is unaldo to do any
Ui ' -ti.-.k that they will bo able Full Aimiv KommiiIhI ! ',,u',! wo,rlt; !rhw 1.ou,"t.i Innn WiK
r J if thay cannot af. Hut It has not boon possible to got1 11'01' a rJT."! 1 'S'rt
fr-J' . tiw rn. lint ssitlo from the n complete, imtloti-wlda survey of tho !? 1 rrj,,,cU . KUM "V ' ' , .
Of I .',n-t bellivo that anyone -Itiintlun. The fortluomlnK censu., n'; J'l'lMm E W
w I r,.Wi or pin, or expensive oUwa tltf opportunity for doliiK tlut. ! rom"ln 1,1 u,u M1 1,011 ,0"K-
(:! f
lift II, tj'
Ktr .
J . US Ullla ua UAIJUllOItU " - - -
- i mrh as ho or she paid " over tanner win niiHwer tlio, u !
. is ho further fact that S"00....!' "'!',l Attonieys J. W. McCulloel. nnrtN
d in jewelry earns no In- tU iXJ'na'
toatr a-, d Is not only keot. but It r,'' " "n have been
rtstlnuu u work for Its owner. Th i j,b aspiration to become a r.trm rotalned.
"iuiuk j owi-r or money wnicn is spent owner.
given up for all Unit. It Is do- One of the directions that aid may
wcjed, How to Oct Ahead. take is encouragement of rural
credits finding nil of the wuys pos
sible of helping the young fanner
to get tho money that he may need to
borrow. . It Is nec)4ary, therefore,
to know what proportion of furmora
who advuuco from tenants to owneri
have to borrow money to make tho
change', dud how much, In propor
tion to totul vuluo of the furms
bought they have to borrow.
The road to success Is no rouKher.
f harder, or more painful than the
ruj to failure, but there Is a differ-
lac, we voluutarlly cbcose to bear the
mat of success, while the pains of
mi. .1 . -i.t . a .
Wlw are thrust upon us. The pains not neceSsurtl- start with tenancy.
loeeeis are mental and physical as A r8ttt nia,,y fnrm owners wero first
uttncie of failure. turm hands, then tenants, then own.
1 In school pays a dally penalty In debt free, The census will show, If . Vitte Watch Kepalrlas; BftcUlty.
' ct or ruatatlng the Impulses to en the questions are auswered fairly,
57 pleasures of the momeat; ta fore- how many years, If uuy, every farmer
'! the brala to exorelsa when it Is worked fir watfes; how many years
"7log to quit; In doing dally meat! heSfraa n tenant; und how many
which are lust as tiring as any ''ie been an owner. The
rk when he would like to leaf. He . mi. tw.Lu
jBHt be up and dolag whea he would Hert ar HOrou other querftloan.?'
I'Mlokicep. He must Uke kinks and- that will be-askod:' "Has this farm.'"
"acK. lie must assume respon. tt telephoue?' 'Is water piped Into
U'llltles when ho dislikes to add to his the operator' house?" "Has the oper-
twettui. He rauat be patfeat when his "utor's bouse gas or electric light?"
nature la to be Jrapatlent. He must Now, that looks like an effort to
n&I his nnnntlt tr ratunn uihem it find out whether or not the laTiu
Nla to bo unrpnann.iiin aii nr ua tfnnw family has the modoru homo com
d who want to succeed, but we kaow forts ami H Is Just that, but It
that thsy cinnot because thv will nav means somothlus more than mere
PenJltlca of Sre-' they canffi InqntalUvonwfii. Several months ago,
wl UheTnUboSi th'ay tnln?they when the ?UrU f PVm Mam0'
can. ThVu i i g , i i mly wont wa: n vvoeodn ot roorganlsa-.
7JV Ul ,my and Vly Tfl tlon, tho Secretary of Agriculture ,
' : " """w mu Buuciuu ni mu culled tt conforonco or neaus oi
l)art l early years. -The penal. Bchoola, social workers, and othorH
of faiiuro nro reaped la later years from ajj Ovor tho country. Whon
when (ho r wards of success are being the pobple woro uBBomblod In Vv'ash-
IlUckCil ho Fortuna Mneazlna. Iiifrtnu. 1m nuked their Ollllllon US to
Jowoloi'. Opcloiuii
Unequalled by any pre
paration on the market
Sufferers find quick
relief uwing to the
soothing qualities. Ha-j'
never been known to
Blade from a native
herb- contains no alco
hol or Habit-forming
drugs. Safe for infants.
Sold by
Reed Brother
Drewicy Merchantile '
Co. Drcwiey
Vale Trading Co.
Bennett Mff. Co.
rat, Oregon
l BUY 7. S. 8.
jgxi tjie nioat usorul thing thai couiu uo
I UUIIU 11) IIIU v'll' ' . .. o-
"Get this straight"
lays th Good Judf
The tobacco that gives
you the most lasting
chetr is( the kind -that
ayes you money. You
don't have to take so
many fresh chews. The
rich tobacco tasto stays
right With it. Thai's
why you tcko a smaller
In Mace of 300,000 porsons who held mont. For i wholo day those pooplo i
put up in iwo stya
RIGHT GUT ia a short-cut tobacco
W-B GUT is n lonij iinecut" tobacco
Industries are like orchards
TIIEV have to be fostered, cared for nnd
encouraged until they get a good start.
But once they start to bcur fruit, they are tho
source of wenl th and prosperity for all of us.
Industries arc no longer for the autocrats
and the "landed gentry." Fundamentally
they benefit the workers they make jobs
they give us all the opportunity to earn a
good living und to advance and prosper in
proportion to our ability, energy and am
bition. America is a great country because
of her great industries. Oregon is rapidly
becoming a great state because of her great
Let us all the peo
ple of Oregon pull
together, to make
Oregon's industries
bigger and better.
Associated Industrie! of Oregon
Ut me Ki't you MOHK MO.NKY FOIt VVIM
1 know that tho average trapper does not get as much ne ha
should for his furs. I know thnt there Is a way to give the trap
per all that he Is entitled to, and I'm going to do business that
My way of nulling your furs for you by competitive bid will got
you the highest poi-uiblu prices. Write and I'll tell you about ray
(, method of getting you more money for your furs.
i'iuii i,itiil,!rxtntTir AMKHICAN KUIt S.U.KS CO.
:J01 JMcwnre Ht. Kansas City, Mo.
Give the -world
the once over
IISTEN, fellows, to some
- straight Ullc. Many
a man when he gets
to be 40, miaMes some
thing. He may have
lots of money, and a fine
family but
He never "got out and
saw things". After he
gets settled down, it' a too
Every man wants to see
the world. No man likes
to stand still all his life.
The best time to TRAVEL
is when you're young and
lively right NOW I
Kitht NOW your Uncle San
iicallkig, "Shove offl" Hewaats
sbm for his Navy. He'stavitiag
you! It's the Mfgest .cha&ce
you'll ever get r give the world
the oace overt
Th Mtw voei alt over that
world sails the Seven Seas
squints at the six continent
fnar'sfausneM, You stand
to see more odd sights, wonder
ful scenery and strange pcopl
thaa you ever dreamed of.
YouU work hard while you. ,
work. You'U play hard white you.
play. You'U earn and leara.
You'U get, in additoa to "ahar
leave", a 30-Uay straight vaca
tion whk is aaore thaa the -average
bank prcsideat cats ' ' -count
You caa join fee two yeara.
Whea you get through youtt aw
physically and mentally "tun
up' foe the rest of your life.
You'U be ready through asag
through for SUCCESS.
There's a Recrultlag Station
right near you. If you do"
kaow where it is, your Fuec
marter will be glad to teU yev.
Shove off! - Join the
"".mment neurit ea provloun to tho hisohbsw uio munu.. - tun
2 'ero are now at least twonty mil- ;sjit. with n Bcpro or Itonw on tho
,l0D. If this ran bo rnlaod to CO 000 000 hot, they took n voto. Ilio worK
a 1"19 r Ztcr u w mi bo for tho of omotliig the comfort and con-
Kiopi( i . S. S. vonlonco of tho farm homo rocolvod