The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 01, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    tll..tIMJ.J,lHJ Ulll, ORIOOX
fill! ARJin NT R
m mm w v v mw mm mmw
Ucr Prnnrll Telle Unw lllllnnc
till uuuiiuii iuiii nun u.niiuiio
contributed by Public Wera
Used For RUM,
In Twenty Months $154,000,000 Wflt
Spent Overoeas and $110,000,000
In the United State. -
n-h,'iplon, (Hpt'diil.) ThrMKi it
ot , .K rt'imrl of the work or tlio
Aut ti Iti'd Civ)sh In tlio wnr liy
(", Hfiiry I', DavlKon, cm In--lia
f r tho war council, the irKiiiily.n.
till' I III I'VC of lift lltltltllll unroll
inn" -f iiiciiilicrs dtitlii): Hits Tlilni
tt I ( s lto'1 '"all, N'ovi'ialier 2 to
11, 1. rtutlou'il an iii'tMUiilliiB or the
main ai "lor.s Klvun It liy the Am. r.
inn iit iit to hctn ir lltflitln;,' Inei
tin! mil allies. The utateiiienl Ih, In
par., us follows:
'"1 war eoiinoll of Hie Amcrfrnii
Hwl ( 'Miss is now prepared to iiiukcji
rei Vt' iieixniiitliiK to the, Ainerleiin
IKcpli of money rontrlhuted and ox
iM'inlid, as well aa the work done liv
' tin" Vii.i rlrilll ttiil f!riiR ilnrltiit llm
. jt il iii which the war council wan
In roiitrol of tin affairs. The war
roniii.l wiih apiKiluteii May It), ItHlt
nnd v ml out of existence February
1 I'.' '
"I1 the prncjlco of the war
romn'l to lve complete puhllclty to
It pdidcM and llnnncc, hut It Ih only
now that a picture of the war period
n a whole can he presented. It Is
tin ft i iiiK f the war council Hint a
t report a HiIh MUinmnrlzcd form Mintilil
In- tiui'e directly to the public which
lirov'ilid the money and wire the ef
fort v!i. e!i mndu the American Ilcd
CnhN a mucccsh.
"A e'n'emcnt of tho Amerlrnn Red
CniM effort and lliiiiuieti alnte the
wur iiiuikiI rellmiulRhrd ItH con t nil
.will be made to the public through
the I'liiutlve committee, nnd It In Im
,lirtunt, therefore, that the fact that
i thin report rover the, period only until
SlimJi I, Miould he carefully noted.'
Inii u'iiK nre certain round lluarex
(covin k American Hod CVuhh lMritcl
MwitHin la the war, an revealed by the
;uur i . i cil'w renort :
Some Outstanding Figures.
ConM I .r iiis reeehed
(lui'iral ami money). J-IOO.OOJ.tKW
Itcil ( r memlierrt :
iw on iuui mm .
' , B.vrvtvirv .
Cli d!t I'll, Il.tMKMKK) ...
1 ted l ronH wui kent
Ki'Lt f iirtlelen produced
liV W)limlt-ir U'lirkitm. .
by llmne Sci vtcu Iii U.S.
ItfiriUllllllHIlM WITV'l.ll liv
canteen workers In U.Si.
NurM'h enrolled for nerv
Theatre News
(CJontlMioil from page 2)
ho IhUoh up with another womnn for
whom ho foola no lovo.
In tlio end nhu find n him and com
poln him to aocopt hor, deaplto tliut(
lit Ilia doalro to nave hor reputation,
bo trios to roalst tho lovo that will
uot bo denied. Tho llvos of othorrf
motion picture offorliiK, one that mm. !Vltor ,nto ",0 nlory which HoarchcH
not fall of Uh npponl I ccauBo of So ? "?ry "0,,,rt of 11,0 characters -n-
vltal theme and tho mMtorly mnnSJ yoUti kon,y inclBlvoly, and be-
In which It hna boon hamlleil rinfiw .Uu'H tho unruflt that gnawfl at tho
It takoa ua tho llvos of n man and ?nrt ot Arac':,':n .B0U'1 condltlonH,
. " iu nuu lln urn. .v. .1 1 1. n t
wuiiiiui wuo marry yountr In ihn hrnt tv mo UUm. ,
of vniithr.,1 .,...ii.f "T '"...n" nc Wonderful work baa boen dono'in
lato'r wbon Ttai"": '"ration and tho aconarlo, while
tno man nrallway accident, and to eavo whom
Blovonly and oboso, whllo
cnciL i
tILG'5 -ov " -
Pop Ngv
gains rather than loiica In every way.uKdly accompllHhml by audi well
Tuny aro woalthy, but thin cannot known people na Thcodoro Hobertu,
atny the march of ovonta and Ih tho Klllott Dexter, Tully Marahall, Flor
cmd It rcyult in divorce. Another .onco VIdor. Sylvia Ahbton, Holon
woman, rtally noble In all hor In- Jdromo Rddy, Wnnda Hawloy, Mar
stlncts, enters tho llfo of tho man, cla Manon, J. ParkB-Jonon, Julia Fayo
nursos him back to life wbon bo Is Oustav Soyfforlltz, Lillian LolKhton,
Injured to the point of death I a Maym KoIho, and others.
Couldn't Leave
House in 4 Months
Dclany Takes Tanlac And Is
Now Back At Work
lee with army, navy or
lllB ...........
KiiiiU i I'liinfort arllclea
o'h'rilmteil to Holillcrn
mui hiillom in It. H !L70)
Knlliiil iirtlelen given to
kihii'itk unit HHllorn in
r s io,ooo.oo(
Tniin of relief supplies
Mi'tinctI oventeiiH llll.Oiki
J'orelKii countrlcB In
wlin li Ited CroKH oner.
l'ntlent days In Ited Cross
liiisn In! In Vrunrtu
"renrli liosiiltnls jrlvcn
imh'itiui am
BpllntK Hiinnlleil for Amer-
lenn Holillera
. filllUlllM lit liltrmiu nvliln
unit oxyKdi furnished
lronrb boKpltnla
Men nerved by Hed 'rons
cHiiieeiiH In Krnnre....
Iti'fiifeex nlded In France
Aiuer ran itinvnlewcent
t'lhlliTH nlteudliiK Ited
Cnivs mrivlch In France
Biilillcrx nirrleil by Ited
'. I. ..I... ....... I..
l.'nf. Illlllllllillltl n III
? Italy
ridldreii cured for by
H d Cronn in Italy
Of the,km) n money and
piipplle, contributed to thft American
jieu I roMi (luriiiK the twenty montiis
the war ouncll wna In erlstrnca,
t was alloted to national
luii-'qnirteri, while ? 1.17,000.000 went
to the chapter to finance their np-
HvllYs KxniMifllliiri'N In tin twentv
. tnoiiMiH totalled ?l!7.'l.000,000, divided
M. . 11 . it I . ..A ....
' H'HK till riin ttfVX In ll.n ITitllmf flitu
' ti'i".'wrt in Hill W HIM'U f'if'
?h(MKir(Kt, by chapicrH In the United
jS'ii'i s in mi rum ivmt r IihiiIum.
Jiiod ni) iirllcleH dlirlbiltud Id"
I'rsinn SL'.vtXHt.tKKl. elsewhere overs!
kciik,; In 4lm Fnlteil SlateST
KS.ii" (hk), inakliiff tola) expendlture
'I.. . . .
if i ii ' ' ii. . i nni mui I'laiiti iiim
hhs s-j (ki,000 ; In the United Statew,
mi iii iuui i jui
Thousands of American famlllon
who plantod gardens as a war mea
sure havo now acquired what is
known as the "gardon habit," and aro
growing gardens as a peace measure.
It Is a good habit to cultivate
There has boon a lack of berries on
the market during the past two years.
Harney county usud to havo many
ntraw berry and rasphorry patches, as
well ai curruutH. Develop tliouu. Lets
have good eats.
Tho young man who Ih content to
remain atatlouary will novcr bo a
success in llfo. If be fnllH to prcim
forward ho will hooii find himself
slipping to the roar, and tho devil
takoa euro of tho hindmost.
Bvory day brluga Its payroll rob
bery and bank rohbory In our largo
cltlori. Tho public has become so
familiarized with the features which
arn standard In all tho exploits that
It hardly gives any recognition to the
news. It merely comparos tho
amount of tho loot with that obtain
ed yesterday, and forgota about it.
Why get oxcltod? Thero'll bo anoth
er tomorrow.
Tho world, they tell us, Is all up
stdo down. And from which It would
scorn wo aro all human fllos.
Many of those wonderful bargains
tho mall order houses advortlMo am
real bargains In fact for tho mall
order man,
"Not in yoars havo I onJoyod such
good health or folt ho woll generally
aa i do Htuco taking Tanlac," mild
William Dolany, a woll known em
ploye of tho city Btreot Dopartmont,
and who Uvea at 427 Falrvlow Avo.,
North, Belittle, Wash., whllo talking
to a Tanlac roproHontativa tho other
"Yob, air. Tanlac will do tho work
all right," continued Mr. Dolany,
"nnd it Ih tho only mcdlclno I havo
over run acroun that will do Just
wimi tnoy any It will do. I waa In
u mighty bad shapo whan I com-
mencod taking II. In fact. I had boon
confined to my Iioubo for about four
months, and Tanlnc put mo on my
feet, and to whofo I can n,ut In full
lltno at my work every day In tho
wouk. I bad Rtomach trouble and
Indigestion In tho worst way. and
ovurythlng I ato dimtgrncd with me.
Uan would form nftor mcnlH. and I
would havo tho worst sort of cramp-1
tug spollH. I actually ntifferod so
much that I bad gotten to tho point
wnoro I (trended to oat at all, and I
novcr tiiottgtit or nucb a thing; as
oatlng meata or anything heavy. In
addition to this stomach trouble, I
had rhoumallsm all over my body.
This waa worho in my arma and legs
than anywhere olsc, and I finally got
to where I wdh hardly able to got
about at all. Then my norvcH went
tmclr on mo and 1 never got a good
night's aluep.
"Then 1 board about Tanlac, and
as It scorned to bo bolptng so many
people who Hiifforcd as I did I
thought I would give it a trial. Woll,
s'r, it Just scomod that thin medicine
was mado especially for my cause,
for I commenced to Improve right
away, and now my troubles aro all
gone and I am enjoying hotter
linalth than I have in years. I have
a flno appetite and can eat Just any
thing I want and as much aa Iwnnt,
and t never suffer a nartlclo after-
wards, and am not bothered at all
with gas forming on my stomach
DON'T be like the
man who locked
the barn door after the
horse was stolen. Be on
the safe side and put
that lock on now.
We carry a large as
sortment of locks of
all kinds for oil purposes,
as well as other means of
protecting property. When
in need of such hardware
you will find the best right
Dmt Uck Sets
Sail Fattest rs
TraMMB Calebs
CaseaMBt FasUsert
Ssriaf Latches
Door Bolts
Ckais Doar Futeaers
Cspbearel Latches
Drawer Palls
Hingci, Hasps, Hooks
moti will turn to rouge nnd dncolatu
(Josh I Japan baa bobbed up again)
Now It is a Japanese beetle that Is
menacing crops and causing alooplosH
nights ovur In Jersey.
Tho cootlcri, bowover, aro not yet
out on strike
If nvnrv nnwanitnitr In llm rnniilrv.
would stop printing a word about "Judge not that yo bo not Judged."
iIiimui intpriiiiiiiiiiiii utrliHw nmi lork. xalil tho tramp to tlio court. It
outs and squabbles generally, thoro worked.
would sodh bo an and to the wholo
troubloHomo menu. Publicity Is tho1 When Inwyura agree to dlsagreo
llfo of strife. editors got plenty of copy.
Como on IoI'h strike!
We might, of course, all got busy
and outprofitcer tho profltcor.
"It Is a wonderful treaty," and "It
Ih a conglomeration of treason." All
according to the way you look at it.
Strange, Isn't It, Hint foreigners al
ways tell uh that one language Is very
hard to learn? Wo haven't found It
a bit difficult.
The American
Red Cross
All you need is a
am aa
jj -and a- ff
No, Samuol, you should never
Judgo tho quality of tho rougo by tho
blush on a woman's face. You can
never tell how much of it Is genuine.
Tho trouble with most of thoHO
wars with capital and labor Is that
everybody, wants to'be a goneral.
When no longor nblo to mako over
that gown, sister, why uot wear it at
least a weok as It la?
Wo havo, umiuostlonubly, two pop
ular pastlmoH In America profiteer
ing nnd Hhootlng craps.
This is a general storo and wc aro supposed to sell every
thing, and we live up to tho general supposition.
You can buy anything you want here, from hardwnro to
groceries, from needles to a good smoke.
It pays to buy from us. becauso we sell for cash, and nn
enormous amount of, goods, and wc can thereforo sell at a
closer margin of profit.
You CAN'T lose, and you WILL gain. Now doesn't this
line of argument appeal straight to your good common senso?
Everything in everywhere is made up of Parts.
The better the parts, the better the article upon which they
are attached
Poor accessories are a weakness pulling against the long life
and useful service of the combination complete.
Our department, consisting of the standard brands of
national and international trade-marks on reliable parts and
accessories, is at your service. . ,
Associate Agents for Hupmobile Cars i
If you buy it from
us, it' 9 worth
the price
. S. GEER & CO.
after meals. I havo gained In weight
"Music hath charms." fltc.-r-whon and I Hlecp llko a log every night.
It Ih music. Hut somo of the stuff The rheumatism has left mo, too, and
they dlnb up tbeso days would dls-,1 can got about as woll as I over
count tho groan of a sick blllygoat. could, and put In full tlmo at my
, work. In fact, I foci llko a different
Now that Loudon woman have Ink- ntan In every way, and I glvo Tan-
en to smoking clgara, no doubt tho '"' eredlt for It all." -
Tanlac. In sold In Hums by Head
Ilros. and In. Crane by Vale Trading-
Co. Adv.
A western professor Is soon lo go
up In the Mr 50,000 feet in nn effort
to eommunlcato with Mars. Want to
go along?
All Touring Cart
Icnvet Burns Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Leaves Bend Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Faro IJuniH to Portland via Cranu wit h berth $2KM)1.
Faro JturiiM to Portland via Dontl with boHli 11). 15
Ship Perishable Goods, Express and Fast Freight
via Dcnd in Our Care
FARE, $10.00 5Q lbs. baggage free
20,000 Acres
with water rights for sale on
Blitzen River in tracts of 80
. Acres or more. Reasonable
prices one-fifth cash balance
easy terms, six per cent in
terest. Eastern Oregon Live Stock
The Plumber is a Robber!
Only when the man in
side the PLUMBER is
crooked. Our aim is to
give honest service, and
install honest goods AL
WAYS. .If yon want
any such goods and such .
service., in, your repairs .
dr in new work, it's easy
tb get it. Just call us
Our Specialty Plumbing, Sheet Metal Work, Repairing
Agents for the De Laval Dairy Supplies
Paint; Oil Limited Supply Ammunition
Economy Fruit Jars at Right Prices
In our new building opposite Lampshire's garage