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" . .: ;.'!-.
r TW:Tti.neraM 'la an. e44
'mt(irJy to more, nomcs in ..nan.
established frlepd of 'the peejawir;
M Hartley County where It'll
been m weekly visitor for, ililriy
roars. IPs J'o3 iIcpjirinierA fc
culitcl to savo yoar iiied
i,ey County man any qiner
tlio people use these col. '
stuns for )'oup advertisement, v
NO. 1
v .
mm mmmmumL
, --w fn...,,. , , ; , r -L UJli
Enumerators Queries , Bear
on Welfare. H 1
New Question! Placed by
Department to Clear Up
Specific Situation.
Dlstri t Manager W. A. Terrall of
; the I S, Census Bureau, has ar
rjnpod for ton enumeration districts
la llartv county.
McM.n vaa mado of Mr, Torralt
k.t IfJiH' l which it was aupceated
that a 'icantn for tho jionltlon of
enumrr.nor.i lio .made to him at
Wiro once. Ai that time he ill
. tlmatod to this rnper that there
would It in tho neighborhood of
twenty Istricts in Harney county
but later ho turned in the lint as
Dhtrlct No. 1 comprises Andrews,
Aliord r.nd Denio voting precincts.
District 2 comprised North and South
Cttlow voting precincts.
Witrlct 3 Happy Valley, Diawbnil
tad Andrews precincts.
District Sunset, Lake and Warm
Bfflngi precincts.
District 0 Kgll and Curry yreetttotfi.
Obtrict G Waverly, Virginia, Crane
Creek find Came precincts.
Dktrlct 7 Lawen, Saddle Dutte,
Valley View, and Harney precincts. t
District 8 Drowaey and Pine Creek
precinct. "
DUtrlct 0Sllvloi, Pelson Creek and
Demtcdt precincts.
District 10 Norland South Bums
wecincis, -
When the census enumerator comes
around to tho farm ' aberll after
January 1 next ye,. lie will ask
ttnc questions that may sound like
Hllng Into the purely personal affairs
ef the farmer. Now, the farmer,
Hka every other self-respecting man,
dislike!) huvlng his private affairs
peeped Into and, unless he thinks
about this thing in advance, may
bve a disposition to he unresponsive
If not actually reitaut.
In actual fact, every question that
the enumerator will ask is an essea
tkl question and has a direct bear
logon the pcrtonal welfare-and. jwee
rltr of the Individual farmer as
well as upon the advancemeat of the
'agriculture of the Nation as a whole.
wHon me uureaH ei me titfti
acMed to take the farm
January Instead ef in April
Hn the advice 'or the un
Department of Agriculture.
ater Is less likely te be. very
January than at the fieri?.
mm breedlnc: season, ana km
and live stock are in better tkSf
Utktlcal treatment. Atoe- arrery
w Quwitlon- aad there are a nam
Mr or them-riaserted in the agrl
wUarnl schedule was placed there
fta .lis.
nt of Agriculture and for the pur
ete of clearing up some specific alt.
atlou In whkh the Department of
Airiculture Is trying to aid the far-
. Here are some .questions that will
H asked: "Do you own all ef tWs
larai?" "Do you rent from others
fart but not all of this farm?" "De
Nu rent from others all of this
farm?" ' If you rent all of this farm,
wkat do you pay us rent?" "If you
ya all or part of thlH farm, was
it (Continued on page five)
Pr; Saurman Examiner
for War Disabilities
' I Willi tlUI VUU III n.
Wy. i .uinH CornH for any per-
ol tl u- i ho war who claim dh
rtlllly r a v tin I urn incident tOHUCh
wrvU ,.yd report to Dr. J. flhel
i who hu.H been appointed
'ttatnll . I.... II .r nilllllv llV till)
WUion i in WaHhlngton, D. C.
' 'flu ' - is that tho United Statoij
Kovpr i will provldo medical,
of Che i ) ,u ox-Horvlco mon with
hone r i . hargo who huvo med
ical or ufj-ital condltloiifl contracted
"urjin.' piriod thoy (ipout In tho
Dr ' iirimni or Dr. Urunot, will
also h' , i .i to aid nny of the norvlco
jQonm f.-ii clalmHffoi' eompoima
on f r ,1( ti,nity jjoforo tho War
H'KB Ii, l, it, n l.iii-nint' mill til IIMRlHt
nfii i . . - i .. ..
lio I'm ri.mniit lmu iilun nrnvldoil
"mi" lor ding to school mon who1
Jfavo im.ii.iiuiou whlcli prevent thorn
roni following their UHiial occupa
';". At these schools they will bo
wight voratlons that will enable
yiem (o earij g00(1 jiVollbood, '
eeaege m
Eastern SUr,.QftMes
Twenty-fourth Birthday
Au'vorsary Mde Occrxsion
of Placing Service Flag in
. ' , LocaliLotlgc.
Ixtrt Mo,diy oVonhiK llurnn Chap
ter,. io. 40, O. tl. tl, '-d3 twenty four
yecrA old. lt whs, nut do tho occasion
df, ioclnl fathering of ISastcrn Star
menl'era and Masons, tho Past Mnt
roti.i and Pattt Patrons doing tho
honors In the way of entertainment.
The nff.Vr v.'uu well attended by
members of tho fraternity and one
of the features at the evening was
thu presentation of the service flag
by Past Patron Capt, A. W. Cowan
in which he reviewed events of tho
recent conflict and the noblo part
taken in winning the war by members
of the Star. There wero ulght stars
in the service flag, ono being gold In
honor of Dr. Uoy h. Shaw who gavu.
ip hh life: other members repres
ented wuru: Harry Duck, Rim K.
Bmith, Geo, M, Shaw, Dr. J. Bhellur
Saurman, Ralph M. Pavey, Daryl
Potter, Floyd A. Feisler. Ilonry
Qeer also fiorved in tho wnr but Join
ed the Eastern Stnr following thu
conflict and since tho flag had boon
Worthy Matron accented tho sor
viee flag in behalf of the lodgo In u
few well chosen remarks and It was
hkng on the wall at the east end of
the lodge room.
Mrs. Charles M. Faulkner gave a
delightful reading, "The Service
Flag," which was followed by a vocal
solo by Mrs. Win. Farre, who rend
ered "Dear Old Pal of Mine" in a
moot pleasing manner. The song
was particularly appropriate to the
oeoaslon and Mrs. Farre sang It with
nuoh feeling and expression as to
make a lasting Impression upon her
. C-fcarU M. Faulkner, as a Past
Patrett ef tk order was called upon
for a talk and he responded with an
Impromptu address upon the goed of
the Order, what It meant to human
My and, what It meant te future peee
and good will amohgthe people ef
this country b such organlxatlons
living up to thelr teachlngs and pro
moting its beneficial influence to all
Following the formal program a
nice chicken pie supper with turn
ings was served and the younger
people enjoyed dancing for a time
while those who did net eare for
dancing Indulged In friendly talk and
Rcbckah Degree
of Odd Fellows
Mrs. Jarvis, preetdent ef the Re
fcekak Assembly f thle state. fMi
visitor to our city Tuesday night
fer the purpose et making an M
clal visit te 8ylTl R. D. Ledg. Ne.
43, I. O. O. F. We understand It
had been the intention of some of
the members to give up the charter
and ;lose the order, but after the
visit of the President Jt was, found
the orgaHUatlen "WMwntited to-'eem-tlnue,
.therefere It was W-lustatei
and Is again active. ..Mm. 'Jnrvl.n left
Wednesday JSMHrnlng CaWwrCtty
where, she intended tovlslt theIte
bekali Lodge.ef that before
turning to her home;hWFortland.
,1 f
Cal Clemens Convert
. ft Intensive Irrifatron
Cal Clemens, arrjvod frftni n.Ho;
ton lust fiumjay and baa spotu
wuQk In this 'Vleihlty- Woking a let
busing lMtOHtrf. W iM ?;'
over consKJoruiiio cmuurjr, in
,InK haro In tho, uvrluvw W, h0
la now' a thorough' convert t nig i
tlpu III ltn;pOHt Interim qrnf .'l.t
savH ho huH vislled sect o m that ard
not nearly Ho fortllo;'aV Harney ,val
ley and yot make n hiiccos of ngri
culture ij'tho Jt.dlclo.l- uV a.l W
sorvliiK of wipr for tU SrP ."'
proper tlmo to pill it on: Air. tlom
ona m.yu ho m wltooHsetl fopia W
,1 moult coHHtructiou of cunabt
ditches In d(ffonmt purls i of tl Q
"(Vuntry, qu j)invJ,) pr.Uular Ib
bSlIng a line oltomY UirouKli
viry rough ami roqky cotUry, tm,
.i.illnff through a jnoi ntaln for n dls
tSol mllii to bring water up
on land that In not nearly o produc
Uvo a" I rnoy valley. This Ib ul a
So ho In all Ulcollbood twlce ha
ItAvJult ' ronulrb to reservoir ai
confervStlio wwtor of Silvion river.
Cffi?of ilarneya.ley'u lUoiuyir
t-ltlzoiiH should bo Induced to mKo
trlpH OUt to got nuoh colivewlonu.
V. L. Powers, In uhargo of tho Irrl-
irrlYod here from rnl
,v it. I ft'
What Becomes of the
Water ?
W. h. rinlay ban an llluatrntod
article In laot Ouuday'n Orugoulun
in the Inturosl of the Jloo3ovolt Mem
orial Fund, but lie showa-Holflshiion
In the manner la vhlch lie hni writ
ten 11 and iiiarod lt befor3 tl.a poo
He. Mr. Finloy Is Interested In tho wild
bird life of tho country and uicb any
means to create public santtmoiU to
bin hobby und la.rather carbluss ns to
h!a niethods. kHl
lu Ibo story published In tho Orq
KOiiIhii he rails attention to the proc
lamation or Col. Itoosevelt at tho
tima of hta occupancy of tho Whlto
llou?e In creating tho bird reserva
tions at Klamath and Malhour lakes,
Tho dory tolls of tho draining of tho
Lower Klamath Marsh nud now It Is
destroyed an nbrecdlng and foodlng
ground for water fowl, Mr. Finloy
Mrthor points out that the land tint
was formerly submerged la of no
value for agricultural purposes and
Is now a doicrt wasto. Ho ndvocatos,
that tho dyktw bo cut and tho water
again ix'lowrd to flow Into thu nutria '
lu order to bring It back to Its orlg
I Ml state.
Mr. Finloy points out Hint within'
Hi m'n vniiM Malbutir laku reserve will
bo destroyed unless stops oro taken
to provont it. Ho doesn't nay ao in
plain words, but Indirectly accuses
the ipeoplo of tho localities spoken of
as wantonly destroying the bird life
Just for pure eussednosH. Ilu
dosen't say what has been done with
the water dyked off from Loor
Klamath Marsh: ho doesn't say that
it has been used to reclaim fertile
acres that are producing for tho bene
fit or mankind, he Intimates that the
cltUens of Harney county aro delib
erately planning the destruction of
the Malheur bird reservation for no
earthly reason but Just to destroy it.
Ah a muttre of fact the people of
Harney county havo douo nothing as
yet to IntiiToie in tho leant with the
Malheur reserve. The people of Har
ney county cannot control tho ele
ments W they could the birds on
Malhour reserve would be half
drowned In Water at iho present
tlmu instead of cenoentrating in a
The hauling of gravel dressing for
the highway between Rurns and
Lawen has not been commenced as
yet. It appears the pit where exca
vation has been under way for the
past weeks is a disappointment after
maeh dirt has been removed from
the surraee . From, information:
give thle paper the quality le not
what H stoHiM We nor the quanity
MiUtent ! JwrtnTy further develop
ment. . Contractor Allen has put seme of
his trucks to other use until .word
eaa he received frees the Highway
Commission as to what te do under
theehreumstaneee. ,
We have some of the finest road
building material ever found in this
vicinity which has proven entirely
satisfactory after being in use , for
years, lt will require a longer haul
but we are expecting a permanent
w6, Kniintnv I Ilu fnrn Wn r ISA ffir
France n.aev.oev ti-vwuw ,ua,euui -i
20,004,OqQ j
(13 J
, 1,&HU,0UU,
; Z.584,000'
It -vvti
N United States
IX Canuda
Now" Zealand
of the war was unfounded. Tjiese
Cattle unu swino are me iwo.irii;n'
mT . i. .. . k...s,
Bn courrles show a decrease but the .United States, Canadaand
other co 'rles show an lacj-ease to.'offsej such losseav'
HinsJl area Iiccniiio of tho lack of
watfcr. Tho pooplo of Harney cdiuUy
are1 not respoiiHlbln for tho lank of
raln'niid cntnv full during the iihrI
throb years, theroforo cannot help
Malheur lake being low, nor thb jack
of water In Bltvlcs river, Harney fakf,,
the (Ulltzon and other stream. One
would infer from reading Mr. Fin-
ley's artlelo that local people wero
Why doesn't Mr. Finloy say in his
propaganda stories that a big portion
of the state of Oregon has never been
developed, bltt left to tho wild ani
mals and birds, but that now since
there Is a domand for greater produc
tion, and peoplo re realizing the
necessity of Irrigation and more in
tensive agriculture, It has boon found
necessary to change the nature of
things. That it Is unforttinnto if It
disturbs the wild life of tlio country
but thu comfort and proper nourish
ing, raising of children to became
good cltlr.ons Is so vast Importance
that it must be done. People can't
dovete this big area to wild life 'when
suffering humanity iu calling for
morn food. That in the case of
Harney county, at least, it Is net
going to Interfere 'materially with
the bird reservation, an there are
existing rights on the borders of the
reserre that must be respected, be
sides the Impounding' of the water
of the streams will not destroy It as
a nesting place.
It Is unfortunate that Mr. Flnley
failed to keep his appointment with
the Burns Commercial club when he
was, here last summer. The people
asked him to meet with them and
dlseue the bird reserve hut he failed
to Mceme across" leaving some fifty
men waiting for him fer a couple ef
hours. If he really wants to tee fak
andjido the right thing he will give
the(.facts as they are. He will never,
be able to "put anything over" so he
mlfcmt Just as well tell the people ef
the state in his Illustrated stories' la
thwblg rtaljy .Porsjwhat la contem
plated by. the people 'of the' Interior
of Oregon and what the water lev to
be used for and how. tj
road and therefore must ha,ve (he
beat material. '
At the; regular weekly meeting of
the Ssrai Cmjaier 'sjejr clubs, held
last "evMlnf . 4fll;faM waV read
from the Bend Ocmmerejal dull, and
endorsed by CotMty Judge Barnes ef
Deseautea couetrV, stattnf that a
meeting ef repweeentativee ef all eem
meretal orgsnwattue hi aunties
effected," to sefcure' JmmertbVtfl con
struction of a read across Central
Oregon, was called fer November 3
at the Imperial Hotel In Portland,
I. 8. deer aad Charles M. Fadlkner
were appointed as delegates from the
club to attend thU wetlng.
- "-0 rr . '
Ilyron Terrill and family took their
departure this morning for Hlllsboro
where they expect to spend tho win
ter. Miss Violet will attend ahlgh,
school In Portland during the "time
of their absence, .
Doforo War.
2.809,000 M
46Q.OO0, E
r.i)j nun J
'ii'ini nrtr
li. 034)080 I
i linn tk T.
5,8,033 000
V 1
I Miinrtfii'A wmili) ffnllriw In fhf Wftko
stutlatlCB iust cpwplotod show t.
"""""' . .
t lftiltn1 Qinlim nnailarDlld
Lost; Bajgage of
A. E. F. at Hoboken
Red Cross Aiding Returned
Service Men to Recover
tho Northwest Division of tho
Americnu Hod Crosn has sunt out a
(circular letter to tho several Ited
Cross Chapters calling attention to
the fact that 150,000 pieces of bag
gage boldnging to members of tho
A, H. F. are on tho government docks
at Hoboken, N. J. mado up of 20,000
trunk lockers, 15,000 bedrolls, 6,000
buitnaBcs, and 110,000 barrack bugs
which havo come from overseas and
remain unclaimed by their owners,
Mhch of this baggage is marked
with the names only and cannot be
forwarded to the ownors, In all
cases a new shipping address is re
quired. You will wish to advise all
men rt'ho aro ownors of lost baggage
that they should address their claims
PlBIt NO. 2,
Please havo them give an accurate
dwjcrlj-tlon of tho missing pieco of
property. Tho man should bo sure
tp give his last military address, his
correct homo address and oify ithor
identifying Information that might be
A comploto card index pormitn
prompt Identification and tho bag
gage will be forwarded by express at
Government expense If on hand at
Hoboken. ,
, The Mothers' club held a pleasant
and profitable meeting at the home of
Mrs. Leland Fry Thursday afternoon,
Mra. Ous llardwell being Joint host
eee. The coming holiday porlod was
the subject of discussion moro or
lees and preparations are being mado
fer.it4e.aHnual .sale of, handmade
presents suitable for gifts, also
Christmas tree trimmings, etc. It
is the intention to hold the annual
holiday sale on Saturday, Dec. 13,
At this sale there will be things do
.vised to bring In funds for the use
of the club In furthering Ita plans
for the future.
The next meeting of tho club will
be held at the home of Mrs. Julian
Dyrd on November 13.
O ' ' '
Tax Cases Being
Heard by Referee
,.Tho ItMtern Oregon Live i(eck Co.
recently started action" In the circuit
court in the matter of the assess
ment of the concern. The case Is
appealed from the Heard of Kqual
IsatloH. Testimony le being taken
this week before Court Stenographer,
WW. Walker; Dlat. Atty. Biggs Is
representing the county and McCul
loch & Duncan are attorneys for t)io
Court Stenographer Walker and J.
W. McCulloch arrived here from On
tario last, Monday, the former as ref
eree 'In taking testimony In a case
before the circuit eeurt and tho lat
fer as legal representative of the com
plainant In tho action. 7
Where to. Find News
l" I First Pajce
Full and fair consiauiiaworH help
i farm profits. " '
Dr. Saurman examiner for war ditm
' bllltloB. i
Kaatorn Star colobratos birthday?
Kobokuh Degree orodd Followstre
nsKfed. ' "JT
GnVllojiiouH convert to irrigation;
What becomes of tho wut i
GravoJidliiafiolntin.Bfor Useon hgh-
tytt&iM" wsi
Lntit baggasro of A. K, F. at Hoboken.
Tax qasea. blng hoard by roforoo,
Mttnutd A3tfl. t r lift lisllfl llrtVf til ml til
'IilstHuta' uh jnoat Buccosful eve'
T4 held In (founty. f i .1
qovomor doelaro Nov. 11 holiday.!
(ol. Hoosefelt.l f 1
; ReQud VnKO ' i f
Thontro nevii." f
Hod .Croa Biven ful.1 accounting. ,
iTheatro nows. contltwied.
Fourth Pjtso.
.ftosorvo ;nuskntt fpr future, years.
Hayseed Or plutocrat, .
O''A. C. says'.OKlmm alfalfa Is laist,
ii , Fifth Page
Oregon l?llcn take chnfgo of thrift
work. if
Doi) M- Taylor cornea, to Hums.
Live JHuBtruted tiowa oVontfl,
Hlvth Pgo;''
IVoHpority In prtvcrsltyjX
Feigners good tvnd'bad, v
Tnlya. a froHh otart, . l
The Uroon Illbbon. '
; Boventh Tage i
Classiflod advertjfcemehts'. y
Sisrmbnette for today.,.-'" i
f Blgktlare i
Local Happenings. V-' '
Local Instructors Receive
Favorable Comment.
Commercial Club Tendert
Reception; Retoltitiont ;
- Thb annual institute of tho teach
ers of Harney county held this wcok
was one of the most successful In tho
history of tho educational attain ot
tho county. Tho teachers showed
more interest and ntich close ntton
tlon that the Instructors feel the
havo accomplished moro than thoord
inary. The outside instructors were
of thu boat and with tho enthtislasea
shown by tho local teachers a'they '1'-
wero ablo to give the very best that
was lu them. Kspocially was. tabs
truo of tho primary work b Mlsa
Burrow and that of J. C, Almack eC
the U. of O. Mr. Almack held the
attention of all during his talks on.
psychology. Equally interesting
were the discussions by E. F. Carle
ton, Asst. State superintendent; ISM l
Isabel Bovee of the department it
physical education of the O. A. G ,
and Miss Cowgill of tho industrial
clubs from the O, A. O.
Local' Instructor brought fort
most favorably idmment from an in
attendance and verifies the assertion
that Burns has the very beat instruc
tors obtainable in its schools.
School Sum. Clark is more than
.pleased with 'results and stated she
had never experienced more "pep" In
tho local touchers. Thoy were there
to get everything that could be had
In tho way of instruction und surely
mado tho best of the opportunity.
Patrons, showed a marked Interest
'llfthe 'Institute, several of them at
tending every session and many
more utoudlng afternoons, Among
those who attended most all the time
wero: Mrs. J. C. Foley, Mrs. L. B.
Huyoe, Mrs. M. II. Hayes, Mrs. II, B,
Maco, Itev. and Mr, n. 2. Hughes
and others.
On Tuesday evening thf . Burna
Commorclul club tendered the visit
ing, teachers a rccrptlpn at
roomB. Vlco President 1. , B'r deft ,t
presided at this reception and aa
address or welcome was given them
by Dr. II. S. Hughes; a churl musical
program was rendered und thea
Robinson's Jazs orcbestru was en
gaged for an hour or so during which
the visitors danced.
The teachers registered fer the
Institute were; Mrs. Myrtle Thomp
son, Mrs. Alice Bennett, Mrrt. M. B.
Luper, Mrs. A. M. Prullt, Miss Helen
Long, Mrs. J. O. Cady, MIkh Hattle
H. Hall, Mra. Curnllbe Jeklsch, A.
B. Owon, Miss Heen M. Smith, Miss
Amelia Bchroth. Miss Joctiphl.ue
Slater, Kdtth Durst. M(hh I.ibble
Krlcherky, Miss Hatel Freasc, C. F.
Hughes, Miss IltiUi Miller Mlw Nel
lie Dullard, MIsh Gertrude Laing,
Miss Helena Perry. Mlsa llda Hayes,
Mlsa Lulu Hayes, Mrs. Frames Hub-'
toil, Miss Vina Kendall, Mbts. Clara
Short, Mrs. Xella Hngcy, Mrs. Huth
Shaw, Miss Helen. Puriuglon, Mrs.
Nuva Goer, Mlsa Pearf EltiHJMlss
(Continued, on" page' 4) . ':
Governor Oleutt has mado Nov 11,
armlatlee daya holiday by-'flr'oIama-tion,
Many ;onununtles and, towns
rtro making propara,lob8 to properly
colobrato this ovent but so far noth
ing has been dono toward tw observ
ance Of tho day iu'tUlaicityt . . I
U might bo. WoU .to, consider, this
inatter and eeo f, It isn't be tlnj;
for Burns to' do BO'methlni; In IJio,way
ot remomborlng tho boys Thr took
part In tho war. Just now roost tif
tho soldier and sailor bojs aro busy
with their several, occupations' and
duties, yot Jt'lu uosa(hl( n nmn
ber of thorn together iiml Jiuyo some
O ' r- . -f
Harney coiinty has failed
up to the present tirte to
make its quof a for the
Col. Rooj rvell Memorial
Fund, C o w want
rep tatio.i? JJend youi
contribution in to E. H.
Comer right now.