The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 18, 1919, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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PBPUHW awBWaa) ay a 1
You Are Helping
In opening and maintaining an account at
. this Bank, you are contributing to the develop
ment of this comniunity.
All of our funds are loaned at home. Your
money is not sent out of town to develop other
We invite you to open an account with this
strong Bank, assuring you of our interest in you
and the community.
First National
Capital and Surplus $100,000
"The Bank that bsllcvcs Iti Harney County"
Scott Haley was la town tuo fore
part of thin wcuk.
Hnrry Williams wait ovor from his
Silver Crtfok homo Tuesday.
Mr. nml Mm. TIioh. Clovolnml wore
over from thulr homo near Van the
foro inirt of the week.
Ira Mnhon whh a business visitor
U'ednoHilay. Mm. Malioit anil the lit
tle dnUKhtor are In Portland wIwj
they went hecnuHo of the Illness of
tho llttlo one. Shu Is much Improved
in health.
Mrs. Cnza.d. mothor of Raglstor Vic
Cozuil of tho land oftlco, and of Mm.
Wm, Karre, and Miss Mamie Cotad,
their Hlfltor. came over from their
home at Canyon City tho foro part of
the wook and havo since been guests
of relatives in this vicinity. Uoth
are well known to the pooplo of this
city, having vlsltod hero at intervals
In tho past, and tuorororu they are
always welcome.
w a
Mrs. Clay, formerly Miss Alicia
Smith, wnH up from Crano Monday.
Hoover told n hunch of Common
wealth chili member luuchom at Sun
Francisco tho other dsv tlmt fnml
prices Hhould begin to drop within a
inonin. wny wait i ho month? Munv
of us wont to lay In u smnll supply
fo tho winter but don't like to wait
and take the chances Judging from
past experience about tho price of
rooii. wonder If ho can rIvo us any
"hunch" on wood?
Lester M. Hamilton was n visitor
last Monday. Ho ins rnntntlv it In
posed of his ranch In tho Donlo ev
Hon and all IiIh stock In A1 Wnllnn.
Lester recently returned from a busi
ness trip to Wlnnoruucca. He says
nis inmiiy is now nt Crano where
they will remain temporarily until
he decides what he will do in future,
J. S. Smith and C. A. Ruff, two
oftlclals -connected with the govern
mont revenue servlco with hnaiimi.i-.
tcrs In Portland,, are again in this
. . I -1 r . . .ri . . .
itimi- on oniciai nusiuoss. Mr.
Smith is a brother In law of J. It.
Oould and has become something of
a habit in this community. He says
he Is hero on iuronio tax matters par
ticularly and is likely to come in
ngalu most any time.
County Quota Roosevelt Memorial
Fund Less Than $250
Jlarnoy county's quota to tho Theo
dore HooHovolt Memorial fund is less
than V-TO. 10. II. Conser of the First
N'atlonul has taken clun'go of collect
ing UiIh fund and Is devotiug tuueh
time and ouorgy to that end, as It was
apparently being neglected and no
deflnito action had beenlaken by any
who had beon appointed by the state
organisation. ,
Tho drivo in scheduled for next
wook. Harney county has COOO peo
ple In U and almost tho entire number
wish tq contribute toward tho Mem
orial fund dedicated to that one hun
dred per cent American. Every con
tributor will bo given momborshlp In
1 tho association and will recolv.i a
certiorate, regardless of tho amount
' of the contribution, whether It be
one cotit or $ 100. Hear that In mind.
Harney county will make Its quota
without u struggle; but tho mure
contributors the better roprosoutatlvo
of the spirit of tho country and tho
aim or those in charge or the gift
I offering. The school children would
like to glvo their mite toward tho
memory of this great American.
, Fill out the coupon at tho bottom
of tho Inst pago In this Issue of Tho
Tlmes-Horald and bund it In or mall
It to Mr. Consur.
To th Rooievclt Mrniorlil A.noohMon,
I herewith subscribe tin: iiwi of.-.,,
to the Hoimcvm.t Mkmouiai, Fund.
Name ,
The ubovc amount In Inclined herewith.
Arronlln to tlie plana of the nixMovelt Mtmorlul Association, tlm Ifixxovclt
Memorial Kiiml of 13,000,000.00 li to lie utilized tn errct n Nutl'mil Miiiiiiinunt In
Wuxliiiiiclmi, I). C.; to iiciiilr and mulnt.tlii a public park nt Oyntt-r lay, N.'V,,
uiul ultimately to lucliiilu SaKiunuru Hill, tho lloou'velt home, therein, to ho
preserved like Mount Vcrnna and Lincoln's homo nt .Snrliiulleld j mid to endow
u National Society to pcrputuato tho principle and Ideal or Theodora llootcrvlt.
HacJi contributor to the fund wjll receive n certlflento of nifinlwrnhln In the
ItooKcvelt Memorial Association. A ccrtlllc.ito will iiUo Im nn-wnteU to every
uliyol contributing to tho fund,
'I he name of ,;vi ry contrlliutor will ho phirrd on (lie list of names deposited
In lliu Nuliuiml Moiiuiiiuiit to be ciccliM ut Wiulilinjtoii, It, C.
Mi Ball was om from tho raaca
NHf Wagontire Tnursduy, o
, J, M. Oalton is out on his ynnutlon
aad M. BchwarUls, assisting tn the
store' during his absence,
Mr. and Mrs, Leo Caldwell are
homo front Rono whoro thoy attended
tho raco moot,
ChaB.'ComogyB and his 'two sonn
wore among the out of town visitors
during this wook.
Tom Bprnguo came over from Dond
yesterday to took after soruo busi
ness lnterosts tn this city. Ho ex
poets to return to Dond at once.
J. W. Davlos and family and James
Young, tho nheop men of the Prince
ton section, wore in the city Wednes
day on business.
Drs. Saurman & Urunet performed
nn operation upon Mrs. W.m. Harris
last Weduomlny. Tho patient Is ro
ported recovering nicely nt tho St.
Josoph'u hospital.
A. K. Utchnrdson ami Joo Thomp
son or tho Lhirns Cash Store, both
wont to Crano Thursday to assist
their local man In handling novoral
cur laods of goods consigned to their
wholo'sitle branch nt that place.
Dr. l). K, Standard enmo ovor from
Huntington last Tuosday and has
hIiico burnt visiting with friends In
this vicinity, Dr. titnudurd formerly
practiced medicine In this city. Ho
is n guest nt thu homo of Dr. and
Mrs, Hlbbnrd.
Mr. and M s. Dolo Smith wcro
down from tho ranch Tuesday nfter
noon to meet her brother, Hoy
Uuehnuan, who had Just come over
from his homo In Idaho on a visit.
Mrs. Smith had not seen htm for
eleven years.
Clarence Young nrrlvoif homo Sun
day from Portland where ho had
been residing for the past couple of
years while engaged In work at tho
ship yards, Ills family had arrived
here a few weeks previous and they
will now reside In this city ns former
ly. Pryor llnrneri received n telegram
Wednesday announcing that his sis
ter, Miss Irene Ilarues, had died at
Portland. The remains wore to be
brought to tho family homo nt Prlne
vlllo for burial and Pryor left Tor
that place as soon its he could secure
Its rather discouraging to contem
plate the coming of winter and the
present cost of wood and coal, On
the other hand, when you think you'll
Just fix up the house n little warmer
to save fuel you find that lumber
costs about four times ns much as
It did when you built the house so
what are we to do about It?
How are tho children getting along
nt school? Kver ask the teacher or
dlscuso It with the kldii any? Might
help If you show a little Interest
along that Hue for an education Id
rather important thuso duys and we
ought to know if the teachers are
really getting tho support Utcy des
erve. Tho "schools of tho state are taking
a great Interest iu the Hoosevelt
Memorial campaign Oct. 20 to Oc.
27. Kvory school pupil giving i
penny or more will receive u certifi
cate of membership In the Hooho-
veil Memorial, Association, unit every
school raising a fund will receive a
large certificate, All the certificates
beear n small engraved portrnto of
the ex-president. .",
A. K. Rlchnrdson arrived homo
Wednesday evening or this week'
from Wlllumlna, Yamhill county
where he had been cnllod because of
the Illness and death or his mother
Mrs. Sam Mlckel. This estimable
woman died on Tuesday or last week
and was burled at Wlltamlua on Sat
uruay. mho was wen Known to tuo
pioneer people of Harney county
where she. made her home for many
Mr, and Mrs. F. L, Allen, In com
pany with Mr. Tulley, arrived here
from Wallowa last Saturday night,
making the Journey lua Dodge car In
two days, coining from Wolser, Idaho
to Hums In one day. Mrs, Allen,
who was formerly llesslo Swain, and
her little son, are visiting with re
latives and friends in this city. Mr.
Allen and Mr. Tulloy have gono on to
tho Coast range of mountains where
thoy nro hunting for big gumo and
will also fish tn tho Umpqua for big
fish before returning.
Fill out and mail to E. H. CONSER, Treasurer, Burnt, Oreon
Mrs. E. F. Hchwnrtz has lust ro-
colved n complete lino of beautiful
georgotto and cropo waists.
For Snlo Tho Juntos McMauus
ranch in Sec. 13. 14, 1C, T. 2G S, It,
24 10.; 320 acres, for $1000.00.
Lost Sntunlay night on tho road
between horo and Crane, via Harnoy,
a brown "hug-me-tlght" sleovoloss
Bwoator; Initials O. I), II. iu whlto
yarn on rovorso sldo. Finder will
rocolvo n suitablo reward if tuft at
this olllco, 10-18 2-t
LOST Stool squaro botweon tho
Roll A ranch and Alex Hnuloy'ts
ranch. Sultnblo rownrd for Its
roturn. OKO, W. YOUNO. 10-Utf.
Chester Carter lost a drab colorod
rain coat botweon his homo and tho
post olllco last Bummer, Finder -will
bo suitably rewarded If It is rottirnod
to him. 10-11 2t.
FOR RRNT Throe rooms RUltnblo
for light housekeeping, one block of
Main Btroot. Inquire at thlu olllco or
phono W133N2. 10-4tf.
Cholco Spring Rj do.
Full Ryo 4 Wo.
Karly Ruart Wlioat So.
Ilannchon Hurley 0c.
Arcul Mcdowau, Unrns, Ore. 10-28
L4Im (MM 4rMM an mow i
Ttt cnt off la price.
" A lada black' plush coat woa
fouurl rocontly on tho road tnd was
brought to this office this weok,
Owner may havo name, by calling and
Identifying tho coat and paying for
this notlco, 10-4.
Tke Tlmen-lfcruld paid locale pay.
800 acroo of pasture with water for
rent ,$1G0. Can be reached by tele
phono at A. W. Hurlburt's.- M. N,
WARD, Narrows, Oregon. 10-4-11
FOR BALK About GO tons of
straw, food corrals, well water and
300 acres good pasture. Also 000
acres of good button grass pasture,
Inoulro at this office. 11-1
The Tillies-Herald paid locals pay.
Mrs. Clareuco Mnco Is prepared
to dollrer milk to customers in Utirtm
oacu morning. Notify her It you
want milk lit any quantity,, 9-27tf
Good noml ryo for salo. 0. N.
Nelson, at Dog Mountain. Post-odlce
box 100, Dtirus, tf
For Sale Six hole cooking range,
In excollont condition, Bargain it
taken nt once, Seo J. A. Kruntholz
at i)io Universal Oarage. tf.
FOR 8ALK Almost now piano.
Inquire of Mrs. R. C. Reyuvaau, tele
phone 8F21. 10-4tf.
FOR SALK300 bushels of seed
ryo, 4V4 conts. OKO. PARSONS,
Warm Springs Valley. 10-4tf
For Sale 700 lb. Tubular suction
feed Sharpleis Cream Separator,
nearly now, Clui. Wilson.
Four registered Jennets for sale
registered Jack at stand, Withers
Ranch, Harney, Orogon.
A. F. I). George, of Lawen. Orogon,
has tho selling ngoncy for tho Lubri
cant Carbon Removor for Hnrnny and
Grant couutlei. Reliable purchasers
may take a can and try It. If it
doesn't do everything claimed for It,
return It and the purchase money
will bo refunded, 10-25
WANTKD One. two, or three mon
to work on ranch at I7C per month.
Inquire at this oltlce. 10-Utf.
9100,000. "Till-; HANK fJLir
Tho Hums Oarage has ordered
five additional Dclco-Llght plants for
local distribution, If you contem
plate the purchase of your own light
ing plant, seo the Hums Oarage ho
fore they are all taken. Adv. tf
Patients receive the best of caro at
the Flreovcd Muterulty Hospital.
For Rent 609 acre ef good pas
ture 11 ait lee fron Barae. Viae erase,
leaty of raaalag water aad shade
and all under fence. R. L. Hass,
Durns Oregon.
Prompt service and courteous
treatment wjll alwns bo accorded
PAtrout. of tho Runu Hotel Harbor
Shop. Hatlis at any hour of tint
d.y. O. W, Simmons, Pron.
(leueral dressmaking at tho homo
of Mrs. J. V.. Slzotuurc. Miss Ida
Lewis. 10-18
Pintto in excellent shape for rent
for tho winter months. Apply J.
Fellows. For Information Inquire at
The Times-Herald office. 10-4
Thn Times-Herald paid IocmU pay.
o 1
A heifer and yearling steer,
Holatelns, branded qunrtor circle G
on left ribs, also what looks like 19
on right hind log, low down, Owner
may have stock by proving same and
paying required charges. 10-4
T. J. McDONALD, City Marshal.
What Would
You Think
!- i
of a man who would leave a
million dollars lying around on
the dresaer in his bedroom every
evening? You would say he
ought to lose it. Yet you are
doing an act just as foolish when
you leave your valuables around
your house. You can get a safe
deposit box here for 52.50 a year.
Haritn County National Bank
Burns ,Drefon
School Books change this year. You will be allowed
to trade your old books in for the new ones.
Money must be sent with all mail orders for school
books or we will send them C. O. D.
The Rexall Drug Store
We will have a carload of famous
in shortly
Delicious, Jonathan, etc.
Also Car of No. 1 Netted Gem
Mackinaws, Leather Vests, Winter Underwear and
Clothing for Everybody
Fairbanks, Morse Light Plants, Engines,
Pumping Outfits. Aermotor Windmills
WW ItSi. TfT.T
Write for Prices
Vale Trading Company
Abo Vale and Riverside CRANE BRANCH
Rogers Silverware
To Customers
"It Pays to Pay Cash" "