The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 18, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Local and Personal
Mr8. Kil. citullard l? visiting with
her family, Mr. una Mrs. J. O. Cuwl
field, In Uils city.
Mr. ami Mrs. Frank C. Dlbblo. woro
over from tholr Silver Creek homo
during tho week, 4t-
J. W. lllggs toft Thursday for his
stock farm In tho Denlo country to
bo absent for a row flays.
Frank Dunn has been In town this
week looking after Bomo business and
receiving treatment from his ivhysl
Hov 11. 8. Hughes of tho Tresby
tcriatt (liurch has bcon absent thin
week attending Presbytery at La
I'crk Nultor Is over from tho Dia
mond io iin try, having coino In to re
colvo freatment from his physician.
Ho la bettor. .'i.',JR
Mrs 1 Foster and her boh Frank
came over from Silver Creek yestor
day. The latter Ih leaving at onco
for Aruonn for tho winter.
Mr. Lester Williams Is residing In
this city during tho school year in
order that her little son may havo
tho advantages of tho oxcollonL public
school. LtttWl
A. Cote Is in town today from his
ranch homo. Ho told a represents-
. no further ovldonco of Injury done to
his stock by tho rabid coyoto men
tioned In the last Issue of this paper.
Taylor Huston, who has boon ab
sent for most of tho summer in the
vicinity of Portland, arrived home
Sunday night on tho Wray stage and
has resumed his studies in tho Har
ney County High School.
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Goer, Miss
Leila L'gli and William Carroll made
a trip to tho 00 ranch last Sunday.
Billy tells us they ramo homo with
ionic geeso and ducks, but no tang
ible ovldonco of tho fact has been
dbcirnlblo around tho ofllco.
John II. Lowls, former stato en
gineer, was registered with li Ih family
In Italy.
w,.r,.AM,V.l0,N 'If U, ,"os,1c,,tll'' of tho war, when the T -.ions
1 " M' ",, ,'' ""'.v I'lH'k to th I'l.ivo, the American Ited Cms
mi.. .. . n ? , m 1 nrlH """ rov,vo,, ,IM lrooMiiB xpiritN t,t tint
u ' ?l U !,,,,.,mi0n 10 twnMn ' cmiiforlH ...Ml medlral
m ,,,',M,,K,!,,,.,B T".' 11,0 Cross li.Htltute.1 42 noup
Kltehe ih, .10 children's hospllnls, 10 children's dispensaries, I I iinHlclnl limb
fuctiir cs, the homes f.r refugee children, 10 rest stotloriH for refugees.
litis photograph Miows a group of Italian refugee children being fed by
tho American Ited Cross at one of thu numerous relief stations.
' Let's use the brains Clod gaVo us.
flood rfwnltitlnnn nrn nil rletit. nrn.
vldod tho rcsoluter retioltHes as ho
Plant a tree or two out In tho mm-
turo or around tho farm vnrd. it
Mlllt .1.1 .1 . ...
rm . th comfort of . Bl" unless Io makes an effort to
K.'JS i","1, or, l'cr,"P desorve It. To accept and forgot, Is
1" r. h ' trc.!'P"8"l,,K " ;9"r 't to forgo another link In tho fot-
ihrco looKiug ror "UIUiibh" or other tltrti U1llfll limit, Vt,, tt n tutttmt ..fill.
- ,.! t...v.i v. if. . I. wu ...... I1LIIIU null
At any rato somo oho or
thing will he gratofuLfor It and you'll
not bo sorry, for It might come In
handy somo day.
Wo havo men In this town who
know Just how to sottlo dlfforoncoH
of ovory kind and who would bo corn-
potent (In tholr own minds) to toll
tho prosldont and tho U. S. sonuto
ust how to dlsposo of tho league of
nations quosnon. wo admit wo
might givo somo valuable advice In
at thVlTotol Lovcns last night. Mr. f'mt connection but aro goinB'to'koop
IjiwIh nxliMied IiIm DOHlllnn witli Ihoi11 'J"i
state to accept tho chief ongincer Job
on th .irm Springs Irrigation pro
J - i Malheur county. Wo aro In
form I the big dam has Jiwt boon
comi 'i ed on this project.
Water fowl do not soom so plenti
ful this season In this community.
Fact Is, the woathor has become mil to
chilly of nights and tho birds havo
not tarried Inner hero on tluilr llhrlit
Mr! J C. Sevcik and her two dill-, Mtiutli. Tho hnntorii of thin illntrtnt
drcn ro over from Diamond dur- Mhould have had tho opnn season
a ' Thoy now havo ehnrgo from Sopt. 10 an Intended by tho
of t! Diamond ranch for tho EbbN , fodornl laws. When Ico begins to
i Live Stock Co. Sho camo ,' form on tho ponds tho duckH genor
In ' ' iv, her llttls son's oyor ox-j ally dertdo to vncfito.
c i u ho was having trouble, .
u ii.'s nt sflliool. Sir. Sv- .
1 a home of bf ltfoll&r. " KWT liuhun slrltiMl oiUzan, PPe
out hopo it nd without roward.
Tho world tod.-xy Is itpsldo down,
and America Is not tho lonst of tho
countries riouudorlug In tho throes of
Internal disturbances.
Hitch day soes an IncroaHu In the
discord and unrest which' prevails,
but wo of this community Hhould not
bo drawn Into tho maolstrom.
Wo Hhould take no step In this dir
ect Ion without duo nml careful con
sideration. Above all, wo should
never permit n boisterous minority to
stampedo the sauo and tonslhlo ma
jority. Wo should preserve our
American Institutions In tho true
American manner.
W want production ami prosper
ity, hut we mui uaPcI neither uuolss
right and Justice prevail. And this
wt will hava only whan opposing In
terests come toKethcr in.H calm and
i im tk hirttl uli. th A IIMna f AM k f M I M m fill
..I'uuiavn. aunui iiwr nwj , M""' v y....-.. reniionablo dlrf UIou of their (llirr
talfaiPH of his town and community.
C lii bfi n Kiada tr""-at dttn't pay to sit baok and not tnki
mi am alarm i a-- i
a. - . ...s . .. 1 . . ... 1 .
. inm iiiLMreNi. ir tuern im i:oinK in urn
: Harney county, Tho 'itny orefllt jcKbb your community you
' i.iint Is IS4B: which Igimrt It. Likewise should there be
r.ii(i without a
Tho Lord ku vo-its braliiN with the
xtH'ctathm that wa would uho them
manner. He nave us
Will I
I ' r jiuu. . tion.nnd moro good nccoinpiisnou.
ii ..i. ' im. u ,i'l'b' H- Oot out and rub against
J ii 'r. l).,lton I Igg s, mat.. Ally. IlflKhbor and oxehango vlowa
A I .Kg Atty ( A. Sweok. 811, f f apart on
:, , " , 7 ;.tho things tnui wou u neip.
the deer out of tho lower part of l","t"
It was tlto
It In deturiulnlng tun Kood ftoih tho,
bad, the wise from tho roollah.
mv .ffnrt 3 ,.i.rf-. i.tmaii sunx.ii lit l'0Pr tneili
j.Mrv cltlaaii wnnta to con-! win. for iii rtflilrtti t unorswiiiiig. mat we miKiu owpjoy
HiIh fund. Tn raiiinawu or neglotrt as-lltH ease may bo. Wo
Lr'.d bolwcon Oct. 20 and 27. !iouId be alive to tho best iutorosts
ributor to the fund ro- af our community. If ovory Individ-
niliprnhlp fee rardleaii of I ftj would talto his proper part In
ft tho contribution, ono , iwjm work there would bo loss frlc-
r $100. ii lion. and moro good accomplished.
Sllvlcs valley recently.
wond trip for somo of those "mighty
hunters" and from reports thoy sus
tained their reputations as being
merely "hunters" ns nono of thorn
have ever done n deer nny harm that
any ouo knows of, outside of tho shor
Iff and.wo notice thnt when ho'a suc
ressful'hls wlfo Is olong -with him -don't
know who uses tho sun on
those occasions, hut tho nowspapor
man generally gets a piece of deer
meat thon.
"Th' froHt nm on tho punkln,"
tlioso mornings, you bet.
Notice Is hereby given that thero
are sufficient funds on bund to pay
off all General Fund warrants Issued
and registered up to and Including
October 11, 1919, Interest ceases
October 1C, 1919.
County Treasurer.
November 1
Tho most fortunato inan In all the
world Is ho who lias aohlovod tho
greatest vueeoss through his own '
honorable and unaided efforts. I
Tho man who wouldn't plant alfalfa
In Harney valley when ho knows his
land is suitablo for It, ought to bo
licked. Gosh! It's tho surest thing
over Invontoil in this country and a
cluch on tho road to rlchos.
JowoLor. Optician and
FJno Watch ItepalrJng n Specialty.
All Varieties of CANNING PEACHES
$1.50 per Box
during September
Apples Prunes Plums
At the Burns Hotel
Special price, to people ho come to th. ranch to
out up truit. Knge uu
llo of good cheer, slstcn Novcr
allow tho other glrl'n dlspoBltion to bo
swoetor than your own.
Spcrflc gently, think sweetly, and
your homo town will rejoice in your
Tho young mnn who learns to de-
pond first upon hlmsolf will seldom
havo to appeal to others,
Whon you want a thing and
haven't got it, tho obvious thing In to
go out and got it. It will not como
to you.
Trtllv irrnnt nnrHnttn nrn nflnti In.
uigniiicnni in tuoir own cmiiiiation.
But not no witli tho powoo who ajies
thu giant.
Tho Idlo and tho feeble appeal to
fortune for succor. Tho mnn of res
olution carves It out for himself,
Editors and proachors aro presumed
to bo tho most holy men on earth.
And, Incidentally, their pay Is tho
most unholy.
With tho prlcos of women's gowns
prowling around In the skies, th6 old
faslonod sewing circle should become
again nn aristocratic feature of fom
Inlno ltfo.
v s m win
Unequalled by any pre
paration on the market
Sufferers 'find quick
relief owing to the
.soothing qualities. Has
never been known to
Made from ' a ' native
herb confoinft no alco
hol or habit-forming
drugs. Safe for infants.
Sold by
Roed Brolhors
Drcwscy Merchantilc
Co. Drcwsey
Vale Trading Co.
Bennctf Rffg. Co.
Bums, Oregon
r FWtuno has deosrted many a man
becauHo ho left It to its own device.
Marringo Is a lottory only when
ouo or both of tho contracting parties
Insist on making it such. One must
not expoct perfection In his or her
mate uiiIobh willing to accord the
snino in rottirn.
Brory ono do'nlcs any responsibility;
for tho high cost of living. Of course.
No ono is guilty, Prices Just natur
ally Jumped of their own accord.
Tho preacher tics tho knot, the
J ml go unties It, and between tho two
it's a continuous merry-go-round pori
formanco from ono net to tho other. '
Let mo get you MOItK MONKY FOR FUIIH
I know that the avorago trapper doos not get as much ao lis
should for his furs. I kno that thero Is n way to glvo tho trap
, per nil that ho Is entitled to, arid I'm going to do business that
way. " t
My way of soiling your furs' f&r you by eompctltlvo bid will got
you tho highest posslblo prices. Wrlto and I'll toll you about my
method of getting yen moro money for your furs.
1101 Delcwnro St. Jfuiisiw City, Mo.
and from there we went to Japan'
Talk about adventures I
, Men in the Navy come
home with the kind of
experiences that mast
chops read of only in the
Here's your chance!
Uncle Sam has, as you know,
n big Navy and gives red
blooded young fellows like you
nn ojortunlty to etcp uboord
rind "thove ofT".
Wlwt will you get out of It?
Just tills:
A chnncc to rub elbows with
foreign folks in strange ports of
the world.
The chance for r.ood honest
'work on tlilpbourdthc kind of
work that tcochos you lomcthltH'.
real; the kind of work that jmU
beef on your shoulders and hair
on your chest.
You will get 30 care-free vaca
tion clays a year, not counting
shore leave in home or foreign
You will have the kind of com
radeship in travel that snllort
You will have regular pay;
over and above your meals, lodg
ing and your firtt unlfornv outfit
-good stuff all of it.
You can join for two years.
When you get through you'll he
physically and mentally "tuned
up" for the rest of your life.
You'll he ready thrbugh and
through for SUCCESS.
There's it Recruiting Station
right near you. If you dun't
know where, it is, your For
matter will be glad to tail you.
To any Fattier and Mother t
In ttintUry yur Mtr'i fond, hlth, work .n 4 rlay. nd
tfwlitm mt ;.) Attn Uy ttpuntibjp r.
Shove off f - Join the
the national '
joy tmoke
make a whale
of a cigarette!
Copyright till by
K. J. Reynoldi Tobacco Co,
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thtt Jkep friniKUUH in
ucA ptthit sviulittcn I