The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 30, 1919, Image 6

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For Koniitnoly dollctoun humor unil
timuly lnlorcHt, iwihoiiiicuiuuiil Ih
mnUo that Mary PluHfont'ii nowoHt
photoplay, "Joliunua KnllntH," n
4tcroon mliiiltlon of Uuiuirl HurIhm'
nuecoHHftil Htory. "Thu Moltllr.atloii of
Johanna," wlilch will liu hIiowii at thu
Llhurty thoatru Sunday Hopt, 7, In
norliu'im thu inont pIimihIiik olTttrlni; of
thu hoiikoii and In many roapiM'ta ono
or thu moHl novel anil ilolliUitftil
volitolos over provhluil for thl fanioiiB
clnoma ntur.
Ono tost u re of ttntmiml Intercut
which ntaUen thlH photoplay most
notuhlu H that Hih .military wonr
with whlrh It hIioiiiiiIh prcnontu th
munition of (ho tlllnl HoKlniii.t,
Klohl Artillery, of which MIhk U
ford In tho honorary colonel. Tho
troopH wir otimnipiMl at TTitivorHt1
Jtanch In ('nllforiiln, whorn thn hi-oiicm
woro "nhnt," anil (hoy will, of enur-i',
ho nhRolutt'lv rMillntlr. cvon t a omirt
martial whlili Ih curried out with
cvury attontlon to ilutitll. ,
RIIms Plc kfortl Iiiim a chnrmliiR rolo
In this picture. It In nald to ho cpilto
llfforont from any kIio-Iiiih oHHuyotl
hurotoforo. Kho In a frock led country i
Klrl with a highly romantic turn of.
mind, anil whou oho iIccIiIoh to take
a milk hath to Improvo her beauty.
Intori'HtliiK itoVDlopmoutn occur.
Joaloun Kohllor am) It Ih rival, an
offlcor, provlilo tho nltuatlon which
Allllll l. .... .. .....f..t
" ! ynuiiK (ionlon Apnlohy rolurntnl to
,imi mi' inn 11 ui mi' mini fin ' ...
tho hcoiio. Of conrms tho finnlo In hln woalthy anil oxcIuhIvo family In
happy for all eoncoriiiMl. MM l'lok-ono of tho wimlthlonl anil mint ox
ford U t i liMiill.lly Mi.ppom.d hy n cHiflv olllun of Oio.HiiHt, ho liroughl
i.nni in picMcii imuvitm, our ii'.iiliiiK
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aw.,v, 'm.t n t .
Anna od the &r
MAFty PICKFORD W'JohnniK Enlists
ii.'in holiiK l):iii;ii.4 Maclean.
with him a certain yoiniK woman
oiiKlnecr ii h hlii hrhlo.
llur acceptance hy tho
IIONOIt (!' HIM IIOUHi:" , wan anythltiK hut oonllal, hut In her
nluunro, itralBhtforwaril mwiinor,
Tho HKO-ohl Nltuatlon of two man . Malda trlud not to notice, mid If hIiu
nnil woiimn Ima heon akillfitlly woven ,,), l0 ,!onvlniio hortolf that U waa
hor ImiiRlnatlon. Conlon'H ohlor
this ro.MWiv m iim:
'IM.Kh WITH I.AfdllM .'Hart Real Portraycr
of Western Types
Into tli plot of "Tho Honor of HIh
Hoimo." which ! to ho hKowii at tho , "wr """ v..,...,..,
Uharty ThiNitri. Siimlay. Auk. 3i.hrothor Mortlmor In particular, l
Wrlttun Iy Marin Fairfax. "Tim
Honor of III lloiiHe" ha hn Ita Htar
Koaaue Hnvftknwii, tho brilliant Jap-,
ntiKM mtor. aiipportixl hy Kloronoe '
Vldor ami an enpeclally ood cait ,
InoludliiK .lurk Holt. Mayin ICuIno.
I'onmt Knbiiry ami Tom Kiirnliara.
Tho illrwtor. WlllUm C. He.MIIIo. I
hnn aeuoiitpllhhoil much In tho wny of ,
iiiiumuhI photogrHphlc ofToetn, hoiiio of
tho iiieii afttir tho wreck of tho I
iitejuner. taken on one of tho wlhliMt -mid
moat beautiful of all Him mall '
irilHtnlf of th I'm lflc. ImsIhr prll ill
arly lieautlful. MU Vldor U clii 'i
mi opiorluiill v to wnr come of the
Howim for which Him It fn'moiu. In
tiluitlng one dlnnor froclt of brocubil
toitlti with which nho WRHnt penrlN
and orohUU. Anotber IntrriMtliiK co-'
ttitiio coimlntM of a tlcer nklu. Rofl .
hrlllliint hued chiffon and leave.
"HN Hiunlhcml live" Hih t'titiiinl
Htory With tlieHt
When n roniRUIlo trfifft cur fon
dut'tor par.idM aa a roynt to win
thu !(' of prwtty 'r! thori Ii
houiH to m aomothtUK dolitit orry
inlnut until th cliimu la rni tid.
This yaito iron Inaxifur n "HIh
Hmotb Ml lote," the. lata! rani
iiuniitt M.ieh HHiinatl. with t'h tr
'Dorothy Dalton Has
Little Use for Her
Dimples in this Play
Homuouo han uald of Dorothy Dal
ton that without her dimple hIio
would ho muroly modlocro, hut In
"Lovo .Mo," tho now wlMful, ruthor
nnd Dorothy Dalton Iiuh fow occur
Ioiih to flash those allurliiK dimpled
Htuilun of horn nnd yot In moro ador
able and a hotter nctrona than over.
"Lovo Mo" wah written for MIhh
Dalton hy C. Oarducr fiulllvan,
ulhor of "Tho Koya of tho Right
ouM," and other photoplaya mid tho
director wan Hoy William Nolll, who,
under tho Hupervlnlon of Thomaa II.
Inco hlniHelf, han directed ho mnuy
of her recent plctureu. It In a HtralKht
Xorward IntoroHtlnK narratlvo of tho
HtrttKKlu of Malda MikIIhoii to win
tho love mid reHpect of her hunhand'a
family, and Incidentally, to koup hln
-UKaliiHt Kreat oddn.
In tho IiokIuuIiik they hud mot In
mi unconventional way durlnic tho
oiiHtructlon of a hrldKo In North
J)akota to whluh ho had heon hhhIkiioiI
after the unexpected departure of a
follow oiiKlnoer. What was li Ih mir
prlHo on nrrlvliiK. to find tho work
rnpahly proKroHHlnj; un,or tho dlr-
ootloii of a hiiiiiII hut
Dikii ii,. i., ,i iti. .
jwiiiiK imiy, iiko iiiuiHolf a recent
Krailunto of a school of oiikIiiuoi'Iiik.
Tho frlitiiilHliin rni'inii.i
HlreHKfiil tluioH of their work mid on ,, ,
mo last i:lorloiiH day when loKother.
' "'
MBHfHfHfHfBBHfHfHfHfHfJ'' amlles
seemed bent on coiivIiicIiik (lordoti
that ho had niiido a sad mlxtako In
the cIioohIiik of his wife. Ho It was
who! watchhiK Malda at a certain
party one hvoiiIuki noticed her Intense
watchful oyes fixed on Kenton, a
man of thu world mid admirer of
(lordoii's married sister whoso hus
band was at that tlmo "somewhere
with the fleet."
.Mistaking Malda's motives, Mort
imer follows her when sho loaves the
party and as ho expects, finds her In
Ponton's rooms. Tho fact I hat she
had come merely to save lliclr sinter
Is broiiKbl forcorully homo to (lordoii
mid Mortimer mid Malda conies to
lake her rightful placo In her Iiiim-
hand's family.
An especially good supporting "'"Hi
It la conceded that Mr. Hnrt'a por
trayal of iinlnuo Western typos lone,
alnm oxtlnrt, Is as near tio real thing
aa art and historical reaesrch can
auggW. Old plonoflr hIio have seen
Mr. Hurt In his Western plcturas,
assert that ho lu thn reincarnation
of tho aplrlta uf tha old 'days of
roiiiaiica wlilch hava vsnlnhail hefoie
lit rltmtleiM marh of rlvlllastlou.
In "Tha Titter Man." his latest Art
crart photoplay, which Is to ho pra
santwl at tho Liberty Theatre next
Thursday ho presents a new creation,
clear-out aa a cameo ami as convinc
ing as any which ha heretofore has
"Tho Tiger Man" la n bandit of a
typo not often sioju In picture. Ho
moat his fit to In the perKon of a
'pratty young woman, the wife of a
I minister of the uoeptd. Mj fi'rcw
hwr to leave har Inulisnd for )iliiitflf,
t hut when sho uitemp .'Uic'dn to i-a-cupe
tha horror of hi t ir. his
' HlutHhorlng Mini. atNiiel In crime,
Hwakaiis mid ha la reformed To old
her religious doslxna ho cheerfully
1 tiiirremlora hltustflf to the autliorltlos,
but alio Is unconscious of the great
t.irrlflro ho has made In her behalf.
, The various scenes of tho picture are
thrilling to a degree, the action rapid
land tho heart Interest Is well sun-tulned.
"Whispering Chorus"
of Surpassing Interest
Hurpasslng In Interest any pic
ture heretofore displayed at thu
Mhorty Theatre, "The Whispering
Chorus," a speclul Cecil I). Do Millo
production for Artcraft will ho pre
sented for thu first time in this city
at the Liberty Theatre next Satur
day, Sept. C, Tho story Is hy Perloy
Conklln, Harry (Jrlbbon and Mario
Provost, Is concerned, "His Hmoth-' I'00 Baoohan, a leai'.lng mngnxlno
ered Love" will ho shown at thu
Liberty Theatre next Weduosdny.
Conklln Is a conductor who falls
In love with tho fat roll of,
Mario Provost, as well as with her
writer and thu plcturUntlon Is hy
Jennie Macphersou, distinguished
authoriof such notable cinema sticces
hos as "Joan tho Woniim," "Tho
lliili.piiilni.,1 I n iim; Kiii'il nii,ii, IMK ciimi
r ,. .!. ,,u,,"l' Wmi Conklln. Jack Holt.
uoiiori nicKim, liorcas Mathews, Mel
bourne MacDowoll, and Kllnor Han-
Lovo Mo" will lie neon at tho
I hoy watched Its opening, r0W I,,l,0!ly T,,owtro ,,oxt Wt-duesday
into a very ondurlnu love ,.,. wi,.. 0Vu,,""'' A two rool Mack Bonnott
liersoual charms. Ho shortchanges Woman God Potgol," "A Little Amer-
tho mother of his Inamorata und (.nn" nnd other pictures lu which
poses him. Then Mario consents to , " ' ,,",,,ra woro tho stare,
bucoiuo tho bride of Harry (Irlbboni Kelf-sacrlflco Is the iloinlnanl
mid In revenge Conklln sends what tin mo of this iiiiiihii.iI olferlng mid
ho helloves to ho a bottle ut iiolsoned ' ,., ,,,ayt,r w0 Mi)evU): various
wine to tho coup e for a wodd ng' -, ' , .
nresont ro l'H 'or,n HU "KKrogntlon of htc'u
Killed with remorse. Conklln he- ';'' Houiom tr .iv. r grouped together
glim a iiiad ehasu of the bridal couple I t a single pholoplav. The anion U
to prevont them from drinking tho ,-,,,,1.1 ,,,,,1 dramatic nnd it hfnt!
supposed polHouod wlno, and tho sll- ......, ...... ... llllulllll , , ,..
uatloiis that eniiiio uro lixtromoly ,,I',,m,1 011 ' f HI,Hl,lU forc"' ,ho;
laughable. Tho comedy Is ahsol-t,,tor' ltf developed arllatnallv mid
utuly without suggestion of any klud Uio various portrayals, guided hy Hum
and may ho seen with profit and master mind of Cecil II. Do Mlllo aro
enjoyment by old mid young alike, exceptionally convincing.
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