The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 30, 1919, Image 4

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The Tixnss-Jicrald
lint Tho LivrHPit Clrculnllon Of Any
Nowtpnper In Hnrntiy County,
One Yr J8,"fl
Sfo Mftnllti l.W
fjueij Moatiu' tB
MUdtrV ;.ss",. v", '" " "
vaMcuinssA n v p wrdi i nation-
A mtu who In ohaervanl and known
OoM'ttotta tn thl interior rounlry
itnutrlttd racnntU thnt Tout Mauler
Qajiflhtl Burleson had done more tn
fttpopttlate Harney count)' thui am
otlier foncy throuirh his ixmhii-Iuim
policy. It Irt pointed 0l Mint wo ilo
ItOl hav mm Kond mull wrvl" in sr
did befor a railroad within l.".o
tutlas of this ulito". whllo tlif r.Tit
inail routes uro being dU-ontlnu.Hl
from tlmn'lo Unto Instaail of nnv
timet fe ttprov conditio iu for tk
holfttad people. Th thlrkly nniulnt
d rwttters hnre malt dt1i'.r.v trnt
tUBaa Mcb day nt H etpohs to
the fovtrnmotit, why stint tho out
lylllC iatrlrtT
tartta umnI to bar nnrtn ilw a
vwk mall from two different roiit.
TOW It ha Ottt one t ; 1 1 for U !;
In th w0k and it I not put t'ir.iw!.
wtih Ittcb dltntrli ni mllit ba or I
'jxmibla. Tli r ,ldm trevs
from Oatnrlo mil for the train In
Joava he latter plrno nt n ccrtsMu
hour but It apldnm tf ?vr lv on
time, tint aa it l ainpnd lo hnvf n
r.Wdttla tli m" hl'h evm" tnm
it want on I lie tnatu line Ik not put
nit LU train thus It lays ovar for J I
hour In Ontario. The train la aohe
rtuluil (o arrive nt Crnna at 5:30 but
it nuVor ilooa. If It wVro to b on
ttftia It Is iiokhIIiIo lo KHt our mall tlio
aauiu ovfciilnj; ut IltirttM tittil with tin
foolish dolny nt Ontario ollmliiiitoit.
whltih hIioiiM ho ilouu, vol liavo It
2 I bourn oarllor.
In addition to tluwo facts pi-nplc
IIvIiik within 11' nilliM of this town
nri (luprlvvd a mall sorvlro which
thuy worn privileged to hnvo for yonrs
liy (I I roc l roulo and their mall nont
nroiind over a rotito rovurltiK inoro
than 300 tulles. Subscriber to thin
upor IIvIiik 19 mlbn from Hums nt
their paper after It Ih a week or tnori
old and It In plared to the third zone
in tho postal regulation.
Tluiro Ik not tuttuh reason to say
thlH cannot ho roiuedled, tor It can
anil woM oui;lit to nee that It Is
o I
PKitKKrn.v si.mim.i-: '
tlcflclt, they ntwitya Hay tho hiuiio
thltifja "Tho rich."
JttHt exnetly what rnltntllttlon t ho I
rli-h la a tliliiK vuituoly midomlnoil
They are itotterally ttuppuNod lo ho
llllltlllll Willi 1(111.1 II f I'lll-I-IUH'V lilitdoil
MontewlieroX it In intrprlHltiK how
few people thoro are wIioho titonlitl
prorooi sitrpiiMM those of a alx-yoar
old. . Thuru nro far more people In
thin Kt-ndo than you may tliliVh.
A iumii la t'U'h If Iih Iiiih eredltii hy
virtue of whleh ho drnwa Iiitko ruvo
nuoa from nurtnlu Industries. Vary
often lis do not own the Induntrloo,
tint la on of (he bondholders. As a
rule, hp has very Hltlo currency.
There In no sense In linvtiitf much.
When the governtnnt has i-onfls-nited
hII lha Inrjto Industries, t lie
t'K h mon'j courres of revenue will he
Kone. Thou tiny will he ioor. Wa
Hhnll start this s'-hnia without any
rleh people -and llierefora thoro will
l e no ouw to -tiny tlm tMJtes.
So all Industry will run nl a loss,
!,ki Hit" rllro;ul. without any on
t n'. Itm up H-.' dflrt. They actual
ly Mrkt'd thli arhenii1 out In Hun
inrv, nii-1 ne.irtlond tho Incomes
hli-!i i i m-mbom-of tile
I iipni i i i ii uii i" hn v finding out
ntn n 'I l H i' tin aKKri-Knto of tho
huVo the labor of flllliiir up ti-forins. I MIhb Helen Ooodlow arrived hero
and koL iiotliliu; for It. No one who tho foro part of thin week from Wash-
Iiiih doiio that Job will want to do It i ItiKtou and will attend nelioot in
wnv fio mtoici:?
tli I h oily ilurlmt the tinliiK year,
inaldiiK her homo with her aunt, Mrn.
(Mlfford Iledil. iMImh Ooodlow's Hliilers,
Mrs. Kred Binylli ninl AIIsm I.eoru
Ooodlow, tnot Hie Nvoiin; Indy nt
i Crane.
When PondltlotiH are not lo our
lllfllllf U'll lll'll Mill lit .rfllllPl lltlll'lllll I
authority lo put ovoryihHiK rlitht. Wo Mr. mid Mrs. W. A. Iohorlon and
iihU why they don't onanl Iiiwh to Uiulr dimlilor, Ml Arlty m owr
IInt. Anna llnlucn ramo In from
Diamond during the week.
Mr, H. Ii. Koslor was n visitor
from ('nine thin week,
Mrs Win. Fnrrd and dnitKhler
Kathrlno are home from Canyon city
vliero they had been vnlt'i'i; for ntyj
end wot li a They arr'Vi'o (.r j,j
l:i fompmiy with J. M. lnlton Hurl.!-
MIhh Hazel HitlneM Is In the city Melnloii. tf Corv.i'ih, a m l f.w 6(
from lnir Iimiiik nt Dlaiiiiiiiil. romlliU Mr I-'nt r-. MitlU- i i-r v III i tn tint
In yteray aflernooii. wMl rnmln b-tv for t -h .it i ..
our woub.
"Why don't
from lliolr farm home, nojir nr.aey
Wodiittsdny font hort visit with Mrs.
Ktitilt'A Thompson mid li'oiia, I ' ffon
HVlit. .Inii'l ifM (
fiuostloii. Vet half lha cure Is In nr return to tne rntn in-y ware
our Ininda. Thatrit4l circuit man-1 ai'rompaiited hy .Mrs. U-.twrtson fli
ners nnnounea that I ho Amerh in ' who had bi hf-rf for -vrr il w. ck'
theatre wns never ao properou a! Ml" Arl-y v.iu I is hor d.;i mire
now. Ho tha (I. C. of U. U not pre
ventlug an unpracedentetl IndulRntwa
In theatre-going. Labor ttulnnlHtn.
already letter paid than umnjt ex
eetitlvea. ao on strike about otirp n
month, whleh Itidlealvs that iluy huvo
money enoiiih for vucatloiH.
I'urhitps national etraviKiMK is
partly to blaiuo for our innlmennnca
Loral and I'ei-aWil
at one for l' whtu h will
ittatid sihuol fur the coining )r.
llr Ireiiam Vvv Vnmloit Hi
lu oiue, i. luur i;iuh tliti total pro
lei ItiR Miwer of lit countrv,
Cliliininu'i who ' -urn'xl down
l.fui k to r'l.iit a t i k was u I in oil t In
telilaeui riMupnreil with koiiiu of us.
"But " au may say, "why should
. r'inji i.t ,ilwn run ut
Ah. why i,.oiIT But II does.;
tin .Ti iii -nt ar. toni nosed of plat ,
f rui rloHorlcUna. niiiuolnjrl law
yrrn and i." ninhlle"rt - i "t f ihom'
lti. or eiiH'n'-i'r. or ni iiiiifncton s. I
WVM. Ie in lia'i- eni'ch rich people!
in n, I-! to puv tlm lime. How,
h ii 11 wo let thm ti Ob, Jint '
r! a eiidush to (Ha up the money for j n
Inkallnii tint tin nun wnillil eminent ' J
to be rleh mi those tHi-ins; tbiy would
Utile M.iv HrHttnirhaiu Is r"jvr-
1kn Ih liiiim lii.wl.tBV lt..r t.tlt .11 Irliv.. I
l,l.'lh.ln.,..,rlli.rihl. Iir Hflihli 1r U',U""-1
lll' If n. , . "
Otutttf or, food and wafar aotpa
titMt cauaM fad lata t tou that. U
to aJek hadacha, bkllouanaafl, bloat
ing. soar atomarh, gaa, btd brtJ
ttd POrt'ed tongue. Foley's f'.illiurtlo
TnbU't "lin-i'd ii" tn'evfrv tinvler'n
iffrlp. '1 Iij .n i without !;iln ariplnit
Thcyarj a tlfi" and whole-
Wilr. IF i S
The Greatest Name
In Goody -Land
did the ip'r.!lif .
I some phytl:
Special Sales
Thera Is n roiiHtantly Krnwlui; fael
Iuk hiuoiiK our fellow eltlxuiM that
the government oukIiI to run most of
nor Htuple luiluMtrlon If uectHuiary.
at a Iokh, and maUo up the daflrlt out
of taxation. And when Invited to
rvoul who Ih to be taxed to pay the
Including tho lateHt mul
Spring and Summer
Hxclusivo aKcnt for Victor
TailorinK Compnny with a
full lino of
Sprittf Samples for
Women 'h Sttitn and
Mrs. Lelah Millar
At tho Schwartz Store
ww Ecr cum y
p in jr' urmture btore
must go at reduction of
All New Rugs and Furn
iture go at reduction of
All Second Hand Goods
must go at reduction of
a it n mt en -ii rm n
. i r. k
I f ilU
vr in mm n am.
This Sale will continue
during August only
Sealed Tlfiht Kept Right
Flavor Lasts
Motor Cars
THE UNIVERSAL GARAGE has been appointed the
x Harney County Agents for
handling the Dodge Brothers Motor Cars and a complete
stock of parts. The first machines will arrive about
September 1st.
XN LIVING UP TO the faith' thus shown in us, we shall continue to
give our customers the same high quality service we have in the past, in
expert Dodge car and other repairing, vulcanizing-, etc.
; . . Burns, Oregon
I'.i w m tn u i
HH. 'Pk U "vsr ii
FiroBleno Tireu and Tubes
Globa Tires xiul Tubes ' DODGE PARTS