The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 30, 1919, Image 1

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    Tlir Tlines'Hurold now ro
pl lu more homotf tu liar
Tlio 'Jltticf rral l nn olcl
csih!illli(!il filonil of tlio people
df fjfinioy CoiliifyVhoro Itlm
a wkty vbdloi' lor thirty
imr. UN Jnb iJupni'tmeiit is
equipped jo nn-vo jowr need.
r 1'
( l imn ttinn nay onior
m . XHXH
NO: 44
nit t ? Mirrh Trt MACAWir r Ann? nrwiinjr'p
1 J"5 -l - V -S V -i S- -I -4 I -J- -I ! l ! -J- ! -J- J ! J -5 J- I
Mnlhcur Bird Preserve Much
Work in M. M. Decree a
Firat September Meeting
Next Monday.
with the coining of cooler wnthtr
TnllRlsT PAMP Nf GROUND SOUGHT Maaonic lodgo nrtlvitloo will 1.6 ro.
,VV,"J auinod. Starling Monday. Hoptambor
mrat. regular mooting of uurna lodgo
c, Prucunl Tranaarl Much o Ural and third
Important Business at Meeting; Bjilcr
Y.lendancc Neidetl.
VT.lT1 il
jllOl I
irof. 1 1.4
to 11 li
To i
nam .
tint; '
1st' o -
f M
On r
fob; 1
1 1
talk i
pa:' V
Jlfi r
ti n
ior,ll. i '
lh i '
of -
( i mealing at tlio Coat'
i i ' was marked hy thh
- Inm aptrll tliAt doinln-
tu-'tnhra of that body.
i. i of tniportanro wore
h would doubtlena ho
' l.y war It not for an
i,: rial). The matter
a1 routo. for Inatttnco,
v W loat to lUirnii without
it'.i loaualttuo appointed hy
not working on It. Hlncu
mi l ho section aarvod hy
uro much hotter norvod
tli- rontae will probably
k r tho largar and larger
irMa that ura daily pint-
tin rluh will try to oh
. of the fair ground to
fur thalr comfort an a
i. id.
' .n of prorurlng tiplr-turo
, iki lit lu present dry
i thorotiKbly dUniNHUd.
f a reproaahtntlvo of tlio
v cenornrt
tttoudnya of each month.
work lu tho M. M. dogruo la an
notinrod for UiIh mootluK. houldo
(vvrnl matter) of Imporlanru to tho
iTart. 'iiio mtovsardrt will aarvo re
All mcinhorrt aro urgud to atland
Sojoiinrliif. hruthroit widooma.
Commercial Club Arranges
Meeting of Parents nnd
Pcdagog. C8..
Taaolior In tho hlh trhuol and
Utiiiia public rtchool will ha i;reti"l nt
a rraitlon In tho Commercial Club
room on TunMday. Sptiini.jr inh
Patrona of tha xrhnol aro urgad to
coma out and hid now momhorti of
tlio, tonrhlni; parttonnol "wolcomo to
our city." in tho pint, vory lit t lu
hua hean dono to mako now toachora
..11... ' .1... litutiin.iiit. .1.1 I. I.. 1. ....! ...Ill
' v Kniumi t uih Wi inu. nuimi, iiiin uhiim. u in iiu'ii mil
i it xflf to obtain all no!- (Nttabllah a procedaut.
nuniattHtratliiK that Itn nollvltlon
will oxlund to ovary phnno of life
wharo a rhatica oxImIh for bottormonf.
tho Comtuvrclal Club at a rocont
mewtliiK took up tho mattor of male
itK wolromu tho tuarhlUK nt ft for
tho conU'.( year. Aftur a rdiort dlH
ouaalon, tlit nrraiiKUinolitH wore
turnml ovor to tho enlortalnniont com
mlttoa. attd Its chalrmnit Iminodlatoly
wont to work.
A ahorl oroKram 1ih bon nrrancal
and lli;ht rofreahmuiita provlik-d. Tho
coinmltttHi haa decided to glvo tho
IHiruiitit and toachorH ovory pOHt-lblu
opportunity to bocoiuo acquHlutod.
and plaunod tho ovoiiIiir with that
odd In vlow,
Tho Hiircoaa of tho rocoptlon d
PoihIh ahaolutoly on the iiiiinnor In
which Icxal paoplo robpond to tho lu
vltntlon. llovolopliiK frhnidlliioaa
hotwoou tuatdiarrt and paronl.t, ami
awHkonlnu IntoroMl In aohool work
hiiioiik the latter, la tho ohjoct of tho
Htata hool Uuprtnludt Char
chill haa Inform! tha eonnty unpw
Iniondciit thiit lliiriiy couoty haa tho
tout idurtid a roup of toarhara In
tu ci)Ur aite. tHufnay county paya
Lull it aularu. by ma way.) it win
t a plaawture to maKo tholr acqualn
tam-4, and a muiiuil bauaflt to all
roiitriiid. And Ilarnay eonnty
MltuoU will alao u honafltMl groat ly
.if inn coacarnliiK tho ho
tu .it praaoHt and in tho
.! local tanKlo roucorn
i otattm of thlH lako-
i n th ariMiracy of
:-n alvau, and a IhI
(. th hlrd pronorvo una
- made until tho lufor
ourt will bo aikd to
. the rnuiinMatlor. of 'ho
highway at II w-M
.thttr lam drkKntliu
' moot with tha stnto
ninlitaloii nn Sipionibor
n nMHrlUK tho romplo
highway aa aooii an
' lo dlacuwud Ih-i pro--nlHlng'
sll tho timber In
ntidcr tho dlroetlon of tho
IntTtod moil doclaro
- ' Mr' Uxm on this vnl-
'n will nay for tho coat
. - at indent ttona ara
. torn.' r haa aver
Ki'.-H to tukr
M't.i ial In da
r '!) tlmbor
f Jiff
. !!
i" r
iaf '
K 1
tni -1
felt f r
tlif i r r
ur lia
tho i
them '
U Hub '
avir ,
It I
of Ii
t it
a l
i i,ui.t of rattlly
' r i ii u,tJ at tbt
'mi ruin that a
i g .1 i "iild ha dona
iim-iii'.ith would Jtkr
fr ai tii.dr IttW'gie
on ' out on -Friday
in hi l -tipporl la nbaol
t th i lubt hut In tha
f our aolhl and aoji
ih club will find TtH
inant. ISditorlally
..! Htrong for tho tolld
' Itliaii, hut think that
i iiti of lila iolldlty or
ly Imn-oiiiIiik Kay and
i to attaiid a fow flub
I.i'M.- aymoathy can he
ti ..ti who atays away and
tho thliiKH tho vluh Iiiih
'one. Able moil head tho
1 ' nnd tho trtiHt iiiohI of
' i-H ropoHO In pormlttliiK
r on tho kooiI work alono
i'i tho oxlronio. .Maximum
' object of tlio cluh, and
xi'cct any mora than tho
' nt tomtit net Ih hiiiiiII
heliovo that any rltlzon
- to ho tlio oommiiulty
I. but from tho lack of
i ia'.d in olnb mcotiiiKH.
' M-coniafry to draw that
Civil War Veteran Goes
to NationalXonvention
for Vt :
In a i
" urn
Ciu i.r ,
v Gowau loft UiIh wouk
' 1 Ahr-ro ho Joint) comrades
I tr.iln thai goou hack to
Onto, for tho National I-n-'
' f tho (J. A. H. ThlH
1 bold Sopt. 7 to 12 lu
l v ii ho ono of tho blf5KHt
( f tho U. A. H. In vcarH.
hi adi ( i0 tho usual prourani 'tho
vpttri ,,r, ;oIiik to ho takon to
'nliy Of tbf) old Imttlft flnblH mid
havo r
f ' p'Ttublty to alao vIhU tho
i.VKiuKin.vr; iuiiioation
Attorney (Joaeral lino. M. Ilrown
and fltato ICiujIiiwer Percy A. Cuptwrl
with vUllorx to our city durliitt tha
wek. Tin Koiitlomoii had coma
'iii MuMn ur i-iMinty whoro tbay bad
.fin for tho purpoao of ituklDK a
liiaMctlon of tho Warm Hprlnm Irrl
KHtlou project In ordor that I hoy
mli;hl roporl to tho proper tomtiiU
alon that haa the authority to piihm
upon ItH bond.
TIiIh Ih under tho law through
which tho atato KuaroiitcnH IrrlKi'tlou
IioiiiIh. It Ih miuoHHiiry that certain
momberu of tho hoard iuiihI mako a
pcrHonal iuHpoctlpu and piihh upon tho
character of tho work and tho laud
Upon reachhiK Hurnn Attornoy
Ooiieral Ilrown mot IiIh hoii I.eliiuil
and A. MIJoqvlHt. an itHHlHtaut in tho
attorney K"ierarH olllco, who havo
boon Hcciirlng Information upon tlio
.Malheur lako Htatiiu. and Miieut a day
or two with thorn lu that work whllo
Mr. Cupper continued hlH way on to
Silver Crook whoro ho hnd hoiiio
work in connection with that project.
Mr. and Mrn. Win. Soflona havo
been up from tholr homo lu tho noutli-
drn part of tho county muco tno
lalter part of IiihI wook when thoy
hrotiKht tholr twolvo-ycar-old hoy up
for medical treat mont hocaiifto of IiIh
havIiiK mot an aecldout. from a 22
rlflo wliot in tho hoad.
AecordiiiK to information ulvou
thin olllco tho hoy wan out of doom
and IiIh mother Iiuiik tho rlflo on (ho
wall hut In doiiiK ho aceldontally dln-
iliark'od It, tho hall iuihhIiii; through
tho wall and Htrlkliiu tho hoy ovor
tho loft oyot lio wuh hroiiKht to
(IiIh city for (roatmout wllli tho Idea
that an X-ray would havo to bo tmod.
Dr. Smith located tho bullot Juiil
holilud tho oyo hall and removed It
tho Htimo day they catno In. It could
..... I... .1 . . I ..... I .1 ,1..... .l.ll.ll l.lAt
llOL DO IIOIOI lllllll'll LIIVII lllMMII'Jl
r tno oyo wan unpairou or
to Hwolllnt' fiiibHlilod, how
Do You Read Your Paper ? I
: Local and Personal :
U'o take rotialdorahlo prldo In oach Irhuo of Tho TlinuH-lforaltl, and
hnllovo thla-oue Ih ho ;o(iil that wo do not want you to iiiIhh a mIukIo fua
turo. A Klnioa nt tho lUt below will show you what each pnuo coutalitB
that you may find of Interest.
I'lint Pnuo
t'ommorclal club plodod to noenro
.Maaoule lodge moot Iii;h.
Shipment of nniKO liorauH.
lrrli;nllou need houii for valley.
Hocoption for toachora,
Veteran kooh to convention.
Com met Ioiivoh road ill hnd Hhnpo.
I.nud hhIoa roportod.
Hoy nreldontally Kliot.
$Sfi,Ooo Htilt.
rornior teachor marrlotl,
Servlro muii moot.
Local and puraonnl.
Thoa. llntton la
Ill at tha IIMtiM
Hav. Pnthar Ki-rtt)c haa goua to
Portland on hiisliioav
Albert Johuaon and fnmlly woro
ovar roin Sllvor Croolt yantordny.
Albert Ainitah wiik ovor from Hand
during the woaK onibualuOM hUforo
the local land olllco.
Mr. and Mra.WN. Monroe wara
lu from thalr homo lu L'fttlow for nj
raw inya during (bit weak.
Vialtor urgoa ImiitTrtnnoa of lourlHt
travel. .
Buckaroo and air planus nt Malheur
Mla Haldn ichwartx had a dullctornM.r"B Comnmrcll Ctul, hy tho ncoro
Th ltd Piiko '
ABC of League of NatlotiH.
l.ocnl ml Porional.
immil oiratlon performed lnat Satur
day hy Dra. Saurmnu nnd Kruitet.
Mr. V.' A. (iftwan arrlvoil homo
Inat Kuudny from nu oxtoiuled .vnca- Journal may tako up hlrd prooorvo
i... i. ...(.i. ..... . ...i ....
uoii vmu wiiu roiuuvoH niiu iriuiitia' num.
In Colorado. ' Fourth Pirft
.... . IWHorlai ooinmeiit.
Olon Jonoa, of Wanling"!, 'Vak tJMMi allll iMranMni.
lilKlon. baa bjin vltiltliiK with Ilia
alHtor. Mr. Waldo Ouor, lu thta city, - Plfth Pao
i mm iihbi . . iocai ami rornona .
Scott Ilayaa came up from hit lionia HMh Pauo
iioor itwon una uny hum wook to,Kuwi f eomlng photoplay-llluiitr.
iihvo aoino iieiiiai wura oonu lor nia
tittle dnuthtor.
Anot bur rookatl foml an hi will ha
held at tho nana! place lioxt Sittur
duy, Sept. 0, hy tho Ilaptlat I.nilki
Sylrontur Smith wna lu town yontor
day nnd wild ho had JumI com-
pletod haylnit at tho lake. I lit crop
waa not na largo aa Id former yonrn.
J. M. Dalmn inndo n trip to Pralrlo
City Tburaliiy taking Mr. and Mm.
Alma Davla and family homo after
vialtliiK with tho Daltoim and othar
ridtlvtM for a idiort time.
Mlu Halen AmUraon and Mil
I.lbblo Krlchonky, tuo yomu ladii-M
who cotno to lako pOHltloui lu tho
faculty of tho Harney County High
nclioo!, arrived on Wruy'H Stage IiihI
Mra. J. W. floury and her ton
Woodbridge, acuompaulud hy Mra.
II. ICHy will loaN'u tomorrow morn
ing for Portland wham thoy go to
Ham tha boy In achool for tha com
Inf: year.
Dale Changed from August
Thirtieth to September
Experience Gives Opinion
Would Bring New People, More Prosper-;
ous Families, Schools, Churches,
Dairy Herds.
Seventh Pago
I.OBiil uotlco.1.
Highlit Pago
I.o4ul Happenings.
Vadnl Olochua and Joe IlaynH, tho
two Moxlcuna who nra cctiaed of hav
Ing aoinuthliiK to do with tho murdor
of K. II. Hill hint week, aro having
a prollmlnary hoarlng. Tho examina
tion begun liiHt TuoHtlay hut Iiiih boon
vary alow and toiUoim, many wltuoHa
a balng oxamlned, theroforo It Iiiih
not been completed up to tho tlmo
wo go ll prom hut utlorneyH Inter
(ml oil Htaled they thought It would ho
brought to a clone tlila evening.
i o
I'ltlll) AMiK.V M.MtltlKI)
Mra. Tom Allen waa1 In ycatorday
and told thin olllco that hur aou I'rcd
hnm marrtail luat Xiiudny lu Portland
to Mlaa IMIth ftnlder. Kred Hnant
hla boyhooil dayH lu thla city with hla
Smith 0 ratio Ih now In IhU vicinity
looking after the gathering of range
horaoii for tho big auction fiitlva nt
Otimlui. JIo had advortlied to make
u Hhlpmont on Aug. 110 hut upon
being Informal that tboro will ho hut
ono mora mile for tho rerunn hotweon
tho in Id (1 lu and latter ivrt.of Suptoin
hor, ho dochlod to hold what ntork
h haa on hand for a later a t o and
mako IiIh final Hhltimenl from Crnno
on Soptnmher I I. llorno inon ara D. F. Johnaon, local roproaonta-
rlt-iill llilu IWiMnit III iipIai n lin 111 tll'A (If (hn (irtl'llil XV r..l.. I-
rf.-wi. ... .t. tiv - c " . wimi ii vuiuiii
roudlnoHH with tholr tack for that'tlon Co., waa in tho city tlilg week
on ono or nin rrojuant vIhIIh. Mr.
Johnaon covara tho territory hotwoou
Ontario and Prlnevlllo nt JnlorvaJn of.
ovory fow wooka during tho ontlro
year and IiIh btuluoMH training in
tho roni estnto lino has canned him to
make certain ohnorvatloiiH which havu
hrougl;t coiicIuhIoiih that aro worth
cotiHltlerlng hy those who aro intcr
OHted in the duvolojimont of thin big;
Mr. Johnson han boon with tlni
" I Colonization Company for Hevoral
Tho Hummer homo or Mr. nnd M re. yearn and having chnrgo of n vntit '
David noble at lako .N'obngamon was territory in which aovera'l cIuhoii oC
tho noono of a beautifully appolntod laud oxlft. ho hna kept up on valuoi
military wedding hint Monday after- and watched tho development of ovory
Stock ahotihl bo gatharod lu ordor
to havo tho advautago of thla hint mtlo
oihorwlao I hey will havo to hu Wlnt
orod ovor. A
Former High School
Teaclicr Becomes Bride
pnrt of the dlatrlct. Ills aaaoclatloii
with thla concern datoH hack to be
fore tho beginning of tho Ochoco Ir
rigation projact waa undortnkon and
noon whou Mlaa Hutli Peter of Oak
land, California, and Lieut. Walter.
L. Dohlo of Superior wore united In
imirrhigo. Tlio ceremony waa por-J
fornteil amhlHl a bower of font and hla puraonnl connection with tho Halo
pink ami white hloMtoma, with tho of land uimW that project and alao
Atnarlcan flag ovor all. Ilov. Hoberta , Inter Miloa under the Warm Springs
of tho lake Nehagamou ProHbyterlnn .project and tho prlcim and demand for
church road tho xurvlco lint ho proa- .tho clniu of land in UiIh vicinity whoro
unco of a largo gathering of relative I it Ih not Irrigated, makoH IiIh ohnervn
aud out or town gtieHiH. Tho hrldo tlotm of mora than pacing intoroHt.
wort a robo of Hoft white witlu. Her Mr. Johnaon had a talk with a re
lonu tullo veil wuh caught with valley lrwnntatlve of UiIh napor while In
lilllea and alia carried a nhowor bo- town tho other day lu commotion
utiat of tho IIIIIoh and bridal roaow
Llaut. Dohlo waa lu uniform. Tho
flower Klrla. MlanaH Kllzaboth nnd
with tho development or tho Central
and Snuthoaatorn part or tho atato.
no la In n noaltiou to apoak iutolll-
Mnrv Doll Do do, wero attlriHi in genuy on tua aubJect ami wllh nuth-
rrocka of pink and white, and carrlad i orlly. and ho car'talnly kIiows lu U
haaketH or pink avvaetpoaa. Thoy
hold tho white wtln ribbon which
formed an IhIo for tho bridal party.
MeudelHHonn'H wedding inarch waa
played hy Clarence KrlaiiHon or Sup
erior, and Mm. W. T. Wllko or Dul
uth wing "llellovo Mo If All TIioho
HndoHrlng Voting ChartuH
argument tho advantage of Irriga
"Tho dam at Itlveraldo for tho
Warm Sprliign project -will ho com
pleted hy tho flrnt or Novemhor,"
aald Mr. JoIiiihoii, "and tho eamiN,
dltchoM nnd lateralH will ho practic
ally dono hy tho tlmo they aro needed
Mm. Motiiit. Hie hrldenroom'H moth- for next Mineon'H croim. TIiIh romarlt
a oio wora una noon acoompiiHiiuil hi
rapidly that il Iiiih aatonlahod tho on-
tlr country, hut It haa boon dono
Imply by good toam work by tho
er, wan gowned in auvnr gray miuu
relieved with touohoa of Hhall pink
L'oornetta crono.
riia hrldo la h gradunl of tne mi-
veralty of Oregon, and Llout. Dohlo I "Hvw und tiiorrotlc co-oparatlon o
la an alurnniia of the I'nlveralty of Hi dire, tora of tha project, tho mm
WUcnnalu. Ili la now chlr geologlt cnHrgf or me conmrocTion ai in
(il.,.,.-Ing oPP tho arrlrala front PU !m.r,:',U:, i-!'"1 fTV' 1 rr tha ronipany headed hy bin broth- abi-oluta f.lth and backing of tha
tnond In the local rolttuina thla wtig.
Inter attending arhool In Portland
tht thought roM that now M.oon "h, vhl' ,7,"r,iM,, nV ?"uu
hiu "aknrd "UNCHiarlon." ot ' v;",,y., J nT ! ?r ni
n .. prop. th- thought. ; ' ffiS?hr?. "LXVAT:
bnt nuyar.!,- Ii la th.r.. ir-k-iwl will r.main In thTt ci.y
I. Walnataln waa no from Iaweii and iiigaga In I ha trucking btuliiaaa.
Thuraday arcompanloil'hy una of hla Hla many frlanda In thia county Join
aoiia Mil hla nlaca. lio Infonna na;n wiaunis ma young coupm avery
tho eunlomplalad purchaaa of tha . hMpplnwui.
uiorcanllla hualuoaa of Dal I Dofau-
Imugh at Doiiln foil through with
from noma onuaa.
CharhM Kowoll arrlvod hero thla
week, rrom .ManVvlllo, California, ao
companlud hy hla daughter. Mm.
Smith Millar, anil liar two children.
Thay mada tho Journey lu a oar and
aro going on ovor to Idaho to vIhU
with other iiioiuborH or tho family
before roturnlng to their California
Mm. II. Iliirobtorf took her do-
parttiro Thumday evening for her
homo at linker after a vlitlt or a row
daya with her HUter, Mm. 11. S.
Hughe. Mm. Ilurcbtorf had tho
pleitHiiro or meeting many old tlmo
filfii'l whllo lu our city and exproa-
Hod hcmeir an having enjoyed tho
I'.VlHItd'OliH 0 Pit I (ATI ( ).V
Duputy County Clerk Itoo Uurhaiinn
;uffored an ncuto attack of Hppond
hltU tho other day and hla condition
btcaiuii Hiich aa to mako It uoceHHtiry
lo oporalo at once. TIiIh waa done
Waduomlny night at tho Ha I turn Iioh
pltal when Dr. Smith removed tho
appendix which waa found gatigrou
ottH. Itoa'H condition (IiIh morning Ih
reported uiohI favorable and it Ih con
fidently uxjioolod ho will continue to
Improve rapidly.
- -o
r, D. 1.. lorii oi ruin. uaia. ir. ". wmr um-ii. nu
nnd Mra. IohW will bj ut homo at "au cvi ryfhln In u h an n .' i-
Tulaa aftar October I. ; taking and hm l-i an obji-ci Iismoi
Mlaa Polor taught ono yar In lh ln hi inn.l w.,rV.
Uarney Connty High 8chool. Kd. 'Taking .' .;nr .r thla huh..o in
. o- - that region . u tin I . of ul iilalii'i',
. ,, ti don't h' ilt.ii" ii nv that Iho n ii
DOCTOH HAS TOUCH '(ron, lM lllm, , ,h(. W m
OU KltONTIKIt MIPI'iroDS'prlnga projeit mil nns tl .v
... ror tne enure inatgiiatton ut ,r.
Jantea Mttatard. a aheep man who
hna lib) flocka nn tba mountain abojre
Van. haooma-lll tho othar day nnd'Dr.
Kltitth wna called rom thla city to
attend him.. Tho man was aufrerlng
rrom an acute attack of appondloltla
and when tho doctor and (I. W. Clv
ongor, who accoinpanlod him. arrlvod
at Iho homo or Julian (leorgo It wn
thought hy tho nolghhom It would bo
uocoHHiiry lo provide a utter on wnien
to bring tho Hick man down rrom the
mouutaliiH ItH It wuh lmpoHHlhlo to get
to IiIh camp with a car, therororo tho
homoH woro provided ror tho party on
which to go up tho mountain and
bring him down. Upon reaching
camp and eating nuppor Dr. Smith
round ho could bring tho patlout
down on ono or tho horxoH hy giving
him something to rollovo tho pain
temporarily. This waH dono and tho
patlout rinnlly brought to tho HuIiioh
or i-niur comradoa and rola
live I.
fl' ( .'.ill Wilt vldlf Ik rinilvu
urg l t o jlf;(1 nil(1 Ul0 Kruvq 0
-;r;u f ,o roll thoro In batth,
iutjiiii Hiiimt iiinri wiiii uiituri ii
- -.. w i tt nuivn vi
id frlondH In P.oiin'Hylvanlniovor, it 1h found tho ojoalght In not
lllJUKMl iiiHi an roiieeriieii it in niuijii
rollovetl na tho hoy ih recovering
wore, rMurning homg, bolng iihaout
omo tuo month Horno" " "
ninWIy from Iho wound,
W. P. DavldHon or tho Oregon &
W'OHtorn Coloulxatloii Co. roportH tho
rillowliiL' HaleH of laud tiiroiiKhotit
l'otcr SoroiiHon, nn umployo of the thin terrltpu ttlnco hiu recent vlalt I IiohhIIuI lu UiIh city, tho party arriv
OiiHtoru Oregon Live Stock Oh. at of a few weokn ago: ' "init about 2 o'clock thlH morning. Ah
ilunioiiil wati brought to town tho ( W. II. Crlpn 40n conseauuucu of IiIh oxporlonco Dr.
Htriiutr u .smith H tioinowhat wire today unit
Moyak fiSllniH decldod that hla llttlo Ford Ihu'I
to Dm. Saurmaii & llriinet who found , (loo, 1 Oombortl i hOu bronco aftor nil.
tho young man demented and upon K. L. & (1. K. Foator....- HO i mp MiiHtanPa condition Ih Improvotl
oxamliiadou before tho proper hoard IN, U. Noyor ......... iui today and it htm not boon determined
ho wuh ordered Hont to tho tuiylum All K V. Moyn - " ( wjtothor an operation Ih nocosHiiry at
other day for examination hccnuHO of Arthur 10.
hiu peculiar actloim. I lu wan tkon Henry K.
TIiIh Ih to ackuowledgo receipt of a
chart from tho United Status (liimu jt ulvy
Warden giving tho houm or HtiiiHot j ', i,r,i & Hoiib!!".. '.!!.... 3G0
and HiiurlHo In lluriiH. However, our . ,,X jinrkloy -iO
cai'lion copy wuh ho rar down tho plb'(, conglotnii!!!!!! C-t 0
that not a Hlnglo rigtiro Ih legible. Uta' ' mohuIiikoiv.'"!.!. .... ........... 80
dooun't mattor no ono in mtriiH ihUj a & (i jt rmttur
up uariy euottgu to hoc iiio huii rtHo
John Irwin 80 , nronont or not. Thla will bo decldod
...... nn I .... ... . .
an Iho condition or inn patient uic
tatOH, o
II. II. Small
W. C. Ilurkor
Mnmhal McDonald enmo ln Thura-
I fn1l.Mt.lntv Mm
I3......1. i i.iiui.... nirn , o " .
.I'liiiuv j. i' iniui ... . .. ii ii. Mn,.ii.n .vi.aii.
JtiHt don't Hhoot (IttoltH bororo day ir & j Pram ooq council uioihiiik oi li e i'i" '.a u,u..-
Ilght or after dank, and you will bo ,TmmHiHHn 1800 '"lf'1"0'1 that tho city dndH
safe enough, wo tako It. ,a ' f "Jc ' cJo ' 'ml ,,0H,mitml "oxt w?x nB Ul?
Mr-. Carter camo ovor rrom tlio ; sn I 'H unit . hIiIo HtootH. Partloa corn
orchard ranch with Joo tho othor duy I ; "''v J" plying with thla during that woolc
JitHt to hoo how hard It waa to come' V ,,, M,""''" on 'will hnvo tho garhngo and woods
through rrom Juntura In'tho night (V' , ' ", ,L y nn carted away ut tho oxpenso of tho
with a truck load or noachOH. SluxiV l?' "V"""":;:; ' eltv hut if thoy do not comply with
called Kt thla olllco Thurmluy after
noon n'nil Kit lit Joo wuh entitled to
hoiiio Hyiuputhy iiho It waa really a
hard trip hut It brlugH tholr milt Into
IluniH tho day following that which II
In picked rrom tho treoa bo mIk he
liovo It Ih worth tho ImrdHhlp ulnoo II
nllowa tho fruit to ripen on tho true
and apitio to conuuiuom lu bettor
HUM!) VOll $25,(100.
A huh of nil hor peculiar character
wiih filed In (ho circuit court thla
wook lu which Ollfrord D. PugBloy hna
tuiud- Fred. Smyth of Diamond ror
$2liT000 ror' nllQiiatlng hr.tho ar-
luutioiia. of.JilHiWlfo.i( w , whlclLho.formorly ownqd, .
thla roquoat thoy will not only havo
to got thorn away at tuoir own ox
Poubo hut ho Buhjoot to a flno na
thoro la an ordinance covorlng tlw
mattor which will ho enforced.
llaymond Slzomoro la again hold
ing down a chair lu tho lmrhor ahop
Thla aouuda big, but il will ho done.
I aaw a ncwapajiar alory r'ct!'. to
tho offer! tlt-th rropi m.d.T "n
Arrowrock daui lu Idaho having t . u
mifflcluut thin aoaaon lo p.iv tlx , a
(ira coat or count ruction of that pro
ject hut Warm Spring will do evau
hotter tluui that, ia my opinion.
'Our coinpuuy hud 10,000 nitron
under thla project and It ia going an
rapidly that wo will not havo nn n.cro
loft by Hprlng, If It doKiui't nil go th'ia
fall. Thoro wuh little or no domniid
ror this land until tho beginning .
(continued "on pngotwo) "
6 ' A
Fifth Navy Man 1 '
hi Garage Service
W. A. nrelnlng.'oralwhllo ahipmato
or Loonard Loehor, haa arrlvod in tlio
city, and takon a poBltlon at tho
UnlvormU Uarago. Mr. HrolnliiK had
coiiHlderahlu oxporlonco In automobllo
factorloa in tho Kavt prior to ItH
enllHtmont Tor war servico. At tho
tlmo or hia (Uncharge, ho wna in
chargo or tho shops on board U. S. S.
Mulvlllo, tho Btuno boat oirwhlch Mr.
I.ochor Borved, and cornea highly, ro
commonded hy hla formor assoolatOH.
Mr. Drolulng is tho fifth formor
navy man onrollod on tho staff of tho
Service Men Meet
Tuesday; Sept 2
Tho regular monthly meeting nC
tho Harney County Military Associa
tion will ho hold in tho Commoratul
Oluh room next Tuesday ovonlnt',
Soptombor 2nd.
Somo important huslnosa will conio
boforo tho mooting, ohlofcat of wlilch
la tho auggostlon that the local or
ganization allllltjto with tho American
Legion. Thla body ia gaining "c'on
aderahlo publicity of lato throuijh Itn
commendatory actlvltloa, and la nn-
parontly tho organization that wll bo-
como nationally recognized,