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a a I
i w
! When the Colorado ;
Burst Its Bank and
Flooded the Imperial .
5 Valley f California ;
i i
(Copmlibi. Bobbi-Mtrrllt Compnr. )
CHAPTER I K. C Rlckari. an enal
neer of the Overland Pacific, I culled to
the office of President Marshall in Tur
aon. Arlx. "Oaaey" to an enigma to the
office force; lie wears "dude" clothes,
but ho had resigned a chair of enRlncor
Ini: In the Rail to ko on the roa.1 as a
fireman and his promotion hod been spec-tit.-tilur
While wiilUnir for Marshall Rlek
urd rends u. raPOli Oil the r. .:n;.- of the
Colorado, doaptta the efforts of Thomee
Hardin of the I'tsert Keclamallon com
pany. This Hardin had born a student
under Milliard and had married Oerty
Holmes, with whom Rlrkaril hud fancied
be was In lova.
CHAPTER TI-Marahall tells Rlckard
the Overland Pacific has got to step In
to save the Imperlnl Valley and sends
hi in to the break. Rlckard declines lie
ause he does not want to supplant Har
din, but Is won over. "Stop (he river;
damn the cxpeiicc," saya March-ill.
HArTER m-Rlcksrd Journaya to
Calexlco, sees the Irrigated desert and
ittwna much about Hardin and hla work.
CHAPTER IV-At the hotel he meets
Mr. and Mrs. Harilln nnd Innes Hardin,
Hardin's half sirter. Disappointed In her
husband and an Incorrigible coquette,
Krs. Hardin sets her cap for her former
vet and Invites him to dinner.
CHAPTER V-Rlckard visits the eom-
r nny's offices and takes conlrol. He Uriels
he engineers loyal to Hnrdln and hoa
tlle to him. Estrada, a Mexican, son of
the "Father of the Imperial Valley," tells
him of the general situation.
chapter vi-Rlckard attend a
meeting of the directors and asserts hla
authority. Hardin rages. Eatrada tella
Rlckard of his forebeding: that hla work
will fall. "1 rant see it finished."
CHAPTER Vll-Innes Is discovered In
her garden She tries to cheer up Ilurdln,
who Is furious ugulnxt Rlckurd.
CHAPTER VIII-A family luncheon of
the Hurdlns which throws light on them.
CHAPTER IX Ilurdln discovers that
Rlckard is planning a wvaa ( protect
Calexlco and puts him down as Incom
petent. (Jerty thinks her lord Jealoua.
CHAPTER X- The Hardin dinner to
Rlckard discloses further the family char
acteristics. Hardin la surly and sulky,
lanes is hardly polite. Oerty plana a
"progressive ride" In Rkkard'a honor.
CHAPTER XI-RUkard encountera the
Insubordination of the company's cngl
JieerB. He Is stirred by the Indians' state
ment that this Is the hundredth year of
a cycle, when the Oreut Yellow Hrugnn,
the Colorado, grows restless. He makes
various preparations, pushes work on
the Calexlco levee and Is ordered by
Marshall to "take a fighting chance" on
the completion of Hardin's net project,
a gate to shut the brisk in fin- river.
CHAPTER XH-Ban FraHclsco Is de
stroyed by eartiniuske and Are. and dreduo
machinery, which Rlckard had ordered
Hardin to have shipped, la burned through
Hardin's neglect. Rlrkanr secretly aqulpg
the big water tower aa a signal station.
CHAPTER XIII -Oerty Hardin decides
thit Rlckard still loves her and plana a.
campaign that promises trouble.
CHAPTER XIV-The progressiva ride
Is bfgun under adverse conditions wind
and dust, with the guest of honor absent.
Then MaeLean, Rhkard'a secretary,
brings word that the river is raging and
vary man Is wanted on the levin.
CHAPTER XV Hardin motors off with
a load of dynamite, having everything In
confusion on the levee lime-, through a
friendly anglnaar, Issues orders in hr
brother's name, to save her brother's
face The lev a and the signal tower auve
CaJasJeo till Itlrkurd'a return.
CBAPTBB XVI Oerty Hardin beglna
to get really Int. rested in Rlckard. The
wind blown a gale and the levee Is in
danger tojaln.
CHAPTER XVII-Women as well as
men work on the le,. me second night
Inncm finds 1 CI kard and Oerty tOgeUiar
and begins in suspect hai aiatar-ln-law.
ner Droiner s v ri.nghcadedneHg ami Kh-k-ard
evident efficlancy only serve lo em
bitter Inm-.'i against Rlckard.
CHAPTEm XVII I- The river washes
away hair of Mexican, cniexieo's Mexi
can twin city, but Calexlco still stands.
CHAPTBR XIX- A stormy public mi It
ing is hold in whi.-h rapreaantallvaa of
the seiners, the overland Pacific and
Mexico clash A telegram from Rlckard
that the river has broken out again save
Mi: row snil forces united anion by all.
Uie rlM-r!"
Mnr"ha1t Indian evet were rcndlnc
tlinl mnax f ncnrcd fncPH ai thovji h ii
were n ahael of typed paper. "Uartou,"
ho cnllnl tliruii:;li (lie din. "Where'
Two men lifted Barton's pun.? flK
OrO IHMiii Ihilr shoulders. Bla vlhlulit
voice rolled above, the shouting. "The
valley Withdraw! Us millH ngnliisl tho
"Then the ciuiitmny," yelled Mur
ahnll's oratory, "Hie conmnny wltll-
draWI the river from the YtiUey 1"
Pandemonium was loose. There wore
cheers, and the sound of women snii-
hlng. BartOB cnn rnri'led out m the
shoulders of his henchmen. Black led
n crowd out, hhrniiguliiK to the Street.
On (lie street, Miirsliull fell linck lo
Mncl.cun. "That was u nenl trlek tho
river threw In our hands." ln voice
hud dropped fnim oratory ; tho de
claiming (Ire waa (tone from the hlnck
eyes. "It's only n lirertk In tho levee.
Hlckard says he enn control It; esll-
rnatai two weeks or so. it may oust
the O. I'. It few thousand dollars, hut
It saved them half a million. Now
well huvo t hut came of poker, Muc-
Lsaa !"
In Ihe hnleony, Ilurdln waa (daring
ni BrandoBt
"If that wasn't (ho devil's own
link I"
A Soft Nook.
Innes traveled, gleefully. In n ca
boose, from Ilainliu Junction lo the
Beading, she eonld not itoy awar a
day longer! Never before bad Lo
Angela) been a tllsolplli.c. Why bad It
fretted her, made her reafJeas, aout
etckf Then she hud discovered the
reason history was going on down
yonder, doing on, without her. She
knew Hint thnt wus what was palling
her; that only!
The oxodtin of engineers hn started
rlverwnrd In July. Oerty went with
Tom, and she hud tnndc U distinctly
clear that It was not necessary for In
neg to ."('How them. RIdiculoun for two
woTr.en to coddlo a Tom Hardin I Un
less Innes had u tatsrestl
Her pr!do had kept h-r away. Bat
Tom did Mt write; Gcrty'o le!tl rs wro
social and tKisatlsfnetrrj' ; the newspa
per reporta Inllnmctl her. The day he
fore she hud wired Tot.t that she wua
Coming. Sue had to bo there nt tho
end !
Oerty welcomed her stiffly. Asgtnn-
in conscientious hostaao ahlp, aha
caught lire at her waning enthnstssaa.
i, '.-"..
hriic Itiif k hit kin, Oh, : I
leinc -niiiei' i liinw iiii; in. the Inert mliniie,
two pique! io mi up upai."
"Why. we have iliinces on Hie Delia,
nnd Suminy evsning cnnccrti. Von
knew the work at J.nicunn daiii Is tn-1 nu
held npT The novernmenl men of lite
Reclamation Service are flown lure all
the time. Hut Iff Utile to he j.-ciling
loiter, Torn flatly refnwd to accom
pany them.
"t iliou-iit us much." Oerty ghrugged
nn niiy irresponsibility. Iniws could
detect no regret.
They pnaaod n eot outside the lent,
"Who sl IS Ihere?"
"Tom." The eyes of the two women
did not in -ei.
Iniu s mode it" comment.
"He finds the tenl siufl'y." Ocrly's
lips were print with n serve. They
walked toward the rhm In silence. As
they rem lied the encampment, Oerty
recovered her vlvncity.
"That's Mr. ttlckaiil'l oltlcc, that
rnmntln, i-ni it quahii f And that'
It tenl ; no. the other . UacLean'i
Is m xt j there'l .lonlor, iij.r."
Itlll Ills i yes ,i,i'o too full of Tltnca. to
ROC lolly's llllOplea, The illfference In
the quality ". his arsetlngK mota Qsrty
like a Mow. And she had never eon
aldercd Tom's slater attrnetlvsi as a
poaslhle rival. Yet, alter a i indshake,
she :lv that I" :.!:icl,ean, Jr., thd did
not exist,
Qerty was deeply plquwl I ' .; It now.
the Held had been In r She lit per
haps have in ehnngi her opinion of
Rhe Iiii 1 lo con-
n, find hor
'. . ; older
ii ' :
fl : Ii r'
'. ,t'. !.. .i.i 03 ' it. i d
, in there t- r lo'iner,
.i '. ' -. Two i. .i-:: from
Tom's all irr.
rede, thi v ..-.
Bttw . '
ti. n '-!.
ami n
. 'i l 0
I'.iiiy. would Ii
lie in! . I '.I.-
tin- itt i liiii'.atlon Her
lain M l I'ardln.
"It i a battle
around i ";y reetnr
The l!" : .t follow
nlnr. (mtelde. wlm.-
ll ; pll. .1' 'I
tain llglil i.i enmt to I
Intil ill iiiihT, oliier; thcro .'as u flame
of uecu IliK (Mission In her eyes.
it wns ids minute of revelation. So
thai was c hai (lie camp thOUghl ! The
wife of lliirdln Ilnrrtln t Why, he'd
besfl Otlly poHta t0 herthey were old
friends. What had he wild to call down
tills sudden scorn? "Ihtnelnn again "
Nad he been nil kinds of an in '.'
"BIt liirn, MIhh Innes!" demniidetl
Itacbonn, .ir.
"Oh, VsSi" '10 'fled, relief In her
Kleknrd did not clnlm his
with Mis. Ilurdln. lie stood
the girt had left him, thinking,
minutes later, Oerty swept by
anus of llreck. Later, came luriea
with Junior the lwi. thinking- llictu-
seives anseett, romping through u i.o-
tep like two-young children. He win
never Miowii that side of her. flay aa
a young kitten, chatting msrrtly with
afacLeanl Should her eyes dteenver
him. she would he li;nln I he bSUghty
young woman '.
He'd t;one out of his way lo tie po
lite to the wife of Hardin. What did
he can- what they tbOUghtl He'd lln
Ish his Job, and r;ct out,
A minute laler, he was helng rowed
Illicit to eiimp.
in i.i p i-i in -r;-. y,f in i i
prd' manner lo llto presence or lf
i,.';in. nnd --n itched III her cue, .'-'lie,
too, eonld lie Inislni ssllke nnd brief,
ller errand v.ns of Imslness; her tuaii
ner should ri commend her !
Rlckard had scon lur MSkltlg
Htr-iiL'ht toward Ihe ramsdn. it was
nol i he 'i I ' - ; heV effort a i lio"
her i.- "i bad !t7d! i am mi c A
te: .
;, t ii- ley, be was ' h hu i
I e t::. i
' line- looked
'e. ' I'- nlnr!"
I ll r thai eve
ilo nmnnllj 't
wnvi'ii nun on io .Marshall.
The audience was crying Itself hoarse.
Babcock loal control of the meeting
in that mlnnte of turning. Botllster,
of tin- Palo Verde, wsa etrivlng to !
heard; Main-inks hammer Bounded I"
vain. But Marshal!' eye had caught
spark from the yellow sheet. He
aprang forward, throwing the dispatch
toward MucLean. His excitement
raughl the eye .j; the croud. "The
river!" There was a HwhleQ hush,
'"the river's out again!" a groan
Swept through the' house, there was a
break toward the doors.
IfarabaU'a rolca hailed them. "Men
Of the valley." The audience, swayed
again, llstsned, "Hear me. The riv
t's running away again down yonder.
This is a message from Blckard. It's
broken through the levee, it's atarted
for the valley. Now, who's going to
slop It? Can you? Wln-rc's your
force, your equipment) Who enn rush
to thnt call but the oompsny you are
hounding? I gave you Faraday's mes
sage. Ills hand's on Ihe tnhie. Not
another cent from hlin unless you
withdraw those Hull. You say you
have given me your answer, Black's
answer. Now. the river plays a trick.
Jt calls your bluff, shall we atop the
river, men of the valley? We can.
Will you withdraw your suits? Ton
can. Whal Is your answer now. Im
perial valley?"
The scene broke Into bedlam. Hen '
jumped to their chairs, trt the velvil
rim of the bozea, all talking, Mrenm
Ing, gesticulating al once. The follow
Dragon was never so tearfully rl
l.'l. out of ihe i linos nf mm' voices
came n woman'a ahrJok, "i-'r Qod'i i
,4 '. save our hohp ." ll pltehed the '
IW mm
WffwH KhflR
' vmMsBSS
Certy Welcomed Her Stiffly
Gerly looked younger and prattler.
Her Hush accentuated her cuUdlahfen-
tures which wire smiling down her un
noynnee over this unlnvlleil visit.
"We have all the home comforts,
haven't we? Why shouldn't we he com
fortable when we uro to be hero for
mouths? I'm going to luave It out to
the bitter end, even if l bsfeS, it la my
duty -" she would luai.e her Intention
perfectly clear! "There ought lo be at
lea i one cozy place, one soft nook
thnt Uggceta u woman's presence. Wo
have tea here In the afteruoou, some-
times, air, Blckard drops in." Tho
last was a delicate stroke.
"Afternoon ten? Al the Krotil? Is
this modern warfare?" Tbegjri draped
her iroity with a smile.
Qsrty was tea Una a plenaed survey
In Ute minor through the rough ddor
thai opened into the division called
lur bedroom. The sunburned, uncon
scious profile of Innes was close to her
OWn. I'lnlt and golden the head by the
dark one. She looked yoUOgCT even
I Iiii M limrs! (loud humor returned to
"We are Kolng lo dine on Ihe Iiellu
tonight." lbs pinned up it "scolding
lock." un ugly misnomer for her sunny
clinging curls! The mirror was reiiui-
was ellvertng laa deck, and the quiet
river I' '."il the n'iIci of the dredge,
last and t la "atalgoV throb
hlng from u d.trk ciner. mad the il
lusion . f , ace convincing This wag
as hu':; . it waa eas).Ui believe her
self again al Mure Island the licit;- :i
crnls. i.
Later, Oerty passed bar, twd-aten
ping divinely. Iiefore her partner
turned his head, Innes rscognlced Uie
tiff booh and Stralghl poleed head nnd
dancing step of Richard, sin- admit
ted he had distinction, grudgingly. She
could not think of him except compara
tively; always antithetically, balanced
against her Tom.
"I'm tired; let's ret here." Innea
tin w Into lbs shadow of the great unrt
of the dredge. They watched thi
dancers gj tin -y passed, Ma. -Lean play
ing the woman In "rote's" arms. Qsrty
with Klckurd. two other rnsscuttna corn
pies. The llardiiis were tho only wom
en aboard.
It was I ause of Tom that Innes
felt resentment when the Uplifted ap
pealing chin, the lace rtlllles llultercd
by. Tom, lying outside an unfriendly
It was easy, in that uncertain light.
I to avoid Itlckard's glance of recognl
lion. Kstrnda, who hud come aboard
with the manager, sought her OUt, and
than Grothsn of the 0. P. Again, sno j
I saw Blckard dancing with Ihe lingerie
i gOWn. There seemed to be no attempt
I to cover Oerty's preference for Itlck-
ard, she was Hie only woman there I
BeCS Uae the was Tom's sister, she had
u rlcht to resent It, to refuse to meet
his eye. Small wonder To.n did uot
come lo Ihe Heltll !
tioiiu; in with IfacLean, .lr., to th"
measrooi i for a glgta of water, she met
Blckard, mi hla amy out. she nan
ller to avoid shakin;- hands with Mm.
.she wondered why she hud consented
to give him Ihe next wall..
"iie'ii not flnd me," she determined, i
Macl.etlii followed her gladly to the
dark comer of the dock wbere'a .loses
guitar was then tyncnjiatlng nn accom
b.llllmetit to Ills "amlgO'B" voice.
To her surprise, Hlckard pagetrstsd
her curtain of shadowa.
"Our dapce, Miss Bardlnl Hive us ;
'Solir' Ulns,' again, Jose."
The hand Unit barely touched his
arm was suit with antagonism. She
i.dd herself thai be had to dame with
her poHtoncaSi conventionality, de
manded p. itut. blatantly, she forgot
her resentment, and forgot their awk
ward relation. It was his dancing, not
Oeily's, ih.-is that wnx "superb." Any
body could iimi skin uuiier ihe leader
ship of thai Irresistible slip. And then
Ihe motion claimed her. She thought
of nothing; they moved us one' to tho
liquid railing heat.
The music dropped them suddenly,
polating them -it the stem of the deck.
The DlSQCS Waa complete. Rlckard
broke It to tisk her what she thought of
tho camp.
Her resentments were recalled. She
hliindered through her Impression of
tho lightness, the gayety.
"A work amp does not have to he
olemti. You'll find nil Ihe ffrlmness
A Complete Camp.
"Complete, t-ni it?" Be trade was
leading Innea iiuniin through Um en
gin lera' quarters. .
.-. its completer
Hi.- Br :..-'- bad told i malt
fast i - i - rnlcg h rw they
bad I.- i wuttlng tlmel She would
not let i oi elf admire the j r.-cN;,,,, fJf
the I.;. ;.i mta, the :.:. rw rs back of
the v.',:'. -e t ! .i's n::ir:i" ,, jit-
haded kit hen. Qertye elaborate si-t-
tlllig Waa of a dece. It Would K-ein,
with the new management, Bosses
keeping, not fit;htlng, then, the new
order of thingal
Tom waa afire to gel his gate done.
She knew what it meant to him; to
Ihe valley. The flood waters had to
he controlled. That depended, Tom
had proved to her, on the gate. And
the men dance and plav house, aa ff
they were children, and every day
conntlfi" I
She thOUghl she SSI keeping her ac-
CUSatlttM to herself, hut Kstrudn was
Watching her (nee.
"We are here, you know, for a BtSgS,
There are months of work ahead, hot
months, hard mouths. The men have
goi io ho kept v,,. ,! contented. Wo
can't lose any lime by sickness " lie
wanted io add "and dissensions.'' Tho
spill camp was painful to him, nn Bas
t'.ida. "i;v. ii aft- r we finish the irate.
If we do finish It-"
She wi led on tit III. her eyes gleam
bag like deep yellow jewels. "You're
never thOUghl we could finish It!"
Batrada hesitated over his answer.
"Ton are u frleud of Tom's. Mr. Ks
trada?" "Surely! Hut I mil also nn admirer
Of Mr. UP kard. I mean of his methods.
i can never forget tha laves.'
she hud to acknowledgs thai Itick-
I urd hud scored there. And the burn
Ing of the uuichlnery had left a wound
I that she still must salve.
"Vou have no confldi e In the
: gatef
"The ciiuditions huve changed,"
Urged Kstradli. "You've seen Ihe meSS
leui? As il was planned, It was all
riu'ht, u tlUIT) up defense. .Marshall
nil along bstended the concrete gale'
for the permanent Intake, Have you (he gap the Hardin Kale Is to
cln el Have you heard what the last
II-.. sis did to It? li's now twenty-six
hundred feet, and Dlaaeter Inland,
Which your brother planned 1- anchor
t... --wept awa I if ii enn be dose, It
will, yon can rest assured, with Wck-
srd " he saw Ihe Hardin mouth then .
"and your brothers zeal, and Hie
Ptrtmgth of the railroad hack of Ihein."
The caiiip formed a hollow trae
zluin; the BSrdina' tents, and Mrs.
Iiowker's, were isolated nn Ihe short
parallel. Blckard'a ramada ami bis
tenl were noddled With II nj:incfis'.
Across, Inward ihe river, behind Line's
ii'csipiites, began another polygon, the
Mtnp Of foremen nnd while labor.
Some of these tenls wen- empty.
Is this Mexico, or the Slates?"
asked Innes.
".Mexico." She Wondered why he
hailed so abruptly. She did not see,
for the glare in her eyes, I woman's
skin in the ramada they approached.
IMrada marched on.
Outside the ramada, the two women
mci. Qeriy'a stop carried bar past
';' i'.o Lcrd'n Hnlie," he f.
to .'!; "i. - aa irfh approach' -.'.
Ma- Li ..n'f ,'f::i covered relit ".. lie ;rtd i
never beard Rlckard espreaa blroaelf !
on Hi Btih'eci hsfcra. "The dsadcet i
IIi:r!i Til wire .'.is tinklrg nt Onsey," '
wiih t..e did"., gneelp and apaculntlcQ
of the young engineers on Ihe Delta.
Macleao had n up og fhg outeorce, j
lie rill'""'! mors aecureiy.
"i amsnoi going to spare any mors ;
carpentsra," grewled Blckard. it was
an I. .auspicious day for Mrs. Har'ln'.i '
visit. Thtftga had g.'.ne wrong. Vex
atlona were piling up. A tilt with liar-
din thai morning, n telegram from
Marshall; he was feeling sore. Des
perately they needed labor. Wooster
had lust, reported, venomously, It ap
peared lo lllekni'd's spleen. Increasing
drtiid eqness among the Indians.
Ocrly's ruffles gwepf In. Her dress,'
the blue in. -II with the luce medallions,
accented the hue of her eyes, and
looked dcllclmisly cool thnt. glaring
desert day. Her pan.sol, of pongee,!
was lined with the same hliby hue.
I Her dainty fairness and elilldlf.h af
fability should have made nn oasis In
I that strenuous day. hut Itlckard's dls-
J Integration of temper was loo coin
plot. . lie rose sillily to meet her, nnd
I his manner demanded her errand.
She told It to him, plaintively, llor
t'jes were appealing, Infantile. Would
ll be loo much to ask, would Mr.
Blckard mind In the least, he must he
; perfectly frank and tell her If they
; would be In the way at nil, hut while
1 this hot spell lusted, could they, the
three of them, eat In the mess tent
. with the men?
"Surely!" Itleknrd met It heorlily.
fihe would find If rough, but If BBS
could stand It, yes, he thought It a
good Idea.
And then there was nothing for hei
io do hut go. Her retreat waa gra
: a fa row ii al Mac! I
king ihe approach m i,:IM1
Hardin nnd Kscaila. Blckard . lif.
ei e the aborted oiilralice of IlllrgfS
Msior ami mo young mom..,,,.
wns iieiiiug to tie iii his work, a
Me let out a tTowl when Mi
din was oiii of earshot.
IIUI I.. . It.,..., 1 .,-.,,.. .
.-siiiich s ; Wlllll III fllllliax do Wild,
en come to n place like llnu fr.
lucres iiarditi- 'iriiiK.i in two ivnms.
to cook for him. and now, phiienii
uie.y un em wiiii uie men f
Ills Kecrelnry subdued a i I mtS
lie wni-- vlagalbdng a prisrei ,,, J
boxes of choice llavanas from floils.
fcldt, llnmlin and the rest of n,,
gang. He need not buy a pmoke fi
ti year.
Itlckard threw himself hack n )l!(
Chair, "Take this letter, Mnc,. ;,,, j
Maxslmll." Then his worry diverts
him. "Who In Ihumli-r Is selling (nir
to my Indians?"
"Hold on that letter can wait. Yej
gel the horses up, MihIihi, and .,i,,-
ride down to Muldotindo's. Ifj l;,
place lo stop (his liquor liusin. , uj
a r... - - ,.....- A -
J lew ll.i.lis llll.-l lll'.V WITS f.
proaehliK.' Ihe adobe walls of Mtildo-
nado. They found Ihe gale lo.-kei.
woman, whose beauty had faded lm,
u triicle whisper, ii ghastly twllljfht i
suggestion, came to their Knock, anl I
lllioarieo uie nine i,ir uie W Hlle I
strani'ers. Mystery hung over tin. In.
Closure like a pall.
Itlckard told his errand. Maidntiife
sputtered and swore. Uy the amthfr
of Slary the Virgin, that thin." wonM
be stopped. He showed to the unori,
with pride, his luiMgc. He wns a m.
rule; he was there to uphold Dip It.
He had caught some of those I: niken
Indians on the road. Ho had i - -j hr I
litem here.
Mnldonado showed three men In ,
locked shed, deep In drunken stupur,
II.- thought the liquor was ohtalMd
somewhere hack In the sandhills.. Hi
would find the place. Hut the senaf
must lie patient ; his hands were
full. . aaaa
Itoth men were glad to get awir
from the place and Maldonndo. Ob
viously he was a brute; undoubted!).
hs was a liar.
hei j
(To be coatlnued aext week.)
Universal Garage Co.
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the Best
Competent Mechanics
Dependable Vulcanizing
sllloned again. ThaTa Ihe name of , you want If you look beneath the aur
the new dredge. It waa clirUlened .face "
Hire., weeks ago, In chaiiipagiie
brought from Yuma."
"Ton anid dine on 'he Delia. Do you
mean I hoy have meals there?"
"Vou ahould see It," cooed Hcrly.
"It's simply elegant. It' u flnnllng
hotel, has every convenience. The
camp eook, I. Ing, has hla hands full,"
"'iolng to wear Ihal?" They wero
tending now by tha door or Qertjr'a
dreaalng tent. Over tha bed a white
iin 'i a gown WM sprend.
"i live in iheui. it's vo hut," shrugged
Ura, Hardin,
"I'll look like your nml(l, Ori'ly!" In-
Tlie guitar were tuning up. "Shall
I take you hack? I have this dame
with your sister."
She thought of Tom- on hla lonely
Col outside hla lent. She forgot that
ahe had been asked a nunntlon. He
waa ilnnelug again with fierly ! If thai
like u IiIkIi bud horse, ller high In els
cut Into the bard Band. There area i
aiiggeatlnn of prance in her i, di ii. she
waved bar hand geyly al the two,
cried, "How hot It Is!" and pasaed on.
Innes saw Blckard at his long j dim
luble uied for a desk. '
"I can ace II nil from here." Not for
money would the sister of Tom Har
din go In!
At tabic, that evening, her family
heard with surprise (Jerty's announce
inent that they were to cut In the mesa
tent with the men. It was loo hoi to
cook any longer this had been one of
ihe holiest duys In the year.
She expected to hear a protest to
the new arrangement from Tom. Mho
wus to nm a new development sullen
resignation. If he would accept It. she
limat not argue. Iloth nlater nnd broth-
The Plumber is a Robber!
silly little woman had no scrunles no i ''' K,"'w WBr ll wt" to warm lo cool.
line feeling, this man should al lens) ully U)nvr-
guard per. If he had been her lover.
he ahould be careful; be must see iimi
people were liillUnv' of III She had
seen iho gtancea that evening I Tic
bualueas relutlon between the two men
hould anggeat tuet, IT nol decency! ll
s outrageous.
A Visit to Maldonado.
sirs. Hardin's rieneenl on il" ofllts
that afternoon wa Nueeesaful. hut nol
, antlefactory, Hka bad feaae! the man-
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