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flic Time-Herald gww re
gularly M man liomiw In llur
,.. i ( 'ii niy than any other
rslilMT. If )OU Willi to
ri-jirh Hi" people ut ttteee col
umns for your advertWnaent.
'liif Times-Herald In an old
established friend of Iho people
of Harney County where It ha
been a weekly visitor for thirty
yearn. It's Job department is
equipped to nerve your need.
NO. 32
Sim to
llion White Representative
jusoi Ticket Sale Opened ud Advertis
ing Placed; Review of Six Day
Floytl I. l.anham, advance reprr
wntattv of tli- Ellison-White Chau
tauqua System, was in tbe city the
(or part of this week and met with
wne of In guarantors of tbe coming
clintauqua program. His Business
js in vti-.i' . an association to have
barge e: the event tuul to look alter
jocal dc-tii ilr This was done on Tues
day trening at the Liberty Theatre
ibeii Julian Byrd was elected prssl
dent. Charles V. Kills vice president,
Waldo ('' t secretary, K. H. CoiiBer
treasurer and J. T. McDonald to
uve charge of the grounds.
Mr. Couser was also placed In
.narge ol the sale of season tickets
ud has began tbe distribution of
tfeeiD among those who will canvass,
ma is an important matter as we
lave obligated ourselves to dispose
of a certain number of these to make
tke Cbautauqua a financial success.
Tbe advertising matter was placed
la tbe hands of Julian Byrd who has
been making sbort trips out to post
ip algns and also sending tbem out
It tbe more remote parts of the
aunty, borne of tbe stores in Burns
tare devoted entire windows to tbe
display of Chautauqua advertising
tad more or it is available. Most of
ikat is left will likely be distributed
tat of town.
There is a determilatlon manifested
U make till program a big success.
The citizens of this place realise it la
a huge undertaking, yet they know it
a the biggest thing in the way of en-
teruiniLci.t ever attempted and that
the people of Harney county are going
to appreciate it. With this fact in
mind every effort will be made to
bring tbe people in to take part in
this eutertuiumen. weeks in neighboring
lovna are the biggest events in tbe
tire season with such diversified
programs that please a wide circle.
Js fact in no other way could the clt
'tsens ot this territory secure such ar
tlaia as will perform for them right
here at home. The great education
al benefit to the community should
Otoe sight of and the opportu
nity for tiit. children, as well as the
older ones, to enjoy such refined en-
letaiumtiii should be appreciated.
Another matter in connection with
til'; Chautauqua thai is of interest is
it every effort will be made to make
U week one ot pleasure and comfort
fQ those wlio come from OOt ot town.
Hon.. ill ti,. opened to those who
jnJnabi , e are accommodations
at Tie hotels; rooms already have
hen listed with the committee.
Mitalile i amn grounds are to be lire-
pard lot those who desire to bring
fa Sees sar equipment for that
node of living during the week.
During his visit Mr. Lanham gave
;K brief outline of the program and
unowned that there would be no
ibitituii'M,'., therefore we may look
forward iu six days of exceptional
Wsrtsinmenl In regard to the
Program Mr l.anham gave us the foi-
The coming Chautauqua program
b everj i ridence of being one that
Nil sppeal to all classes of people
Safe is an ahuridaiice of good music,
Hstn wholesome entertainment and a
and notable list of lecturers.
One oi the leading figures of tbe
rek win i,e I. lent. Bruno Roselli,
M of the Italian army. Lieut.
POaelll i an accredited i-epresetita-"
oi Hi,. Iimian government and
! an enlightening lecture on
on ii action problems
"'' parti iiar refersnos to Italy.
Two (,!,,, t j,,, turen who will at-
,a" "i U ill attention will be Mrs.
C, Zehher Of Dallas, Texas, and
MWThornton A. Mills. Mrs. .cluicr
IpSqui icnalile one of the loreiniihl
nsn lei mrera ol the country. Iks
Ii a Helena 1. 1 I.., lop., ,.,, "k'nn.iiu
' Help or Hinder the Progress of
Major Mill Is on.- on the
""U I ii. of the Ann than plat
"osttsaeu oa page five)
First Noble Grand
of Local Lodge Visits
Odd Fellow Brothers
Members of Harney Lodge. No 77.
I. t). (). F. bad as their guest on last
Thursday evening, George McGowan.
who was n charter member of the
lodge and its first Noble Grand
It wus a regular meeting night and
there were three candidates for ini
tiation. This caused much work for
one evening and kept them late bul
the boys considered It an o calon of
more thun passing notice to have Mr.
McGowan with them and therefore
prepared a "stag feed ' with the aid of
some of the wives who funisbed some
salads and cakes which lie luded llin
hruger, shrimps and other sin b deli
cacies, which proved very appetising.
0 those present.
Mr. M Oowa-i was presented with
a rawhide htittom chair which he as
sisted in putting vp (luring his term
of office In 1884. Byron Terrill
brought them in from The Dalles,
knocked down, and Mr. McGowan and
other members of the order put them
to gether and cut the rawhide with
which the seats were covered. A few
of these chairs are still in the Odd
Fellow building, and Mr. McOowan is
to have one for his home. Another
one of these chairs is being reserved
for Judge William Miller.
Mr. McOowan gave the lodge a fine
talk on Odd Fellowship and voiced
his pleasure for the privilege of be
ing present, although there were none
present who had been with him at
the time hMerved the lodge as Its
presiding officer.
Shortly ,,fi. r the U. S. seaplane.
NC-4 settled In the waters at Lis
bon, Portugal, after having set the
rocoA for tbe first flight across
the Atlantic, this message flashed
back across the ocean to American
shores. "Sale, for baby and you
It was from Lieut. Commander A.
(' Read of the history-making
craft to his young wife and baby
waiting anxiously here. Tho pic
ture is of Lieut. Read, wife and
Mr. and Mrs. W. U. Johnson, Mr.
and Mrs. Lester Williams, and Tim
Gibson were all over In the big John
son cur from Silver Creek Thursday,
the men to look after some business
Interests ini'1 thS ladles to do some
ShopptBk and fo visit with friends.
Mrs. Johnson says they are coming
over here for f 'hautatiua week with
out any doubt for him Isn't going to
let Ktich good things happen right
here at her door and not take advun
tune of it. she's right. There isn't
anv reason tor the people of Hanic
county not taking In at leant u part
Of thS bin entertainment as it Is n
inai that would cost many limes
what it Is atafSd for here to see or
hear under ordinary circumstances
Mrs. Johnson's hair Is almost white
and she has seen some things, but
this Is one that she known she will
apprei lata,
HdfSr Williams was over from 111
ver Creel I ss oilier dej
BBBb Wt i
o -.;"" easBaswaw wi
tt.M -" - Z- 'r-'
Measures Meet Little
Favor in This County
Although the two voting precincts
In Hums gave substantial majorities
favorable to each of the measures on
the ballot for approval or rejection
Tuesday, with the exception of the
Lieutenant-governor measure, the
Count as a whole gave a negative
vote with the exception of irrigation
bonds and soldiers' aid. However,
word from over the state shows that
five of the measures have carted: the
six per rent IndchtdiU'ss. (loose. -oil
highway, soldiers' and sailors' od-
The Commercial Club met on last
Thursday evening for the purpose ol
hearing the reports of committees
and taking op such other matters as !
might come before It.
The f liuuttiiiqun commit tc made! '-
a report and alt the club members I, Mrs. C. H. Voegtly left Wednesday
were urged to use their best efforts fpr Canyon City to join Mr. and MrH.
toward the success of the undertak
ing. The committer on by-laws asked
for further time, which was ganted.
A general discussion of what might
be taken up by the club and the time
of meetings followed the report of
the committees, and It was decided
by vote that the club would meet
each Friday evening for the present.
Other subjects were discussed, among
them the advisability of holding the
membership open to out of town peo- I
pie and the suggestion of inaugurat
ing weekly luncheon meetings.
Carroll Cecil, K. J. Williams and
Albert Oakcrmsn all accompanied!
their consignment of horses to thai Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Smith, ae
big horse sale at Omaha. It will companled by Mrs. Harry Z. Smith
bring back old times to these fellows lend her little daughter. Norma, left
as this was formerly the custom wheni Thursday morning in their closed car
shipping stock for the owners to go ' f r Portland, where tl.ey will visit
with the consignment but of recent, the Hose Festival and take in the
years most of the shipping has been nights for a short time. They will
done by buyers and the ranchers mske the entire Journey in the car,
stayed at home. With Smith Crane and use it to represent Harney county
to chaperone them that bunch of " S parade during the festivities.
Silver Creekers ought to have the ' Mr. Goldberg of the Farmers Ex-
time of their lives" back there J'hT was also a member of this
H.K KM ill III. V.
Married Sunday, June 1, at the
Presbyterian manse In this city,
Charles W. Lohrey and Sophia Fleck.
Kev. II. S. Hughes performing the
lerenionv Mr. Lohrey is a stock
man of the Stein's Mountain section
and his bride has been a resident of'
Catlow Valley for a time. The Times j
Herald Joins friends In extending best
wishes for a life of happiness and;
prosperity. !
v.r - aiiiaaaaaiaaasj .- . Sjjajaas -- ss-sMasc
ucattonal aid. market roads fait, and
Irrigation bonding. The others loft,
Harney county vote stoed: Six per
' cetot Indebtedness, yes 20R, no 266;! in company with his local represent.
' Industrial hospital, yes 172, no 279; ' alive, Frank Johnson, returned to
Irrigation bonding, yes 22, no ISfi; ' this point from the Prlnevllle country
I $fi, 000, 000.00 bond amenbment. yes .the lore part of this week. They
j 189, no 2f; lieutenant governor, ys , report having disposed of several
Ml. no 313; Konsevclt highway, yAn ! thousand acres more of grating and
221, no 269; $0.000, 000. 00 bond bill,
ya 180, no 283; Soldiers' aid, yes
271, no 196; maket" roads tax, yes
107, no 246. w
Mrs. Chas. King Informs us she
bns one Influenza patient at her hos-k
pita!, the victim being Mrs. MeCue '
(Tom over on the Trout Creek. She :
Ass a light case and is doing fine. ;
Claud naason in an auto trip to Port
land where they will attend the Hose
festival and take In tbe Masonic and
Kastern Star Orand Lodge doings.
The stage from Canyon to Seneca
same on over and took Mrs. Voegtly
hack to Canyon.
Bailey Hayes and Lloyd Johnson
were up from Lawen with their
daughters on Wedresday. They
brought up the election return from
that place and a ropy of the result
was given this office. Those lellovru
down there didn't believe Iu the
amendments, at leaat a majority of
them didn't, as no', ono measure
voted on carried
Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. Cook and son
Joe will leave tomorrow morning for
an extended trip to coast points of
the Northwest. They will go down
over the Columbia highway to Port
land and after a short stay in that
city will go on to Seattle where they
will he Joined by Miss Jean Cook at
tl lose of the Cnlverslty of Wash
Ington. Th party will go as far ax
Hclllngham snid return to this city
ths latter part of the month or the
' "r Jul-
More Range Land
Sold by 0. & W. .
Colonization Company
President W. I. Davidson, of the
Oregon Western Colonization Co.,
' agricultural land on their trip to and
from Prlnevllle.
Mr. Davidson was particularly in
terested In the result of the vote on
the measures on Tuesday and was
seeking information from this office.
He made a fcvagcr with the manager
of this great religious weekly which
he will have to pay when ho shows
up here again, as be lost. The wager
was on the result of the vote on the
proposed Irrigation bonds Interest
payment by the state. However, Mr.
Davidson will cheerfully pay that bet
as he wanted that measure to carry.
They went on over to Crane where
they had more land sale prospects.
Among those who purchased from
them since they went to Prlnevllle
are the follewing:
W. W. Brown, 3,200 acres; N. E.
Melton, 800; B. D. Fox, 40; F. M.
Wood, 1.2 mi; J. T. and H. J. Faulk
ner, 1,920; Mariai. Morgan, 2,560;
Itose Logan, 640; K. It. Price, 640;
N. F. McCain. 60; Dave Jones. 80;
L F. Willoughby, 80; H. K. Norvall,
Bullet Joe's Bet
Pitcher "Bujlet" Joo Bush of
the Boston Red Sox made a wager
be could throw a baseball from
home plate to second base and
at no lime would the ball be
over ten feot from the ground. A
rope was stretched that distanco
ten feet from the ground. "Bul
let Joe" won his bet. That was
two seasons ago BUT It Is tbe
reason he Is nursing a sore arm
this year and virtually useless
to (be chniepioi s this season.
Frank Keuny and John Koontx are
In town from the Catlow country.
Mr. Kenny Informed a representative
of this paper thut he had a fine sea
ton so fur with his flocks of sheep
with un exceptionally fine wool clip,
but Indication! are not favorable for
lute summer range because of lack
of moisture.
Pater Petersen has completed shear
ing his flocks and now has the wool
ready for transportation to the rail
road. The Times-Herald is informed
from different sources that the wool
Clip this season is exceptionally good
and the price Is also good. This
brings much money to tho growers
of this county and Is no small Itism
toward i lie prosperty of this pines.
Owen (awlfield arrived home this
week, after serving for many months
with the American forces over In
France. He saw much activity across
the water and Is impressed with -the
seriousness ot war and Its effects
We huve not talked with him con
darning his personal experience, as
In pust instances we find the boys are
t.oi very communicative on that
Banquet and Dance by Girl''
Honor Guard.
Big Event Planned for Men Home fr am
Service in Army and Navy; Open
to Public.
The date set for the Oirls Nation.f
Horor Guard dance for our returned
soldiers and sailor:: is June I8rd the
day before Chautauqua opens. Tfca
occasion promises io be one long jo
be remembered by Harney county
boys as a flme when they recelvt-t
royal treatment from the fair pa
triots whose lot during the war wav
to stay at home.
A banquet at the Odd Fellows ban
quet room will open the festlvitieri of'
the evening at seven o'clock. Ade
quate preparations are being made to
Insure a sufficient supply of goes
things to eat to satisfy a large nura
ber of the ravenous ex-warriors. A
few of the Items may be reminiscent
of old army days and other delica
cies such as no army ever saw, eveia
at Christmas, and of a nature U
make them think perhaps Mother
didn't know all about cooking, will
be provided.
Immediately after tbe banquet the
service men will adjourn to the Com
mercial Club room down stairs and
hold a business meeting of tbe re
cently organized Military Association.
At this time tbe committee on con
stitution and by-laws will make its
report submitting tbe result of their
work for adoption. Other Important
matters will also be taken up, ameng:
them the observance of July 4th.
Following the business meeting tber
boys will again be guests of the
Honor Guard ut a dam e in Tonawa
mii. Kxcellent music, prctly girls,
and the khaiki and blue of nullum,
should make a combination to assure
an enjoyable evening. No efforts.
will be spared to show tbe boys then
war time service was appreciated, aui
that Harney county girls have not
lost their patriotism because the nai
ls over. Tbe dance will be open to
the public, and a cordial Invitation in
extended to everybody. Men in uni
form will be admitted witbout charg.
as guests of the Honor Guard girls.
Personal Invitations to the banquet
and dance and notice of the busiues;
meeting will be sent every serviei
man who can be reastied. In cast
any man is overlooked, the Honoi
Guard wauls It understood that Hit
reason was simply because his namf
was not found on the list with whfeli
they have hecn provided, and noL
The schedule of the evening will
be about as follews: llauquet at sev
en; business meeting at eight; itrl
the dame ut nine.
Miss Lillian M. Oilman arid Joh'u
E, P. Withers were united in holy
matrimony at 4 p. m. June fith. in
Burns at the Hotel Lovon- by Kpv
B. S. Hughes of the Presbyterlai
church. The bride is a daughter e(
J. K. Oltman of this city. She is u
graduate of Idaho schools and han. re
sided hero the past two years, dur
ing which she has made A wido' ac
quaintance of friends and gained pop
ularity at social gatherings.
The groom is the son of Mrn. tteuu.
Withers of Harney and is a wJI
known young stockman of that Vj-.
thin, having lived here all his life,
excepting four years Hpent at hfgb
school and university at Eugene. Hei
enlisted in the marine corps daring:
the war, hut the armistice was signed
before he was culled. ' '4
The young couple left ii'l mediate
ly for an extended trip to Portland
and other coast points, also Butte.
Montana. They will make thefi
honie al Harney, where the
has a slock ranch and is engaged In
stock raising. Their ninny frierfVfn;
wish them a long, happy and pran
perous future.
Walter Ciohs and hi; son Alboi :
were In town Wednesday, OfOOHISM'
led bv Misses Cora and Jsgslf Wit