The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 17, 1919, Image 2

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On a stiff grade the other clay wn
saw a most Inspiring sight.
A flivver, that thought It was a
truck, had stalled with a load of junk
right at the peak of the pitch.
The lone driver couldn't leave his
wheel hecause his emergency hrako
wouldn't hold the overloaded car. so
there b wan holding Kurd on hoth
brakes nnd wondering where be
would finally alight.
Along came a htg truck, driven by
a lad with the foreign service stripes.
Off he hopped and chocked a block
under a wheel of the fllvcr.
About that time a touring car pas
sed, with two chaps in It who had
parts of soldier regalia with their cits.
They stopped.
A wood wagon drove up. and anoth
er lad, who probably tfad seen the
Inside of a transport a few times,
Jumped down.
So the four of them pushed the
little old bus right up the hill; the
engine giving an occasional puff and
k r an t to show it was doing Its durud
est. We notice a lot more of this spirit
xlnce the boys came back.
And If selfish business Imagines
that It Is going to capitalize this new
spirit, It Is mistaken.
Because for love of motherland we
work 18 hours a day for 18 months,
and accept the governmental stipend
of a dollar a day or so as payment in
full, by no means indicates that on
our return we will display the same
spirit of sacrifice; to boost the keen
gnats, who remained at home and
made money out of the war.
But for the fellow In a tight place,
help him out regardless.
That's the new spirit of Americanism.
. ilTiT l J - - - -
tk. & Nef I I W
the result of an attack of acute Indi
gestion I had several years ago. I
1 I had an awful pain across my hack,
The Times-Herald was told last and was so nervous and worried
Tuesday evening that the uucossary about my kidneys that 1 could hardly
poison bait for the deduction of sleep at all. I suffered from rheuma
grasshoppors Is ready for use and Mum In my legs, my feet would swell
may be obtained It (lie court house. Hnd 1 was tired and languid all tie
Thoso desiring MM ilioulil cull. We time. I was badly rundown, I
are Informed the hopper-i are hutch- weigh), strength and en
lit and It Ih lime to ! I bin ,io;ie of the medicine, I tut.l;
u oll- good..
W. V. HJ'lMIUVIsnll "After UHlng Tanlac lent
SKATED THE I'M "I'S time I began to pick up a d ;..!it 1m-
I proving till now my rheumatism Is
Brook mg T.inliic tjfaa OVercome all gone, the pains have disappeared
$1500 Reward!
, - j
Tho Oregon, ffi,
lIOriMIM " "Vl
Iji f .- IK ft T 'ffUyt
'V . ' ' ' "no 1
t- ,ip. n II' URH
u 'i u tntH
HXj fllj
fll'lt' I I
hi- in i -i i ..Qj
'-T1I. .,1 I
tjr or pnit . i ,(.
1 nr hdf pi
or mill h .(MitifT. I
"" w ' luWWt .
His TmvMm t'eels
New Man.
t IK. iAn . . .
wago'ns. J hsrbe'en preo ct'edT Z 'TyAV l S&
i fc-- e" ' Kan8- eoted o the office while doing wr work
J,Jti? ?' "."k" Sn a dry Patf0"" " the Republican party hi,
i? wim m'?ht deVOl0p "hou,d the democrat, great "dry' advo
fair.hlJJ,enr.'"g5 Pryan "ue comeback and dominate Af
fairs as he did In the Baltimore convention in 1912 " at
and electric lights, is money well
i .
spent. Undertaking any i i these im-
The successful business man must ' provements Is like making an rxct.-l-ase
his life upon honor and Integrity. I lent Investment, which is bound to
Beyond and outside of these, he must ! rcturp dividends. The gain to the
have the compound of Initiative, ag-'town reacts to the comfort and len
gresBivenoB, determination, praetlc-J ef.t of every citizen,
ability and vision which America, In. Who wants to live in a (own wltli-
"My wife obtained such satisfact
ory results from Tanlac that I tried
It myself and I have gainod U I
inuiiiili. and fool like a new man,"
said J. W. Broli-., tfnJHc siiii.tIii- !
tendont. for the Western Union Tele- i
graph Co. at Dallas, Tex., and living
at 1732 Hickory street, that city.
"When I begun taking Tanlac," he
continued, "I was suffering from a
stubborn case of stomach trouble.
foBBHHHfff "jT
ir.iui in back and inv kidneys don't
worry me like they did. I have a
One appetite and can cat anything I
want without suffering at all from
in digestion, my sleep is sound and
1 u nd I get up in the morning
feeling fine.''
addition rotho !,.,., thi nmti ln1
offers Hie mns run. linen .' 00 for nil ii-iHa
iimnm-ii Horse nMi i,hi 'in belli or nlii,. , Jat
llsrnt-T l.ako mid Crook roiinlli. norwl I
, 'vhi-i' uiii.l
Noiib lnit irrewn horsea noli mi I ,,i,ir i, I
large l.iini In ,
W. HKOWN Kite . ir. inn.
it means to live up to
reputation for
her love for condensation, has chos
en to stylo "pep."
Tho successful wideawake and pro-
out "pep," a town which drugs out
a monotonous existence without
growth or Improvement? When the
The self-determination of small
iHples Is to be more than a polit
ical process. It is going to be an
exercize in comparative ethnology.
There are some small nations to be
.-elf-determined whose names we have
only just heard of. And there are
mine that we haven't heard of yet.
No doubt there are folks In Harney
county who have always known who
the Croations are. And the Juko
Slavs. And (he Lithuanians, liosn
I ins. Cingalese. Koreans, etc. Most
n-. probably, have a fairly distinct
idea where these different people live
Some o' us, perhaps don't know that.
And very few of us have a precise IdOa
of their exact political status.
It Is perplexing to be confronted
with the question whether a certain
race Is or Is not a classified subdivis
ion of a larger race. And, If so,
whether It ought to be cut loose or
not. And If not, why.
The Koreans have just put In a
aim for self determination, and one
of their reasons Is that they are
Christians. Some of them probably
are. Their claim has a religious au
well as a political basis. And it seems
about as good a claim as several
others that we have heard lately.
But it seeniK strange that IT have
only jr I b aid it and that the politi
cal side of It Is kept carefully In the
background, if theological convtel
inns have been nourishing these asplr
long. v. by have h y bo in
till now? The InfaTenoe
-int the
l.ion to c'altn political ludeps nd
oi some one or oilier, and th
Kpjreans judged thai it was titan to
. .1 in line.
There Is no question tha'. a long
; i this joh of rcharting the world
; (,p i be more complex and direr-
a ill be nine And it seems
bat c i lain thai li mad'
In it thi eeds i hi r war.
eema to be that it is al pi i
grcssive town must possess the same question of local Improvement comes
qualities. It must have the Judg-1 up. stand behind it. "boot It. work
inent to realize that Its prosperity i for It. vote for It. Install local tin
and growth depend on (he home nd- provemnts, and jrbu will see your
vantages and business advantages town sought by business enterprises
which it can offer. And It must ' and manufacturing,
have vision enough to see that expen- It is up to you, Mr. Citizen. Stand j
ditures which secure these ridvautges up for local Improvements first, last'
are not an extravagance, but au asset. and all the time, and you will help!
Money spent in local improvements i make your home town a desirable
such as public buildings, schools, place of residence and a progressive
good roads, sewers, city water, gas business center.
SapfLiar W' argi
sa sn sm tmmun
Hi WK f A tfm 5' 1Ei
Ik 'rwZ
1 "''s I ""
woot (Q S ZS " fc- B
Do you know what
We know know that It means constant vigilance lest we permit
the QUALITY of our wares to be lowered.
It also means unvarying courtesy and attention to each and
every customer.
When you trade with this great Family Store you are assured
Of these two advantages protection and nervice.
i:vi:itvTino nut thk kamilv, ani all okpkndabll
We solicit your cudotu with this ruarntoe.
Brown 's Satisfactory Store
Burnt. ; : : : Oregon
We i arry grMMis ndvertlsrd on tin "II nine Products fane"
Ti. American Kirta in teens
arc (tie voungest to evoi reeive
u foreign war decoration TMy
are sisters Ills:. All" i in Bicknell
and Mrs Constance Bicknell
Vaughn daughters of Krnei.t
Bicknell of the Auierua.i Hod
Cross They were decorated by
the ijueou of Belgium for "louy
and hard service "
If Italy gets it. there will be one
Flume of garlic.
to make you rich ?
A rich uncle nuiy die and leave you a roll, but
few rich uncles have this luiliii.
U you get rich, the chancee are you will first
have in save enough money in order to make an
Investment that will pay.
There are plenty ol Investments for the mat)
with a lil tie ready cash.
ISut it i up to you to save cash. The best
policy is tu(I;M-',t a portion of your salary.
A I'.iiik is better t han h hole
through which your money can slip
Make our Dunk YOUR Hank.
in your
aM .
- .!.. "!?:'.;'-
I :T.TT3flTT 7TT ' J. J .A
UUIJT ' t riBilffl
tan - w m. - u -jntf.
Oregon products alnadv
enjoy irational reputation
and sale International in
many ases,
Oregon lans should take a
pride in giving their patron
age to the gtanufai i uvera
who are making Oregon lain-
ous for quallt) produi I i.
One swallow docs nut make a spring neithei Is a spring com
plete without lis June biule- therefore , behold tho 11)19 bride In
all hei peacetime splendoi The military marriage is quite pai i tense
now and all the-trills of prosperity years are in order Here in ivoiy
satin, the bodice and skirt covered with shadow luce and With tullo
used in the upper part of the train, this malt) is happy Tim Utile
flower girl in handmade frock with real lace insurtlon ami hand em
biuidcry al thu belt, is tucked about wtih u blue satin eg h
Asoiiated Imlii-frles ol Oregon
20,000 Acres
with water rights for sale n
Blitzen River in tracts of
Acres or more. Reasonable
prices one-fifth cash balance
easy terms, six per cent in
terest. Eastern Oregon Live Stock
crane Company gregon
" '.
I i i iynnlis
., I u.
YOU can't help cutting loose joy'us
remarks every time yon flush yotir
Smokespot with Prince Albert it hits
you jo fair and square. It's a scuttle full of jimmy
and cigarette makin'sunahin and n? uai
tog as it fa delightful evei-y hour ot the twenty -four I
It's nevSr too lats to nop into the Prince Albert pleasure
tuitii For, P. A. is trigger-ready to iive you more
icco inn than you ever had in your mokecareer.
A h4t s oeoAUSe it lias the quality.
Qv m you know Prince Albert you'll write it dovTi
thai 1 . A. did not bite vour tongue or parch your throat.
And, ,t never will! For, our exclusive patented process
cuts out bite and perch. Try it for what ailb your tongue!
loppy ,ei bay, tidy ,,d tin, hanj,,m pound and .. pound tin
hu,.,ulor. and -that (,,, ,, pound c,ytal a hJSSofJS,
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. C.