The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 12, 1919, Image 8

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Whrn a man pays his bills b,v check every
body thinks he has money.
The word of the moneyed mnn always Iiiin
greater weight in community than that f tlie
man who has nothing.
This is nti ;ige when it takes money to make
money, and without it you can do little or
Start ft checking account today, and lei its
possession lead the way to greater prosperity.
It is the safe, sane and business way.
First National Bank
of Burns, Oregon
Capital and Surplus, : $100,000.00
KurnlHhed roomi. See Clevenger.
Miss Lois Swpik has accepted h
position at Pnge ' Sweet Shop.
An Incubator for Bale. Phone or
aee Pearl Vulgamore, Burns, Oregon.
Battery and electrical repair work,
oxy-acetylene welding. Jack Mo
Oulre. Sam Ttmbrell, W. H. Flaet and flirt
noy McNeil were up from Crane last
' night to attend a special meeting of
I the Masonic lodgo.
Whcnt for sale at Brown' Quality
Store. Hold only by the nark. No
phone orders. No charge account
for wheat.
Mrs. P. 8. WoltteiihUIor and Mm
! s. M. Hoiton wero oor from Crane
Oatd, barley and wheat for sale at
Perry's Barn.
Try our banana cream pita. They
are delicious. Page's Sweet Shop, tf
Have A. A. Perry haul some fertil
iser for your garden. 50 cents a
load. .
Harrison Grove, one of the pros
peroua stock men of the Denlo coun
try, war a vlsltor'to this city during
the week.
Wheat for sale at Brown's Quality
Store. Hold only by the aack. No
phone orders. No charge accounts
for wheat.
Fare to Portland via Crane includ
Ing berth, $23.91. Save money and
24 hours' time by going via Bend In
Wednesday looking for furniture to Wray's Auto Stage, fare Including
place- In the OOmauittl hall at tlrit berth, $19. SG. n.
Albert Oakenuan was amoiiR tint
run Kii'.vr n . . rio.v.i !, isavk QftT court TlettOtt dOCiS thO WOOk and to
ll! HNS. CAPITA! AM Nt'lU'l.t'S portl bit wife and Bother and one
1100,000. "TUB HANK THAT , ,i nan on the Silver Creek ranch
MAKKS YlU'lf I 9 V HAh'K." . .H victims oMnfluentt UMl WflOk.
Geo. Bayeraft. Halph Weaver. W.
B. II. Hrown lime in the ether day
from Nyssa where he has I i living
Since list fall. ile Ib ov. i) look
after hta Htock Interact! Ill tl Stein h
I Mountain poantr .
II. Finer and Mr. Trow wero all over
from Crane last Monday night to a
meeting of the Masonic Lodge. Mr.
lifer wan made a Master Mason on oocaalon.
Harry Goulden was in from the OO
ranch during the week.
Settley Cream Separator, capacity
250 lbs., used only a short time, fori
sale. Inquire at this office.
A. A. Tipton was a business visitor
during the week. He and Mrs. Tip
ton moved out to the ranch recently
Wheat for sale at Brown's Qualify
Store. Sold only by the sack. o
phone orders. Xo charge accounts
for wheat.
Clyde Cowing has returned from
Ontario where be fed his stock the
past wiiitt r and has them out on ;!i"
home range. He says he wintered
See our stock of stationery flrat.
Batteries repaired properly. Jack
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Graves has fully recovered from
an attack of Influenza.
Wheat for sale at Brown's Quality
Store. Sold only by the sack. No
phone orders. No charge accounts
for wheat.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs.
Jamas Bunyard, of Narrows, has re
covered from a severe attack of pneu
monia, Dr. Saurman informs us.
Koss Spry U in town from N'amjia.
He was among the boys drafted Into
army service from this county ami
informs us be was mustered out last
Strayed from my lauch, one red
two year old heifer branded v, Ith oar-i
i ... i ....... .i .. ......... .... i.. i, i. .. . . i . .
M Hi ', uidiiio ituwii, uii irti lli'. iiinu
N J' on left hip. Kar mark, crop off
I the leit.spPt In the right. Suitable
I reward. Lute Parker,
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Hutton and
Mrs. Isaac Foster were In town tor a
short i i" this week. The report
an ahin ttsnee of moM'ire r n Hie
desert with excellent propects for the
coming season in the way of crops
and k range. Mrs. Foster told
this shop that Silver Crook had DOVer
been hi;" er than tbls spring with
exceptlo" so far as the residents of
that section knew.
W. N. Monroe, U. 8. Commissioner,
who re 'ides it Callow Valley, was in
town for a few days this week visit
ing his daughter, Mrs. Fred Young,
and attending to some business af
fairs. Mr. Monroe was complaining
of the roads and uncertain mail sys
tem In his part of the country. Both
have been responsible for inconven
ience this spring as Mr. Monroe says
crop prospects aro fine over there and
many of the peopele sent out for seed
which has not been delivered.
The First Ha pi 1st church.
I i i I
I ill
Last Call!
Our Service Free
Harney Erjunig National Bank
Bums, Oregon
Sunday, April 6th, 1919.
Sunday school beginning at 9:46,
A. M.
I'reachingat 11 o'clock.
What God Would Have Us Seek.
evening worship beginning at 8
P. M.
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You
Prayej meeting on Thursday even
ing of each week.
Everybody Is Invited to attend the
Servicea nt 11:00 o''ock.
The Testimonial Meeting, Wednes
day at 7:30 P. M.
The reading room In the church
Edifloe. Is open on Tuesday and Frl-
l)r. Saurman was called to Silver tt. rr,,,n o fo ., p M
Sunday School meets on Sunday at
i 'i o'clock.
With 1 Jar PALMOLIVE Vanishing Cream for 60c
and 1 Can PALMOLIVE Talcum Powder for 30c
we will give you 4 Cakes of PALMOLIVE Soap
The Rexall Drag Store
If uf-of-toM ii customers and oth-
en ie-iriiiK taxes paid will Kind us
their tax notice or otherwise notify
Henry Blackwell Is in this section:"-- wo '" bo i.dnd to attend to the
for the purpose of buying som" year- ,n,,,ir f tbean. First Natianal
ling calves. H nry bat been buying i Bank of Burns.
cattle fn this country for the past ear- , T .
George Jami ws i brought in th s
eral years and Is well known to the , , , . ,
uiuitmij, muui inh iiuiiie iii iiurney
local slock men.
Wanted Men or women to take
orders among friends and neighbors
for the genuine guaranteed hosiery,
full line of men, women and children.
Eliminates darning. Wo pay 60c. an
hour spare time or $24 a week for
lull time. Experience unnecessary.
With a broken right leg caused from
a bona tatting with Mm. Dr. Baur-
man reduced the fracture and Mr.
James is at the Fireoved hospital.
Estray Bed muley cow, branded
lazy bar H on left hip; marked with
I underblt in left ear, Bwallow fork
nil, I nlwlirl,fl It. ri..l.f ..- L I
Write, International Stocking MU, """",, W .Z
vr,iu.,.-, a..., . .. ,Bt my ra,,(h for tne Ia8t 'hree momlm
.-........,.,,. x . u. i .. n
or more. Owner call and make
necessary proof of animal. P. G.
Dr. It. F. White and Dr. It. B.
Hmalley arrived in this city early this I Smith, Hums, Oregon.
week. These young physicians have
recently been released from the navy
with the rank of lieutenants and are
looking lor a place to locate and
follow their profession. This big
country appeals to them and they are
inking over the field, going to Crane
yesterday to observe that place. v.
White la a nephew, to i'latt Kendall,
chief deputy in the sheriff's office.
G. W. Clevenger and his sister, Mrs.
Short, of Payette, arrived in town
Thursday. Mr.Clevenger had been
out for a short time, having taken his
Hon Geary to Nampa to put him In
school and then visited for a time In
Idaho. Upon learning that Mrs.
Short's son and Mr. (Mevenger's
daughter were both victims of the
influenza in this city they hurried In
to see if they could be of any assist
ance. The patients are doing cjuite
Several of the friends of Dr. and
Mrs. J. Shelley Saurman invaded l he
home on last Saturday evening and
gave them a pleasant surprise, the
OCCaatatJ being the anniversary of
l heir wedding. The Doctor and Mrs.
Kaurmau were absent when the gUCOtl
arrived and one of liiein telephoned
llilll Stutilii- be needed his prele:
ill services al unci: (in arriving
.anil (be bona (tiled witn neigh
bors and in' ii i iva hundred
' 'ii tor a i line and dalnl
bnti ate w re i si trad lal ir. Dr.
and Mrs. Kaiiiniaii received b
gOOd Wishes I ii, in I heir guests he
(oye t hey departed for the evening.
Italph Miller, a nephew of the late
B. P. .Sylvester, was here from his
homo at Salem for a week, leaving
raetarday on his return, lie arrived
after the funeral of his uncle uml
remained for a short visit with his
cousins, Thomas and Jerry Sylvester,
who had been here looking after the
President J. . Daly of the r'lrst
National Bank came over from his
!.,..,.. .. u..l.. i. ...
"""lo "l uome iasi Tuesday lor a
meeting with the officers and stock-!
holders of the institution. J. L,
Gault, former cashier but now resid
ing at Spokaue, was also here for the
purpose of meeting with them, as he
still holds his stock in the Institution.
City Marshal McDonald has had the
chairmanship of the Armenian relief
drive thrust upon him and while he
has plenty to do and Is not altogether
conversant with his duties or just
what it Is necessary for him to do, lie
is going to do his best and will have
some detailed Information to give out
through these columns next week.
President Davidson of the Oregon
& Western Colonization Co. was In
town this week In company with II.
!'. JohnaOn. They were making an
lion lour throngs from Piins
viiie to Ontario ovec tin- Company
holdings. Mr. Davidson aiflt
. lira In noting the effort to
atloa district and told
the newspaper man to put him dOWO
as favorable to any move that will
bring development.
('reek this week to Bee several of the
ns of that neighborhood who
are victims of the Influeaia. Among
afflicted art Pat Cecil and Ms
Homer CectI, W. L, Bess, It, .1
Williams and George Johnson It Is
thought by the people oul there thai
a reeenl moating of stock men at Kl-
ley Is re pon Ible for the rapid s;in ad
of the disease,
Died Yesterday morning al her
Imme in (his city, Mrs. Marry Book.
i The report of this death came as a
shock in the community as It was not
known to many that the lady was III.
In fact she was ill but a abort time.
Dr. Saurman was called to see her a
short time before her death and re
ports the cause being paralysis of the
throat. Mrs. Buck formerly resided
at Denver, Colorado, coming here ;
about five years ago and was mar-j
rleil to Harry Buck shortly after her
arrival. Her husband is in the I . 8.
navy, having volunteered his service
al the beginning of the war. The.
last communication she had from him j
wai from Cuba. However It Is be
Pupils may be admitted to Its
no to the age of 20 years.
Tim pabtte Is cordially lavifa d t"
hurcfa .' rice and to the Road'
inn Room, ,
Sabbath school io a. m.
Preaching, 11 A. m.
Young Peoples' Meeting 7 P. M.
Preaching 8 p. M.
Wednesday evening prayer meeting
7: HO.
Mlblu study class Friday evening,
BKV. GKO. WAItD. Pastor.
B. 8. Hughes, Pastor.
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
I 'reaching at 11 a. m.
Subject: "The Old Land MarkB"
Subject, "A Chosen Vessel," "A
All Touring Cart
Ijeaves Burns Monday, Wednesday, Friday and
Leaves Iknd Monday, Wednesday, Friday and
' Sunday
Ship Perishable Good, Express and Fast Freight
via Bend in Our Care
FARE, $10.00 50 lbs. baggage free
Specialist." "A Beal Man."
lieved he has again returned to an; christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m.
Atlantic port and an effort Is being y0 are mwt conially invited,
made to locate him. Telegraphic
advice from u brother of Mrs. Buck
in Denver instructed the body to bo
Im'IiI bare pending the arrival of u
brothor or sister to accompany it to
PenVe where Interment will be made.
Deceased was a very gracious lady
who hadwou Hie esteem of her ac
quaintances in this city.
10 Fullblood Hereford Bulls
For Sale
8 to 14 months Anxiety Fourth breeding
$1000.00 for ail or $125.00 each
. H. BATHRICK, Denio, Ore.
Including the latest and
Spring and Summer
Kxclusive agent for Victor
Tailoring Company witli a
lull line of
Spring Samplen for
Women's Suits and
Mrs. Lelab Milla
At the Schwartz Store
Ever-Fresh Groceries
We make a point of never keeping Groceries
That's the reason why you are always sure of
getting FRESH Groceries when you come to us
We are determined our customers shall have the
best if it is to be found in the market.
When you buy it of us, its freshness and purity
We solicit YOU.