The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 29, 1919, Image 4

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    Lethargic encephnlltles or "sleep
lug sickness" is now prevalent in
this country. Its sjiatitoms may
very Often be observed in business
men Sunday mornings between the
hours of six and eleven o'cln
If you nan neen serving t nele Had
for $1.00 a year, and now found t
win ii:ni io aim tne tiouar in rtf
tneoma tax schedule and pay froaj
to twelv nts upon If,
use a big, big I'?
The Times-J-Ierald
Haa Th Laraett Circulation Of Any
Newspaper In Harney County.
Sax i th. . . .
Tfcf atonttt.
JBatared at the Post Office at Burni,
Oregon, as Second Class Matter.
Well PIi-hmmI With Homelike Quarter
At lladio Station In Onvlte;
liikes New Place.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Lurkev have
recently received a letter from their
son Norman, who is connected with a
Radio Station In the Philippines. He
had just been transferred to a new
station and writes interestingly of Its
advantages and the snugness of his
new berth. Norman b many old time
school mates are glad to learn of his
advancement in the service and this
letter indicates he is in excellent
quarters. He writes:
High Powei Radio St.
Cavlte. Feb. 3. 1919
Dear Felks:
Having arrived in my new home a
few days ago (Jan. 29) I am settled
enough to write you a little this after
noon while I'm off watch. I received
some leters from you before I left
the Mohican but the next day I was
transferred and did not get a chance
to answer them.
I call this place a "new home" in
fact It Is a real home that is wHy I
speak of it as such, ill attempt to
tell you a little about our quarters.
There are about 50 men In all here
and we have one large building. It
is divuli- I into four sections or roooma
two in either end. as quarters. Back
hub lias a nice big locker to keep all
hiailothes and stuff la. There art
'..;-''' 5 y 9 tit IMP m op88(ife;'' BbaK''.
S '..iw v' B Hark 'fettflft' JaaBBBaMBL' &
VIVfAN MARTIN u Unci aimed Gooa?jieu-SBS
on the phonograph now, and it makes
me feel a bit homesick. Will knock
two rooms in the center, one being the
dining rom. the other :i re' reation
room. There are also lockers In this
room, one of which I have There
are all kinds of books to read, games
to play and a rhonograpli electrically
operated, in fact most all tin- aarflea
is Ivy electricity.
All around the building is a ni'-e
wide veranda with shutters made of
eplit bambo which can be raised or
lowered, but there is plenty of fresh
air always. Extending off the veran
:-;i at the back is the cook's galley
and our toilet and bath and it la
Mme nice shower, too.
We have a ulce white bed on the
veranda, two mattresses, bed springs,
t.ftce.ts and a pillow and a boy to
make your bed for you when you get
up in the mornings.
Believe me I sure sleep. You can
get to Led any time in the day you are
nqjt on watch if you care to.
And for chow, they sure serve It.
Officers and all eat at the same table
and the same food. Table cloths.
apklna and everything. We have
ioe cream and pie one or the other
every ua. Aud ail sorts of food
such as meat, vegetables, etc., aud
say. they have some hotcakes aud
waffles for breakfast.
You tan go on liberty when you
want to, and come back when you
want to. You can't beat all that cau
yau? It is home!
lam on the arc engineer's job now,
hut I don't suppose you would kuow
mach about that if I explaiued It, so
'I won't bother. Will start to stand -iajt
secondary watches In three or
tawr noutks. One is just as impor
tant and good as the other so I'm nor
I'i.cVing. and one sure learns a lot of
jkiice on the arc job.
ike other day and was a little uerv
4ts when I sent my first call but I
ade out O. K. I sure like the work.
I think I will close now fox chow
at ready.
Willi love.
Feb. 6.
As I haven't mailed this yet 1 will
jiid that I received the picture- and
a letter from you yesterday. Say,
the pictures were most welcome, they
aaade 'me feel back at home for a
wbUo. And I take an interest In
thawing them to the fellows 3iid ex
aVhUnJug about it all. Why lai. ar
gament) Oregon is the best state and
why California and the others are no
taoil. Ha!
I have stood quite a few second
ary watches lately and am gettliiK
aUtng flue. Have sent several mes
sages. I got a letter back today that I
had sent to Nathan Brown at Fort
afanroe, Virginia, unclaimed. Where
is lie?
They are playing "When I Dream
f Old Erin I'm Dreamlug of You,"
A payroll is something every town
should strive for. It gives life to a
place and makes better conditions.
The possibility of payrolls should be
given serious consideration by all
public spirited citizens. If we don't
think about such things they are not
likely to materialize. If we don't
have some dreams we are going to be
just "dronelike" and the fellow who
does the dreamlug will be getting
away with the "persimmon" some
day. At least that Is the opinion of
some fellows utul it is worthy of cou-
What would a big sawmill of say
SO 800 teal capacity iey day do
toward making a worth-while payroll
in Barn! fever tliluk of it? Is It
practical with the production of a
class of output that would stund the
transportation -barges out and com
pete with the world market? This
would invove an outlay of coimtil'-r-able
money to build a trucking roud
1 to the timber to the north and the es
tablishment of the necessary machin
ery to equip an enterprise of that
magnitude. By the establishment of
such a plant in this city we would be
provided with the necessary power for
lights, power and water. It would
add many families to our population
and give us an enormous additional
business. The writer Is not a saw
mill man but he Is ready to help any
man or group of men who are prac
tical and who believe that such an
enterprise Is worthy.
The organization of an Irrigation
district, with water Impounded in a
reservoir, is another feature In tit
oil lu the Valley does not mean as
much for the geueral advancement
and good as does procuring an eco
nomical and permanent method to
make our farms and ranches more
lastingly productive.
The best kind of payroll this com
munity cun have. Is one obtained
from raising aud selling our lnrm
and said, "Oh, Lord, please don't let
Mr. Hoover or Miss Wolff hear of
this. I want to go to heaven If I've
got to go uny place."
George and Joe Buchanau are In
from their homes today.
Frank Dibble and wife were In the
other day from Silver Creek. t tl.ilfmi HU'irx lu i.v tii.i-l.xt f.i
The idea of establishing a league . ..
uiui " ttrrve here Monday to open an ad
journed term of circuit court. The
grand Jury will meet at that time and
consider such matters as may be
placed before it.
tO enforce pence T6 tOO good tfl re
main a mere ideu. It deserves to be
a fact.
It is more likely to be one If we
avoid pipe-dreams. It we recog
nize its numerous Imnarfectlona
and the prospect of comp'cc break
down the scarcer win its Imper
utul lnvakilow ns bl l ii -Ami
hen- is one little circumstance.
Hardly anything has bMfl .ai.l about
the relationship ur the llgnhtorlei if
one or more of them Indulged in a!
revolution. Are the rest of them
still bound by their signature '
If. for example, Italy turn.-, hoi-'
slicvist, ami electa an Italian Trot-
zky and Leiiine. Are tho other na
tions bound by promises made to the
present Italian goverimn , t
Or If the majority of the pnwer-i
turn bolshevlst (which Is not at all
improbable) is America bound to ac
cept that majority's rulings and 00
operate with It In a series of comic
escapades resembling the dally pro
gram In Russia Medium might
break loose among the preponderat
ing members of the league and what
would become of the Intelligent
Let us pray that In signing tills
document we make such reservations
as we need for our protection. Let
us, for example, define with absolute
same line of advancement and another , Vretl,4lon tho Interpretation of Its
means of supplying power at; I bring
about additionl wealth to the country.
This means much to the city of Burns
as well as the entire people of the dis
trict. With it, a water and sewer
system is possible in addition to the
power developed.
Should Mr. Flnley succeed In get
ting his bill for a Malheur bird re
serve on the ballot for a referendum
vote, there may be enough people in
the state influenced by his propagan
da to carry it out. In that case an
terms tr a responsible fore'gn gov
ernment Is superseded by a nonde
script aggregation of circus clowns.
It is supremely desirable that all
nations sign It. Most or them will
be prepared. If necessary, to put
their own construction on the letter
of Its provisions.
The "gospel of the clean plate"
was preached so thoroughly during
irrigation diatrict in this Valley will the war that youngsters in the L'nlt
practlcally be a thing of the past. If ed States still have a guilty con
it provides for the maintaining of a science If they waste food. The home
certain height of the water. Even demonstration agents sent out by the
were the dUtrict allowed prior to the United States Department of Agrl
passage of such a bill It might be
possible that compulsory allowance
of such a quantity of water to pass
on to the lake would seriously Inter
fere with the value of the reservoir.
With the Irrigation system estab
lished it Is easy to predict much ad
vancement and development for Har
ney couuty; without It we can ex
pect nothing. Even the discovery of
culture and the State colleges em
phasised In their talks last year tjc
need of conserving food. In Wash
ington Parish, La., a little girl re
cently took more food on her plate
than she could eat. Valiantly she
strove for a clean plate, In accord
ance with the teachings of the heme
demonstration aunt In thai parish,
but In the end failed. Thereupon
she folded her hands, closed her eye:,
li. V. Steel is iii town today from
his home near Princeton, lie was in
to see the force at this office and
tarried away some garden seuus t hut
had he n seiit us for distribution hy
Congressman Sinnott,
Tl. '1 Imi i hus it few puck
er ,-., i i .uneiil gardM seeds left
from the supply sent in by "Nick"
Sinnott. so uur neighbors are Invited
to cull tor some or write aud we'll
mail them to those In the country.
The Tlme--Hera!d has Just learned
of the arrival of a buby girl at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clak. In
Boise, on March 12. Both parents
are former Harney- County High
School students, the mother being
l-.iiM.-a Muiler.
Smith Crane is back from a busi
ness trip to Numpa where he has been
looking alter his proposed plant to
convert cuyuse horses Into hog feed. 1
He states the plans are progressing
and that he hopes soon to announce
the completion of the plant He will
remain here for several days with his
family aud look after some business
Miss Lois Sweek arrived home last
night from Corvallis where she had i
beeu with her mother and attending
the agricultural college since some J
time lu January. The young lady ;
aided In caring for influenza patients i
,u this community following the clos
lag or the schools last fall uud when
the epidemic abatcu she went to Cor
vallis and put In her enforced vaca- I
Con to best advautge. She came In
io be in readiness for the opening of
public school next Monday, she being I
one of the teachers.
Brown 's Satisfactory Store
4 YDS. 88 in. PERCALE $1
We carry Roods advertised on the
r : Oregon
'Hone Products Pace"
Why the Essex Motor Car will be
the sensation for the coming season
Every part and every detail of the Essex con
struction is of proved worth. It was designed
and built by some of the foremost engineers of
America, the same men whose genius produced
the Super-Six. Many points of superiority in
the Super-six which have proved themselves in
years of service, have been incorporated into
the Essex. The engine, only twenty-nine
inches long, cast in one block with detachable
head, readily develops more than fifty horse
power. Long life is assured by the ample pro
portions of the counterbalanced crank shaft,
supported by three large bearings.
Eastern Oregon Auto Co.
Va!e, H. E. YOUNG, Prop. Ontario
Don't x I
21 pounds
P'tt Holder and 6 Points, , 3 Pencils, a, 2 Ink Tablets, 3 Pencil
Table's, a bottle of Ink, an Ex
amination Tablet, in this com
bination, for Dollar Day only....
Page 's Sweet Shop
Fined if not in Calico
or Overalls
Tonawama, Burns
Friday, April 11 - - Tickets $1.00
Refreshments will be served on stage.
No childen under 12 allowed on the floor.
I i
I '
I '
I i
Two for
3 1-4 yds.
3 yds.
Sole Agent for Warner Corsets and Standard Fashions
MRS. E. F. SCHWARTZ, Proprietor
Masonic Building Burns, Oregon
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