The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 22, 1919, Image 3

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Hioppcti c uuuii After lnfiiii-iiH.
Wrigley Buys Cat
landin Big Rcsorc Project
"FoUy'i Honey and Tur In the beet
r'uiith medicine I ovor tried," write
M( Dowel, K. K. D. 1, Box 119,
Arlington, Term. "My son had In
fluenta. He had (he worst kind of a
rough. I tried everything, but
nothing did any good. Qod aent. me
o friend with Kolejrt Money and Tar,
and In two daya Mh cough waa gone."
Sold by Heed Brother.
aiaJix'T, JZZZ
I'atlenta receive the beat of car
at the Flreoved Maternity Hoapltal.
jSumpter Valley Railway Co.
Arrival and Departure Of Trains
Mr txl. jfe. ; .
VC . y saWsnnnnnnnnnnnnni
sLsW'- 3a mB eUansnasBsm vv jHOB m.1
A&sw Bmm anfnsasnOaT JtfTCt' ' iJflrrTX
ZZrv'B bMb&f JJaJannfLi t am
Mr ,'
T? fKtUBtiiKtitlffMKt riM0mtv SassLaa
tA big storythColorado-
mile river that due: the Graru
,the ' GreajgYelloyr- Dragon-TharfCannot
Be -Harnessed pf the Indian (when it
burst its banks) and threatenedfoturn
the InriaJPMalley of Calif brnia mj
i j.fl 5
an inianu sea. 4jool..
-aJ5cr!v SUP w
"Stop the rjlyery d -n the expei
fsaid President Marshall of the Ov
Pacific to "Caster" Rickard, engine
Thfl nivArVia tU'.tAr f U J
W O.VTV-.1 11J HIV OlllJ V UIB1 u
struggleOto y balk he Colorado -aflt3y
prey thaijthrilled the nation; ( of S the
man whov saved the Imperial Vail
ndlosjhis heart to the girl whj
hateUhim. 'mzmtk&
jr'TTfwmm&Kr'' '
The River" is the 'story of Innes Harding
'hose hatred of the engineer turned
to love as she watched him lead the
battle against the Great Yellow Dragon 1
.for. the lives and homes of the settlers.
"The River" is the thrilling story of
(that thrilling time.
"The River" is our new serial
Be Sure to Read It
Inland Empire Realty Co.
A. A. TBAUGOTT, Proprietor
Bought sold and exchanged
Farm Ranch and Building Loans
Phone ::o or fiiur.
IS urns, Or ", it
to make you rich ?
A rich uncle may ii' and Iwye yon a roll, lut
f'U in h uncles have this habit.
If you get rich, the chances arc yon will first.
have to Have enough money in order to make an
invest in. ni that will pay.
There are plenty of investments for the man
with a little ready cash.
But it is up to you to save cash. The best
policy is to deposit a portion of your salary.
A Hank is better than a hole in your pocket
through winch your money can slip awaj .
Make our Hank YOUR Hank.
No. 2, Prairie
Arrive Baker
1:15 A.M.
2:35 P. M.
4:15 P. M
No. 1, Baker 8:3 A. M.
Sumpt er 1:05 A. M.
Arrives Prairie 2:1 P.M.
A four million dollar Inreatment In buying an islnnd, shows In a amall way the development or
the winter resort Idea In America. William Wrigley Jr., the chewing gum manufacturer, at hla winter
home In Paaadena, Cal., la reported to have paid that aum for the controlling interest of the famoua
Santa Catallna Inland, near Los Angela. Included in the aale waa the new 400,000 Saint Catherine
hotel, two large tourlat ateamera and a fleet of the famoua glass bottom boat. "The Island baa an
area of 48.000 acre, room for a half million cottages." aald Mr. Wrigley recently while referring to
plan (or the development of the project. Here are new picture of the famoua Island where millions
of American have gone on pleaaure tripa. The Invert pboto showe the big rock which guard the
harbor entrance at Avalon.
No. 1 Makes Reed connection
with O.-W. R. & N. Co. No. 4
(Fast Mail) leaving Portland 8:15
P. M.. arriving at Baker 7:56 A.
M. and No. 17 from east arriv
ing Baker 6:50 A. M.
No 2 connects with No. 6 (Fast
Mail) arriving at Baker 7:55 P.
M. which nicks ur Pullman at
iBa er, arriving at Portland 7:00 .
A. M. Also with No. II at
0:46P. M. for points Fast
$1500 Reward!
' W 9
Tbfrsaea. Col
MfH ruin
tio m aamet
vhlefe lb sToW
slaa4 la nrsssbss.
win (it si.tsa a
rwar4 H
"sac laetSsa to
the arrat imMmmm
vlrllon M mf.
Ins hortaa. aaMU
nr diii,i hat m
T "
' iur in us
laaddlnos lathe sNit, tk nnHtnUgm
offer tb Mm oonalilon IMe.OO for all be
braodwl bor-bod baron botb orltbr ).
Brand rcordd In eight n.unii.-. Kane
Hrny, l..k. .nil j.rok counllra. Hon,
renudwhen sold.
Nena bat frown bones sold aid only la
large baacb,
W W.BB0WM rtl OraaM.
U. of C. and Stanford Experts
Point the Way to Sound
Reconstruction Finance
Th baaka of the baited States aanat
s left free to ftnanco the reaonatrua
tloa of productive anterpaiae and saaatf
not be cltHtervd up with the Vkrtety
Liberty Uoan. That la the eeaspoeHe,
thonght-eut opinion of two af th
West'a meat noted prosaara ef
finance, (aal C. Fleha. prwaaaaer f
flnanra la the Imiaerarty of CalMamta,
and Murray I,. Wlldman, band of aba
diartment of economic and Snaaaa
of Stanford UnlvaraHy. Itoth agree
that the money needed to finish paying
for the war abooM not come out of
working capital, but abould be raieed
out of individual aavlnga of humble
and wealthy.
"If the people take the Loan, an they
mut." Profeaaor Plebn aayo. "the
banka will be Jaft free to lend to the
manufacturer, the farmer, the grocer,
the butcher, and the baker, ao that
they nan get busy again on a peace
time baela. Then production and bual
nr will grow and. by the formula,
rrlees wUl Som. to normal. If we
'leave It to the banka.'' they will have
no funda left for business, big or lit
tle. We, ourelvea, will net profit and
the .day of our redemption will only be
Professor Wlldman, wboae ability
caused him to be called from Stan
ford to Washington for war finance
service, agreea with the California
economist, adding: "It would be a
grave mlatake to aaddle the banks of
the country with tba Vletory Loan st
thla time."
When two prove soots agree, Hi
time to alt ap and take aottee. Whea
two profeeeore not awly agree with
each other, bat age with the GoTeeu
ment. that settles ft. Flnaare la their
business particularly Government
finance. They have apent their Mvea
studying M and are paid aeod salaries
to. teaching the principle af It so the
men who are going te ran tba nation
Finance la net the buslaeaa of the
wlaeacre who screws down thai cor
ners of hie mouth and aays. "Let the
banka do It." Setter take the advice
of scientists who know.
sold to thirty-two fcpe'ra af the
Penikaae Island Leper Colony, which
amount to 182 per capita, or three
tlmea more than the per capita quota,
for the United 8tates, namely: 120.
A rolling atone gather no moaa, but
n Victory Liberty Bend will serve your
aalf and America. t
"Every man la the architect of
( own fortune." Sallust.
"Thrift la one of the mini islsniiehmi
which manhood mast be oeaatmetea.'
Henry Ford.
Civilisation Waa founded and atSl
rest upon thrift.
Leper Colony Reaches 92 Pr Capita
W. 8. 8.
Hawall'a War Savings P'nmp reports
for the year ending December 31, 1918,
abow total aalea of ,2,020,900 worth of
War Saving Stamps sold, which Is
$20,000 over their quota.
. Two thouaand (lpnarsof thji i amonnt
Save tor the aahe of yoaraetf and
your country.
A LanJaBssaT" A )
,'anl Haw&' MaWaV aW aiaaas'
fl B-nT JaMlWIHlr'
I amnWdfl If
Northwest Shorthorn Breeders
9th Annual Spring Sale and Show of
Union Stock Yards, North Portland, Oregon
There will be offered at this sale the Highest Class Short
horns ever placed in the sale ring in the Northwest. They
are carefully selected individuals from the herds of the
leading Shorthorn Breeders of the Pacific Northwest.
Range men of the West never had such an opportunity
to get the kind of Bulls they wanted as this sale offers
richly bred from 18 to 24 months old. The catalog gives
the full information write for your copy NOW, study
the breeding, and plan to attend.
Col. Scotty Milne