The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 22, 1919, Image 2

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Wo didn't suspect that Hpulrn Dan
ny had a mite of pontry in him, but he
Mostly he Is a gruff talking, heavy
walling, clone-fisted gentleman of the
old school, that went ahead by bard
work and saving pennies.
But the other day he was in toe of
fice, and after sitting around brood
ing over the scenery, ho finally clear
ed his throat and, possibly he had
read that story about Smith ('run
going to feed horseflesh to bogs, said :
"Yep, I'm going to get a tractor;
machinery Is cheaper than help, Hut
dog gone I do hate to sell my horses.
"I've got gasoline lights, and pres
sure water all over the place, and
portable gasoline engines for differ
ent Jobs, and a lot more tabor suvlng
stufr that been paying Interest on
what it cost; but I've hung off oui
this tractor thing. i
I "An automobile is all right, but an
engine snorting through the field
doesn't soem Just right somehow.
"1 hope Ml always be able to af
ford at least one team and a tw uty
aero patch that I can plow in the
spring myself.
"A good big black toam, that I
raised myself. That pull true and
turn close, and let me turn a smooth,
straight, ten-Inch, deep furrow right
across the field.
"Somehow, after being off the land
ill winter. I always like to got out
after a week of warm spring weather
and get hold of the old fourtaen-lnch
plow. j
"I like the amell of the ground,
and the feel of the air, and the sun
on my hack, and the bees buzzlir.; out
or the hives in the orchard-
"I'm going to get a tractor and
find somebody to run it, but I'm go
ing to save a bit of flat land down in
the south meadow for me and the
four-yenr-olds to break. Any rn,!
'lianlc can run an engine but rail M
few ran raise a toam of colts 104
iiavo em work right.' And t
Hqulro quit and mooned some mor
over bis snow bank.
We guess there is poetry soni.
whero In all the sons of men who liav
followed the furrow through the
yours, and who have unconsciously
become In tune with the creak of tb
harness; the slow heaving hodlc or
big teams; the soft slide of I'lnty
clod brimming over the mould bosrf
down into the furrow; the bum of it.
sects, and the chatter of fussy blrdi,
crowding along behind, Intent on
the treasures the turning furrow dl.
Comlu soon at the Liberty TJieotre.
Mora ON THK Hf n
undoubtedly believe his hero was in
deed coming to life before his eyes.
Indeed, there is cause for actual
Jack Pickford has long boon a stu- regret that he could not have done
dent and friend of Mark Twain's no. for it is a well-known fact that
famous boy hero, "Tom Sawyer." 1 during his lifelines, he steadfastly
and it is for this reason us well as refused to allow "Tom Sawyer" to be
for the fact that he has become a dramatized for the stage. It would
famous portrayor of boy roles, such have been Impossible, he said, to
as "Freckles," tbe'Dummy." "Soven-! catch the "white town drowsltiK In
leen and outers, that he was chosen the sunlight and ho rlvor scenes marked upon the nice hard surface I
oy J'uramount for tho character of
Tom. the screen has itiven the draimttlzers throuirlmiit th mirv snni.i ,.,..,
iirondor Held In which to attempt to tills territory. It is remar kabla
He Isn't so old that he has forgot
ten the days when he lived br'.itli
lessly through the pages of the story,
joying with the redoubtable Tom in
his adventures or sorrowing with
him in his misfortunes. 'I lie Incident
of the whitewashed fence which re-
ilme to Improve our street and put
It In such shape as to keep tho mois
ture from remaining on It very long
at a time. There are a few degres
sions at certain points along the
street that with little expense could
be filled In with river gravef and
made much better. This should
have the attention' of tho people.
ii iau a visnor 10 the city re
their task, and has made possible
what was then impossible.
Director William I). Taylor, who
has been res; onslble for most of Mr.
I'li-ltford's recent -pictures, has given
to "Tom Sawyer" the result of his
ceived three coats, urn! for which I years of experience and a thorough tor
Tom. who was supposed to do It him- j training In tho field of motion pic- o
self, received payment of unlimit. d I ture photography and directing. Tlio ' DKMo I.IOIITINO KYS'I I M
marbles, jews-barps. tadpoles and ; hi et:.irio was written by Julia (raw-j Csi:i AT Ill'HNS GARAGE
when one considers tho real ch'ttice
we have to make this street Just as
good as hard surface anywhere
small a cost. The drag is being used
to good ei lei 1 these days and Is I'rawn
by a Fordaon tractor aj demon tra
other boys' treasures, has long bean
n favorite of Mr. I'ickford s. and It is
faithfully portrayed in tho screen
The fact that tho exterior scones
were taken at Hannibal, Missouri,
the very town In which Samuel Clem
ens, or Mark Twain, as he is better
known, wrote, adds to the effective
ness of the production. The river
scenes where Tom and thia famous
Huck Finn escaped on a raft and
turd Ivcr;.
Management of the Liberty Theatre
The Times-Herald man Visited the
Burns Uarago Thursday afternoon
has arranged for the presentation of and Manager Smith showed him over
the place. This Is ono of the modern
shops of the Central Oregon country
and Is well equipped with the ma
chinery necessary for tho work.
One of the most Interesting fea
tures of the bulrdlng Is the Delco
lighting system recently Installed.
This Is so simple to operate and no
"Tom Sawyer ' next Wednesday
night. For ono night only so don't
miss i.t.
With the return of normal conditions there
will come n demand for Real (Statute in Har
ney County.
1 do not particularly want an option on
your property nor a 'contract for Hale on
commission, bat I desire a list of every kind
of property, real or personal, for sale or
trade in Harney County in order to tfive
full and accurate information to numerous
intpiiries from prospective investors, and to
bring buyers and sellers together.
Ciin offer desirable town lots, acreage and
choice city property stork and hay ranches
raw or partly improved iagebruih land
for Hiile also farm near Hums for lease.
I solicit your business sticTi ts applications
forent ry, showings, affidavit s. contests and
trials before the Local Land Office, and
appeal etc., before t In- Comnirssiouer o( the
(tenernl Land Office and the Secretary of
the Interior.
Thursday afternon T he Times-
Herald man bad occasion to make little expense to keen uu that It
returned only in time for their own a tour of Main Street to the south should bo placed in everv country
tunerat services was taKen at the very part of town and during bis stroll.
spot Mark Twalu described, so that It was pointed out by a good roads
could he see the production, he would enthusiast that this was tho proper
home and hamlet. It Is complete
in a compact form and gives moat
satisfactory results.
, rfiiltiJ W iOUpMrl!
m &w
1 Pil'il
fiilf !;1
BTWinsL . ifi p
f M:ii:iriaMi;t0!fl
I M ft Jt'iinlassj 4 i I
Be absointely safe and insure your property
ill the "Colonial' or "North britisli & Mer
cantile". My Companies pay all losses
Wm. Farre
Tonawama Building
Burns, ... Oregon
?fnn tho RiilOY'
That's what the
Overland Pacific
said to Rickard, the
engineer. So the
girl hated him be
cause he supplant
ed her brother.
And the man did
not take to her at
first. But Cupid
smiled and took
a hand. ,
The River
tells well how the
man stopped the
( Colorado and saved
the Imperial Val
ley. The girl saw
him do it and for
got her hatein love.
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Tobuccu lu.
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1 -N nsted smokejoy as you puff out of a
jimmy pipe packed with Prince Albert I
x nai s oecause r. a. has the quality!
You can't fool your taste apparatus any more than you
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Prince Albert, coming and going, and get up half an hour
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Toppy r,d bag,, tidy red tin,, handtome pound and half-pound tin
humidor, -and that clay, practical pound cryttal gla humidor with
,pongm moUn,r top that hemp, the tobacco in ,uch perfect condition.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. C.
?" evrll
More than four thousand Delco-Light plants were de
livered for war work. They were used to supply elec
tric light in camps, storehouses, hospitals, Y. M. C A
huts, airplane hangars, sub-chasers and other branches
of the service.
In Red Crosf hospitals at the front. Dtlco
Light operated life-saving X-ray apparatus.
Delco-Light was specified by the Government because
it is dependable, efficient, simple to operate. requires
little attention, and because it is AIR-COOLED?
The result of Government tests and the satisfactory
use of Delco-Light on over 60,000 farms are your as
surance thnt Delco-Light will give you the same de
pendable service.
It betters living conditions.increases farm efficiency,
and soon pays for itself in time and labor saved,
MDUN appliance CO.. D .uiWor.. Seattle, W..h.
fi-UHAS GARAGE - .Local Deulers
Mkr of OELCO-UGH T Products