The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 08, 1919, Image 3

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    t " wsw "w imWHBMi "T9BBBIB HirL .-- J3 aaisK BHHBwfWBii ssgg rr, . -mhSHH a' IHL -JPB s i ' gHstsflgW flggYI BfeLv
f jBJ gggHflBBLC'l 'V n " ,!,. , .. . ...". ... .... ". .,l . 'JL.' lTr?,!!,. . . r ' " ' ' -- '" '" ' T" " ' ' " ', '
T ' J ' ft'-' "vs. r -"V 1 J A (tTuii1 THRirfr
! StLP ftAifiirtft 71 1MB LxD-l s ' ' i m itWwWmm.i i I II Kir I
pyPB Its the daily bnr.':- i, Oleomargarine J
V 'i .BwCrLcMi' - . i. uovf "if- lirjr: "V v'"
l MiBflHBSHHBlii LggggW Thero Is ns other to t!lgostlb:t 'w ..; X S"''
tWSF JMIfiEhlli r E7V Honlly recommended . the dell) I ( ') -fYV S" T J-
J ;i -J T: T-..3 , i, ,-"-, h
I '.i . - ..: i : . . v"t
lirohiiee the Ingredients ere hlcndi-d a to produce u fooJ that In
, "rising and perfectly diciHtcd.
Thi who have found other pancikrs indlcrulildo will find OLYMPIC
apnea with the most delicate ttonrucb.
The Portland Flouring Mills Co.
ft "'V-i'rN?? " f'
Call your nearest dealer for information
AT ONCE. Then take the earliest opportunity of conveying
to raid dealer the idea that you wiah to acquire one of tfceM
lim Man Talks Like II Vat
a Ford.
II I Itiver. dr.. U It, Mar. A.
I ; itoi W ka,
Ik r Sir to bavin fine n--.
Ul ild .x Avar
ieka to
:. 0 !. ki nt i 1 i eat
i i ; .i'ii; soma for hii uld
i .. Ite !. ' rullv .i'itm, J. J
Kltl V.UAt lil It.
A Gasoline Ifotor Driven
Drag Saw Machine that eawi
UP to 12." cords of WOOd
per day.
NOTE: We also niggesl that
for good results you should
specify a VAUGHAN
Drag Saw.
For further ili-tail inliliea
475 East Main Street. Portland, Oregon.
I' I !f.
i s-rf-
f-v m : i
Th3 Kinj of Cracksrj
'tm I, in Qrahaaa ksv tin- rare eea
Uuliei "f mil food value Mini crisp
t!.- Idouaaa ttiHt naks ikon oeoi !
coma, At lui'i.u nr ootwooa noaii thr
an' tlwajra popVMr, Mini.- (r ym iii
the in .iIii fond factory. Sold evi-rjr-
Makes economy a double pleasure; a
table treat; delicious on toast and
bread and on steaks and vegetables.
You'll like it right from the start.
Composed of pure, carefully select
ed ingredients and churned fresh
daily with pasteurized milk.
Thi' inii't notieeiilile differ
ent ) t SJ e I n Ciiluml'lii
I '.i n nd Olcoiiiiii'Kiii ine and
fiinrj itimiihtj liutter In the
pries mill It'll in favor of
liners of iili'tiiiiiirKiii'iiip.
i'ueked in wuxed, odor
proof - rartona. I'. H. Jo-
iiiiin ot in i". i. . i.
ji ' VvJ
""Sfc " " ' ' " .aBai atarVaoA
Lew QJ
North Portland, Oregon
Fashion Favored Fabric of Silk
I ir . 1 wfcora,
H , 'i-l . I'ui tlaud.
Oregon Made for OregonTrade z1!
The Sign of Quality 1 H flapjaClp.
U WW .. f . J i -ah7 - X t.
ki ? .ivkv a?K
I l : SjSJc r c miner jisBgl y
1 'SMI 1' . .-. -,. r .; Ji
: -- 1T' L LTJlLJ " "
rarMSffia- i - "' " .awl i i iJESi2?ssBcx --J
Insist Upon
They are the perfection of experienced
millingexcellent in quality and the
Product of a Home Industry
Golden Rod Milling Co.
Cereal Millers and poultry Food Manufacturers
Portland, :: Oregon
im: m.KHHi.VJ or i,.iim.
Is Hprlng'u fuvored fabric. It Is Kturtllug to m;o Hid now
Ion iin handlo the material for ttxrluHlvciiOHti dlltlnol tm
' ;inon On ti,o loft Is a silk reataurant frock of trbutus
tti wltli IfeS iliupe t.'ffoct In each line of the nloove. nklit
i'ii' touched off with ruffles or organdie On the rlKht
h"vi ii iin-H are brought out In the coat drena, the top of satlu
modi in. mid tho skirt of flounced satin rufj-a-uufl crepe. j $!' Kliigalny onco huIiI, "Hk
iluiiiMiil I'Vi-ry niornliiK of your llfo
t them i KoinotliliiK you inu-i do,
wlii'thcr you llkn to do It or not."
Whether you are (minting a picture
or luiiiiineriiiK Iron, whether you are
i illlf (IT WIIHhIllK ill:. lie fillfl
WSSplng flooi-M, your work l the
lliliig which hiivi'm you from rourMlf,
While .mi ur IihihIh and thOUfBtt are
i". ni'led you luive no time for miirhlil
Introspactlon. The dear duty bsfoN
- hi in to licnil Miur energleH to Miur
I work sad do n canscientiously and
"'ii ii is onlj in thin its) the) fou
do sour duty to tin' world,
B3vi r) parson im an obligation
. .!' iiiin iii. iiiusi ngSaTS in
: omel iiin , u i i ul in prove his rluhl
In i bu unit 'i if in- i im
N'. i i. ne 1 1., ...,, i i,i batter iii in he
i ii. lie o in .it (til ari uti talcs bl i
i ha wuriii in uriii r
'i lie respon
111 : ID III
.. thOUgll ORU'ttl
1 ; .. Ibllll '. Man . weultli)
' iin not neeii iii sorii i. 'i
I . -n iinw iiieir reallsa
lion of i li its principle by taking up
Home work of value to the community.
They enter Into public life or devote
lliemnolvoH to Home (jucHtiou of edu
cation or general betterment of con
iIIIIoiih. If they do not luke tlila
OOrttTSS tbsy are reduced to the moHt
iimi'Ichm. profit Iiihn ami weurlHome
t or in of toll that of Keeking their
nun ninu.'tcmciit und (ileaHiiro.
WholcHoine nil: i -1 1 1 v- employment
davalopes a mun'H fa uit Ii'h, ki epH
I. MM keen mill ready for oppor'uniy.
I'ui Miur heurt Into Miur work.
Killer Into it every morning with feel
Ingl i interest Iii it ami gntltuds
for il. ami miu will bnow tho blSSSlBg
i.l lain. i
l'a! iiii receive the best of rale
ut the Klreoved Muterulty IloHpital.
The era of fighting In over and the
era of inveHtlgution la well begun.
To prevent unemployment we would
HUggext that each soldier as lie Is dia
charged should be placed on an In
vestigating committee..
Sumpter Valley Railway Cn.
Arrival and Departure Of Trains
Suffered for Clglil 1 oafs'
lib 'iiiiai ii pallia, lame Imeli, Mure
:. ami :, lii i jolnti often srs
due in ovar worked, weak or
1 Miinev : in: . Ball, It.
r I), :. Box 184, Bu an ill, Qa .
writer) 'I auffui u ii ii
pain In i ii" I'.h k and ould nol do
au) Ol m work, but slUOO lulling
Kolej li 1dm ) rni , i cm do all oi
m work Bold by Bead iiros.
No. 2, Prairie
Arrives Baker
2:35 P. M.
4:15 P. M
No. 1, Baker 8:3 A. M.
Sumpt er 1:05 A. M.
Arrives Prairie 2:1 P.M.
Sl,iipiil t iiiigli After Influcnu.
"Foley'! Honey and Tar is the bet
cough medlclno I ever tried," writes
SJ, B. McDowel, H. K. 1). 1, Box 119,
Arlington. Tenn. "My son had in
fluenza. He had the worst kind of a
cough. I tried everything, but
nothing did any good. God sent me
a friend with Foley's Honey and Tar,
and in two days his cough was gone."
Sold by Heed Brothers.
We will do your job printing.
No. l Makes good connection
with 0.-W. It A N. Co. No. 4
(Fast Mail) leaving Portland 6:16
P. M., arriving at Baker 7:66 A.
M. und No. IV from easl acriv
taki i'('.:M) A. M.
No :' conneoti with No.
i I
M. which pIcKg up Pullman at
Ba er, arriving a1 Portland 7:0()
A. M. Also with No. 1 ;it
0; II J'. M. for points East.
$1500 Reward!
i tm Orsgoa, i . -i
i,n iniiKini Ssvada
I lt liick I full l'
tiuii Issoolalton of
iililcli lbs ii ds
"It in ,1 In nil II 1. ( r
villi Rive IHV (HI
I I w n lit fm ,,:
ill III r i,-Hllll:n ll
Hi,- ii rr, si in rl , en
vii IIOII of .ii ( l Rr-
: ,. part mi nl-
rss. , i. til i
oust Ii
Iii ii Idltlon m ii,, ,i ,,m , .;.. .
, i i ,ni i
lim ni' I in. . ,,, . i i iio imi . .
yotltl ,1 i hi 11 .
Hubs in! grown borsss sold sud oalj ,
i inn has,
a u in, i, '.s s i e, on aaa,