The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 08, 1919, Image 6

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vk, v I I CTflw 7 IV: a BQHvniyi i J 111 F (J Jut. iA iPtvfn iIaIH B J fl Ik t U If II L' "- IK
. Its the daily break
fast in thousands of
western homes.
There U no ether to digestible
no healthful.
Honestly rocomrncrded r the dall)
diet of the entire household.
Becatrae the ingredient! ere lo blended as to produce a food that in
petitising and perfectly digested.
Tbose who hare found other pancakes indigestible will find OLYMPIC
with the moat delicate stomach.
The Portland Flouring Mills Co.
I ),.:
TAKE fi gjAj Jk
Call your nearest dealer for information
AT ONCE. Then take the earliest opportunity of conveying
to said dealer the idea that you wish to acquire one of tkcue
This Man Talks Like It Waa
a Ford.
Hood River, Or.. Route. Mar. 4.
Vaughan Motor Worke,
Fortland, Oregon.
Dear Sirs: Am having fine suc
cess with the tittle old bug. Aver
age ten ricks to gallon of gas; al
so cut 3IX) ricks at 4 l-8c eost
per ri'k. (JoiiiR some for an old
rig. Recpectfully yours, J. J.
A Gasoline Motor Driven
Drag Saw Machine that Raws
up to 25 cords of wood
per day.
The King of Crackers
Tru Wu Urntiauis bave the rare com
biuati.ui of rich food value and eliep
deliciuusDVKS lluit lu.ikr lb iin ever wel
come. At iii.'.iIh .ir between iii.uIh tbey
are ulwuys popular. Made for you in
the daylight toed factory. Sold every
tcvud i, ...... 1, n m i . r-j I
Oregon Made fop Opegon Trade
Mnkos economy a double pleasure; a
table treat ; delicious on toast and
brend and oh steaks and vegetables.
You'll like it right from the start.
Composed of pure, carefully select
ed ingredients and churned fresh
daily with pasteurized milk.
The moot noticeable differ
ence between Columbia
Brum (tleiunnigiirine noil
faarj creamer; butter i . ifct
price nnd it's In favor of
lifers of Olriiiiuirgarim-.
1'ncked in waxed, odor
proof - cartons, U. 8. Gov
ernment inspected.
North Portland, Oregon
( rO. s I vS' " ifA.P J
NOTE : We also suggest that
for good results you should
specify a VAUGHAN
Drag Saw.
For further details address
475 East Main Street.
Portland, Oregon.
The Sign of Quality
The whole program r. f Reconstruc
tion and Readjustment
Is one that revolves around the
luestlou of labor.
What can wo ilo to furnish employ
ment to the returned and returning
And at the same time keep those
who have employment at work also.
There Is little use lit asking Oregon
manufacturers and employers
II you want to really aid the move
ment to employ more men
Then buy the goods that these men
manufacture and thus. Increase the
RODENT KA (;i:s mm.c kki IN
It Is estimated I but the lot... In
' crops caused by rodent pests in Idaho
In one year would total $G",2o7,'J4 ,
If they were permitted to destroy
crops, unmolested, says the Statesman. '
".Signed reports from H0 farmers
Insist Upon
They are the perfection of experienced
miliinexcei'ciit in qualify and the
Product of a SSome Industry
Golden Rod Milling Co. Millers and Joultry Food Manufacturers
Prrflpinr-i nAAn
II g' If
fsr rN "
Urn jrjT II III
11 Tlf riMt ill
1 W "flapjacks" lii
Will savory hotcakes, rull of
Ml goodness, are for your break-
Ml fast. A delightful treat, so in- ..
Ml expensive and simple to pre-
Will pare you can enjoy them every
. day in the year.
To take on more men, if they are i in 13 counties show on 127, 4S7 acres
already loaded with their full re
If our factories can sell only the
goods already being made
And the demand does not Increase
for their products
can more
a total possible loss In grain valued
at 1774,693 in 1918 had no poison
ing been done," says W. K. Crouch,
federal agent in charge of the i(..leni
control In Idaho. "This makes air
i average possible loss ofI6.07 an acre.
people be given As there are approximately 1,027,553
orK- acres of cullvated land Infested with
It is a question that every citizen ground squirrels In Idaho, according
can answer and be of practical help, to the average loss reported by farm-
uy goods that our Oregon fac- ers the possible loss In cropi caused
tories are making by tns pef)t wou,(, ,(( $(. .,.,7
Incease the demand for our pro- 246 annually in this stale ir ,'e
ducts and the demand for men to ground squirrels were allowed to da
make them Increases at the same j stroy the cropn unmolested.
e' "A considerable part of this loss
Oregon manufacturers employ Or- ( waa avoided this year because of Or
egon citizen and our factories are ganlzed efforts on the part of the
better in many ways- farmer8 worklng throuin thr M
Then why be found elsewhere farm bureau In co-operation with .he
And to fall to buy the products la . bureau of biological survey. United
-. ....renu ou cmzens as beln6 cap- states department of agriculture,
able of turning out products equal "This organized work was carried
10 other places. on in 22 counties with 4,025 farmers
It is not a question of sympathy, actively cooperating. I'olsoned bait
sobs or subsides-- I to the amount of 226,496 pounds,
It Is simply a practical question mixed according to the formulas rec
that every citizen of Oregon has in nmmended by the biological survey,
his or her hands to answer and ad-1 were distributed on 227,761 acres of
farming i,d tt a coat of 34,S3, and
according to reports made by ,. oper
ating famers, a saving In crops vain. .1
at $1,251,55:! was the result of this
organized effort.
In addition lo BO-0pratlve work
done on private lauds approximately
IU0. 00 ucres of vacant roderal lands
adjacent to farms were treated with
poison furnished by the bureau of
biological survey, thus preventing ie
iuleslatlou lo u large extent.
"II Is planed to conduct organize!
campaigns against rodent pests dur
ing the coming season In racthally
every agrlcull tire county In the Mate,
In an effort to check the loss In tops
and to eventually rid the state of tint
"As a suggestion by the campaigns
which already have been conducted
' ileetively in the more Important fea
tures essential lo ujtlmate success are
co operation of all agencies Involved
including farmers, local organizations
j county, Hlate and federal officials;
'leadershjp trained and expert. mood
lln methods of rodent control and in
I organization; a unit nlan lo mv.i......
atlze activities and cover a sufficiently
large territory to prevent relnfesl-
atlon; financial support to procure
supplies In large quantities; and
Ugal provision for the extermination
of pests upon neglected areas.
The things that pans from one
country to anollier, evidently, ure the
bills. What about all the letter.,
thai have heeu lost from I'rnnce lo
us and from us to France
Surely the almighty dollar Is the
most Important thing after all If the
human, sentimental side of the war
Is to be crowded out In ilils manner
while the other really secondary
things are pushed through without
it single loss or delay.
The trouble with us Is that we
dou'l complain enough. There
should have h.en complaint U t(.,.
complaint drowning the Int. IJSOUOO
office until we should have received
some satisfaction Instead of the old
worn out phrase: "Well irh war
times, you know."
Don't Peel Touiself.
Got the Genuir.Ig yTv
and AvoidgarjCJJgravvUI
pVlilitfiJipt c o n o m y
lsttiaaK?'10 Every Cake
I CM This Out It In Worth Money.
Sumpter Valley Railway Co.
Arrival and Departure Of Trains
No. 2, Prairie 1:15 A.M.
DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this
J slip, enclose with Gc. to Koley &. Co.,
2835 Sheffield Ave., Chicago, 111.,
writing your name and address clear
ly. You will receive In return a trial
j package containing Foley's Honey
und Tar Compound, for coughs, colds
fund croup, Foley Kidney Pills and
! Pott? Cathartic Tablets. Sold by
Heed Bros.
2:35 P.
4:15 P.
No. I, Baker 8:3 A.M.
Sumpter 1:05 A.M.
Arrives Prairie 2:1 P. M.
Wo will do jour Job pinning.
$1500 Reward!
A man suffering rrom backache,
rheumatic pains, stiff Joints or sori I
muscles may laugh and aay those'
symptoms of kidney trouble "don't j
amount to anything." It folIy , I
, ignore Nature's warnings. Foley
Kidney fills give quick relief n !
kidney or bladder troubles and "It
Is better to be saft than sorry." gold
by Read Bros.
No. 1 Makes irond niniiociloii
withO.-W. R. & N. Co. No. 4
(Fust Mail) leaving Portland V1 i
P. M., arriving at Baker 7:55 A.
M. and No. 17 from east arriv-
in Haker 6:50 A. M.
No 2 connects with No. 5 (Fast
Mail) arriving: at Baker 7:56 P.
M. which picks up Pullman at
Ba r, arriving at Portland 7:M
A. M. AIko with JNo. Jt at
',UI aaaVsWaf SJaaaT V VI
'in 'mr- .
"Tv J
Tko OreaM, tfel-
Iforalsamt Ktvaila
I.I Stock -Hire.
Una Ann. in,.s (
V. f wnu-o 'tir i!K,i
'fT .tsntrt I n i,,r,
k will in ti.we nit
rrwpffi mi. fV.
. eac irtsist to
wv .nr.i r .i roil
vlcltou ul hdv par-
ijroijrlin. !!
liS BTtrw rmila
or amies llbiislsg
ka say .,( Hi aieav
laaddllio. mil,, ,,, ,h1 un(j -..Iter.
th. same coudhton ,., ,,. ,,,
br.sdert horse .hod bar oa both or I. Sri t.w
rr.,,,.Ji, ;i!!l ,,n""' S.
TSSSiiUff.4 r-k ",,M' '
Neae bat rea baraee Mi sod sod la
tatraTal kaia.k. .
ibT. M. W Mint Egt.
J .. -..,W'- -. iU Or....