The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 08, 1919, Image 5

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Have you noticed how carefully the em
ployee of this bank are in regard to every"
transaction you have with them? That it
for j our protection.
The same care is exercised in every case,
and you may rest assured that any busi
ness entrusted to our care will be most
carefully handled.
First National Bank
of Burns, Oregon
Capital and Surplus, : $100,000.60
i ii
our stock of stationery lirt.
.Mrs. Uoiii. Kfi'U is over on .1 viMt
ilii t-r dauKhUT. Mrs. Hay Smith.
Horn Sunday. Fab. -. to Mr. ami
Mrs. Klln-rt (ieorge, u daughter. The
mother and babe ure at the Flreovtd
hospital in this city doing rim-.
SlOtySSt. "THK HANK I'll A I
Herb Angel was here for a tew
.ays during the week. He had been
-uffering from rheumatism but has
.Imost completely recovered. Mr.
Angel has beeu buying some stock
In this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Swausen ot Uak--r.
announced the arrival or a son
at their home on January 30, 1919.
The young man weighed 8 pounds
ml is reported doing fine. Mrs.
gwaaara was formerly Alice Hamilton
if this city.
Mr. and Mrs. William Stirling ar
ived home from a sojourn in I'ort
and the latter part cf this week.
They had been in the metropolis for
several weeks. Mr. Stirling stated
that Mr. Hanley was still in I'ort
itid and would be coming home in a
short time but he expects first to
.ay a short visit to Salem and look
in on the legislature.
rad Martin Buck ware
in i ims n the fori part of ths week
looking after seas business affairs.
Lost- -Chain for a ford ear wheel,
also sprflig that holds It on. Finder
ut this office ami r
suitable reward.
Mr. and Mr;. K II. Iliithriik wi-ri-up
from their farm home near DenM
for a few days during the week. Mr.
Bathrlck Is specializing in Hereford
cattle at his ranch and is advertising
home iur- bred animals In this paper.
Hon. A. V. Gowait urrlved home
this week from a visit to Portland
and Salem. It is the usual thing for
Senator Uowau to visit the State Cap
ital each time the legislature meets
and view the situation over. II- is
now enjoying better health than for
a period during the rail.
Phil Smith arrived home the fore
part of this week from a business trip
to Ontario, Caldwell and other outside
towns along the Snake Hlver He
was out prlinarly to look Into the
cattle market and Just to take in the
country. He found things prosperous
In that territory where they have
water for Irrigation and where they
are feeding a goodly number of our
rattle this winter because of lack of
feed In this vicinity during the last
year Were going to change that
way of doing by getting the irrigation
project under way. That country
has nothing on this In the line of
stock raising.
Established thirty-two years Need no introductjun
Through square dealing have won the confi
dence of the people and are no longer in the
experimental class, but stand among the
solid merchants of Eastern Oregon, who de
serve the support ef all home people
Why the Essex Motor Car will be
the sensation for the coming season
Every part and every detail of the Essex con
struction is of proved worth. It was designed
and built by some of the foremost engine? rs of
America, the same men whose genius produced
the Super-Six. Many points of superiority in
the Sup.r-fij: which have proved themselves in
years of service, have been incorporated into
the Essex. The engine, only twenty- nine
inches long, cast in one block with detachable
head, readily develops more than fifty horse
power. Long life is assured by the ample pro
portions of the counterbalanced crank shaft,
supported by three large bearings.
Eastern" Oregon Auto Co.
Page's Sweet rihnp bus a supply
'etttice, sweet potatoes and crnn
i' Tries on hand at all tlmos. Fresh
fish every Friday.
Iv II Censer, cashier of the First
National Punic of this city, took his
departure lant Saturday for Portland
unil other outside point. lie will
for a few weeks and will
visit Spokane before reluming to
his position and resuming his duties.
B. V .Rogers, ouo of the recently
discharged soldiers writes from
Philomath, Oregon, to the post
master ut this placo that he Is look
ing for work on a farm. He has had
several years experience and Is mar
ried. If any of our readers can use
him they should couununicute with
Died Yesterday, IVb. 7, at Crane,
Mrs. James Parkland. We are In
formed the cause of her ileal h was
Infliiena. Mrs (lackland was form
erly Miss Caroline Piddle and she
was quite well known in this city
where ulie resided for a time during
b r tudy In tat Karney County iiiKh
School. She was a member of the I.
Schwartz household for several years
and was one Of the Rlrls who wits
htghl) regarded by her many friends
and acquaintances. There is regret
expressed for her untimely dona i
tt'Allll.WT CALL,
Notice Is hereby given that there
are sufficient funds on hand to pay
off all General l-'und wurrauls Issued
and reKistered up to and U)Cl tiding
DeOOttber 14. 19IN. Interest ceases
February 14, 1919.
w. Y. KINO,
County Treasurer.
Oregon Western Colonlaatlon
Company has large aerate of graz
ing lauds in both Crook anil Harney
County for sale or lease, and pattta
Ssjairl ii v. to e " ' " e or I'-.ue should
deHo al once, lor ln-rd. r will
;ed on the uoleasi d la nd . an '.
.. ., rtl or
(all on li. F Johnson at Vail Ol
I am equipped to do all kinds of
moving Jobs. Kf fi lent and satis
factory work' guaranteed. If you
have a house or other building to
move let me hear from you.
230:: N. lllrch St., LaUraude. Ore.
.Mrs. While Sj Titular Overcame
Troubles Alter everything
KIm- Called.
"Actually, a few bottles of Tanlif
did more for me than all of the
other medicines and ireatmonti
that have cost me thousands of
dollars," recently declared Mrs.
Kitty White, whose husband Is pro
prieior of the I'nlversal Paint Com
pany, and who lives at 1312 Forty
second street, Cast. Seattle, Wash.
"Fifteen years ago," she cotilluued,
"I was strong and healthy a woman
as you ever saw, weighing In the
neighborhood of a hundred and
seventy pound-). My troubles star
ted when I contracted a whirls
got so bad that many a time I have
had to sit up night after night whee
zing and gagging, hardly able to get
my breath and suffering so terrjbly
I really tnoui lit I was going to die.
Then my stomach went back on me,
my food would sour, and tbe gas
that rose up In my throat would
almost strangle me, and start me
vomiting till I was In such misery
I would almost go distracted. My
head ached like It would split and
my back hurt like It was going to
break in two. I lost over 40 pounds,
I was but a shadow of my former
self, and was so weak, and felt so
wornout that I was barely able n get
'"ilily Id this n (i ' :i i nl
for :t "Grsstar Oregon '
is Hue individual ri spon?
nihility in civic affuiri ly
Voting on election day.
Some ItSglecl ii.
None should.
Hum loJiulry of Or.non
tore With a Push
We push the goods in --as fast as the new creations appear
In the market they're placed on our shelves and counters.
And we push them Out never permit them to become
stale and shop-worn and out of style.
In this pushing out process our customers reap
They get seasonable goods at bargalu prices, as all goods
must go with the season, and the price Is the push.
You! We Snvlte you to get In the pnsh. You'll enjoy it.
Now this was Just the awful con
dltloii I was In when one of un
friends told me about Taitlai . and I
thought ir I could get my stomach
In good condition and regain my
Strength, maybe I could stand l le
ast lima better, so 1 got a bottle.
Well, sir, the results have far sur
passed uiiythliiK I expected. Why.
m v appetite is so great, that I tee
ashamed to cat enough lo satlfy mv
self. and my stouco Ii Ir, In good OOP
dition. Mut ths greateet inreri
nil it I huven'i suffered ii paril i
from asthma since I have been tal.
Ing Timlin ! fell tivm on l.
lug my first botlle that I Just couldn't
.i another one quleh entufh, for
1 coaldn'l afford to miss a single
do , i .deep so sound HOW, that I
don't know a thing from the time I
go to bed till I get up In the monilii;.
I never know what a headache Is
and those awful pains in my back
are all gone. I have already gained
several pounds and am Raining In
weight and strength every da
Why, I can do any amount of Inr I
work now without getting tired, and
can't remember the time when I
felt better than I do today. 1 am
o happy over my great Improvement
that I want everybody to know what
a splendid medicine Tanlac Is."
Tan lac Is sold In Hums by Heed
Bros., ami In Crane by Vale Trading
Hardware that Wears Hard
We have TOOLS necessary to repair
house or barn, farming implements and
the thousand odd fixings about home.
Keep things In STANDING UP shape.
When the weaken, repair them.
plies and accessories are of the best
wearing and neatest appearing articles
of their kind.
THESE $ $ $
I. S. GEEK & CO.
O'Connor & Carter
For fresh fruits and
Famous Delicious Apples
Special prices on ton lots.
We can also supply yon with
Coal and Wood
Grain and Baled Hay
Phone G4F
Earns Hotel rc;di
That Fall Suit!
Have it made now during
the slack season. We are
always busy but more
time now than we will
have a little later.
Call and See Our Samples and Styles
Clothing Company
i y pmmmtm
You hit it on the head
When you decided to come to us for
Your Groceries
Our foodstuffs are high class to coincide with your taste
Fresh Butter and Eggs, Finest Distinctive Blend Cof
fees, Seasonable Canned Goods, Pickles,
Spices, Cheese and Bakery Goods.
You'll become convinced that you've been missing a good thing
or Several Good Tnings
Farmers Exchange
Burns, Oregon
A. 0TTINGER, Proprietor
H. E. YOUNG, Prop.