The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 08, 1919, Image 3

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    BRIDE tf
e A Romance the
American Army
Fighting on the Bat
tlefields tf France
iramttwineanenPHr. A'katnHru me ttvtofi Townships 24 nn.i 86, Booth,
est street wen) down ni(. cardboard, to 1 v ri at i it Bee. 6,
i was me uiroiiiciioil iillnck mi Hi... ' ., i, i : t.,,-t
i .., ..'in,;. ', .,..
(Copyright, i'jin, l.y w. u. i huimianj
And ho COUld say nothing; Of Kol-
nnan's Mow nut-dde the Inn, of Ills
nine offer of friendship, (f the trench-
r thai had risked three lives Unit
lark might ille on a false errand
othlBgl And, If lie had heen aide to
I ii :ik. he eniild not have told. Vet he
us iL'tloriint of the Inlilhltory proooss
fiat now, as always, held him in
It 1100. '
But Kleanor clung to hint. "Yen,
iplnln Mark. Bananas he "
"Me Miit three of u out to rescue a
nniided mini Unnecessarily," khUI
ark lamely. .
Ha saw n spasm pas over ITnwiird's
v. this was worse than I low md
uhl havi- believed. The Colonel wjis
liken ; Ms faith won strong, hut he
is one of those who accept the obvl-
"Listen Cantata tnrlc !" said Floa-
r. speaKinit ns tr to a hnhy. " 1 tint
l't what you wanted to say. You hud
thought f criticizing your superior
or, even If you thought him wrong
It lanl what you mount, Perhaps
'II ti II mo. father! Stand haek a lit-
Now, whisper It, Captain Murk '."
Rut in the shelter of Hieanor's arms
rk felt altogether nt ponce. What
9 it matter, all this of long ago?
re oti going to marry Kellerman,
inor?" he asked.
cry softly, In the obscurity, ho felt
shake tier head. Ami the notion
I precisely the opposite effect of
nt Klontior had Intended.
'ur nothing nattered1 any more, noth
ii t all. He couldn't And excuses
rk Wallace had never excused him-
1 In his life.
Bleauor drew herself out of his arms
I looked ot him. He looked from
fine to the Colonel's. Why were
j worrying him? How could he
" to save hjs life by going Into the
'lire detnlls and explanations that
y required of him?
i.'ol what a long rigmarole, begin
g hack In the war depurttueiit t
rk could not string a rase toKcthcr;
mind was not constructed In that
Ion nor laid her hand on his arm.
ptuln Mark don't you see that
y moment la torture to us?" she
here was a terrible Intensity In her
as If she were holdlnr, herself
ly In restraint, for fenr that she
Id fall should she yi-ld to her euto-
I struck him." stammered Mark. !
lyoa why. 1 thought he was wrong
lk those lives I "
lie look upon each face seemed to
Man there; It was as If their lives
not Murks, hung uoon his words.
iddenly u shriek pierced the sky,
Ins; olT .Mark's speech, and a shell
mewhere hy with n shuttering
tuition, followed hy the dull hooin
Idlatant gun. The Oafoael started,
linn resumed Ins mm
i tin d to Mark as If that was an
Aiiierioau lines. - ,,,.,v ..,
fono somewhere across the Holds, the
rescnos were rn-hli fx$ lo repel them.
Murk itnggered to his tv t ami found
'" '" nld stiind. gats arm ached
under the lunula. o, lint It was not
broken. Probably k splinter hud slruok
him. He made his Way toward Mho
ColQBeL who eyed htm vacantly us he
approached. "Take Klennor to safety , mid leave
me. Mark," he suid, In a choking voice.
"I'll take you both, sir. This ean'l
Inst long, our men will he In the vll
Inge In a few minutes. Or an umbu
Innee will pass."
Mark put his hands beneath the Colo.
ncl'a arms and tried to lift him.
As the t'ol ! r to stand he eol-
inp-od forward In Murks arms, ire
looked at Karl piiooiisiv.
"Take her ami leave me," he whis
pered. "And listen to me, Mark. Slio
cares for ,ou. All will rente right, If
I can keep my worthless oaroass alive
until I've sen the General, lint t
ti,- m
i intfv
'.' corttcr
ii. 1 Lot 1. Sfec. : "i n v . t to lb'
I hi i ... i loc. il;
ut ti to tiiv NW conn r of Lei
v, of naid Bee, 6 thanes weal to tha
N ' corner of tha i !'4 Si i el Bed
1 leWMMp 25, Sn-Jthi Range !tl.
Kast; theme south to SW corner of
SK'-.SK'.-i of sail Sec. 1; thence west
to the NW cornet of Ken. 12; them I
south to the west quarter comer of
1 said sce.12; thence west to the NW cor
ner of NIC, of BCU of Sec. 11;
1 thence south to the SW corner of SK
' '4 SE'i of said sec. 11; thonco west.
' to south quarter cornrr of suid
I Sec. 1 1 ; thence south through the een
' ter of hections M ami 23 to the south
quarter corner of said Sec. 89) thonco
en t to the BE cornoi of sec. 21. all in
Township 25, South, Itnugc .1I( I
.- enst to the SK corner of Sec.
22. In Township 25, South, Range 32,
thence iniih to the SK corner
of Sec. 27; thalles west to the south
neve counted on being done np like flrtor corner f said Sec 27; thanes
this." iili thru the center of sec. 114, and
There wens tours in Hie old man's a!l '" TownshipSB. south, range 32,
eyes. "Korislve me. mv how" In. mm. r.nst, ami the center ot Sec. ., in
tered. and fell Into nnconactoOancea, (Township 20. South. Range .'12. East,
Mark sot him down against the wall ! north of Malheur liketo the intorsce-
ngnlii. It was Impossible to move him, ! t ion of said line and the mennder line
oven with Klennor's help. hounding Mnlheur Lake, and being
Mark looked at Klcanor. "It's safest i n,'"r ""' oeuler of said Sec. .1 fhence
here." ho suid. "The village will be Un an caster and northeasterly diroc
ocoupled aaOB. Help will eotne tion, following the meander line of
Be broke off nhruptly as another of suid lake to the intersection of said
the heavy shells dropped nearer, send- meander line and the enst lino of Sec.
Ing the brick (Tegmenta (lying In nil dl- ' 22. in Township 2fi. South. Range 32 tt
Section 30, nil. 440.34 aires
Section 31, all, :i7.10 acres
Township 26, South) Range 89, north
of Malheur Lake!
Bastion '. all, l acres
'. 2, all. 2.'.o.7!l inn
Ion .".. Lot 1. 1.0,7,8,
12H.I.T, ncre:'.
on (he rih day of March, 11)19, at 1 1 In tha treat quarter cornet thereof'
10 i, Yloi I,- A. M. of said day, or aslthaaes north to tha NK corner of
soon thereafter as tho same can b" I Bet i. r,; tbenceweel to the north qnar
heard, preeetM to said Court a neU-itnr corner ot saiil Bee, I thenco
lion praving said Court to proclaim I south to d" . . n r of said Sec,
ilKatlon district and dnflnn tho
hound, tries thereof; and to cull an
election for tho purposes above sot
Total acreage of 33,41tfl.?5 acres forth and to do all things necessary
aeserding to tho Government surveys and proper under the law for the for
thereof. matlou of said district, and designate
All in conformity with the foregoing tho time and place for voting at said
and under the laws of the Stat of election
Oregon, and YOUR PKTITIONKRS ,,.,', h h ,,, , lu
WII L EVER 1'RAY- ' boundaries of the pro-
NAm'kS: POeed district as set forth and do
scribed In said potltlon are. as follows,
Beginning at the Intersection oi
the Kast Fork of Hllvles Klver and
the east and west quarter line through
Section. II, Township 14, , South
Hiiiiri- :, Baal of Willamette Mer
recMons. ttf a sudden It had occurred
to hlni that the reason why the Ameri
cans did, not enter the tilings was that
it was a death-trap; Its ratines were
Kast; thence north to the NK corner
of raid Sec. 22; thence west to the
north quarter corner of said Sec. 22;
thence north to the center of Sec. 15
nil mapped and plotted, and the Oer- te ,he Pentcr of Sot.. l0; thence west
mans Were bent on Its systematic do- , to the wct quarter corm.r of mlid
Sec. 10; thence north to the enst
quartet corner ofSec; thence west
through the center of sec. 4 to the
st ruction
Mark stood by Klcanor in Irresolu
tion, cursing bis fate. ll did not know
what to do. He could too have her;
and yet he felt n burning Impulse to
play some part In affairs. Ills ey,e.
trained by lone, years of practice, took
In the tactical situation nt n glance.
The Germans must have made a prodi
gious thrust In the Bight, bursting
through the center; the reserves, still
rushing over the fields, were trying to
till mid hold the gap. And th.' little
Headquarters village was the key to
the whole htittloflcM.
Wounded men came streaming down
the street, followed hy the merciless
shells. The aeroplane above was still
circling like a hawk: It seemed In
credinie that no aeroplane attacked It.
And It whs quite dear to Murk that
only treachery, calculated and lone
planPOd. could have brought about the
Kor the Germans must have ad
vanced four miles nines nlgfeffell.
(To be continued
Wanted Men accustomed to re
pairing, to re-make one world In bad
condition. Quick and skilful work
ers required.
Te Be Presented to the County Court
of Harney County, State of Oregon.
on the 5th Day of March. 1919.
We. the undersigned citizens of the
United States, constituting a majority
of the owners' of land within the boun-
west quarter corner thereof; thence
north to the NK corner of Sec. 5;
thence west to the north qunrter cor
ner cf said Sec. 5; thence south to
the center of said sec. 5; thence west
to the SK corner of the SW 4
NW4 of said Sec.; thence north
to the NW corner of I.ot 3. of said
Sec. 5; thence west to the NW cor
ner of sec. H; all in said Township
25. South, Range 32V4, East; thence
north to the NE corner of SE',4 of J
Sec. 30. in Township 24, South, Range
32, East; thence west to the center of
said section 30; thence north to the
north quarter corner of said Sec. 30;
thence west to, the north qunrter cor
ner , if section 35; thence north to the
center of Sec. 28; thence west to the
west quarter corner of said section 20;
thenco north to the NW corner of
Sec. 27; thence west to the NW cor
ner of said section 27; thence north
to the east quarter corner of Sec. 21;
thence west to the intersection of said
line and the East Fork of Silvies Riv
ver, all in Township 24, South, Range
32, East, same being the place of be
ginning. That the irrigable lands embraced
within the boundaries as above de
scribed comprises the following, to-wit:
Township 24. South
Section 21, 8 M,
Bthel Caiterson,
Rabeeker Catlerson,
C. J. Johnson.
Adum P, II. George,
Kdith Haves,
.1. !' (iiivos,
R. U. Bits,
Blanch Bits,
N. I'. Middle.
Ralph Cattt i an,
Dr. If. Hand datteraon,
Mill". . (I;. I'd.
I'red (i. tit ley.
id i man Hull,
Elbert George,
Alvin C. Bpurlock,
Charles Spurlock,
L. B, ruin.
Amelia Thompson,
Grant Thompson,
Henry Otley,
Fred Otley,
Ida Otley,
Pick Otley,
Scott Hayes,
Id Ian! In Barney County, Oregon.
thenca west to tka west quarter cor
nor of mid Beo.Ilj theme south to
, the HV corner of Bee, If, all in
I same town and range; thoii'-e west
along tka lias between Townships 24
and I!.'., Botttk, to the NW corner of
Lot I of Sec. 6, Township 25, South,
Range 18, Kast, thenco south to the
, SW comer of said lot l, Sm: fl;
, thence west to the 8W corner of Lot
; 4 of said Sec. 6; thence south to the
i NW corner of Lot 7, of said Sec. 6;
thence west to the NW corner of tho
8K 8K4 of Sec. 1; Township 25,
South, Range 31, East; thence south
to the SW corner of BKU SBU of
Ora I Hayes, by Scott Hayes, guar-' said Sec. 1: thonon west to th., nw
di""'' . , ,, . corner of 8er. 12; thence south to tho
guardian "' "' WC,,t ',Uor,,r rorner of wlld BocVi'
leave M. Hayes, by Bee Hares, ij WCKt to ,ho ,NW r""r
K.o.nljan. MV of SK of Sec. 11; thenco
Ethel Graves, south to the SW corner of 8E4 8E4
Alberta Graves, by Ethel Graves, of said Sec. 11; thence west to south
Rose C. Henderson,
.1. II. Henderson,
Mrs. Rose Crowley, ,
C. T Miller,
Chas. R. Peterson,
Henry George,
Lee R. George, by Henry George,
C. B. Auamus,
A. b. Swain,
Sam Mothoi -In ml.
J. C. Welcome. Jr..
Belle C. Hayes.
A. C. Welcome,
Kiaukie Welcome.
Section 20, SW'
Section 27, all,
Section 28, all.
Section 33. all.
Section 34. all.
Section 35, all.
Section 30. SH;
Range 32, Kast:
320 acres
100 acres
025.38 acres
035.09 acres
040 acres
034.75 acres
040 acres
4H0 acres
laries as hereinafter described, or i Township 25, South. Range 31. East:
who are bona lido claimants to tin-1
Occupied land under the laws of the
United States, or who are the holders
of nn uncompleted title or contrnet to
burchaee state lands under tho Inws
of the State of Oregon, all being duly
t torture. He struggled In quellBfd OWnert of land, claimant lo
Sect ion
Beet Ion
1, SK'iSK'i
11, EVi SK1,,
12. all.
1.1, all.
i I. RVa,
88, K'4.
24. all,
40 acres
80 acres
040 acres
010 acres
320 acre i
640 acres
the uudensiKiied citizens of the fail
ed States, bona fide owners of ono
in re or more of land within the
boundaries hereinafter described, or
who are bona fide claimants to un
occupied land under the laws of the
United Slates or the holders of mi
completed titles or contracts for
purchase of State lands under tho!
laws of the State of Oregon, being
dealroas of forming an Irrigation
district embracing tbe land within
the boundaries hereinafter Set forth,
will at the session of the County
Court for Harney County. Oregon,
quarter corner of said Sec.ll; thence
south through the center of sections i Charles Spurlock,
14 and 88 lo the south quarter corner! L. B. Gulp,
of said Sec. 23; thenco east to theSK Aurella Thompson,
' corner of Sec. 24, all in Township 25. ' Crant Thompson,
South, Range 31, Kast; thence east ) Fred Otley,
to the 8E corner of Sec. 22, in Ida Otley,
Township 25, South, Range 32. Kast; Hi
thence south to the 8K corner of
Sec. 27; thence west to south quar
ter corner of said Sec. 27; thence
south through the center of Sec. 34.
and all In Township 25, South.
Range 32, Kast, and the center of
Sec. I, In Township 2G. South.
Range 32, Kast, North or Malheur
Lake to the Intersection of sad Una
and the meander line bounding Mal
heur Ijtke, and being near the cen
ter of said Sec. ; thence In an caster
and northeasterly direction, follow
ing the meander line of said take to
the Intersection of said meander Una
and the east line of Sec. 22, in Town
ship 25. South, Range 32 East;
thence north to the NK corner of
said Sec. 22; thence west to the
north quarter corner of said Sec. 22;
thence north though the center or
Bee. 16 to the center of Sec. 10;
thence west to the west quarter cor
ner of said Sec. 10; thence north to
the east quarter corner of 8ec. 4;
thence west through the conter of Sec.
thai east to tna BH corner of tha
HW4 NW',4 "I tatd v. Hon; llienoo
north to the NW corner of Lot :i. r
said See. 5; thence west to the NV
corner of He-. 6; all in said Town
ship 25, South, Range 32 V4, Kast;
thence north to tho nk corner of
BIU Of Sec. :tf,, in Township 24,
South, Itange 88, Kast; thence went
lo center of said Sec. 36; thence north
to the north quarter corner of said
See. 36; thence west lo the north
quarter corner of See. :ir, ; theme
north to tat center of Kee. 26; thence
west to the went quarter corner of
nld Baa, 20; thenca north to theKW
COmef of See. 27; (honei; west to the
NW corner of said Sec. 27; tkl
north to the east quarter corner of
Bee.81; tbenot eesl to the intersec
tion of said line and tka east fork of
Hllvles River, all In Township, 14,
.South Range 88, Bast, saas being
tho plaoe of beginning.
Kthol Catterson.
Rebecker Catterson.
0. J. Johnson,
Adam F. B. George,
Kdlth Hayes,
L. B. Hayea,
J. K. Graves,
R. R. Sltz.
Klanche Sltz,
N. P. Iilildi...
Ralph Catterson,
Or. M. Hand Catterson,
Mary A. Oard,
Fred G. Otley,
Herman Rub,
Klbert George,
Alvin C. Spurlo k.
by Scott Hayes, Guar-
Scott Hayes,
Kthel Graves
lenry Otley,
Disk otley.
Scott Hayes.
Ora S. Hayes
Othniel K. Hayes, by Scott
Izora M. Hayes, by
Bthel Craves.
Mherta (Jraves. by
Rose C. Henderson.
J. H. Henderson.
Mrs. Rose Crowley.
C. T. Miller.
Chas. R. Peterson.
Henry George.
Lee R. George, by
C. B. Ausmus.
A. S. Swain.
Sam Mothershead.
J. C. Welcome Jr.
Belle C. Hayes.
A. 0. Welcome.
Frank ie Welcome.
Henry George
ami desperately to find words to , uno,.t.upi,.,i irind of the United Sta ship 86, Booth, Range 88. I
In n the noli,, subsided
there came a stunning Bound
eiin-d to split Ills ear-drums, lie
forward, ami felt us If some one
lifted him; hsiked out into dark-
'UKht Eleanor aad knew uotb-
en he slowly grew conscious It
nth tbe glad realisation that he
mild her. lie felt her hands,
and warm, binding u bandage i
his arm. He opened his eyes to
Ir fan- bent over his. And It wus
lue criea rang In his eurs, distant
IDIemJlng, surging, swelling and
down, but never censing. The
'i small-armi was continuous.
tn' t tinted bv the loud timbre of
is lying amid a heap of debris
I"! i- mi the village Jail. Not fur
saw the Colonel sitting with
I ed. irooiied no HL'iiiiiMl (lie
' . of ii wall, a blood-stiil noil
round his head.
Ihiuik Coil!" cried Eleanor.
law ,i.ii iiiiconseloiiH so loin
Murk I And Die Colonel Is
I I saw the lleil Cross uiil'-
aini cried, but they could not
l.'ii of uncompleted titles to
lands and all being qualified
.tors under the laws of the State
, of Oregon for organizing irrigation
i districts, being doeiroUU of forming
nn irrigation district embracing the
i hndl hereinafter designated within
the boundaries hereinafter described
I and set forth, and utilizing thewat
I ers of Silvies River and its tributaries,
of Foley Slough, Poison Creek and
Sngc Hen Creek, for the purpose of
ii ligation and the reclamation of suid
lands, and for domestic purposes, do
hereby petition your Honorable Court
us follews:
That it is the purpose of the under
signed petitioners to organize an ir
rigation district under the provisions
and by virtue of the irrigation distirct
laws of the State of Oregon as recit-
I i-d in Chapter 357, General. Laws of
i Oregon, 1017, providing for the orgaii-
i.ation hiiiI management of irrigation
I districts; and
That your Honorable Court do pro
' claim a district as set forth herein,
' ilutirr...,,!,... tVli. O'ar.1,. of u.til .liall'l,'!
i. I, i i I i r ' , . i ' ........ . . . . .......
So. tion
1. 1.1'.
8, till.
H. all
4. all
5, el!
t.'l't.nn ni'i-i'i
MOJO aeres
640.48 aeres
042 ".-i
Section 6, Lolfl. S1 N': .
Section 7, all.
Section S, all,
Section , nil,
Section 10, all.
Section 11. all.
Section 12, all,
Section IB, all.
Section 14, all.
and defining the boundaries thereof;
Set ion 15, all,
Bastion io. all,
Section 17, ifll
Section 18, nil,
Section 10, all,
Section 20, all
Section 21, nil.
Section 22, all.
.Section 2.1. all.
Section 24, all.
Section 25, all.
Section 20, all,
Section 34, EVi,
Section 35, all,
Sict ion .10, all,
040 acres
040 acres
ii 10 acres
040 acres
840 ucres
itci e
040 acres
ti in acres
040 acres
0.10.37 acres
040 aeres
680.60 acres
.121.81 acres
010.08 ucres
IHI.H8 acres
That your Honoruhle t'ourt proceed I Township 25, South, Range Bftt East
Jnd theat the guns were boom
round them they auw khaki-
I'nerii ii ns swarming over the
Kill let Hi,, vllllltfe seemed lie-
They were alone In a little
'aim amid the tumult.
II are wo to do?" eried the girl.
I'll walk? Try to stand on ioiir
lei me help you. We must get
i' I somewhere."
qiiestiou on Murk's lips died
mere 'nine the bowl of a
l II followed hv i, xloooliit' In,.
'hiinn of broken orleks snout-
the air at tbe end of the street,
ig inio a cloud of dust. An In
with such dispatch as may be under
said aw to call an election for tho
purpose above set forth and to do all
things necessar.v under suid law for
the formation of said district, desig
nating the time and place foi voting
at said election; and
That the boundaries and descrip
tion of the land under said district
iliall be as follows, to-wlt:
Beginning at tha intersection of the
Kast Fork of Silvies River and the
cast and west quarter line through
Section 21, Township 14, South, Range
I.2, East of Willamette Meri(lu..i, in
II. i in-v County, Oregon; thence west1
to the west quarter corner of sui.l
Sec. 21; thence south to h. SW cor
ner of Sec. 33, all in same town and i
0. all.
7, all,
8, all.
!, all.
10, SW',
15. W'-,,
Mil iter quae a oissUs ,apye; thence eat along tha (Ins he-
S'ei-I ion
Section 10, all,
Section 17, all.
Section 18, al.
Section IH, all
Section 20, all.
Section 21, all,
Section 22, all,
Section 27, all,
Section 28, all,
Sactie 2fl, all,
4, SM. 320 acres
5, EH i SW'4;
W'iNW'4 550.06 acres
320 acres
040 acres
040 acres
48.8.18 acres
487.05 acres
002,40 acres
553.7.1 acres
504.44 acres
122.29 acres
11.97 acres
M.24 acres
Jam'.'' W
Caurlakl Hit
kr g J Tf. ...m.
SAY, you'll have a streak of smokeluck that'll
put pep-in-iyour-smokemotor, all right, if you'll
ring-in with a jimmy pipe or cigarette papers and
nail some Prince Albert for packing 1
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never will wiae-up to high-spot-amokc-joy
until you can call a pipe
by ita first name, then, to hit the
peak-of-pleasure you land square
on that two-fisted-man-tobacco,
Prince Albert I
Well, air, you'll be ao all-fired
happy you'll want to get a photo
graph of yourself breezing up the
pike with your amokethrottle wide
open I Talk about smoke-sport.'
Quality makea Prince Albert so
appealing all along the smoke line.
Men who never before could
smoke a pipe and men who've
smoked pipes for years all testify
to the delight it hands out I P. A.
can't bite or parch I Both are
cut out by our exclusive patented
process I
Right now while the going's
good you gel out your old jimmy
pipe or the papers and land on
some P. A. for what ails your
particular smokeappetite I
Yam fau Piimcm AHmwi wrywhir imbmrcm it tmU. Tmm0v tad kmf.
ttdt tmd tint, kmnjtmmm punttd mixd kmlf fmuntt lim AamiJuir- mmd
! .., mrmclicml mW crfilml glmf Aamxfer with i
mmitlmmtr tap thmt . tkm fatacc in cA Mrct hmNMm.
R. J. Reynold Tobacco Company, Winaton-Salona, N. C
I Iff