The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, January 11, 1919, Image 6

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Its tlie daily break
fast in thousands of
western homes.
Tlire Is no ether to digestible
end healthful.
Nennstly recommended as the dall)
diet of ths entire household. .
Bi'i'Misc thp inrri-dit'iiri nr to blended as to pfodnce a food thut li
apctitisinj; anil perfectly digaeted.
Those who have found Other paMallM Indigestible will find OLYMPIC
agrees with the moat dcliejte stomach.
The Portland Flouring Kills Co.
For 1919 Resolve to Join the Big Movement to Make Oregon Grow
u Tatmmmummwmrti
. li
Tha Kin of Cncksrs
Call your nearest dealer for information
j AT ONCE. Then take the earliest opportunity of conveying
j to said dealer the idea that you wish to actjuir? ono of these
A Gasoline Motor Driven
Drag Saw Machine that saws
up to 25 cords of wood
per day.
Th.i Man Talks Like It Was
a Ford.
Mood Itivcr, Or.. Itnute, Mar. 4.
Vaughan Motor Wurkn.
Portland. Oregon.
Dear sir'-: Sn bivit fine sue
ceaa nrlth the little old bug Aver
age tea ricki to gallon of gab; al
to eat 31 (i rl k at i I v coat
p ir rick, (hi.; urn f r an old
rig, Kea fully ,j. j.
- ,.
lid i " '
ITD ,::
IMS5 " ' '
j ': .7.
'j ru iiin QrahaaM bare tba rare com
blaatloo "i rich food value ami ci-in,
ioueaeai ntabe than ever wl
coast, At madia .r between tneaia tbey
art always popular Mad.' f -r nu iu
ii... ! i tight rood factory, iold every-
" i
W'Oregon Made for Oregon Trade
Makes economy n douI pteafure; a
table treat; delicious ftn tOSSl Sftd
bread and on &nki ;ir 1 vsfStabtes,
You'll like it rignt from the start.
Composed of pur& carefully select
ed ingredients sod ohurnsd, fresh
daily with pasteurized mil'..
The moNt noticeable differ-
ii. a b " t w I ! ii 'oluinMa
Brand CHeomargartM and
fancy creamer) batter l th-
preen aud It'l in favor of
ii mm of i Uapmaritartne.
I'm I...J i,i waked, dir
prool curious. U, S. Gov
ernment Inspect) L
North Portland, Oregon
at if it ..." ,tj
- -.
A Home Product
NOTE: We also suggest that
for good results vou Hhould
specify a VAUGIIAN
Drag Saw.
I'ur further (.'-lii,!,, utldreudi
475 East Main Street. Portland, Oregon.
Oregon Agricultural College, Cor
vllia, Jan 8. Effective war work by
the extenHlon Bervice of the College
in 1918 wan accomplished through
Its 16 written projects and other
aterprisea including county agricul
tural agent work, home demonstra
tion agent activities, and boys' and
girls' club work. This is shown, in
be annual report by Director O. D.
enter. A total of 406,802 persons
ere reached.
More than half the cost of the
service is paid by the federal govern
ment. In the biennium 1919-1920,
$213,523 12 is expelled to be avail
able from this source. Of this
mount $58,535.12 is federal Smlth
.(;ver money and $154,988 from the
("nited States department of ugricul
ure. The state is asked to furnish
ll9MfS.ll, while $82,900 is the
iMiroprlatlou from the counties,
making a total of $491,058.24 for
lie extension service. The prim i t
late ftpproprlgtlon for the biennium
or MtMtion Id 1(0,090,
or aooperatlva tarn demonstration,
$:!0,ooo, and tor itate duplication r
mi ty fundi, 70,100, or i 'i.i 00
in all, Bmith-liover fundi In tUa sum
i When we go to purchase a pound
of butter and we feel like we are
bargaining for a famous sky-scraper
according to the amount of coin we
are called upon to part with to secure
It, we must not blame the farmer.
He Is the innocent party in the affair
and his, on the whole, is the smallest
profit in the transaction. We must
not blame the retailer because he is
not more guilty than the farmer; he
must dispense with his merchandise
In a manner to net him some small
gain or like any enterprising business
man he feels that he will soon have
to close doors.
The man whom we do want to
account for the great sustalnauce in
prices in food stuffs, triply, before
The Sign of Quality
Reliable cereals- excellent !n quality the
result of experienced milling and worthy
of support as a Home Industry product.
Golden Rod Milling Co.
Cereal Millers and poultry Food Manufacturers
Portland, :: Oregon
gtar H5wlifflliM:3 1
11 7 wJ
1 W "tlapjacksw W
savory hotcakes, full of jlj j
U goodness, are for your break-
fast. A delightful treat, so in-
expensive and simple to pre-
pare you can enjoy them every
Ml day in the year. Mil
out ARMY.
We stund upon th(j threshold of a
new ;n'ii, and we cannot predict what
its opening door will show us.
During the next few months our
young men will come home from
abroad. They are Indeed picked men.
fter """' '" Physical and mental ijualitles
ino war, (luring inn wur una u
the war. Is the middle man. lhoy ar" tne b0"1 representatives of cents a bushel. This netted the Slier-
Of what neod Is this middleman,01"" "at,on- from their age and man county farmers $1800 on one
anyway? What work does ho do to ' 'luallflcatlons we know them to bofi-ld alone. The wheat was sold to
earn his living? The farmer raises
the produce, the retailer nuvs his
Maximum yields of potatoes In
J Powder Klver valley wore obtained
with 7.79 liu tics of irrigation waiter,
saya the- report of W. L. Powers, pro
fessor of soils at O A. C. With
the .barley the greatest yield was btain-
field," were marketed through the I ,.i with 16.3 Inches, and with llmo
offtce of the Sherman county agent, thy 30.55 inches. The greatest pro-
premium of six flt ,. . !,,,., K r
Oregon Agricultural College, for
vallia. Jam. 8. Five car of Karkov
Turkey wheut, "certified in
C. C. Calkins, at
I llni men who will uliim.. the iioIIcIim Mniiirlas roiintv Wiiuliliu.i.... rr,r,.
of this country for the next twenty-1 crs through the office of the rountv
lnlp to Hell it lo you, you pay for the years. afCUt loero, providing them with ile
riclit to consume it and all thai ' w" """" " iney havo ; boat seed olitulnithb-.
while tha man who does no work. : ''"' ' ,lir1"?11 n" nVTmn wlil.di
The American government dons
not know what to do with the rail
roads, and the Kumpean govern
ments do not know what to do with
the ex kaiser Why not put the ex
kaiser on thff railroads and run him
around America?
The difference between the Allies
and the Qemaua la that the Allies
want a Just peace, and the Germans
want juat peace.
who raapi tha mutual revanus, ii
mlllng with uli hands olatpud I'"
bind in comal louaga da i
it would I-'- htv uuarly Impoaaihla
Of 8I,68$.1I are ruqueotad lor tha to Hud toon an Individual existing la
leeiinliiiii Ililii 1920. willioni uhli li
u. $r,h, r,::;; 13 of federal Bmlth
Levar nonuy win not bo available.
llnoa reaching Kurope our pre .i
dent has partaken of Parisian liu'i
guots, American army chow and
'tha roast beef of Old Kugland."
an; prograaslng firm. Ha would ba
uaah ii .niii an gnparabla propoaitlon
In any branch of the business world.
Men are dally lolsug their positions
baoauaa they euaaot so tba aorb
they are called upon to do, properh
And, yet, there are thousands of
these fake business statuettes de
We do not know what the political corating the .ountry and being paid
rusuii mar uh, oui we snoutu raniy . for it, too.
that the physical result might be an
attack of tutflcestioa. aja. aSH Sa u.h ,.:...
was r-erutii to alter thom. What
i , !, i., -i ... Mi-nil. in that
1 hut tor and oplnli n are ounaol
i. ll,
Probably their military training
will lead l lir m to damand more OXUI
nijss In all datalll and business ur-
rangamanta, i.m thti ii antirely mb-
ordinate lo I In- Kr-at QDaitlOU of how
liny will reart upon Anurlia lu.'v
they will form her idea s and In
fluence her.
The future must tell us. Just now
they ure only our boys coming home,
and we will receive them with a Joy
ous welcome.
Order thou letter head Sara.
Make This Room Yours
WORTH ej.fO.oo A ItoTTI.K
" Barrel, Sun Antonio, Tutua.,
writes: "Foley's Honey and Tar lm
li ' i worth 160.00 a bUttll to me I
had 'tha fin,' follow ed by pneil-
montUi whleb lat) me weak, with n
persistent cough. The cough h uni
on. Some one advised Foley's Honey
ami Tar. 1 bao completely recover
ed and do not cough at, uil."- Sold
by Heed Ilros.
TUStUU in colors differ. Alasuee
aud Lorraine have a special liking
for bbakl, while Uermuuy abomln
atoa it
"T- JV "t
Whether you are huildinK u brand
new home, making; additions to the old
one or merely repairing walls, you can
SBVU a room like this if you use genuine
Beaver Board.
litavrr Board walls and ceilings axe niore
IuiiuImoiuc, more substantial and more sanitary
than any other kind. They are the caaiest
wulli to build. No lath or planter therefore,
no litter, licaver Hoard always given satisfac
tiau. But you can't expect Beaver Board
results unless this trade mart la on the back at
the bosrd you buy.
Hardware Co.
Burns, Oregon