The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, January 11, 1919, Image 5

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    A Morning Scene for Germans on the Rhine
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. - r-i WfLS:l I ,f
mJ ' . ' ' ii Hill mHHVB'
oxHaaaaawH : ' I yt LnnnWaWfl . tHBHHVitT ff -BK
'II Bi&w- BCS
(xlx Sill W aF Vvi' ltMWZi5r:'
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-.,.- v . - v - aaT as aw "" w i tmmjj
This I tho plrturt' that grouted Ormans n thoy lookcil from tlu-ir windows on rcront tnorninrs
when Yank victors "with colon flying " ninrched up to th. Rhine. Thin color boartag group In from iho
Fifth Artlllerv of th" First America Division taken n.-i they ninio tip to tli- fMMUl stream to nth- 'H't
man soil unlli tho terms Ol DOnCO ure made when (iirmaiiy wllf then start to I'AY
Mrs Will Cummins ha moved into
tho out CoJ Qoer rookionoo oa tho obt
r bach of ')'Kti '.- otoro.
Mrs. Hutch All"" Is lure from
ut.tarlo with a iltsj'luy of slior-s froi'i
MlOtl Shoe- BtorO, She Is at tho
1. evens.
Dan Kosenfflil In here on his an
nual visit. BO Is tBO hut man who
hoi hOOB muking tins territory for
many years.
Tom Allen came in yesterday be-
..f tho Illness of Mrs. A" in
tatod (ii morning sh- luul DM
I Roctl Bight.
rht TUBOO HoroW is Informed that
n- . 010 at ol." Hill" OOTOa 60000
influenza at ChO Sod Ht.u.-e
of them have rocovi red.
Mod Thursday. Jon. ''. ol Iho
- i house roach, LawrOaco MoClon,
0 son of the late Harry McCluro,
Thio Tlnn-s-llerald did not learn the
m.UHK tuaiV's aKe. Ho was a vietltii Of
th" Influenza. The remain wire
taken to Crane lor burial.
Van Kmhree and Frank Ilia, k jih r
are up from Sunset today. They r
p Tt laek of snow in their neighbor
ed, too. Mr. Knibree inform iu
nhf mother recently left hliu mil
w nt to Dallas to remain Tor a tin!
Alex KpRleston and family loft
is mornltiK tot Iiend where they
will again take up their residence.
. boy had been living over there but
.rime to Burns at tho time of the
ath of Mr. Kggleston's father.
Wm. Farre, Leon M. Brown and
Mm, Trlska. who left here the fore
irt of this week for Portland, are
OOOtOd home this evening They
will be accompanied home by Nathan
BrOWO, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben
BfWWB, who has been in a southern
-alniiiK camp for several months.
ho young man came up from San
t ranclsco for a visit with home folk '.
Johnnie Weaver is in town greet
Ina his iiiuny old time friends.
uns. Moon and (UBily have re
turned from Bend when' they had
been for th" past several tnontlo.
t'hn. was working In tho mills but
OOO has closed and another whs pre
paring to close down for the winter
so he thought he'd 00010 home before
the roads got too bad. He was In
yesterday and told us to send this
(Toot religious to him at Diamond
aealti D. 11. Smyth was In with him
The latter reports a slight fall of
snow In his neighborhood hot not
sufficient to do much pood Hve
a; . we are going to have u big snow
In February. Tluit units us It WO
doi 'l ' I I! sooner.
I.. R BntthOOpt, for several
hum. rlntonAont of tho Boporlmonl
.ii In this Vslley. was u visiK r
t , cur City thO fore part of this
veck and gave his friends a BMMl
MTOOOhlo Bitrprlse. Mr. Brelthaupt is
now located on an Irrigated farm he
tgroon t'avette and Wolser. but on the
(WOgon side Of the Snake Uiv. r,
tie r.fore Is still a resident of this
tato. Me catne over to look after
aOnto business for Ills brother, who
o farm In the Weaver Springs
neighborhood. While here Mr. Brelt-
hauyt took ofiaslon to visit the Kx-piT-munt
Station and also to dl.
cuss things In general. He was in
tojrootofl In the, rabbit bounty pro
portion anil said that the poisoning
method had proven mor.t effective by
the government specltrflsts and was
hpyoiid qoesllon the chOOPMl method
of retting rid of them. He wum also
Intonated In the movement toward
irrigation and stated that we must
have wat-r to make the land of this
. tlon produce as It should lie re
marked that he failed to see why
some seemed to oppose It when one
ran anil does iul more hay from 100
a. res out where 00 Is located under
proper irrigation meinous iua ii
eut off 1000 here, yes. even 10,000
during the last season.
Mrs. 11. F. Smith, who was recent h
DOllod to I'orllalid bemuse Of the
death of her mother. Is ospootod
home this evening.
rage's Sweet Shop has a suppiv
'ettuce, sweet potatoes ami ( ran
t rrlOO on hand at all times. Fresh
fish every Friday.
The Times-Herald had u letter
this morning from Claude Bchho
written from Coleridge, Nebraska,
where he Is visiting with his mother.
Harney county people have become
accustomed to looking for the home
news of Inlere-l In The Tims Herald
ami It never disappoints tliiui as
k tOOUfHW. Thai's wbv it
Is more widely circulated than any
other nowopo.pi t in ibis co
to tbosa who have balicvod oar niathed of butlnoM
the bet poMiblo during tho , oar that U gone and
who unilo to know that we'll bo boro another year
Tho bands of tho clock arc no mora willing to five
yon thoir tuna than wo arc to give you OUR TIME
and experience in buying and colling what you need.
Accept our good wishes for a Happy Now Year and
our everlasting service through tho now 366 days.
The Rexall Drug Store
REED BROS., Props.
I'm still buying all the
J can f;et hold of
Further: I'll pay from 50c. to $
more for coyote and cat hides than
any other buyer in Eastern Oreyon
Highest Cash Price for
Hides and Peltjs
If 1 don't I'll give you the 50c. and
you may koep tho hide:
L. L. Manchester, Burns, Ore.
Toatordhy Alborl Wood wa ibow-
ln Hie writer some snap shot picture
of a well which be nunk at his farm
1L miles southeast of tills it lOOl
fail. This well was sunk to a depth
of 50 feet and he has attai bed .1
four-Inch letitrlfugal pump At a
trial with a steam engine to run the
pump full capacity he drew up f.n
glUojM of wuter a minute for 14
hours and didn't OCceOOd in pump
lug It out.
Mr Wood already has in some
alfalfa and Is preparing to seed mere
In thO Spring. This well will give blm
.1 big quantity of WRtcr ond he Is
going to make a bucccss of Irrigating
hla farm through this method. This
Is one way or solving the irrigation
question and one that will not In
volve one with his neighbor as to
whether be Is entitled to It or other
wise The 11, alter of cheap fuel Is
one that will bring about a gTOOt
change in the dry portions of Harnev
Valley as water may be had at a
shallow depth and with cheap fit. I
this sngebbrush land can be made to
produce big. That's where the oil
wells are going to help If even
they will furnish gas It will do for
home consumption
It Is ull right for any nation to
esk "a place In the sun," but ao
one notion shou'. ! at' to corner
all the sunlight.
In n campaign to retire scrub bulls
from the herds of I be S'nte, seven
Wisconsin counties llnve miide plans
to follow the example of Fond du
laic County, which In otto month
placed 4 3 pure-bred sires tin farms,
:i8 going to bonis that never before
hail had pure-bred aires. The drive
against, scrub sires was started a'
the December conference of WIh
eonsln county agents, and ts In
charge of a "steering committee" re
presenting the extension service, the
Nletc college of agriculture, leading
stockmen, nml officials of farmer..'
organization' Hreeilcrs believe that
the elimination of the scrub mid
griuide sire will greatly Improve
tlielr markets, and appreciate thai
out of-State buyers visiting Wiscon
sin for dairy cows Insist on stock
iln d by pure bred bulls.
-. ... o
The following Is clipped from .,
roeont issire of the Polk County ton of Dallas:
Mink C Huffman v, i born In
Iowa. October 1, lift, and dlod
at Dallas, Oregon, December 6, 191.
He moved with his parents when
about li years of age from low 11 'o
Stockton, Mo., where he grew to man
hood. In lN'JO he moved to Hut!'.
Montana, where on February IN.
Ittn:, be was married to Churlotta
Hogaii. daughter of Col Andrew
Hogau, of Nevada. Mo. After thajr
marriage they came to Vancouver,
Washington where he wan engaged
In farming. In 1D0 Mr Huff man
went to Hums, in Kastcrn Oregon,!
Whore the family lived about 2';
. coming from there in I !M 1 to
Dallas, where they have resided
Earl is iigust of this year Mr
Huffman was stricken with
tronbl I although ho roeotvod tho
bfl -t nl tneilii al are bis 1 a
i, .1 to no pond to tre.i'nient and ho
tailed rapidly until gOOtb rcl!c .1
blm nl Ills sufferings.
Those, left to mourn his departure
an his wife and throe children,
Agnes and Andrew, twins, ami
latberlne. aged 7. Besides these he
leaves four h-othcrs: Charles B. ol'
Untie, Mont; "Victor, of Blsbee. Ariz;
Ky Hester 8. and Otto, of Yiuolt,
Funeral services were held for Mr.
Huffman December 7, at Iho Christ
Inn church, Hev. Howard Mct'ontiell
In charge. At the grave the Smith
field local No. l.'IH, F. I, and C U.
of A., conducted the service. Mr.
HoffOuU being u member of tint
He was always a kind and loving
father, always devoted to bin family,
ami a man loved by ull who knew
hi in.
r- y
Services at 11:0 o'clock Sua
Jed or Lesson Hemon next Hunday:
"Hud 1 be 1'rcnervor of Man.'''
The Testimonial Meeting, Wednes
day at 7:3 P. M.
The reading room In the church
Kdlflve, Is open on Tuesday and Fri
day from 2 to 4 P. M.
Hunday Bckoal meet on Sunday at
19 o'clock:.
Paplls nay be admitted to It
classes up to the age of 2 yean.
The public Is cordially Invited to
the Churck Sevlces and to the Bead
ing Ileum. 1
t TTrARiTRr: nAiTON.m.
l.'stalilished thirty-two years-Need no introduction
Through square dealing have won the confi
dence of the people and are no longer in the
experimental class, but stand among the
solid merchants of Eastern Oregon, who de
serve the support of all home people
It is evident the peace of 1918 was
not the p.ei 1 the military machine
of Potsdam had been looking for
but It might have been worse
although It Is hard to pound logic
through a hitching post.
It Is sometimes difficult to deter
mine whether a man lives In comfort
or luxury. But Just now there Is an
unfailing test which may be ap
plied. Vou have only to ascertain
whether he eats eggs for breakfast.
r-'-in ai-i
OREGON workers should
fsviirOrcgt'ii I" odia i
by to diiine, tin plan niie ol
ii.. li owivpay where It goes direct
ly to support odv rl Vyia
crs on other Oregon payroll.
My helping onch other thoy
will he helping themselves tho
fluent kind of loyul eO-OBOrO"
Horn DamsTRY Leacuu Osooom
Lt' nnaaaaal
Hardware that Wears Hard
We have TOOLS necessary to repair
house or barn, farming implements and
the thousand odd fixings about home.
Keep things In STANDING UP shape.
When the weaken, repair them.
plies and accessories are of the best
wearing and neatest appearing articles
of their kind.
THESE $ $ $
I. S. GEER & CO.
I That Fall Suit!
Now we know why leather is so
scarce and Shoe prices so high
They sro making shoes for ele
phants. It bus been learned that
elephants suffer from cold feet
during the winter months here
So Lena of the New York too hi.
boon fitted out In new "brogans "
for the cold months and two
"maids" to laco em up.
Have it made now during
the slack season. We are
always busy but more
time now than we will
have a little later.
Call and See Our Samples and Styles
Clothing Company
will find us awake with new ideas born of
valuable experience and with ambitious
hands ready to put into action some conven-
iences that are not found just everywhere.
We believe in prospering by what we learn
and there is only one party beside ourselves
who can benefit by that method and that is
Accept our thanks for your patronage and
We wish you the happiest, most successful
New Year that ever jumped vp in the morning
Farmers Exchange
Burns, Oregon
A. OTTINGER, Proprietor NATI PRAKKUW, Manager