The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 07, 1918, Image 5

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    SaBs With Our Resident to Peace Congress
. i K 1 ' i
A it I p ' A' B
yjWtrpiiliriMi"'""''' - .v ' s5r .!
SMasssssBHtaMfJSSj MNMauMau l .srSKSBSsnaistt
Her is a ship that is
Woodrow Wilson, and tho Dotted St.itos .
Ioaco delegates, m r,J ,'i ".'? our v'orious war president
r ... 1 i . - -i-w lll LIIll II (1HI ll.llVJiff on .......... d . ..
.-oweu to autocracy. The tfurononn ,. , ,, T" "wereac tin. world lias ever known, tho
mats have already gone to wekS Pi?rt Af lT"nK '" 8I,1U t0 be 1,r0Ht "u i" aiplS
an ofllclal visit in England before return., I T'?" ,,1attyJ FyM WiUon .ad party will III ily pay
, North German Lloyd SteamBhlp c5Zc B tha 8' 8' U0rc w8"'Kt". tonucrly of tho
1. Alixululcl.v the . J 1 1 v ! if l 1 1 1 1 1 i
our wheal expoi I i since the latest hnr-
real hM i n toe m arclty r ocean
;e. f exporta continue al the
nt rate, by July i . r next year
wo "III i . Hum 287,000,.
Sacrifice to Ensure Allied Loaf ,"lsli,:-' '" ' "
. . 1 Tana are vra making t:imi a rii'g'i
pledge thai the broad ration of allied
Europe i hall be maintained,
Bj October 10,1918, we haqdtrrad I chance r,r Ur,..n... ml that tbia ooun
hipped 65.000,803 bushele since July ,,., ,. .. , ,.
' n m ' ' " .'
by tho public Hchoola a OitllOnsbtp
Ti I book for uko freo of chargo by
toreigaeri Attending the freo ovoning
school Aaaerioanisetlon classes which
hate bsooms a common adjunct of
iiio public sohooli in the towns and
lan, it OOnters. But the Textbook la
equally available through the County
Superintendent of School wbero a
ningio applicant for ottisenehtp In an
h:ikn;k hocikty
its citizens, because Ihey are free to (IIJUHTI A X
govern themselves, a high degree of
morality and nelf control. Wo must Services at 11:00 o'clock. Sub
tend) him. in other wordH, to be an Jcel of Losson-Semou noxt Sunday:
"God the Only ramie rind Creator.
The Testimonial Meeting, Wednes
day at 7:30 P. M.
The roadlug room In (he church
Edifice, Is open on Tuesday and Fri
day front 2 to 4 I. M.
American among Americans. ThiH
Ih th great aim of tit Government
and tho public schools, and the sup
port, of all cltiMns is desired.
The Boreal of Naturalization Is
represented In this district bv Mr.
Isolated iiiHtriei receives instruction John spood smith, chief Naturaiiza-
ln citizenship under tho direction of. t Ion Examiner, 404 Federal Building,
a school Teacbor. Tho opportunity j Seatl !e. Under him Is a force of
for Instruction in citizenship Is thus 'seven Examiners, two of whom are
becoming universal for foreigner In stationed In Portland, Oregon In the classes up to the age of 20 years.
'Sunday School mepts on Sunday at
10 o'clock.
Pupils may he admitted to its
tho United States. j Custom House Building. These of-
Tlieso classes for foreigners who flclals will be glad to Interview or
correspond with citizens and officials
desiring to cooperate in the America
nization work with the Government.
Greatest Single Food
lands In continual menace from
a horde of unasulmiluted aliens'
WhOSB W have Invited to enter our1
ports, Every army iiruft board in i
the country ba i had abundant
ol tb tact, imerii Unlsm 1m an
ae which can no longer be Ignored.
it i proposed by the Bureau of
desire to become citizens are like
wise open to the alien who never has
taken the first steps to become a
citizen. Here Is a groat field for
patriotic work on the part of civic
and patriotic organizations. Under,
an intelligent Instructor tho true
glory of Americanism should be made
so plain to all aliens that they will of
their own volition seek to become
oitiaena. A campaign to oniist tho
alien as a member of a c!as studlng
Americanism la the public schools is
thus in Hie highest sense a campaign
for making citizens, and Is the duty
tic Americans everywhere.
This Ih a work for Women :ii well OS
. for It is .lust as esseiit lal I
the wife of a foreigner to i
I citieem hip i'i true! Ion as her
The Bureau of 1 it Ion also,
offers u series of motion picture
The public is cordially Invited to
the Church Sevlces and to the Read
ing Room. ,
Ho your Christmas shopping early.
All the N.uiona Will Be Ablo to Re
turn to Thir Normal Cup.
ply of Whits
A Memorable Achievement
of the Titanic Struggle
en... i. in..... .... , ; .. ,i... ..........I .. ........
.-,,. ! . .Li, IIIIUD UlUnilUllllft llin Ull II II M- II-
.Mtturalizat ion to carry the American-1
, . ,. ,, i mis oi our Government Inr u.J' Willi
'hi iiv ii him iijroigucr , . , .
.u .... ,, ... ... citizenship classes In the
muni;" inn medium oi uie pumic
ohool ' ol the United States In I erj
America eared and sent to Rurope
In n year of crop failure i n.ot
the li
is the history of Wl oi 1 1 In ihe
ii month. Oar w n.-.u ex-
port m proved - (y to
the world that America waa In tbia
war from sti n to Qnioh and wining to
make any sacrifice thai will h
iry or maintain the health and
of peoph . upon
who:i rested the beeriest wvlgbl i"
our war.
Now thai preseure on oc i
Is eased by the stopping of large mjve-
our efforts to save wheal The ac-
undiluted surplus i-eti-
tine ami other hitherto InaVni
eta "in become available, and
probably m more than ot r normal sur
plus will have to Lave HiN coiimry.
We In America anil the nations which
have won the world far freedom will
be enabled t ,.,it their normal wheal
loaf ut the common table of the peo
pies of democrat .
Vi entered the erpp year with
a wheal supply which gave us only
'-o,i hm i,i MX I bushels mailable for ex
port. When 'I crop year end
bad sent I 11,000,000 bushels of -to
Europe, The American people had
I OUI of their normal consumption
131,0 ' ,000 bushel .
A survey of export figures shows
that the of (lour brim.! I
Ubout by the wheatli ;s meals, u heat-
lass, substitution in our k'ti hens
mid bai.eries, eiiildeil us to send to
our armies and the allies 88,000,000
barrels of whits Hour wheat Sgured
BS Hour. Mini WS exported only our
islbie surplus, we would have been
able to ship less than 4 . Ti( M 000 Lain 1 1,
Before the lal of December our sur
plus had gone overseas, end an addi
tional 80,000,000 bushels bad been tak-
n from the Stock reserved for boms
imptlon anil added to the surplus
. tready shipped to the allies, it seem
sd liardly possible that v.e could lirlug
our total exports abOVS 100,000,000
busbebl by July 1. Put In .Iuiiuar the
lata Lord Itliomlda, then ISritlsh Food
1 hi roller, Cabled Unit unlet we
ould SSOd BO additional 76,000,000
busliels lie could not tabs responsl-
bllltj for assuring bis people thai they
wouid be fed. The Aliierlcan people
responded by sending,uoo bush
els of wheat, saved from their home
iniHiiiiijit Ion, between the first of the
year ami jit- advsol of the new crop.
: :
' 'I in a
oi war with Ueruiauy
shows thai even In the
I ar thinking students
did not undervalue the strength
n republic inly
. : m mid
id In Euitilie sill
; be tiiuil di
e u.
"I do r I lie Ai
soldiers," he told a high ofllclai
'. "because
time, v.'li ii
l :. ar is the luti II ;i nee and de-
vol. mi of one le, inlred million
original minds aid people train
ed io ii faith m Individual initia
tive. The day HuU these peo
ple, DOW so mat! rtaiistic In out
ward appearance, are stirred
spiritually, day is the day
of Gel tunny's doom."
(ii.iriii where a publii : as
i . over 2000 public schools are
now cooi wiii the Govern-
l through ' oral
worth In
Ion which
in US ' I
confident thai the sob
will accomplish their tusk in the
m , s field.
- soon -i the newly arrived im-
1 1 in-
iftar an Is - rears
. i
ior bis final certificate or
lp. Ninety days after tiling
.;. bl ipl i on bs may pome into
j. court for a tost as to bis fitness to
I- heroin., a in, nil. .r of the body of
i -Itlzeus. If 1," satisfies the court that
T be speaks the American language
, ' ,ll!tl IIOIL ,11- 1 Sll I I leiem i ueiUU!U!
Established thirty-two years jBtstd no introduction
Through square dealing have won the confi
dence of the people and are no longer in the
experimental class, but stand among the
solid merchants of Eastern Oregon, who de
serve the support of all home people
.;. ;. .;. .j. .;. -;. .j. .;. .. .: .;. .j. .j. .i. .j. .;. .j. .;. j.
It is strange that a rider should
abol(h ponies. Hut that Is Just what
i b prohibit i": i .'hT did.
H iiiy Nete: t)f the : (ding men
who during tho last year have made
the voyage to Kurope, a large part
(Xpeet to remain there for the i oliling
winter, a number of them aro at
pre em enjoying i walking tour in
.The readjustment from war con
ditions to peine (otulitlollS In tho
commercial and industrial world
will have to be bundled with gnat
ran, or In u year or tWO we shall ba
i each other, "Does recon
struction r COP l urct '!"
ed with our form or government and
With the idea!- of the American
people to become s egpebla citizen
and good neighbor, be Is admitted.
Otberwl a lbs ofplJuaUon h- denied
or .oi. tn ued. Of course ha must
ply with all the requirements as
to witnesses, length of i residence,
i ertificate of arrival, ate.
The tin"" is well within the memo
ry of many of the rearb rs of this
paper when proceedings to admit
cltueni wars a farce. Such Is no
lip classes in the public
schools. To farther stimulate the
interest of the alien in his stu
ll:e Bureau, I'y Wil h thS public
is, will i certificate t
: '
' It
tO i.i
, them-
with ol the United
aid In taking
; that ilirei lion by the
Much of the work abors outlined
en accomplished in tills
Btai ; nd ( broughout i be country.
:m of
i American tra-
' I liroug'.i i b
four tnd tho work b.'is
been most rapidly extended since
the Dotted BtatM entered Ihe wur,
Hatty things remain to be dono to
carry out the vast plan to completion
I in every corner of tho country, but
public officials and citizens by tholr
, practical help aim Intcrost can
hasten tho work that has been
1 undertaken.
Americans should be as proud of
their citizenship as t heold Romans
uere to he Romans, We are proud
' of our flag because of what it
symbolises. We must ba proud of
our oltisenahip because of the rlght-
j BOUaneaa and majesty of the great
I principle of equality, liberty and
Justice of our (ioverninent. We
should strive to make every alien
iinong us an American first, in his
Hardware that Wears Hard
We have TOOLS necessary to repair
house or barn, farming implements and
the thousand odd fixings about home.
Keep things in STANDING UP shape.
When the weaken, repair them.
plies and accessories are of the best
wearing and ncalest appearing articles
of their kind.
THESE $ $ $
a ,... .
That Fall Suit!
!n Mil V'i- mir I m:i! .' him riitmhlo tT
""";"r ' "'"'- A -Presenta.lve of ,.,., Auu,rit,ut y ,., hlm
tho laiiKiiagc. We must also teach
hlm that a government based on the
it of the governed Is one which
hah l oppression, and yet reipilres of
Few persons perhaps are aware of
the extent of the campaign for the
at Ion of aliens in citizenship that
the United States Kovurument has
Undertaken tliroiiKh the Dureau of
Naturalization, Department of Labor.
Tho war has demonstrated beyond
the Government attends the bearings.
The qualifications of the applicant
are weighed end tnalysed. in ths
majority of Instances where be dee
not., show a Sufficient acquaintance
with ths form ef our government and
ih Ideals oi the American people bis
case Will be continued to permit hlm
Io tual i a ful her study.
Bat the lUdgeS and the people
generally ars iuick to note that tin
foreigner Ih at a disadvantage If he
I tack the means pf informing himself
I Of that which ths luw ami the COUTtS
require. To meet this almost mi-
hersal need among applicants for
citizenship the BueaU of Naturall.a
lion, with the suuctlon of Congress,
bus prepared from material furnished
Have it made now during
the slack season. We are
always busy, but more
time now than we will
have a little later.
Call and See Our Samples and Styles
Clothing Company
I'm still buying all the
J can gel hold of
Further: I'll pay from GGc. to $1
more for coyote and cat hide than .
anu other buyer in Eastern Oregon
Highest Cash Price for
Hides and Pells
If 1 don't I'll give you the 50c. and
you may keep the hid'
L. L. Noonchester, Burns, Ore.
W JtsstWsjB W 4 sflB BsWBBBBBBSlfl
Luxury of Eating
Firstly It consists of what you buy and
secondly of how you cook or serve it
of Orefloft do m much
oi the buying for. Oregon
homos, the responsibility for
movement for a Or cat
ef Oregon" rusts with them
in a very large way.
'i In- degree of out in
will depend on the extent
tn whuh Oregon s women
WILL it w home products.
n.iMii indu i ''' OasooM
We will furnish you
with the best eatables
procurable and at a very
fair price. We will give you
the best groceries you will find
in the city. Then it is up to
you as to how you cook it;
but even there the mer
it of our sales is
shown by the
Go where you knew you can find real luxury in plain simple food that is stand
ardized and houghtJay the mosi discriminating housewives in your community.
Farmers Exchange
Burns, Oregon
A. OTTINGER, Proprietor NATE FRANKLIN, Manager
E5 ', -fr
nit. ;;,;., tiAkJ.w: