The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 05, 1918, Image 6

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'VaH Va LaHaaaaaaaSa i iT'J-h ' V
B J aaSSa!
Mr KD ' JJ j Dfcv f
e XasMBeaiBaaY s . ' j bm -
(I MaaaY wLriH
i "- aa -.... .
Jrcho'a 8lg and Capture On of tha
particular Steriaa of tha
Old Taatamant
On Ilia rooming of Washington 'a
birthday Gen. Sir R. II. Allanby'a Ana
trallnn trooper rode na conqtierora
Into a little village of lmta, noted a;eo-jrrnptiii-nlly
n being the city of low
eat elevation on earth, and In Biblical
hlfltor.v na being the arena of tha
Protrdaed Land, obaervea the Mliwe
upolla .liiiiiiuil,
tn the Cnnnanlte .Terlcho wna
a fortlflod olf.v. comranndlng both tha
lower fonl of (he Jordan and the route
lending up to the highlands of .inden.
The atory of Ita alege and capture nnd
the deatnirtlon of Ita population Is one
of the npi'ctiiculnr atorl.'a of tht old
Testament, which ramnins strongly
with Its gentle solrtire hy n C'hrlstlnn
Old Oantlaman Vaatly Mora Annoyed
t Conatabl Than Ha Waa at Hun
Air Raider.
"He wasn't hiilf nngry," anld a con
atnhlc to mo. amlllng remlnlsrently na
he cnat hla eye over whnt remit I noil
inoatly top atory only of an old-fnah-toned
hotiae which had auffered In a
recent air rnld. "You ahnuld hare
henril hla language!"
"Curious thing," I anld, "tho top floor
doesn't appenr to ho touched,"
"Yea, Hint's where be win," anld rte
conatnble. "Of cotirao, we thought he
wna n .ciiannlly. We cleared nwny the
rubbish, nnd somehow or other got up
to hla rooms with nn nmtmlnnce nnd
the doctor. The door vns closed, no We
storied prying It open. Thnt'a when
the fun slnrlcd.
"The door una flung ipen, and there
"I shot down ten of them myaelf, but It waa no uae," aald a cap
tured German officer recently, telling of his frultleaa efforts to maka
his own men fight when they heard the Canadians were opposite them.
The fierce courage which haB made their namea to terrible in tha
Hun ranks Is easily discernible beneath the camouflage of smiles on
the faces of the Canadians above, on their way to the front in a
motor lorry.
Knowledge that their own valor was matched by the determina
tion of their supporters at home doubtless has kept their morale high.
A rousing oversubscription to the Fourth Liberty Loan will do aa
much for American troop
army in n yenr of our Lord thirly-flvo aloud the old gentleman with a big
book In bis IimimI'-. Ills 'specs' on, ntnl
In a proper temper. I Just caught a
glimpse of a cosy armchair drown up
to a bin-in:; fire,
"'Whnt the does this mean?"
he anya. 'Haven't I been disturbed
enough this evening? Get out of It,
nil of you.' And without troubling to
Mint his door, he went hack and sal
down with his book beside the lire
muttering most awful. It gave me
the biggest ahock of the raid." Lon
don Mall.
When Children Htart To Mcliool.
Cor Miller and C. Sts.
Sunday High Mass at 10:30 o'clock
Week days Mass at 7 o'clock.
Instructions for childrea Satur
days at 9 A. M.
Rev. Father Francis, O. F. M.
, Rector.
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when the change of seasons is likely
to cause coughs, colds
fever and asthma. Prom
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"A-ubu." I
centuries Inter.
According to the Old Testament
story, the city wna left desolate with
n curse from Joshua upon the man who
should attempt to rebuild It. And It
Is rotated that Hlel. the Betbellte. who
did rebuild It loat his two sons tn the
construction of the wall as punishment
for bis temerity.
It waa at .lerlcho that Joshua Insti
tuted his campaign of rightfulness
upon bis enemies: and It wna on the
Jericho mad lending up to the Judenn
highlands that Jeans laid the acene of
the atory of the Good Samaritan who
gave first aid to n wounded enemy.
The advance from Joshua to Jesus in
Net Equal to It
They had not been married ery
long, but she had grown cold and llat-
the human Ideal of duty toward one's leas; ao one evening, after ahe had
enemies Is the very measure of the
spread between the Ideals of Hlnden
hurg and Allenhy on the anme ques
tion. This war la fundamentally a con
flict between the Idenla of modern
brotherhood and ancient overlordshlp :
and nowhere Is the contrast more note-
yawned about seventeen times, he said :
"You seem to be so cold and Indiffer
ent, Mnlvlna. Have you forgotten those
happy days when I waa paying you
my addresses?"
"I should think I bnv.n't ' I should
think I haven't forgotten those happy
days. 1 never had less than three fel-
ins IS HKeiy wormy innii in hum nine vionge or
croup, hay J'richo, where the people todny are
pt action at & ,n "lc ''anda of their enemies
X Fully equipped liberal rnlliire nutl Ni'ifiilific ilepurlnifiilN. Specinl
JU training in, .1 oiirn ji I i rit. Architecture. Low, Medicine P
H Tenrhiiu;. Library Work, Mii-.ii-. 1Iimi-,IioI.I nv. i'ln -i, ,1 1 riniit(tiMl I'iiie r(. fl
4 S M-ii, r ii. , li iri. of Aittrr'rmi no! Ilri.:li lbirr. iMill. Ii-i In it mid lirlil H ' rl. MjM
En all Mt., 1ms, ,1 ,,n -nri. u. i- in pffrrvnl I fimiif-fr ! .M ,.l lr lit U.-. tiritlfra,
W tlr. SJtiil'-nl ri-,iiiiMiii-ii,li'il for t'.imiltissiKii--. llltlllal jllMHIIPSl Mill Ti V Jfl
aka Tiiiliim l-'HI- l I il,t,ir ,,f SO.OOO vnlmnr.. lrmil,riri liir Mirn nnii in. ,'A
B i l-ri""-'" I '" ''. iim It iipiiiirlunily ! r iirlii il imrV ay. I ijKt
tvdlA V Wrilr Itrginlrnr. -nCriii-, Orrtili, lor illwMlr.ilr-u bimMrl. -.. JPfTjB
orthy than In this little village of ,lows every evening calling on me,H
"Rut, dear, hnv-n't you got me to
pay you attention now?"
than they were under the rule of their I "Yea, I suppose I have. You are do-
own people. The world, with the excep- ' Ing the best you know how; but you
tlon of Germnny and Turkey, hns trHv- don't flatter youraelf that you are
eled a long way between the two falls equal to three, do you?" Stray Sto
of Jericho. ' rla.
' ii
Huge War Credit Waa fta That Year
Voted In Germany nnd Supported
by Soclallat.
When did the wnr begin? April,
IBIS; not Auguat, 1014, na the press
always has It, writes Charles Kdvnrd
Kuascl In Ilnrper'sr The real declara
tion of war wna made by the German
rrirhatng when ft struck observing
Europe dumb and chill by passing, an
extraordinary wnr credit of f2Ti,000,
000; nnd to that act of belligerency In I
a time of profound peace the socialists I
In the relchstng gV0 practically their
All men In the world accustom' 1 trt
make upon the day's news an Intel!!'
gent diagnosis must have gasper in '
stared ut this portent. t'nless Get I
many deliberately planned nm I ' i
bring down upon mnnklnd flie WW Ii"
armament hAd silently threatened i m
many years, tin re v. is no good r son
for this perilous aanef rnitllii'.' ; rai ,
tnlnly none appeared In the strti o
Kurope. Yet the socialists seemon ( i
be for It; thut wns the Ineoinpirl, .
slide fact.
August Rein 1, tin n still active, w
the ablest and most fatuous of th '
leaders, nnd criticism Irom many l:mv
seemed to goad him into a defense.
It was of a nature to chill the laal
hope In nny friend of peace. Two
raaaOBI he gave for the retchstag's
action. One wna that President Poln
enre of France, who had been but new-
ly elected, waa a warlike and danger-
oua num. and no one could tell to what
Kngths he might go. The other waa j
that In the Ralknn ware the Turks,
taught by German ofllcera, had been ,
beaten by the SerWana, taught by I
The Judicious might grieve Indeed
when they came upon aueh an offering
from such n source, and anybody able
to rend tnlgtit aee that wur waa close
at hand.
Pity the man or the: woman who
cannot iwafRf tholr very aplrlt in(l
hai if .oi.d book. Though th
'arn. of If (c h i great and heavy, ,ir
though hoy e small and annnylnf
h 'oc ,i i a our favorite iiutho,
for a ah. it a ronewa our gran
t ion th ra "ii things of life hv
cl inging no tno ighfs into now chaj.
m theri" reiri' king and reneat
Ing our ea' and ('.. elating the og
lo ri netvatl i . I on.
In i .'' tt 1 1 iWI fve paper th
governiri" il has ! filiicn 111.' usanl fgl
output o "ovel" v') si ill not object;
Every on a ho r.-ads the news frot
abroad rv laea thai nowadays trutij
Is far more interesting than fb -t Ion.
o '
Buy a War Saving Stamp.
Look for the
Blue Crescent
A Woman's lleurly Recommendation.
Perfect Confidence
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agony. Now 1 feci like a new person,
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Tfce Timea-Herald Prints for Pari' . lar People
With no thought of bursting shrap
nel and poisonous gases into which
they plunge with every muscle tense,
with every faculty of mind alert,
with one thought only TO FIGHT
That is the way our men are going
into battle. When the shrill whistle
sounds the advance, out they go their
whole heart in the task before them.
No power on earth can hold them had.
The same sharp challenge to battle
is sounding for us. We must answer
in the same proud way the way of
our fighting men the American way.
IVe must lend eiie way they fight.
We must show the war-maddened
Hun a united American people mov
ing forward shoulder to shoulder,
irresistibly, to Victory.
Our task is to supply the money,
the ships, the guns, the shells that we
must have to win. It is a tremendous
task. We must do it as our fighting
men do theirs with the indomitable
spirit of Victory.
We must work, and save, and lend
with one thought only TO FIGHT
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