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    First National Bank
Burns, Oregon
To my friend and Patrons of the
Flrit Nat tonal Hank:
With the clone of the present month, the writer, after twelve
and one-half year service aa cashier of fhl hank, retire from ita a.
tlvc manairement to aasume responsibilities elsewhere.
Ihiring these yearn the bank haa grown and prospered, develop
ing from Ita childhood, no to speak, Into a strong, solid, financial In
stitution, commandiiiK i-expcct and attention far beyond the geogra
phical linen of south-eastern Oregon, whone Interentn It has aided
and helped to develop, and whose patronn It ha no effectively nerv
ed. , , ...
To my many friends who have aaslsted by their patronage and
kindly word of commendation In the upbuilding of this Inntlu
i Ion, I desire to extend my heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation.
While distance may separate us, my Interest In thin section and Its
people will continue, and my mind will frequently dwell upon your
problem, and my energies will le extended In your In-half whcn-
ever they may le required.
'With the acceptance of my resignation, our Hoard of Director
advanced Mr. Welcome to the vice presidency, thus bestowing a fit
ting recognition to an efficient and painstaking official, who ha
served the hank faithfully since its first conception, now over sixteen
years. It was a gracious tribute, merited and deserved.
As cashier, the directors elected Mr. K. 11. t'onser, who was
personally recommended by the writer, anil whom I have known for
over twenty years. Mr. t'onser, both by training and experience, In
well qualified for the position. Ills previous connection with Port
land banking houses and with financial Institutions In the) stock sec
tions of central Oregon particularly fit him for thla new responnl
bility. With two nurh hankers an Mr. Welcome and Mr. t'onser at the
helm, and the co-operation of an efficient and courteous office force,
backed by the same conservative board of dins-tors, the public Is as
sured of the same treatment an has been accorded It In the pant. I
nhnll retain my stockholdings in this bank, so shall consequently have
a direct personal Interest In It, and shall therefore keep a watchful
eye upon Ita affairs. 1 hope to frequently visit Hums, so an to keep
more rlonely In touch with your affairs, and to learn of your condi
tions and possible needs.
In conclusion, I earnestly urge my many friends to extend to the
new management the name consideration and courtesy they mani
fested In me during the yearn I have lived and labored among then.
Very sincerely yours,
J. Ii. HIM.
The Times-fferald
Ha Tha Largest Circulation Of Any
Newspaper la Harney County.
Fat hens and fry for Hale -Mrs.
Henry Y'ulgamioru.
Mist Slater, the teacher at Lawen,
is in the city visiting with friends
over the week-end.
Mrs. V. L. Shelling is here on a
visit to 'her daughter, Mrs. Chan. M.
Mrs. Alma Davis 1b here from
Prairie City on a visit to her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dulton, and other
Mr. and Mrs. Frank King and their
little daughter, are home from a visit
with relatives and friends at Boise,
W. J. Altnow, one of the extensive
sheep growers of this county, was
here from his home near Drewsey
durlngthe fore pari of the week.
lirit.NH. CAPITAL. AND HI 'itPl.l H j
100.0M. "THK HAM THAT '
MAKK8 VOl'll f f MAFK." I
Jap McKinnon took his departure '
toe fore part of this week for Mis
souri where be goes for a short visit J
with Mrs. McKinnon and to look I
after some business affairs.
Thos. Van Zandt was In town the
other day.
Dave and Mr. Craddork were down
from Sllvies during this week.
Win. Bennett was down from bis
j Si lues home lust Wednesday on bual
i ness.
Mrs. Ted Hayes and her daughter.
.wins una. win occup i no i no.
Sprague residence In this city during
the school year.
Mian Helen Purlngton left this
week for Kugene where she goes to
resume her studies In the l.'uivertdty
I fn- lh AAmln. .,....
if LUUIH15 '".ii.
Harry Oouldln has been over from
the OO Ranch during the past week
assisting at the Bell A Bunch with
the cattle; branding, marking and
vaccinating for blackleg.
Alva Springer was In town Ihc
1 other day. He Is rather off his feed
'he says, his physician not allowing
I him to eat an he would like
of some stomach trouble.
Mrs, Sam Mlrkle arrived home this
week in company with her son, A. K. She had been visiting
with relatives and friends In the Wll
amette Valley but expects to remain
here for the winter.
Miss Pauline Herner, who ban been
with the First National Bank of thla
city for some time, took her depart
ure for Portland last Thursday morn
ing for a short visit. Mrs. A. C. Wel
come Is assisting In the bank during
the young lady's absence.
Peter Chrtstensen and Frank Cat
terson were up from Lawen yester- I
day. Pete Bald they came up to get a
Oerman hunting license to have '
their questlonaires nronerlv filled I
out and turned in to the local board. Holland Cowan had his wrist
1 broken while practicing football
1. Lilian! and
Mrs. Thos. Sprague has gone to
Portland to Join her husband and son
who have been down I here for sev
eral weeks. Mr. Sprague has secured
a home for them and they will be to
gether so long as he Is engaged in
war work.
Carrot Cecil
and hit
were In town this week from Silver
Walter Cross and his son Archie
were in town Wednesday "I mis
Mrs. Hazel Miller arrived over
from Grant county Wednesday on a
visit to her father, V, 0. Cotad, and
other relative.
Wanted 20 head young, sound
work hroaea, broke, five to seven
yean old. Good mares preferred.
Address Eastern Oregon Land Co.,
Ontario Oregon,
It. H. Brown Is In town on busi
ness. He Informs us he and Mrs.
Brown are spendlug the most of their
time of late 011 the farm recently ac
quired over In Malheur county.
Patriotic Assurance Company.
Founded 1824 One of tho oldest
and strongest Fire Insurance com
panies In the world. J. J. Donegan,
100,000. "THE BANK I'll AT
Mrs. Edith Linton, mother of Mrs.
Lampshlre and Mr. Moullen, took
her departure the latter part of last
week for her home in Eugene where
she will remain for he winter. She
wan accompanied by her granddaugh
ter. Owendolyn Lampshlre. who will
attend school there.
Joe Carter, the fruit man, has es
tablished a fruit and produce stand
In the rooms adjoining Uemberllng's
store. His son Is In charge and they
expect to keep a supply of seasonable
fruit and vegetable on hand. If
they haven't what you want they will
try and get It for you. Visit the
stand and get prices on fruit for can
ning and winter use.
B. A. Kalston. late principal of the
Harney County High School, left
Tuesday morning to report to his
local board at Portland for army
duty. Mr. Kalston hopes to get Into
an officer' training camp In the Im
mediate future, hut il'he falls to get
his desire In this respect, since thai
branch has been closed temporarily,
he then wants to get over to France
Just a quickly an possible.
Buy a Liberty Bend.
Harry Withers was In town Thurs
day. Oet. Cawlflold was In the city from
Narrows yesterday.
Hugh Tudor was a business visitor
to our city last Thursday.
A. K. Olson, of the Inland Ranch,
I enjoying a visit from hi mother.
A. K. Richardson arrived home
Wednesday from a trip to Portland.
,! .
Frank and Mrs. Dibble wore over
from Sliver Creek Thursday.
Mrs. Price Withers was the guest
of friends In this city Saturday,
day on i.ulstiess.
Lost A child's coal, trimmed with
white buttons. Finder please return
to Mrs. C. M. Salisbury.
I N. Nelson Is home from a trip to
Portland where he visited with his
wife and son for a while. He roports
Mrs. Nelson's health still poor.
Miss Annette Leonard left Thurs
day morning for Eugene where she
will attend the 1'nlverslty of Oregon
for the coming year.
A. C. Barnekoff, traveling sales
man for Glass A Prudhomme. was In.
town this week looking after the In
terests of his concerns.
Chas. Beelcley. the merchant and
post master at Berkley III Callow,
was a business visitor to our city last
John Gllcrest arrived here Wed
nesday night from California and will
spend some little time In this vicini
ty. Mr. Gllcrest will buy some cattle
while here.
John Gemherllng and Thos. Steph
ens are back from their trip to Denio.
While they were out they bagged a
couple of deer besides did some pros
pecting. Prof. G. Merigeloll made proof on
his homestead last Tnurutay und
took .lis departure tho following
morning for Seattle where ho will be
ei.Ka.'.c 1 in music during the season.
Mrn. Merlggloli returned to the Cat
low farm to remain for the winter.
- -
' : -. n
3 i
- r'
Fi Hag gimnrinniiuiiwniiiiiniiiiiiiiiffliiiiniiM
Out Service Free
Hantia Donnlq National Bank
minii mmim umiu
Born Sunday. Sept. 22, to
and Mrs. Clifford Reed, a son.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Page and their
little sen were In 'he r'ty durln-; the
present week.
Piano for rent and square piano
for sale, cheap for cash. -Box 246
Burns, Oregon.
A. S. Swain left Thursday for
Wallowa where he goes to make the
acquaintance of his youngest grand
son Howard Swain Allen. After a
H. M. Horton and Karl II Conner ',., V,H uc w1 be BCtolnimill,,
were passengers out 011 Ihe Wray j w)Ill ,.r (UUKn,r for , ,,aHl ,,,,
stage Monday morning, the former holIu. tiy Mr Swn wl ,,
bound for his place of business at j or m0ra
Bund and the latter for Prlnevllle
where he went to arrange hi affairs Mr and Mrs. A. C. Welcome arrived
that he might return at once and take , home Saturday night from their vaca
up his duties as cashier of the First don trip to outside points. They
Mr. and Mrs. I
their son Joe came over from their
"Valley of the Moon" ranch Tues
day and left the following day for
Portland, going out by way of Prlne
vllle. They go for a short vacation
trip and to look ufter a III tie business
Thursday evening at the fair grounds.
Principal Storll had the boys out for
a preliminary practice game and It
proved raiher disastrous lor Holland
Taylor Huston also sprained his an
kle slightly. The boys will have to
get toughened to the task If they are
to play that strenuous game.
. , .
I Prolonging Human Life! I
In the effort to lengthen the Hpan of human ex
Wtance, every available resource in Nature'H More
house is utilized. These must be classified and sy.stem
lzed and ready for ug?. This is the work of the
chemist. ,
Tjie intelligent handling of this vast store of reme
dies, under the direction of your physician, devolves on
Your Druggist
We employ nan- but competent graduated pharmacists. I
National Bank of this clfv. Mr. Con
ser was formerly an assistant In the
First National at Prlnevllle with Tom
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Welcome en
tertained some friends at their beau
tiful home Insi Tuesday evening, Mr
and Mrs. J L. Gault being the honor
guests. A very enjoyable evening
was spent with a congenial company
who had known the Ouults for many
years. Cards were played and the
table honors went to Mrs. Ernest
Music and Chas. M. Faulkner. Mr.
and Mrs Gault elh received an ap
propriate token of the occasion to
take with them to their new home In
Spokane. Mr. Homer Mace was Joint
hostess with Mrs. Welcome In this
enjoyable affair.
Married Last Sunday evening at
the bone of Mrs. J. K BUerooro In
thla city, W. E. Crowder and Mm.
Dairy Carter were married, Justice
J. J. Patterson performing the cere
mon. Both are well known people
of this vicinity, the bride beln a
daughter of Mr. and Mr. Edwards.
of Lawen. She ha resided in this
county for several years. Mr. Crow
der is the owner of the Five Mile
Hunch east of this city. The newly
married couple have gone to Cald
well, Idaho for Hie winter where
I Mr. Crowder had arranged to feed
his slock, laler they will return to the
farm near here to make ih.-ir home.
.1. L. Gault and familv look ihelr
departure: today for Spokane where
lliev will make their home in future.
Mr, Guult having accepted respomd
Die position with a bit bunking in
stitution In that city. tg8 (Jaiills will
lie missed by Ihe people of Hill vicin
ity where they have li,;en active In
the affairs for so inauv voars. Mr
i Gnull was 11 man to OMaftft in busi
ness affairs while Mrs. (iault wus ac
- live in musical work She will be
i tulssed from he Hid Qnw work
i where Hhe was always i'.,v with her
energy. She was also ulwuys ready
I with her musical talents on all pulrl
otic occasions or in social, church or
' other work. She gave unntintlnglv
01 her lime and was a gracious lady
in her Intercourse along the lire of
charitable or war work. Her admir
er regret hr departure and con
gratulgt the neighborhood In Spe-
j kan where to Gaults may lake ut
' their reslaeai
visited Portland ""(l other western
Oregon sections, going over tho Mi
Keuzie pass and came back by way
of Pendleton where they took In a
iurt of the Hound ('p. The entire
Journey was made In their auto.
I. 8. Geer A Co., are building a
machinery shed on the rear part of
some lots recently purchased near 1
the residence of Mrs. Kembold.
A. O Faulkner and his little dau
ghter took their departure last week
for Indiana where they go to visit the
parental home for an Indefinite time.
Faulk, may take up some war work
later If he finds he ran do so. and '
should tlii be the case we are not
likely to see him ngnln until he has:
helped "smash the kaiser."
George Marsden and bis wife ac-1
companled by hi mother were here
from Bear Valley last Monday at-
tending to some business matters and j ..,,, Heaven or HobokM
also to visit with friends for a short I rhristma.." I the slogan I
Ima 'fi.i.. i. .- Ji..... .. tl .
... . ,,. . ,,,- ,,rm 1. nr there" reported by Dr T I) Bit
Marsden 8r ha vi.ited her manywlth formPr 0 A c,rloiJ
friend in tbl vicinity for some time ' Tns new war (.ry w orlglnate(1 J
and they were particular pleased to ,he ,, pugh ,,,,, the Mun, J
"ee nr been well speeded up.
Grant Kesterson wus in towsl
John Kirk was In town frotal
home near Wagontlre during
present week.
Frank Johnson came hack
from Prlnevllle the first of t hts
to be present with the attorney ot
Colonization Co. In going liefore
county equalization board with
recommendation a to hsngi
the assessment on the land of
1. M. Cheney, one of the puJ
residents of this county, hut now
ing In San Francisco, arrived her
fore part of the week and litin M
greeting his old time friend
Cheney looks like the I'alifoi
climate agrees with him. as he wo
much more than when be left h
and looks the picture of health
U til slot, ts VltiOltni'H
,rtfg1tf3fr Does Pershing
4 . n'i J BN
VaB Br ' t ' ai HH.
i t l!Ba h( B!V Ji u '-'f
(fm Sk'-& yi Ni9k! Br3 ry
"The German army can be beaten; j
the German army will be beaten;
the German army muift be beaten."
Pershing counted on every 111:111, woman and child in Anient .
to hack him up wImh he said that back him up with their souls, their flesh, tin 1
jMttketbooka to the last drop of Mood, to the last dollar.
Our youiifj men are hacking him with their blpoti. .'".Every one of us at home must
hack him with our dollars our last dollars our future dollars.
BUY Fourth Liberty Bonds. Any Bank Will Help You.
umoiia c'o-OiitATioi o
Burns Cash Store
The Rexall Drue Store