The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 17, 1918, Image 5

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    mm 'Al. AND rKHHONAJ,
Horh Angoll la over from hlH Isee!
Iliniiii- I
Building Loans and lnvontmpiitx
IHarnay County Abstract Co.
Mr. and Mra. Henry Dalton and
ih childrtMi are out, on a vacation
Mr. and Mra. Harry Oouldin were
I J. W. Bigft-a made a profHHHlonal
trip to Ontario during tlio week.
C. E. Solomon lx over from Cat low
Farm Loans on Irrigated ranches
Harney County Abstract Co
Geo. Cawlfleld and Mra. WalcT'wcre
amonvma visitors from tbe Nsn-owa
during 'tho week.
Mr."oVtff!KlN: Bill Campbell have
.. rf- r ft. -m i Aft.- I .-i.- j
In from me u- ummca aurma n , rotuitM . f rom ilend where they had
week. beetqeaprinj?
Thorough busineaa, high school Mra. .-J ike Welcome and her chll
ml college courses at Mt. Angel Col- dren hate reurned homo from their
si llenetllct. Ore.
j. M McDade and wife came In
from Hi ' southern part of the county
outing spent at the Blue Mt. Springs.
K. L. Hass closed his hotel the oth
er day In order that he and Mrs. Hass
rHterday. Mrs. McOade Is here to mgtll take a vacation. They have
gone to coast points we are Informed.
Mrs. C. A. Swoek lias gone to Cor
Valllfl 'herejlie tamtlj I'Xpect to re
side for Hie winter. She will he Join
ed Inter h? oilier meiuhers.
undergo an operation.
lira. Hunt, wife of Hev. Hunt,
will lecture at the Baptist church to
morro forenoon at 1 1 o'clock. Pub
I , cordially Invited.
M:. Helen King l,'l'l ypstenliiv
morning tor Bend where the foea toi
The Tinea-Herald baa been Infor
ined iiuii Ray Bmtth recently Inrea
gn Indefinite stay for her aunt, .Mrs. ,, ,,, two knitting machines and
li Horton. thai tils family lias not only donated
,. ,, ... the maohlnea to the lied Cross but
Itrookings Station, or Hall Way
, . i ,. ,,!. I were devot Ing their tlino to knitting
imuse tor sale or trade for cattle.
, , ... ,, vorft, for that orgunizat on. They are
160 acres L'OO in cultivation. ory
, . o,.n turning out about 40 pairs of socks
reasonable. Inquire at Station or , '
ua ,, ,,,- aift,,ur, a day at present with these machines.
write llcrace Brookings, Sisters,
Orefon. Thursday evening alter the mail
James Mace and Len Nichols, two ' had arrival and the late papers dls
estenaive stock men of the Prlne- i trlbuted the post mistress dosed the
rille country, were here yesterday on office and departed but later had oc
hn.lnesi Mr. Ma. e makes his head- casion to return and upon entering
,-uarters outside while Mr., Nichols the otflce found 'lied" Noonchester
(are of the extensive rancher uulflng his pockets with small
hange from the money drawer lie
, ,,i utnek in Crook county.
lirttnetllately told her he would give
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Callow returned ttn back to her and upon Investl-
tbe lure part of the week from Bend nation u was found ho had quite a
bars they had been for a short time supply, lie had crawled through the
We understand thc have acquired p;Uce left open for puckages to be
tteresta In that city and are going mailed. It is quite evident ho was
then to make their home The datlgh helped in as little fellow of his uge
ten, who accompanied them over, yonld hardly try such a thing on M
remained In Bend. own initiative.
MsV mmt"' X" Jxit&ffimBm
i9 ftQaaftHawsT BTaaaBF BaaalaT aaavascj
BrHfa3feaaaaT3 W9r iti m
M -aw l5 BamBBavalBBsaBaaBaBai v
We will do your Job printing.
M you want your liny Insured hh
Wm. Kurro.
Had llowser Is spending a day or
two In town the guest of relatives,
Jesse Alberson vas in town Thurs
day. 8. Alberson in in town from his
home In tbe southern part of the
We write all klnda of fire Insur
ance. If you can't call, Phone us
B63 Harney County Absract Co.
There is very little bought by mall
that cannot be bought right here In
Burns. While helping the nation
you can help to boost your homo
Affairs in RUBSta seem to us like a
play proceeding1 behind heavy cur
tain, soui ,i and noise, iui no clear
Information, If President Wilson
semis ins commission of Inquiry there
we shall have some knowledge of the
plot and act.
Dike Jameson left yesterday for
Portland where he goes to attend the
National convention of O. A. It. He
'old the manager of this great ro
Itgous that he would not remain for
a very long time M he soon gels tired
of erowds and big pluces whero so
much Is doing.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Brooke and
their children were guests of friend
In this city Wednesday night leuviug
the following day for the mountains
where they go for their vacation Mr.
Brooke was district Attorney of this
district one term and also represen
ted the district in the slate senate
He Is quite well known to the people
of this county.
Principal W. M. Sutton of the
Burns public school, and his wife re
turned yesterday from their trip to
Willamette Valley and other points
n the western par of I lie stale. They
were ueeoinpanied home by little
Prances Barber who will make her
Koine with them during the winter
Mrs. Barbae remained In Portland
for the purpose t taking up study In
u busine ii i ollege,
At the Liberty Theatre, Saturday, Auguat 24th
Notary Public, Land Office Practice, Fire
Insurance and Real Estate.
Office: Tonawama Building
ejsj 'Ji
" - I 'nil
Leaves BEND ot 7:4." H.iii., arrive BURNS 7:)( p.m.
L.'hvh BURNS at 7:00 a, mj arrive BKNP .":00 p.m.
FARE, each way $8.00
."( Pound Baggage carried Feee.' Boihi leper lb.
Meet all t ratlin In Bend. Pawnmgera Arrive at
I'ortlaud. frotu Burne, in 24 koure, fare $16.05
Prompt attention fivao all siliiiuientH In onr -mi
KsiMM-inllv PerliUablo UonsiguiuentH.
ImIuikJ Bmpire Realt.v Vtimphiy, Agent
The chorus of praise drawn from
our ullies by the gal m try of American
troops in Prance sound almost like
the concerted tlnale al an opera,
Among I he paeans ot appre(datlon We
hear a full-throated tribute from a
vocalist whose tones are a little dif
ferent i rom the rest. It Is the roles
of our old friend, the Mikado.
He has a style of his own, has
Vohhi. Many of the most eminent In
Buropean strateejy mid statecraft
have handed It to us a plate. We
gel ll in a ladle from (he Kuphulst of
the Jsles.
The trlbuted of statesman ami
generals- l"renh, and Italian have
often been triumphs of literary graoe.
But for polished verbiage give us the
Mikado, or some other cultivated
Nipponese. Al throwing verbal eon
fottl they are the lulr-huired hoys.
Even more engaging Is the note
of sincerity that we obeerv in the
royal message. The foreign policy of
! Japan has often seemed something of
. a problem, and the attitude of the Is
land Kmplre toward Its allies bus not
always been easy to define, but in his
latest utterances theMlkado has un
' reservedly comitted himself,
'it is well thai the military weight
'of America is being rightly estima
ted in Tokyo. I I praise of the Jap-
aneee war-lords Is the praise of ex
perts, ll Is belter to huve them with
us than against us, and their exact
1 striking power Is always an unknown
Quantity. How Japan standi on
submarines, on aeroplanes, on lanks,
,011 machine gum, is a baffling. rlddl
ami we can depend on her to keep the
: riddle unread.
It Is not long since Nippon wie re
gardod as America's greatest dinger,
and the time (hat we have taken in
raising and equipping an arniv proves
that we were anything bu secure
Japan now realizes the value of our
friendship when she fioei that our
fighting strength is more thun ihere
If the proof of it in national pre
paredness had been shown to tier
many two years ago, we would prob
ably have never been obliged lo go
to war at all.
Keep Hie llloixl Hleitm I'lll'P
ltheumatlc pains, backache, swol
len Joints and sore muscles often are
the result or impurities In the blood
gathering in the region affected, u
result of failure of the kidneys to I
llmlnate waste products from the
blood stream. Koioy Kidney Pllla
heal, strengthen and Invigorate wens
diseased kidneys and bladder. W
H. Illll. Justice of the I', I )e
troll, Tex., writes: "I used l'oley
Kidney I'llls and ay unhe ulatlngly
that of all I have used they are the
best, and have done tbe work v. here
the r railed." Sold evervuh re,
An American soldiers' food, cloth
ing and war supplies for one year
would fill a freight ear.
There will soo.s be two million.
Perhaps rive. Five million carloads.
How many million more to fill con
tracts with our Allies?
A million and a quarter men al
ready In Kurope A million and a
quarter freight cars to haul their
necessaries to Atlantic ports.
Notice Is hereby given that the
Hoard of Kquallzatlou for Harney
county will meet at the court house
in liurna on the second Monday of
.September that being Hie !Hh day of
the month and the regular time set
for such meeting. All mutters of
equallaattoa or complaints as to the
assessments will be heard by I lie
board on thai dale.
J, Li, Caldwell, Assessor.
Wm. Karre, who Is In charge or the
county ror the State Council or De
fense, Is In receipt or correspondence
between the President and Secretary
or War Maker wherein it is urged
that this organisation be extended to
cover -every community in the entire
United States and to have under Its
supervision every war activity. This
Is a move that will meet approval.
At present It covers almost every
phase ot war activities of any conse
quence. This organisation Is now a
factor that will be Increased by the
proposed extensions.
Buy a War Saving Stamp.
"The Six Bare Sons or the Kaiser"
sounds like the tltlo or a Herman
fairy tale. Hut It Is no fairy talo
When our boys come home they will
be well up in the geography of
France. If they are asked to name
four French rivers it will not take
them long to enumerate the Marne,
the Afline, tbe Ottrcq, and the Vnale.
We are In the habit ot thinking of
the president of the United States as
the geatest American but Just now we
are not sure that he in any more im
portant than the soldier or the farmer.
Bllaabcth K. .Oorr,- piaintitr.
VilllumvK. Ooir. dereudunt.
To William K. Ooff, the above
named defendant:
In the name of the State of Ore
gon, you are hereby required to ap
pear and answer the "complaint tiled
against you In the above entitled
court and suit on or berore the last
day or the time prescribed In the
order ror publication or this sum
mons, to wit; within six weeks rrom
the 1 7th day or August, 1918. that I
being the dale ot the rirst publication
hereof, and If you fall so to appear
and answer said complaint, the plain
tiff will apply MP the court for the
relief demanded In said complaint,
to wit;
A decree of said court forever dis
solving the marriage contract now
ai'd heretofore existing between
plaintiff and defendant and awarding
10 plaintiff the care, custody and
control of tbe three minor hildren of
said marriage, and her co-Is and dis
bursements of ibis suit, and general
relief. j
You are further notified that ihis
summons Is served upon you by pub- j
iicaiion thereof In The Trmee-Harald, i
a weekly newspaper. publlslM;d In
Burna, Harney County, Oregon, pur-J
-cuiinl to an order of Hon. II. C. I'V- j
ens. county Judge of Harney County. ;
OregQU, made and dated the 16th day ;
of August. 191S. the dale of the first j
publication being August 17th. 1 9 1 S
and the last publication thereof will '
be on September .iKth. 1918.
or Hums. Oregon.
Attorney ror Plaintiff. .
I stabltahed thirty-two years Ne'd no introduction
Through square dealing have won the confi
dence of the people and are no longer in the
experimental class, but stand among the
solid merchants of Eastern Oregon, who de
serve the support of all home people
The Labor Problem
Of Special Interest to Farmers
Then; in but one solution of the farm labor problem
Improved Farm Machinery
It is up to you, Mr. Farmer, to provide tools that will
enable one man to do the work of two this year.
We Have These Tools
From the free-whiz to tho farm tractor, we have all
the new labor-saving machinery. We want to show you
how easily you can not only keep up your reprular work but
Actually exceed what you have been accustomed to do.
.See us if you want to increase farm efliciency.
I. S. GEER & CO.
j0 wVM 1 ?rfftfflk
ISr orecon Tfk
That Fall Suit!
Have it made now during
the slack season. We are
always busy but more
time now than we will
have a little later.
Call and See Our Samples and Styles
Clothing Company
Table Satisfaction
With tin' strenuous work mapped out lor the people this
vi-cir. it is more than ever necessary that their food should be
both satisfying and strengthening. .
This will aie assured p! if vou buy yOW GROCERIES from us.
Our store is tilled from front door to back with the best and
freshest (iroeeries to be found in the markets.
Keep your working power up to par by buying and eating
r.eeries from
Farmers Exchange
A. Ottinjjer, Prop. N. Franklin, Manager
i . . jaa
I Tic
fe 2B5