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The War Dcpartni'iit Authorises
ilin Following Anneuncement:
The detail:! of tin plan prepared '
by the War Department to otter to
able bodtctl college students orer 'he
ago ot 18 the opportunity to enlist In
the military forces of the United
States and to obtain training in the
olleges which will prepare them for
the more gsatttaj forms of military
service have now been completed.
The plan was firat announced in the
letter of May S to the peaidents of
ill educations! Institutions of colleg
iate grade. a;ul the details are ex
plained In :. circular sent to the
aollagas under the date of June 28th.
i"lic pvrpoM i" the plan is to pro-
ido for (lie very Important needs of
Km army for highly trained men as
offtcara anglnaera, doctors, chamtata
tnd admin!. trntors of every kind.
Tin- tznportanca of this nMd eaa
II. ii he too atrongly adrphaataad. The
plan ta an attempt to bmMUm aad
,i volop tin' brain power of tin- young
in mi of th" country for thOM services
which demand special training. Its,
Objacl Is to prevent the premature
nliatmenl for a'tlve service of those'
men who could by extending the per
Rd Of their college training multl
ily manifold their value to the coun-1
iry. 1!'. however, the need arises for
the services of these men In the fight-
lug line, the terms of their enlistment
are such that they can be called by
the President on a day's notice. But
for the present it will be tho policy
I,: the Government to keep them in
training until their draft age Is reach
This Is a war in which soldiers are
I only marksmen but also engi
neers, chemists, physicists, geologists!
doctors and specialists in many other
linea. Bclentifle training is (odtepen-l
silile. Kuglneering skill Is Beaded i
bj the officers who direct every im
portant military operation and who
trol our lines of tranaport and
nmnnication. In the same way
imical and knowledge arc
constant demand at tba front a-
well as behind tie- lines, while the
:ask ol -avlng the lives and restoring
t He health of hundreds of thousands
il wounded culls for the service of
regimenta of military phyeiclana
The scientific training which pre
I a man to fulfill one of theee
highly specialized duties and more
liberal training which helps to (level
op qualities of leadership needed b)
the officer or administrator are aa-n-iitial
elements of military efflcien
.. .
Kor the purpose of developing men
nrho shall have this combination ol
ivlitary and Intellectual training B
i ew corps has been created in the ar
i v to be called the Students' Army
Training Corps. Voluntary enlist -I
.-lit in this corps Is open to all able I
t-odled students in the instilutioiM
collegiate grade who are not un-!
r IS years of age. Btudenta under!
H cannot be legally enlisted but they
may enroll and thus receive military
'.raining until they reach the age
shen they can legally enlist.
The boy who enlists in the Stud- (
oils' Army Training Corps will be
en furlough status and will not re-,
oeive pay. He will undergo regular
military tralnine as a part of his I
course during the college year, will
attend a six weeks camp for rigid
and intensive military instruction
with prlvnto's pay and will be aub
Ject to the call of tho President for
active service at any time, should
the exigences of the military situa
tion demand it. The po'.ioy of the
government, however, will bo to keep
members or this Corns in college un
til their draft age is reached, and
the War Doparment will have tho
power to order such men to continue
In college even after their draft age
la reached whenever their work la
such that the needa of the service, e.
g., for doctors, engineers, chemists
and the like, are such as to make
that course advisable.
The Students' Army Training
Corps will be administered by the
Committee on Kducatlon and special
Training of the War Department,
Which will function as a section of
the Training nnd Instruction Uninch
ol tM War Plana Division of the
General Starr. Competent oftlceri
and non-commlssloned offlcem will
be aaaigned to the various Institu
tions to terry on the work or military
infraction To supplement the of
ficers aaaigned b) the War Depart
ment three special summer training
camps are being held to train a lim
ited number of picked students and
members of the faculties of the var
ious Institutions so that they will be
able to assist In the work of military
Instruction. These camps will be
held a 1'lattsburg New York; Fort
Sherlun. Illinois; and Presidio. Cal
ifornia, for sixty days, beginning Ju
ly 18th.
The importance of this plan for
combined military und collegiate
training. If we are to meet In the fu
ture the urgent needs of the army
for highly trained men, Is so great
that the War Department earnestly
reqnatta the colleges. Councils of De
fense, and other patriotic societies to
cooperate in bringing it to the atten
tion of the young men of the country
and In urging them to do their purt
to make It a success.
Approved !
(Signed) Newton 1) linker
Secretary or war.
Prominent Houston Man Says, "Mon
ey Could Not lluy The Good
It Has Done Me."
"Money could not buy the good
Teniae has done me," end I gladly
recommend it for what it has done in
my case, "said Hon. Archie R. Ander
son, of Houston, Ex-Sheriff of Harris
County, Tex., recently.
Mr. Anderson la unquestionably,
not only one of the beat known, but
one of the moat popular men that ev
er held public office in "The 4MM
Star state. After serving as Deputy
Sheriff of Harris County for twelve
years, Mr. Anderson was elected
Chief of Police of tho city of Houston
lie hail occupied this office only a
short time when the sheriff of Harris
County died. Mr. Anderson's friends
persuaded II I m to make the race for
the unexpired term of Sheriff to
which he was i isll elected He was
honored With reelection si-veil dif
ferent times and served the people
In this Important office for fifteen
consecutive years Pour years ago
Mr. Anderson declined re-election
and retired to private life. Ho cast
his lot among the people of Houston
and is a large property owner and
foremost citizen of this Interesting
and prosperous city.
"I was In n run-down condition,
continued Mr. Anderson, "and had
no appetite at all. I could hardly
sleep at night and never felt like get
ting up In the mornings, I was so
tired. I had the worst form of Indi
gestion, suffered all the time from
gas on my stomach and was continu
ally belching up undigested food. I
had to take my coffee without sugar,
as when I drank it with sugar. 1
would Just belch ror hours. I would
bloat and swell up like I was poison
ed and Bttffared with neuralgic pains
of the worst sort, and nothing seem
ed to help me only In a tomporary
way. I Just can't tell you how 1 did
suffer for the past four years and up
to the time I began taking Tanlac a
few weeks ago.
"When I read the testimonials of
some who had been relieved of troub
les like mine I Just felt like I could
n't make a mistake by taking Tanlac
and It has done even more for me
than I had expected. I began to feel
better after taking my first bottle
and have Juat now started on my
third and I'm a different man al
ready. I sleep like a log now and eat
Just anything and everything I want
without the sllghtost discomfort af
terwards. I am glad to endorse Tan
lac because It does the work and I'm
telling all my friends Just what I m
telling you. I never felt better In
my life than I do since taking Tanlac
I am willing for you to publish my
statement .and let eery Buffering
person who may wiah, benefit by my
experience with thia great medicine."
TanUc Is sold in Hams by Read
ilros. - Adv.
Mrs. Woodrow Wllaon christened
the quistronck, the first ship launch
ad from the. Hog Island ship yards.
She must hve done ao with some In
ner dubitatlons unless she had been
previously Infomed "What Is a Qulst
conck? ' or "Where Is Quletconck?"
Hatband and Wife
If one may Judge from the news
paper reports the gentleman known
as Yankee Doodle Dandy la now In
France and la In great form.
Mrs. Frank P. Wood. Box 18, R, K
i D. 2, Merrill, Me., writes: "Foley
Kidney Pills helped me so much. My
husband also has received much ben
efit from them. He was ao lame ha
could not atoop over and now he feela
no pain." Lame back, sore muscles,
atlff Jdlnta, rheumatic aches and
peine quickly conquored by Foley
Kidney Pllle. Sold by Reed Bros.
TralaBM) far Dflclry
la Faaca r la War
I'.illv o.,iii pped liberal culture nnd eeieiiHncilepiirlrneiile.Spee.lal
riiiiiinr in lit "ill"""'""" -...,.-.- . . . ...
Viwli ill). Library Work, IHilftir, I i-i r.w.. - .......... . . " j ,7 ., ,
'"'"" V . "... ! .1 II, 1,1. 1, lli, Ilril ' rHir.. .! Ill-Id irk
, i i .. ... f ....... .1 ... ., ,,l rrmltra. brldCra.
N-t..-.i..i. rvr'..'"".-,,:. ";;.,, ... ....:.
Hi. Hiii.Ii Ml riTi.niiii.iiiK-u Inr ' ,.-. -
r..:i iiui. I ii.mrv ,,l BOyOOO v.iliinii... Itoajil ValarBW nd oiai.
I ISrn.r lwl. mu Il .it.iri.ilillr lor ..,.. ..!: -
Wrllr llrliHnir. I.uirnr. OfH ' lllaairawa ih.. Kin.
VF i
Itev. J. Htewurt Muddox, Pastor.
A cordial Invitation is extended
to you to attend our services . The
hours of the service on the Sabbath
are as follews:
Sabbath School at 10 A. M.
Preaching at If A. M.
Young Peoples' meeting at 6:41
P. M.
Hong service at 7:30 P. M.
Preaching at 8:00 P. M.
Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7: SO
P. M.
When a conscientious objector re
ceives a sentence of from firteen to
twenty years at hard labor he must
wish thai he had either objected less
or been less conscientious.
The fir : oar load or young range
horsei lafl the Yakima reservation
Friday nr the Seattle market whore
the animals win ! slaughtered (ot
food, Should the sale or horeefleah
be welcomed it will ha fallowed by
otter Shipment, The present ship
ment was arraiiKcd by the Wash
ington State meat Inspector, K. B,
Henderson lie believes the meat or
these young, specially selected range
hones will lie found superior to He
onlinao beet Mr Henderson kiim-
The animate ship; ad are young
and healthy, from Hie Yakima rung
m Thej will make better meat than
the ordinary beat and are to be
Slaughtered under the supervision of
the - il meat Inspection department.
This ihtpmenl Is only an experiment,
bm ii there la iure enough da
maim the meat will become a fixture
on the Seattle market. I cun get
thousands of the young range horses
that are of no particular value for
any ober purpose. In habits Ihaag
taml-Wild range horses are much like
deer. They eat the same feed und
an a i lean and healthy. Kx.
Mr. Hoover's trip to France Is prob
ably for the purpose of securing the
lutest tail modes In food conserve.
Hon. 491
Special, next Friday
Bryant Washburn, in
From Mary Brecht Plover's atory
in the Saturday Evening Post
Mother Love vs. Patriotism
ALZWlF lTlfaafjtjTx
j rt- ' r ;tl?-BP"fjiB ' KaVaflBBtbBiaaiaaaaB '' aaSwaivJa.
Kr3. ' aPJP. rPwc Wf
1:l- i I J.
aJilllilllltllllllllllllllllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi'"' ' '"lllill!l!lllllllllllll!ll!llllll!lll!lllllliyi!lllllllllllllP
gr it Hi
Perfect Confidence
No other Wordi can daoribe tho relationi
that hould fxiKt between a Bank und its
If you haven't confidence in the soundness of a
bank, you certainly will not tt ust your money
to it.
This Bank invites carefi I inspection of its
financial strength and boui d bticiness methods.
We know they are above criticism, but the
tint is, we want you to ki ow it.
When you have learned, then we solicit your
business on our merits.
20,000 Acres
with water rights for sale on
Blitzen River in tracts of 80
Acres or more. Reasonable
prices one-fifth cash balance
easy terms, six per cent in
terest. Eastern Oregon Live Stock
crane Company oregon
s an ' i in 4 aaaaaaaa
H .afBaaaaL
If M&mmT
il JDV
I anaaaaK A ! HWflaP latfslgfaBBBBBn JaaJgggaBalafBal
iSaaaaaB-a JwmBBKI
' TK Nn WKo War AJnii " twKtJ
Carolyn f
the Corners
is just a natural, wholesome, joyful
little girl who leaves only a trail of
smiles and happiness on the path
she travels. Making her acquaint
ance is like getting a burst of sun
shine in looking up into the blue sky.
Carolyn romps through the story
we are about to publish in serial
form. It is a clean-cut tale of every
day life, with many a smile, not a
few thrills and also an occasional
tear. You will treasure her friend
ship long after the last installment
is ended.
Look for Carolyn!
liiino; your Find car to ua when it needs
to ba "fixed up" or repaired. U- gujuftntee
the most reliable work; tin- genuine Kord-made
materials and lo ask Kurd price, It is our
business to know ull about Ford cars. We bavo
the necessary equipment and competent work
men to do the work as it should be done and to
give you prompt attention at all times. When
you want to buy a Ford car we earnestly solicit
your order.
For your conveniencv we keep I supply of
at Narrows, Riley, Alberson, Harney. Drewsey
and Juntura
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