The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 13, 1918, Image 6

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Notire la hereby given that there
are sufficient funds on hnnd to pay
(Jenernl Fund County Warrants rfljrln-ti-rt'il
prior to July ls. 1918. Inter
est ceases July l.'lth. 1018.
County Treasurer.
Hums, Oregon July 2nd, 1918.
To Domingo Krhanls. of Crane Ore
gon, Ilarriman, Oregon, P. O. Dis
missed and the mail addressed to
Harrlman, goes to Crane, Contos
tee: You are hereby notified thnt I'tliel
L. Thompson who gives Hums, Ore
gon, as her post-office address, did
on June 19th. 1918. file in this office
her duly corroborated application to
contest and secure the cancellation
Of your Homestead Entry, Serial No.
07222 made February 7th, 1914, for
WV4SW4. SK'.SW'i. WVftSEU.
Sec. 22. and WfcKHK, SKNW',,
of Section 27, Township H2. South,
Kange 32 East, Willamette, Meri
dian, and as grounds for her contest
he alleges that said Domingo Krhan
is has wholly abandoned raid entry.
that he never established or main
tained a residence, or made any im
provements thereon, and has absent
ed himself, changed his residence
therefrom ever since the date of en
try; That the entrymans alleged ab
sence from the land Is not due to his
employment In connection with oper
ations in Mexico, or along the borders
thereof, or in mobilization camps
elsewhere, In the military or naval
organizations of the I'nited States or
the National Guard of any of the
several States or Territories.
You are, therefore, further notifi
ed that the said allegations will bn
taken us confessed, and your said
entry will be cancelled without fur
ther right to be heard, either before
ihis office or on appeal, If you fail to I
file In this office within twenty days I
after the FOURTH publication of!
this notice, as shown below, your
answer, under oath, specifically re- '
opondlng to these allegations of con-;
test, together with due proof that :
you served a copy of your answer on I
the said contestant either in person
or by registered mail.
You should state in your answer
liy willing service of a freo
people to do these things:
To feed the Allies that lliey may
continue to fight.
To feed the hungry in Belgium
and other lands that they may
. rmitiiiue to live.
To feed our own soldier over
seas that they may want noth
ing. To keep prices ateady and the
flow of distribution even that
the poor at home may be fed.
To make everyone's effort count
Its utmost for winning the
war for freedom. .
By Herbert Hoover.
Tf you could stand In the middle of
Eurepe today and survey the land to
Its borders, you would discover Its
whole population of 400,000,000 human
beings short of food. Millions of peo
ple In Poland, Finland, Serbia, Ar
menia and Russia are dlug of starva
tion and other, millions are suffering
from too little food. Our Allies and
the neutrals are living ou the barest
margins that will support Ufa and
This, the most appalling and dread
ful thing that has com to humanity
since the dawn of civlllcatlbn. la to
me the outstanding creation of Car
man militarism. The Germans them
selves are not the worst sufferers.
They are extorting at the cannon's
mouth the harvests and cattle of the
people they have overrun, leaving
them In desolation. If the war were
to cease tomorrow, the toll of actual
dead from starvation within the Oar
man lines would double or treble the
6.000,000 or 6,000.000 of men who have
been actually killed by Germany and
her allies In arms. The 10,000.000 peo
ple In occupied Belgium and Norther
France would have died of -starvation
bad it not been for us and the Allies.
We must build our food resources
to stand ready for any demands upon
us by the Allies. It Is of no purpose
to us to send millions of our best to
France If we fall to maintain the
strength of their men. women and
children on our Unas of communica
tion. This United States is the last
reservoir of men, the last reservoir of
hips, the last reservoir of munitions
Edith Cavell, the martyr nurse. The great War has turned many
(iitne to her death through the, things end over end and hind sldo
treachery of one w:iom she hod bo-' before, Including Austria Hungary,
friended. It will 6e welcome news ' which has now become "Hun (airy
that the renegade who denounced Auatrlu "
her to the Kmnmiiniliiiitiir " ii.iltl O-
The war Is making history for ev
ery nation hut Russia, and for her
stid the last reservoir of food upon
the name of the post-office to which ! which the Allied world must depend
you desire future notices to be sent
to you.
V. G. COZAD. Register
First publication July 6. 1918.
Second publication July 13, 1918.
Third publication July 20, 1918.
Fourth publication July 27, 1918.
if Germany Is to be defeated and If
we are to be free men.
Burns, Oregon, June 28th, 1918.
To Newton Hoover, of Burns, Oregon
You are hereby notified that Char
les R. Davlsson who gives Diamond,
Oregon, as his post-office address,
did on June 28th, 1918, file in this
office his duly corroborated appli
cation to contest and secure the can
cellation of your Homestead Entry
Serial No. 08158 made 6-28, 1915,
for EHSE, Section 27, NE4, and
the NSE4 of Section 34, Town
ship 31 South, Range 33, East, Wll-
Now is the time to cat and to pre
serve home grown products. Perish
able fruits are coming on the market,
the gardens are making available dally
supplies of food that will take the
place of the commercial canned ar
ticles that are needed for shipment
abror-i. Sugar has been made avail
able for home canning purposes and
the supply is good at the present time.
The home garden and the canning or
Its products means more this year
than It ever did before cause It will
play a very important part in keeping
the fighting forces supplied with the
kind of food they need at the time
they need it most.
America expects every civilian to
to his or her duty in the same spirit
as she expects each soldier when the
command comes, "TO GO OVER THE
TOP" without turning to see If his
neighbor had gonefirst.
that old
your roses while ye
may," and we can wll now change It
to "gather your vegetables," for by so
doing we can accomplish great good.
"We stand behind our boys In
France and we will not call it a sacri
fice but a privilege to do our bit to
ward feeding them Over There."
Emma V Mllliken.
Conserve, reserve and preserve all
of these fine fruits and vegetables
that are now within your reach; you
will need them the coming winter.
By eating more perishables here at
borne we may save others from per
ishing "Over There."
The farm as well as the front needs
men who see straight and bcot
U llSVJk nflH nnnta.1
tamette. Meridian, and as mndi I .... .
verse, usmer your roses
ior nis contest ne alleges that said
Newton Hoover has wholly abandon
ed said entry, that he never estab
lished or maintained a residence, or
made any improvements thereon, and
has absented himself, changed his re
sidence therefrom every since the
date of entry; That the entrymans
alleged absence from said land Is not
due to his employment In connection
with operations in military service
rendered In connection with opera
tions in Mexico, or along the borders
thereof, or in mobilization camps
elsewhere, in the military or naval
organizations of the U. S. or the
National Guard of the several States
or Territories.
You are, therefore, further notifi
ed that the said allegations will lie
taken as confessed, and your said
entry will be cancelled without fur
ther right to be heard, either before
this office or on appeal, If you fall to
Jile In this office within twenty days
after the FOURTH publication of this
notice, as shown below, your ans
wer, under oath, specifically res
ponding to these allegations of con
test, together with due proof that
you have served a copy of your ans
wer on the said contestant either In
person or by registered mall.
You should state In your answer
the name of the post office to which
you desire future notices to be sent
to you.
V. G. COZAD, Register.
First Publication July 6th 1918.
Second Publication July 13th, 1918.
Third Publication July 20th, 1918.
Fourth Publication July 27th, 1918.
Why shouldn't we be proud of our
ninety new sblpsT American enter
prise built them for American uses. I
War is OUR BUSINESS; we can't
win by carrying it as a side line.
fwrrert jsvsmr flaw
that ppeofeevfsissuesti
rt lysw fc.4 Flgjrterr weed
SCM YymrreU mttUiit
A 2&Z
the penalty of his crime at the hands
of a single-minded Helglnn patriot,
Louis Brll, who however died before It has made chaos.
a German firing squad for his Just
act. Not however, til the soil of As detailed reports of the battles
Belgium Is swept free from the Hun come In, how the gay high courage
pestilence and the very air fumigated of our boys at the front thrills the
will this foul crime be half avenged. . nation.
We will do your Job printings
o- -
Hays U Acted Like A Charm
Don't rage at the German Ameri
can who throws a monkey wrench
Into the machinery In our munition
factories, If you throw bread crusts
tt"1 "h H" ,," ,n" Karbago can coughs or colds which persist at
You may rat bars reaJlaed it. but ,,,,, HPason ,IMllnlIv aro of 0)S,)nil,r
such an act puts you in the same ,lnUm,, A ,,, B0 rf.aH0M for ,,.
class. 'THINK!" Ing a ri'lliil.le n mcly. Mrs. Margtirct
Smale, Bishop Calif., writes; "Foley
Was It not wasted effort for Anier- HolK,v all( Tal. ,lllI1nin,i ft grand
can to spend time Inventing the sub- raWoy, suiT.r.d from a cold last
marine and then to spend moro time W(.,.k, U(4(,(1 ,ll(J mm,(.no Blu u ,rted
Inventing the submarine destroyer? I ,ke a .hurra." Sold by Reed Bros.
Meat Must Be Sold
Fresh meat is perishable. It
must be sold within about two
weeks for whatever it will bring.
A certain amount of
beef is frozen for foreign
shipment, but domestic
markets demand fresh,
chilled, unfrozen beef.
Swift & Company can
not increase prices by
withholding meat, be
cause it will not keep fresh
and salable for more than
a few days after it reaches
the market.
Swift & Company cannot tell
at the time of purchasing cattle,
what price fresh meat will bring
when put on sale. If between
purchase and sale, market con
ditions change, the price of meat
must also change.
The Pood Administration
limits our profit to 9 per cent on
capital invested in the meat
departments. This is about 2
cents per dollar of sales. No
profit is guaranteed, and the
risk of loss is not eliminated
As a matter of fact, meat is
often sold at a loss because of
the need of selling it before it
Swift & Company, U.S. A.
Talking to You!
You ninn with a i()) Car ydu want to
keep it rood' flout .you?
The way to Ho that in uIwhvh to give ft the
attention it mwdrt AT THK TIME IT IS NEEDED.
We nre ready ut all timet dny or nijfht to
attend to yonr Deeds. We hate the most competent
mechanics to be secured, and guarantee that your
cur will never be "butchered."
Supplies and Accessories for All The
Popular Makes.
The upkeep of your cur will not he mich n
burden if you will let us keep it up to its work.
Universal Garage Co.
It is our aim and effort to
give such service to our
patrons that they profit by
our dealings and recom
mend us to their friends.
We Pay Interest em Time Deposits
Curleton 15. Swift J. R. Weaver
. Win. H. Oaven S. N. Bolton
Tom Allen
20,000 Acres
with water rights for sale on
Blitzen River in tracts of 80
Acres or more. Reasonable
prices one-fifth cash balance
easy terms, six per cent in
terest. Eastern Oregon Live Stock
crane Company obegon
SftiCS. U. ii. SAT. OF.
When you walk into a dependable
shoe store and ask tor a pair of
Buckhecht Army Shoes, you
can be sure
That this Army Shoe u up
to itandard that it is
mads by workmen who
liavs turned out more than
600,000 Army ShoM under
expert upervuion -and that
it it backed by a record of more than fifty
yean of huncit ahoe manufacturing.
Look for our reentered trad name
BucKHHCHT etamped on the sole of every
Shoe far our mutual protection.
m 1
aSl S9v ' jf
There 's just one thing
to remember ask for
the Hue Mucin Army
Shoe by name and be
sure that you get it.
Then you will appre
ciate why it it worn by
thousands of
Office Men Farmers
Attorneys Orcha.rdi.te
Phy.ician. Motonmen
Hikers Conductors
and others in every walk o( life.
Brinp; your Ford car to us when it needs
to be "fixed up" or repaired. We guarantee
the most reliable work; the srenuine Ford-made
materials and to ask Ford prices. It is our
business to know all about Ford cars. We have
the necessary equipment and competent work
men to do the work as it bhould be done and to
krive you prompt attention at all times. When
you want to buy, a Ford car we earnestly solicit
your order.
For your convenience we keep a supply of
FORI) REPAIRS and oils
at Narrows, Riley, Alberson, Harney, Drewsey
and Juntura
.u' ' '