The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 07, 1918, Image 3

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Ike Kino
prrK3,- ffl V
cryraMr.wr.rr tttm
-pawn v tvsmw
MArYAveem avmtma r
Knrl ton the llliv( that eVeatat, b
rt vlsll murkiMl hj cxlri'inp rm-iiml-
uii'l. M Hie kind's liiirt. Iiy Un)
ii mid Crunk wnitliij' of oM who
near the end und fours nntliltiK l"i(
tin Mnnl moment. Kurl round (he
ntotlng dapfeaatng, und the klutfl eyea
it will not be cnR.v koIiir for Otto,"
Wild tlM kliiR, ut l lie end of the short
Interview, "I should like to foel thnt
ht Interests will be looked nfter, not
only here, but by you mid yours. Wa
liuM' u rertuln i-lrini-m lierc tliut Is
And Karl, with Hedwlg In his mind,
hud promised.
"His Interests shall be mine, air,'
be had said.
lie had bent over the bed then, and
raised the thin hand to his lips. The
interview was ever. In the anteroom
the king's master of the horse, the
liiimlierlaln, and a few other gentle
men stood wnltlnK. talking together In
ion tones. Bnt the elntneellor, wliu
hm! Kone in with Karl nud then re
in. 'I stood by n window, wlih lil
arni'. folded over bis ehest, and waited.
lie put resolutely out of bW mind Die
': f the dying mini on his pillows,
nil thought only of this thing which
he Mottllrh had brought about.
There was no yielding In his fnee or
in ills heart, no doubt of his eourso.
il. saw, lu.-iond of the lovers loitering
In the place, a new und greater king
lot iiiiurehy held down hy mi nn
sliix heel, pence und tile fruits lliere
01 .mill out Of very prosperity the
people grew fnt and content.
Hi saw a boy kuiL- iroftilly tMgbh
crew in!; Into Ma reeyoaaiMlltiea until,
Ms with the vision Of the coiiumVh
welfare, he thonhl linnlly aaceael tin-
Ibrone. II' H the riwr tilled with
ihlps, currying ren hondlM ore the
1 nod returtiiii" with the wealth
world, Ureal buildings, too,
their heads on his kortaon. u
ii i dty, with order for dlaarder,
Icent instead of Inhabit rati
inn :u lust be stirred and otghed,
It WHS I iiltse his old frieii-l. ill Ills
!'". ii ibe next room, would Bee notli
Bg of nil this, .tu: licit he himself
lotilil nut hope for mure than the be"
f before lib . time nlwt.
The first larg-. dinner for months
hh given thai ulghi ul the nalace, tu
dn King Kari all :ssiiiie honor. The
ul. servlca Which bad been presented
to the king by the c.j.r ot Uuaala was
Wed. The aJMleJlalte) gtOOBl of the
couu uus laid nsidi', mid Jevveln
brmvlit from vuiilts were worn for she
tern time m uiouilw. (Jolforuta ul
rarlous sorts, but all gurgJDUOS, touched
Hie leiulders, und ciinie a way, lieur
mi.: White, jsmtlery truces of the meet
ing. I lie greuoltouHes ut the summer
ImliK e hud been Backed lor llowers unit
miiIv Xhe corridor from the great
Niinu to the Uiiniig hull, ulways u
uri :" paaaaga), bud iithleiilji become
a Hi., ijiiiii of uurlj sjirtng bloom.
ftlHU Aliiniueiiitu. UtlUB, now with
n. i -, i, jiejirls, her hulr dressed high
'ur ii tima of diuinondH, her cameos
Bdiuugaa for iK-iiris, looked royal.
rTuvlug oaclusiveiy Hint clutter, us to
ill.-- iv entirely u mutter of vulue.
Mi.-, iiruiltiuuitc, who hud begun
n-i'niiy ui ihiuk u Jislucc Hie dreariest ord
Bum in tikt world, mul tiie most coin
Bwonlaoa, IouimI the jreiu rut ions
nther eiinlug. iieing Hritlsh she
di-urlj im,l tlie aristocracy, mid
iirugged Uer sitouklers ut uuy family
Which took up Unm Uuux a puge lu the
Peen.i . .She jvu-ule.i deeply tlie In-
inn of the (wnuMiMr lu(4 Uriduti
Politics, uud oonsldered Lloyd
"I Uisturt und nil iulerioper.
l'llut evening niie took 0m trmra
priii.,- io se tue ii-jiui uiious tor lU ;
hetlvitiea. The flowers annealed to
WB, und he aakMl for aiwl secured u
pa Milch he held carefully. IliiiUie
aiagmiieence of the tjtble only faintly I ,.,
ft ! ' used lilni, uud ulu-u lu- henril I ..oj
punt Mkkv would nol 1m- iii'cM'iil. he
( iinpi w. ..tie wus in son white
I chiffons, her linlr and Ifocl, iillUe girl
lab mill unpretentious, II. i mother!
I COUllag Iiijo her dressing ro IMil
eyed her w lilt disfavor.
loll look like u Schoolgirl, she
snhl mill bad sent for rouge, mid with
her own io.miI hands uppiled It. Ile.
wig stood silent, and allowed her to
have her wuy without protest. I In. I
submitted, too, to a diamond pin in bet
hnir, and a string of her mother's
"There," snhl Aiinumliitii. standing
off mid surveying her. "you look less
like n bnby,"
She did. indeed! It took lledulg
quite live minutes to wash (he rouge
nt interest eiitli-ely. -Will
kin 1 1 my grandfather in in a el
k Inuuimd.
Is too Ul," Hiss JiruituuuJU-
II be rather lonely, when they're
Hie piulj. Von don't suppose 1
go and sit with lilm, do ouW
will be long ufler your bed-
I'ilue helng Hie one rule which wus
P'': liuder ami eiriMinikliiiieeu lii'okeu.
Il d not persist. To have 'Insisted
Null! ii.ii. e meant live murks off in
'I' ' ' . iiIil.kIi, Iw.oL umi lilu f...
' very good that week. To
the elderly ICnglish wouiun und
lie In ) went buck Io the school room.
Ill1' ' i.nmi'SN I .uselii'L U'iin loot
IV-.,, will, ,,.M. . hearl. was eusilv
aV linist liesilliriil tit I lix women Hint
'flu A little court paid tribute to
' beauty, and bowed the deeper und
t lend the more as she openly
'"in. d ami Honied them. Hhe caught
"' H linker of adinlrutlon In Kind's
'. und altlmuaii her head weut
Wh her heart beat stormlly uuder
Miu was. like a flower tbat re-
"There," Said Annunclata, "You Look
Less Like a Baby."
off her fnre, mid there wus, one might
r,s well confess, u moment when u part
of the crown jewels of the kingdom
lay in a corner of the room, whence
a trembling muld salvaged them, and
examined them for damage.
The Princeaa Had) wig appeared timi
evening without rouge, mid was the
only woimin in the room thus un
adorned. Also she wore her mining out
string of modest pearls und a slightly
defiant, somewhat frightened, expres
sion. The dinner wus endless, which wus
necessnry, since nothing wus to follow
hut c..ii creation. There could, under
the circumstances, be no dmicing. And
the talk ut the table, through course
lifter course, was somewhat hectic,
even under the constraining presem
of King Karl. There were two reasons
for this: Karl's presence and his pur
pose us yet uiiminoiinced. but sur
mised, nud even known and the sit
uation In the city.
That wus bud. The papers bud been
ed to make no mention of the
occurrence of Hie ul l.-rnoon. but It wu
well known. There were many at tin
table who felt the whole attempt fool
hardy, the setting of u match to In
tlmnmuble material. There were others-who
resented Kurl's presence In, and nil thnt It Implied. And
nerhnriM there were, tisi, among lite
Ueorge gneata, one or more who hud but re-
.... . ... ......
centiy sin in less uugiisi ami nimi "-
fill COll 1 1 III u v
Beneath nil the brlllin and chat
ter, the sparkle and gnyct.v, there was
then, uneasiness, wretchedness, and
even treachery. And oulslde the pul-
held bark by the guards, there
stood n part of the sullen crowd
which had watched Hie arrival of the
l carriages mid nutomoblles. had craned
forward to catch glimpse of uniform
or brilliantly shrouded figure entering
the palace, and muttered ja it looked
Dinner rnajejee at but. Ihi puny
'moved bach to the salon, a vast and
rmpt. place, hung with lupeslrles
Vayl.v llgliU'd. ylcrc I he si-lnblance ol
gnyetf persisted, and Karl, nITnhlllr)
Itself, spoke a few words to each oi
the guests. Then It was over. TUe
guests left, the members of the conn
ell. each with a wife on his ami.
frowsy, overdressed women most m
them. The council was chosen fia
iblllty and not for birth. At last only
ihe sulie remained, and constraint
The family withdrew shortly after le
a small salon off the large one. And
there, at last, Km-I cornered lledwlg
and demanded speech.
"Where V" she asked, glancing around
the crow (led room.
"I shall have to leave that to you,"
he said. "I'nless there is a bul
"Hut do you think II Is necessary?"
"Why nol?"
"Bacnnoe what I have to aay dee
"It mutters very much to me
replied gravely.
Il.dwl): went first, slipping awnv
quietly ami nhnotlcett, Knrl ashed tin
iirehii'i. in--.' pemtl Ion In follow hei
ntid t'otiml her wiiltlng there
rttlher .1, pi rittelj nil ii iiovl, und -,- lib
n I hi I .i.i Id (tor i h
Heciii dctd nit I be
nit . as Units git, He win it llhei
hopei, -sKiy i,:1,i ,,,,,- bard, his Oral -w
OJ Mod und gi nnim-, , mid alnio;.i
hl'olighl hei- to tears,
"Poor little girl P he snldj
lie hud dt'opped Hie eurlain bidilml
him, nml they slood alone.
"Mont." mild lledwlg; "I wnni to be
very eiilm, uud I nui'iorry for iriyaetl
"Then you think It Is all very ler
illde?" Slie did nut reply, ami he drew ii
cindr for her td the rail. When she
wm seuunl, im took np bis position
beside her. one nun against n pillar.
"I Wonder, llnlwlj,-." he said, "If It
is not terrible because it is new to you.
and liiiiiuse ou do not know me verj
well. Not," he added hnstlly, "Ibnl
I think your knowing me well would
ie an advantage I I not so Idiotic.
lliil you do not know me nt nil, unit
for n good many years I must him
stood In the light of un enemy. It Is
not easy to readjust such things
witness He reception I hud today!"
"Why must we talk about It?" lied
wig demanded, looking up at him slid
ilenl.v with a Hush of her old spirit.
"It will not change anything."
"Perhaps not. Perhaps yes. You
see, I am not quite satisfied. I do nil
want you, unless you are willing. Il
would be a poor bargain for me, and
not ipilte fair."
A new turn, this, wlih a vengeance!
lledwlg staled up with startled eyes.
It wns not enough to be sacrificed
Ami as she realised all Ibnl hung on
Ihe situation, the very life of the king
dom, perhaps the safety of her family.
everything, sin- closed her ayes for
fear he might see the fright in them.
Kurl bent over and took one of her
Cold hnuds between his two warm ones.
"I. Iltl. lledwlg,'' he aald, "I want yon
to i'o wiiinigiy iieeanse care n
great deal. I would like .miii to care,
loo. Don') you think yoU would, after
n II ?"
"Alter a time!" said lledwlg dieur
My. That's what liny all say. After
a time It doesn't inalter. Marriage Is
always the same after a lime."
"Why should marriage be always
the same, after u time?" In- Inquired.
"This sort of marriage, without
"It Is hnr.I'y that. Is It? I e you."
"I wondei hoe much yon love me."
Karl smiled. lie was QBJ his own
ground here. The girlish question put
him at ense. ' Knoiigh for us both, nt
Ill's!," bo said. "Afiei that"
"Hut." said lledwlg desperately,
"siii.pose i know i shall never cure
for you, the wuy you will wanl me to
Yon talk of being fair. I want to I...
lair to miii. Vou have ii light " She
checked herself abruptly, After all. be
i might have n right to know about
Nlkky l.ariseh. Hut there were others
who bad lights, too Otto to his
thrmie, her mother and Hilda and all
the others, to safety, her griinilfiiih.-i
to die In pence, Ihe only gift she could
give him.
"What I think you waul to tell me.
is souiethlng I already know," Karl
said gravely. "Suppose I am willing
to take that chance? Suppose I am
vain enough, or fool enough, to think
thai I can make you forget certain
things, certain people. Whal then?"
"I do not forget easily."
"Hul you would try?"
"I would try," said lledwlg, ultnosl
In a whisper.
Karl bent over ami taking her hands,
raised her to her feel.
"Ihirllng," he said, and suddenly
drew her Io him lie covered her with
hot kisses, her neck, her fuce, the soft
angle below her our. Then he held her
received during his Illness.
When, Ibnl night, he fell asleep. It
was still elnsped in his old I I. and
there was ft look ot grim tenderness
oil Ihe line on the pillow, liirni d
tOWni d h, ad ..n's pj lure,
, w r
nil ?"
aaa? '
"Now," He 8aid, "Have You Forgotten?"
Way from him triumphant l.
he said, "have you forgot I en V'
Hut lledwlg, seui let with
faced lilm steadily. "No," she
Later lu Ihe evening Ihe old king
received a present, u rather wilted
rose, to which was pinned a card, with
"Heat wishes from Ferdinand William
Otto," printed on It in careful letters.
It wes Hi seilv '; th kins bd
Trouhli d lima t now, with ihe earni
' III oiflj n d.y or two off, mid the shop
window ; . w 1 1 ii banners'; with ihe
I'omnrltti'e til n n In almost eoustmil
Ion, and I llgtl Lu i lies iiiiiiiimtiii.l
before It, to i told of i lu- pgsapssji ami
the tiling she wiim In do; wllj lli- jld
klfig verj eh e to the aped floor, and
lledwlg being lilted for her bridal fob
and for somber black ai one lining.
Troiibh d limes, Indeed. The 'cltj
was stuohlei'lng, and from sonic
si range si. nice hud come u new rilhmr
Nothing less than Hint the royalists
beaded by Ilia chancellor, despairing of
crowning Hit hoy prince, would, on the
lilng'-i death, make away with lilm,
thus pnitiii; iiedwig on the Ihroni
iiedwig, queen or Karuiu perhaps al
ready by recrel marriage,
The illy, which adored the hoy, was
seething. The rumor bad original ed
with Olga l.oschck, who had given II
to the committee us u useful weapon,
Thus would she have her revenge on
I hose of the palace, and at the same
time secure her own safety. Ilevenge,
Indeed, for she knew Hie way of such
rumors, how they fly from house to
house, street to street. Mow the In
nocent, proclaiming their Innocence,
look even the more guilty.
When she had placed the scheme be
fore the committee of ten, hud seen
the eagerness with which they grasped
II "in tnis wuy," sue had said. In :ier
scornful, Incisive tones, "the onus of
Ihe boy Is not on you, tint on l hem.
liven those who have no sympathy
wlih your movement will burn at such
a rumor. The better the citizen, Ihe
mora I lOVer af home and order, the
more outraged he will be. livery mull
In the city with a child of bis own will
rise against the palace."
"Madame," the leader had said,
"you should be of the committee."
Hut she hud Ignored (be speech run
loinptiiously. ami gone on to oilier
Now everything was arranged
Black Humbert ,ad p. it his niece to
work on n carnival drew for a small
boy, and bad stayed her curiosity by
a hint that it wus for the American
"They lire comfortable tenants," he
had said. "Not lavish, perluips, as
rich Americans should be, but orderly,
and pleasant. The boy bus good man
ncrs. It would be well Io please 111 In."
So the niece, sewing lu the back
room, watched BobO in and mil, with
pleasant mysteries In her eyes.
Novi ami tbeti, in tin- evenings,
when the Americana wire asay, umi
Hobby was snug In led. wlih I'm kei
on ibe tiny feather comfort al his
feet, the liaillein would come down
stalls and sit in Black Humbert's
room, ai such times tlie niece would
be scut on nil errand, and the (wo
would talk. Tim niece, who. although
she hail im loVOT, WBS "ii the lookout
for love, suspected n romance or t h,
middle aged, and smiled lu the hull
darkness of the street ; smiled with a
touch of malice, as one who has
pierced the armor of the fortress, mid
knows its weakness,
Hul It wus not love thnt Humbert
and the Friililclu talked.
Herman Spier was busy In those
days and making plans. Thus, day by
day. he dined In the restaurant where
Ihe little .Marie, now weary of her
husband, sal In Idle Intervals behind
the cashier's desk, und watched (be
grass III the place emerge from Its
winter hiding place. When she turned
her eyes to Ihe room, frequently aha
encountered thuee of Herman spier,
pule yet b irning, IImiI on ln-r. And nt
lust, one day when her liuslnind lay
lame with sciatica, she left the desk
uud paused bj Herman's tabic.
"Yon come frequently now," she nv
Served, "it is i In, you Ilka us here,
or Hun .miii have risen in the shop?"
"I lane left Hi,, shop," said Mcminn,
staling at her. Flesh, In a moderate
ameUUt, suited Iter well. lie liked
plump women. They were, If you
pleuse, un Ml infill. "And 1 come to see
"Left the shop !" Marie exclaimed.
"Ami Peter Nlbnrg- ha has left also?
I never see lilm."
"No." said Herman noneoatuBlttally.
"He Is III, perhaps?"
"He Is dead," said Herman, devour
lug her wlih his eyes.
"Dead:" She put u hand Io her
plump side.
"Ave. Shot as a spy." lie took An
other piece of the excellent pigeon pie.
Marie, meantime, lost nil ber looks,
grew pasty w III!,'. .
"Of the- the terrorists?" she de
manded, in a whisper.
Terrorists! No. (if Km ilia. He
wns mi patriot."
So Ihe'lltlle Marie went buck to ber
desk, and Io her staring out over the
place In "Intervals of business. And
what she though! of no one enn know.
Hul thnt filght, uud thereafter, she was
very lender to her spouse, uud put
cloths soaked in hot turpentine water
on his uchlug I high.
till the surface things went on us
usual ut Ihe palllcc. Karl's visit hud
been but for u day or two. lie bud
III el the council In session, and had
had, because of their growing alarm
rather his own way wlih them.
Hut although he hud pointed to the
king's condition and theirs as an
argument for Immediate marriage he
fulled. The thing would be doae, but
properly and In good llnie. Kurl left
(hem In a bad temper, well concealed
and had the pleasure of being biased
through Ihe ktrecle.
(To be continued)
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